Heading to the mothership for camp. You think they’ll have enough bars?


WOD 131025:


5X1 Snatch from blocks (bottom of knee) @ 80%-85% – rest 60-90 sec.

1A) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balance (Dip, drive, and drop) @ 70-85% of 1RM Snatch – rest 60 sec.
1B) 3X5 Strict Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) DEMO VIDEO



9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full) 135/95#

For time.

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  1. HELP!!!
    I can’t touch a full round of 7/13 without getting an instant excruciating pounding headache right at the
    posterior base of my skull! It’s fucked up two workouts now.

    I’m at a loss on how I can get around this

    • A while back I was getting debilitating headaches during training. They’d come out of no where and it was so bad I had to sit down and most times just stop training.
      I tried lots of different things but what really worked for me was using a lax ball or barbell to mash my first rib(basically right between neck and trap if you aren’t sure) . Hurts pretty bad at first but I do it every day in my warm up and haven’t had a headache while training since (knock on wood).
      Really hope this helps

    • I started getting a headache during the squats on Wednesday, was fine Monday. It got a little worse through the sets but went away during the conditioning. It was the first time I had this problem.

  2. Only thing I can find that makes sense, ANYBODY ever had this? How’d you get around it???

    Recent observations by Doug McGuff, MD suggest that EIH may be caused by stretching of the dura mater (outermost of the three membranes covering the brain and spinal cord) as a result of increased BP in the cerebral veins caused by retrograde venous flow towards the brain. The onset of EIH is usually experienced during intense exercises for the legs, hips, and trunk, during which there is a large amount of venous congestion in the pelvis and abdomen. In an article entitled The Mystery of Exercise Induced Headache, in Vol. 5, Issue 3 of The Super Slow Exercise Standard, Dr. McGuff writes,

    “This congestion is a result of soft tissue compression, Val Salva and
    massive venous return from the legs stimulated by intense muscular
    contraction. This massive venous congestion can create a strong
    enough force to drive venous flow in a cephalad direction (towards
    the head). Perhaps, in some subjects, the force is great enough to
    reverse the gradient of cerebral venous drainage so that venous blood
    is pushed up through the jugular veins into the confluence of sinuses…

    …Theoretically, a threshold level of venodilation and pressure
    transmission would have to occur before the dura could be
    stimulated. Once this threshold is reached, look out! Dural stimulation
    produces severe, sudden onset pain that can persist for days.”

    —sorry for the length

  3. bbg
    150X2X1,155X2X1,160X1 ( Off 185)
    1a) 125-135-145×3
    1b) 3×5 with +10

    first day this week that my snatch hasnt felt rusty

  4. BBG
    195- 205(f)-205(f)-195-195-195 (felt really weak/slow with these today)

    1a) 175-185-195(2)
    1b) 25#

    6:38 (1:11 PR; extremely happy with this considering how weak I felt earlier)

  5. 1) 225 x 1 x 5
    a) 185,195,205
    b) 10
    Cond) here is the story … elbow is causing me to have to do singles on any type of pullup, muscle up, row because when I go to do the eccentric portion of the movement my elbow hurts like hell … so strategy change for Amanda was to do singles of muscle ups … with that being said, just assumed i would have a slower time, turns out i was wrong, a little more time on the rings meant less time on the bar … a lot less
    4.55 (15s PR)


      • 5-4, 4-3, 5 (just a couple breaths in between)
        Normally I go unbroken on the first set of MU. Doing singles made sure I did one after another versus clusters causing me to rest too much in between. Just don’t let the rings fly all crazy when you drop from them … trying to aim and catch them would be a pain in the ass.

        • Cool, will have to try it that way next time. I always feel like the snatches should be a little easier than they are after that first set of MU.

