Saturday was apparently National Qualifying Day. Seemingly thousands of exercisers around the country were trying to qualify for the Weightlifting American Open. In honor of “qualifying day” I have posted a video of Kevin Simons, and his 13 year-old lifter, Harrison Maurus.

This video is noteworthy for a few reasons…

Kevin PR’d twice on his Clean & Jerk to qualify for the AO. This is after Kevin cut over 10# of body weight, and with the pressure of knowing he’d have to PR just to qualify. First he hit 159kg (350#) to nail down qualification, then—on his final lift—hit 162kg (356#) for his second PR of the meet, and a 280kg total.

Harrison, again, is 13 years-old, and weighed in at 66kg (145#). He Snatched 85kg (187#), and Clean & Jerked 112kg (246#). To me, just the numbers alone are jaw-dropping, but they aren’t just big numbers—they are American Records. The 112kg Clean & Jerk broke the American Record by ELEVEN kilos, and his 197kg total broke the record by TEN kilos. Two American Records by over twenty pounds each—pretty damn good day.

Just for fun… Harrison was also 19kg from qualifying for the ADULT division of the American Open.

WOD 131021:


1) 5X3 Snatch from blocks (above the knee) @ 85% – rest 60-90 sec.
2) 4X4 Snatch Pull to Hips – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Front Squat/Back Squat: 4X7/13 @ 65% (of max FS) – rest 2:00

Explanation: Complete 7 Front Squats @ 65% of max Front Squat, rack the bar, reset and complete 13 Back Squats @ 65% of max Front Squat (same weight). Do not rest while switching from Front to Back Squats.


3 rounds for time of:

*This entire piece should be completed with a 20/10# weight vest.

Run 400m
20 Pull-ups
20 OHS 95/65#

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  1. For the snatch from the blocks, do we use 85% of 1 rm from floor or 85% of weight got from blocks? Thanks!

  2. Hey Rudy

    How long will this cycle be? and will it turn out in a 6 week bulgarian cycle as spencer talked about?

  3. Holy squat volume.
    Maybe I’ll fill out my capris so everyone will stop staring at my balls.

  4. My hat well and truly comes off to those that go unbroken through the squats. Holy Fuck. After PRing my snatch on Saturday (105kg – thanks Rudy) I was swiftly put back in my box today facing up to the triples at 90kg. Dropped to 87.5, tore a callus off, performed minor surgery then humbly finished my sets at 85kg.
    2) 130kg
    Strength – 95kg – all, all, bs 7+6, bs 8+5
    Conditioning untimed on treadmill and no vest.

  5. What the fuck did I just do?!
    1. 185#
    2. 245#
    3. 215# no words can describe that
    13:13 with vest and running like a 19 yet old college freshman leaving the Delta house
    Glad tomorrow is rest day Thursday!….oh wait

  6. Holy fuck
    1) had to drop it down from 155 to 145
    175 unbroken sets across. took to laying on the floor between sets. I didn’t think I was going to make it.

    Conditioning: saved for later

  7. Extremely bad day for me.


    1) 5X3 Snatch from blocks (above the knee) @ 77,5kg.. this went pretty good
    2) 4X4 Snatch Pull to Hips – 100, 102.5, 107.5, 107.5


    Front Squat/Back Squat: 4X7/13 scaled the weight from 91kg to 85kg. First set was hell but did full 7/13, then 7/11, next 7/7 and last one was 7/4. Legs extremely toasted.

    Rested for 3 hours before conditioning, slept and ate. Tried to do OHS, but there was no way it was gonna happen with these legs.
    Scaled to 400m run, 20 pull up, 20 burpee without vest and 70% effort. Ended up cramping my quads during the running so I had to walk to the bar where I ended up tearing my hand open pretty bad. Ended the damn thing in 17:10 by just doing bunch of burpees until I felt bad enough.

    This sucked.

