Olly Goddard Clean & Jerked 352# on Saturday, for a lifetime PR. Then, he tried 364#, which would have given him the second biggest Clean & Jerk in the history of the Outlaw training camps. He Cleaned it, but never attempted the Jerk. Why? Because, as he told me later, “The room went dark as I stood up.”

Olly Goddard – 364# Clean (no Jerk):

Nicole Capurso – 46″ Flat Footed Box Jump:

WOD 131028:


5X1 3 Position Snatch (Floor, Hang, Hip) @ 85% – rest as needed


1a) 4X7/13 Front Squat/Back Squat @ 70% of 1RM FS – rest 90 sec.
1b) 4X5 Weighted Pull-ups – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


3 rounds for distance and reps of:

1:00 ME (distance) Handstand Walk

4:00 AMRAP of:
10 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
20 Single Arm KB Power Cleans 32/24kg (10R/10L – each rep begins on the floor)
30 Double-Unders

1:00 rest

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  1. 1. Where can I find anavar?
    2. Is the guy with no shirt on in the background supposed to be Patrick swayze chip n dale dancer from SNL

  2. Holy Shit i’m a dumbass! Today when i was getting ready to do the squat part of the workout, I thought to myself “oh goodI I only have to use my front squat percentage this week” Well that’s how it was last week too! Last week I changed the weights between FS and BS to be the percentages of those lifts. No wonder I felt like my legs were totally shot! *FAIL*
    Side Note: I did all the squat sets UB today.

  3. BBG:
    155 dropped to 145 for the last two ( this looks bad, but compared to how rusty I felt on all snatches last week I’ll take it)
    1a) 180x all 4 sets unbroken
    1b) +26lbs for all sets.
    subbed 1 min wall walks because I’m horrible
    Round 1: 1+10 hspu, 2: 1+10+2 3: 1+10+5

  4. BBG:
    1. 190#
    1a. 230#
    1b. 24kg
    I am going to try breaking conditioning into an afternoon session before coaching my night classes. Going to see how this works for me and to be honest seeing your times will give me a little motivation
    Side Note:
    The Outlaw Para Bellum Series camp was well worth the investment. And that is what it is, an investment. If you’re an athlete, you’re investing in understanding the programming and the movements. As a coach/owner you’re also investing in learning great coaching cues from over 5 individuals who own an affiliate and coach on a regular basis. I won’t go into super detail but by far the best bang for my buck that I’ve received. 3 days is a long time but the info is not shoved down your throat all day long. It’s informally organized which for me is the best way to learn. Not sitting for extended periods of time yet not holding static positions for an excessive amount of time or doing a million reps like some other camps I’ve attended that learn you too sore to even focus. I got back at 11 pm last night and still could wake up to train this morning. Thank you to the staff and the other individuals who made the weekend quite the experience.

    • Been thinking about splitting the conditioning up later, too. It fits with my schedule fine and I feel like I’m done bringing enough intensity in after such a brutal day of lifting. Anyone else do this regularly and feel they benefit from it?

      • I typically do conditioning in the mornings and do the weightlifting/strength stuff in the afternoon. Works better for my schedule and I feel that I can give 100% to each session.

    • I usually teach a 930 class, then try to fit in my strength from 1030-1230 before the next class. I include conditioning as well if time allows. Usually I com back from 230-330 and hit conditioning though. I don’t ever feel fresh in the afternoon though, so I’m not sure if it helps or not, but everyone recovers different.

  5. BBG:
    205 – 205(oox) – 205 – 205(x) – 205(x) – 185(x) [Really fell to shit after the first 3 sets]

    1a) 235# across – Had to break the last set of HBBS up.
    1b) 20kg across; strict

    42 feet (28/14/4) & 130 reps (35/35/60)

    *Definitely would have gotten more out of the conditioning if I did it as Shawn suggests and broke it into two session. Would absolutely do it that way if my schedule allowed.

  6. BBG- 185

    Squats: 205lb – All unbroken but good lord. White lights on the last 2 sets. Nasty nasty nasty but I think these are going to pay huge dividends. They are helping build serious mental toughness if nothing else. Getting through the last 6-8 reps is just pure torture.

    PU- 20lb

    Cond: I misread this and just did 3 rounds as fast as possible with 1min rest between rounds.

    • I may also try to break this into two sessions on these 7/13 squat days. Conditioning is a bit of a shitshow when I try to pack everything into one session. My legs are shot and my head is still spinning from the last 2 sets of squats.