  6. BBG
    5×1 200, 205, 205, 205 x3 (f), got mad and hit 200 like 5 more times to get confidence up, snatch has been wacky past two weeks.
    2a.) 205
    2b.) 25, really felt those 400’s during these
    Lack of rings is killing me… subbed strict pull-ups, 4:40 snatches unbroken, pullups were 9, 4-3, 4-1

  7. BBG:
    1) 94Kg (~89%)
    2a) 80-85-90Kg
    2b) Skipped, quads didn’t like it from squats

    6:37 (Previous Amanda 8:14)

  8. Did Monday’s hell squat workout yesterday so legs were VERY tired and sore this morning.

    1) 185
    2) 165-185
    2b) DND

    Cond: 6 something. I may try Nick Wall’s strategy of breaking up the muscle ups to singles or doubles right from the start next time. I always open up with 6-9 UB and end up smoked on the 2nd two sets of MU’s which makes me rest way too long.

  9. BBG:
    1.) up to 185#, missed 3rd rep

    1a.) up to 185#
    1b.) up to 30#

    7:32, PR by 2:16

  10. snatches 165-175
    snatch balance 155
    ghr 45# plate
    con 11:30
    1 minute slower than when done in july. round of 9 went great and it was downhill from there. watched the video and learned i need to rely more on my hip drive and less on my brute force pull, and be quicker in my turnover to my dip. got a bad taste in my mouth. cant wait for tomorrows workout.

  11. BBG:
    1.) 210 (85%) ~ 5/5

    1a.) 210 ~ 9/9
    1b.) 20, 30, 35

    8:58 Rx ~ I was breathing way to hard. I think this week caught up with me.

  12. 1) 120# felt light.. I hope this means PR tomorrow
    a) 95#
    b) 10#
    Cond) 9:50#


  13. BBG-
    1) 190#. all good. felt really easy.

    A) 185#. all good.
    B) 16KG.

    COND- 4:34 RX
    41 sec PR! (previous 5:15/previous previous 10:40) pretty jacked about this. I remember doing this in July thinking I could have done better so I fought my ass off for this one!

  14. BBG
    1) 185
    2) 185
    3) Just BW, no added weight…barely got all reps

    Cond: Not today….shoulder was acting up so layed off of cond today..back at it tomorrow

  15. BBG: 175,175,180,180,180
    1a) 155,165,175
    2b) 15#
    Amanda: DNF
    Mu’s have become worse so stopped trying on my last set of 5 once I hit 11 mins

  16. BBG

    215# (felt pretty light)

    1a) 205#
    1b) 10#



    *Not even close to a PR… All muscle ups unbroken. Tried dropping the bar after each snatch to see if it would save my breath and that added a TON of time to my time.

  17. BBG: 125×3, 130×2

    Strength: a) 115×3
    b) 25×2, unweighted

    Conditioning: no way i could anything related with MU. Made just snatch part 9-7-5@95# (full)

  18. bbg) 125-127.5-127.5-130-130

    1a) 115-120-125
    1b) did reverse hyper with 45# db on bench 3×5

    conditioning snatches at 115#
    12:30 missed 1 mu and no snatches
    previous was 9:45 at 95# I’ll take the 20# improvement and f the extra time it took

  19. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast


    5x1Sn from below knee: 145/150×2/155×2. 5/5. Off of 180#.

    3×3 HSn Bal: 135/145/155. 9/9. Off of 180#.
    3×5 W GHR: 15#. Done.

    Conditioning: 15:00 Rx. (PR from 20130720 – Only got through round of 7 MUs in 12 mins last time and called it. Not extremely happy with my time, but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it)

  20. BBG:
    1a) 155- learning to drop
    1b) up to 25#
    Amanda- 7:28. Definitely a power snatch festival, although I was dropping under the bar instead of tall snatching.

  21. Conditioning: Amanda – 7:40, did triples of both muscle ups and snatches first round, doubles and a single 2nd round, and singles third. Was able to hit this Sunday while at oly cert and obviously was working on positioning. Felt much more solid, should’ve went a little quicker on the muscle-ups.

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