  8. What in the actual fuck was that???

    1) 205# – 1 miss on sets 1, 3, & 4
    2) 245#, 3×265#

    220# – finished 3 sets then back seized to the point where breathing was difficult.


  9. 1) 225
    2) 305
    S) 205 (wanted to go fast, retooling my squat mechanics as well to keep my upper back from rounding in … aka light weight
    C) no vest, pullups all singles – 14.34


  10. BBG
    1) 105# (110# would have been 85% but was having difficulties with 105#)
    2) 185#

    Strength (AKA: The Conditioning before the Conditioning) 140#

    Conditioning: 17:10 @65# and no vest


  11. snatches 170, felt pretty solid today, have definitely gotten better at snatching from blocks
    pulls 255
    squats 215

    con-waited about 15 minutes so i could walk normally again. was still a little shaky though
    no vest
    400s carrying 15# med ball
    20 c2b pullups
    20 OHS/95
    was able to do 1st and 3rd sets of OHS unbroken

  12. What the fuck just happened?!

    1) 120
    2) 195
    S) 185 Felt like death…
    C) no vest, 85 lbs OHS… Most weight I’ve done OHS with so much reps. – 19.32 My legs felt like bricks on the 400 m run.


  13. BBG:
    1. Skipped (Wrist)
    2. 205#

    205# – Was told I made some pretty interesting faces during this, but did it all unbroken.

    15:30-ish? Don’t know exact time. Legs felt like garbage.

  14. BBG: dnd. Hurt my shoulder with snatch balances on friday 🙁

    Strength: done@150#

    conditioning: 16:47min. Dubbed OHS with back squats@95#. done with 10# vest

  15. love todays responses, because i feel the same way… what the fuck…
    1.) 205 x2, 205 x 1, 200 x3x3.. mondays snatches always feel off
    2.) 255

    1.) 235.. during 2nd set the exertion demon set in.. it subsided and i completed my 3rd set only for it to come roaring back… only completed three sets.
    blaming my exertion headache on lack of proper nutrition over the weekend.

    yea right…

  16. CNS is still recovering from testing Friday. That squat rocked me.

    1.) struggled to hit a triple @ ~72%. Didn’t finish
    2.) skipped

    1.) done



  17. Only did Strength

    done at 155…wow dont after a heavy snatch workout was a bad idea. looking forward to the results

  18. 1) 80 kg
    2) 110 kg
    7/13 with 92,5 kg, nasty but felt ok in comparison to my coach who cursed the shit out of his body 🙂

    Cond: 14:58 rx’d , finished it with a pinched nerve, i hope to get my feelings in my thumb back over night

  19. 1. 190#
    2. 245#
    3. 215# – Rudy you are forgiven for that silly typo and forgetting to update it.

    12:28 RX’d

  20. I’ve never been so excited after reading everyone else’s take. Agreed on all accounts, I thought maybe I was just being a Sally but it looks like it was as bad as I thought it was.

    1.) 210 ~ 15/15
    2.) 235, 245, 255, 265

    1.) 195 ~ Rx UB (while I did not rest between FS and BS I definitely had to take at least two breaths at the top of each BS)
    -legs shaking from round two on into conditioning:(

    15:56 Rx

  21. 1) 175, missed one rep on the second set
    2) 255
    Squats: done at 220
    Cond: did without vest

  22. Weightlifting
    1) worked on hit & catch drills (thanks Craig)
    2) 90, 92.5, 95, 97.5


    AM – mandatory 5k fun run @ work, 23:00
    PM – 3RFT: Run 400m/20 strict pull-ups/20 walking lunges/10kg vest throughout, 16:20


  23. BBG:
    1) DND (wrist)
    2) 185×2, 205×2

    -Last set was pretty miserable, but expected far worse from the comments.

    *No vest. 20# weighted pullups/ 32kg goblet squats for OHS (wrist).