    • Mental toughness…that, and breathing is what I tell myself during the set. I recall back to when we had to do the heavy HBBS holds, when you back out of the rack and hold the bar for X amount of time. That is how I get through these sets…do a rep, breath, relax, tell myself this is light weight I can hold this forever, deep breath…dip. If I tried doing these reps quickly I think I would pass out.

  7. snatches 165 (80%, still a 3 pos PR)
    squats 235, happy to say they were unbroken. had a moment of dizziness on set 4 but it passed and i kept on squatting
    pullups 50#
    24’/1+3 (including a 12′ unbroken walk, new PR!)
    total 62’/123reps
    hspu were killer. could only do 1 or 2 at a time in the 2nd and 3rd round

  8. BBG
    Attempted, then wrist gave out and almost dropped the bar on my head. I quit. Actually looking forward to wrist surgery so I can get back to 100%.

    1A) 220#
    1B) 35#

    75′ & 124 Reps

    I botched the time up somehow. Did this right after squats and don’t know that I was thinking clearly.

  9. Rough day today. Couldn’t hit all 5 sets at 85%.
    1) 225,225,215,215,215
    a) 225
    b) had to do singles of C2B, still cannot do the eccentric portion of the pullup
    C) ~125ft. & 219 reps


  10. BBG: went just up to 120#, instead of 125-130#. My shoulder still hurts too much.

    Strength: did just squats@160#.

    Conditioning: DND 🙁

  11. 3pos 175-175-185-185-185
    taking strict minimum rests from here on out.

    Squats 185
    After talking w Rudy a few weeks back, we agreed I’d do the next squat cycle with all tempo reps, no bounce, then this comes up. dafuq man.

    cond later

  12. Tough go of it today.

    1.) @185#, missed from the hip on first two. Couldn’t hit any from the floor after that.

    1a.) @215#
    1b.) up to 32kg, kipping


    • Cond:
      ~80′ and 186 reps.

      Going from the walk to HSPU killed me. But considering 2 weeks ago I couldn’t walk on my hands, I’ll take it.

  13. BBG:
    205# (Should have been 220#, but I ate shitty this weekend and wasn’t feeling 100%)

    1a) 240#
    1b) 24kg, 32kg, 40kg, 40kg

    Conditioning: doing later this evening

  14. BBG: 135 x 3, 145 x 2

    1a) 175
    1b) BW x 4 each set

    Conditioning: out of time. oh yeah…and still seeing stars from the squats

  15. BBG
    205 x 5.. everything felt forward.. mondays continue to plague me, gotta clean up my weekend habits.

    1.) 250 unbroken
    1b.) 25#
    Wondering if anyone is able to follow the prescribed rest periods for these, i try too but i fall off the bandwagon after the 2nd set

    Walked 1/2 mile home and up a flight of stairs… ~20 min

  16. M/37/205
    240 7/13 squats
    -I think I saw Jesus on the 3rd set, then he asked if he could work in on the fourth set. Holly balls!!!!
    Pull-ups w/ 35 lbs

  17. BBG:
    1) 175# (couldn’t hit @ hip), 155#x2, 165#x3 (missed at hip on 2nd set)
    1a) 205#
    1b) 32kg
    WOD- ~30m + 190reps Rx

  18. M/27/170#

    1) 190#

    1a) 215#
    1b) 77.5#

    150ft total
    4+1/3 Rounds Rx

  19. BBG:
    1.) 210 ~ 14/15

    1a.) 210 ~ 80/80
    1b.) 35, 40, 40, 45

    Total ~ 42m + 195 reps
    15m + (1 rd + 6 DHSPU): 66
    13m + (1 rd + 4 DHSPU): 64
    14m + (1 rd + 5 DHSPU): 65

  20. Felt good when I started warming up, then the snatches fucked me up with some truth. Had to peel the weight back and work back up. Should’ve taken more time to get to 85% because this sucked.

    3 pos. snatch: 1/3 @175, 135, 155, 2/3 @175, 0/3 @175 just couldn’t get settled or stay stable at the heavy weight.