  24. M/18/160#
    1) 155#
    2) 225#

    1) 170# Ouch

    Conditioning: Subbed DU for running as it’s cold out. Don’t know time.

  25. BBG
    1) 250
    2) 300
    – 265
    -13:26 RX
    All OHS UB just took too much time on my run

    Rudy, quick question. Contemplating cutting some weight and wanted to get your opinion on what you feel would be better. Currently weigh about 233 and just been getting my ass handed to me in body weight WODs. Did a comp this past weekend where we had to use 70% of our BW for some Thrusters and this just crushed me. Should I try and cut some weight or just suck it up?

  26. BBG
    1) 185 with four misses out of 15
    2) 185, 205, 225, 225
    Squats=225 for 2 sets then 205 for last 2 sets…these were miserable…Time under the bar must have been 3 minutes each set…tension and lactic acid were unreal.
    Cond: Someone shut off the clock on one of my runs but did RX and went UB on OHS

  27. Back from 5 weeks off with bad eating due to job…playing catch up
    1) 135×4, 155
    2) 185

    Strength: (Evil genius!)

    Cond: scaled way back…In poor condition
    400m, 15 PU, 10 OHS

    Good to be back!

  28. 1) 125 missed 1 during the 3rd set
    2) 170-180-190-195

    130 death on a bar

    conditioning scaled ohs to 65# 15:20 no vest
    30 min of mobility to give me some hope of squatting tomorrow

  29. 39M/189#
    1) 135#
    2) 225#
    strength: 185#
    cond: I think body armor weighs 30#, OHS scaled to 65# (21:58)

  30. 27/77kg/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/1/1 – After reading comments all day, was excited to get in the gym and test these squats out.

    5×3 Snatch from Blocks: 150#. Off of 180#. 14/15. Focused on hitting the power position, keeping heels on the ground, and getting vertical. Felt great.

    4×4 Sn Pulls to Hip: 225#. Focused on shins getting vertical and then hitting the power position at the hips.

    4×7/13 Squats: done. Off of 260#. More of a mindf@ck than anything else. Touché Rudy. Can’t wait to see what else is on the way.

    Conditioning: 19:30 Rx
    Was not looking forward to this, but today was a mental toughness day. I hate OHS. Broke them up 10/5/5 each round. Felt like I was running in cement lol.

  31. BBG:
    1) complete off 215
    2) complete 225
    Whoohoo that sucked. Complete – thankful I haven’t Retested the FS in a while. Off 300
    No squats 3x400m+20pus

  32. 1) 135# (missed 1 rep)
    2) 165-165-175-185
    Strength: different squat cycle
    Cond: 12:51 with 20# vest

  33. M/27/170#

    1) 190# Done
    2) 267#

    200# (Holy shit) Harder than I thought it was going to be

    100 Burpees for time
    (Not enough time)

  34. Haven’t been posting, my numbers are so unimpressive it’s not really fun to share them. But I hope it helps and keeps me accountable.


    180# – this sucked. Worse than Smolov.

    Cond – 14:34

  35. M/19/185
    1)185 first two dropped to 165 last 3…come to the conclusion that I move like shit and bringing it down to basics, form work and mobility
    2) 225
    Strength: 205 all for sets unbroken
    Conditioning: DND

  36. BBG:
    1) 185# (still battling this wrist deal, scaled down a little)
    2) 295#

    235# (this was the real deal)

    Conditioning: 13:25 Rx (this was also the real deal)

  37. Snatch From Blocks: short on time so had to use this as a warmup. 155, 155, 175, 180, 180
    Snatch Pulls: 225, 245, 245, 245
    Strength: Done at 180. Man that was tough.

    Cond: Did 2 rounds in 12:48. Body armor does not make a good substitute for a weight vest.

  38. 1) 110
    2) 185
    Strength-120 all UB

    Cond- 14:43. Strapped two 5lb plates to my front side/back side. Super super super awkward to run with, but not bad for pull ups and OH squats.

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