    FS/BS: 235 got light headed and about puked during front squats, stopped after 3rd set.
    Pull-up: 53lb

    Rnd 1> 37ft +67 reps
    Rnd 2> 14ft +67 reps
    Rnd 3> 18ft +65 reps

    MFS: 3/9/8

  21. BBG:
    1) 155
    -first time snatching in 2 weeks, gotta get back some rhythm.

    1a) 200
    1b) 25 (strict, dead hang)

    ~60ft (dirt driveway/slight incline)
    187 reps (4″ deficit on rnds 2&3, I cannot kip HSPU’s for shit. I always end up kicking myself off the wall, any tips?)

    • Back your hands away from the wall a bit (6-10inches depending on height and comfort) so you can kick up and at the wall without your heels hitting the wall to soon and your butt will lean towards the wall in the bottom and you’ll keep more balanced when your feet hang off

      • Thanks, now that I think of it I do kick up close to the wall, i’ll have to give this a go next time.

  22. Couldn’t hit any snatches from the hip today – whiffed every one. 90kg off floor and hang x5 then 5 x1 from hip at 80kg.

    Squats went UB the first two sets then 7+6 and 5+8. These are grim and leave me totally fucked. Also wondering if anyone has experienced knee pain after using sleeves? Picked up a pair of 5mm rehbands and as much as they feel awesome on at the time, the aftermath isn’t as pleasant. May have something to do with the 7/13s too…
    Pull ups at 15kg.

    Conditioning was a joke after the squats, kidded myself at a shitty intensity for 15 mins and called it a day.

  23. M/18/160#

    1) 155#

    1a) 185#
    1b) 55#

    Conditioning: Subbed 1 min wall walks for handstand walk. 3 rounds + 56 reps

  24. BBG
    5X1 3 Position Snatch: 155, 165, 175, 185, 185

    Competed the week of max out and oly cert last weekend so 1 rm hbbs today – 435 +5. Was surprised because haven’t been able to load as much recently with right knee issue.

    Rested 20 min: Then did last week’s first fs/bs 7/13. 185/205/225/225. Wore knee wraps today to try them out.

    3 rounds for distance and reps of:

    1:00 ME (distance) Handstand Walk. 40meters, 40 meters, 25 meters

    Amrap was: 1 round + 18 reps, then 1 round + 5 reps, then 1 round.

    4:00 AMRAP of:
    10 Deficit HSPU 6/4″
    20 Single Arm KB Power Cleans 32/24kg (10R/10L – each rep begins on the floor)
    30 Double-Unders

    1:00 rest

  25. BBG)
    1) 195, had a few misses on hi-hang but hit the rest
    1) 235 Ub….Rested a little longer than 2:00 after set 3 though..maybe another 30 seconds
    2) 53lb kb across
    37ft then 1rd + 7
    35ft then 1rd+5
    45ft then 1rd + 8
    This wod was badass but any energy I had was shot on the squats. Would have loved to have done this wod fresh.

  26. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    5×1 3 Pos. Sn: 135/145/155#x3 off of 180# – wanted to focus on getting to power position with heels on floor. 15/15.

    7/13: done. 180# off of 260#.
    WPUs: done. 20×2/25#x2

    Conditioning: 75′ + 186 reps Rx. Two things I can’t do – Pistols and HS Walks…longest walk was about 8′.
    30′ + 60
    20′ + 62
    25′ + 64

  27. bbg) 130-130f(hip)-125-125(f hang)-125 made 1 at 85% and a few more at 80%

    squats 140#

    conditioning did regular outlaw cf conditioning with handstand holds since I cant do handstand walks. 3 rds total for the AMRAP.

  28. 1) 110, couldnt stick any of them from the hip- would lose it standing up every time.
    2a) 125
    2b) 10lbs

    Cond: 80m; 192 reps

  29. 3-Pos Snatch: 175#, 175#, 175#, 180#, 180#(85% = 178.5)
    1a) From the floor, did all sets unbroken (did not drop or re-rack), man those last two were painful.
    1b) 50# across

    *Did not measure distance, but the HS walks were not good.
    1) 1 rd + 2 HSPU
    2) 1 rd even
    3) 1 rd + 2 HSPU

  30. 1) 105
    S1a) 150
    S1b) 15, 12.5, 10, 10
    C) 15ft. 258 reps w/ 50# KB (Did 50 Singles and partial modified HSPU


  31. BBG – failed 135# x3, couldn’t get it from the hip.
    Strength – 2 sets of each due to time constraints and because ouch.
    1a) 180#
    1b) 18#, 30#
    Cond – scaled to 5 HSPU/round, 25′ & 169 total reps.

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