Spencer is a large child. Actually, he’s more like medium—at best. When he saw that the rings at CF Lappeenranta were hung from a gigantic moveable hydraulic beam, he started thinking of whacky ideas for an incredibly injurious difficult test of stupidity skill. The final test became: do some Muscle-Ups until you get to the rig, traverse the rig anyhow, then whoever could do the first MU on the other side—without touching the floor—wins. Mike Poppa is our 200#, 275# snatching BW expert, so of course, he won. Here’s the idiocy action…

WOD 131012:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat


For time:

Run 800m
20 Muscle-Ups
Run 400m
40 HSPU (regionals standard)
Run 800m

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  1. crawzfett lol! …I’d make fun of Spencer, but I feel like I need to win the AO to earn that privilege.

  2. If we PR’d on our back squat recently should we stick with the old PR we started with the Hatch cycle or should we base our % off the new 1RM?

  3. 1. 125 (5# under PR) missed at 135
    2. 175 (5# under PR) missed at 185
    S1. 205 (5# PR)
    C: 14:15 (subbed 20 pull-ups and 20 dips for MU and did modified HSPUs)


  4. Apparently if I keep my arm straight, minimal pain.

    1) 245
    2) skipped
    S) just did a couple sets of 3 at a moderate weight
    C) modified so i didn’t need to use my arms much


  5. Short turn around between yesterday and today <12 hours. Really limited my clean and jerk.

    1. 225 -10 off pr
    2. 255 -30

    1. Skipped, fatigue from yesterday

    15:48 felt terrible paced the runs at 1:30/400m

  6. M/17/160#
    Just felt exhausted today
    1) 175# (missed 185# twice)
    2) 225#

    1) 225#

    Conditioning: Not positive, I think around 15:00. Subbed 40 pullups/dips for MU.

  7. BBG
    1) 205, under 215 but a little out in front
    2) 265

    Subbed emom of 10 for 165 power snatch then emom of 10 215 squat clean, knee isn’t feeling right on fs

    Conditioning: subbed w/10min cap ~was 8 min cap at granite games

    100 double unders
    50 kbs 72lb
    25 muscle ups

    at 8 minutes had 8 muscle ups left, finished on 10 minute cap
    rest 4 minutes then
    275 deadlift 9 reps 15 push-ups for 3 rounds ~ grip is now gone

  8. BBG:
    1.) 215#, +15#
    2.) 245, -15#, missed jerk @260 twice

    1.) 295, + 20#

    No time.

    Had no time this week. Had to skip cond a couple times. But all my lifts are going up, so I have that going for me..

  9. BBG:
    1.) 245*PR (+5, 4 1/2 month dry spell), 250f

    2.) 265~96%, 280f
    3.) 275*Triple FS PR (+5)

    14:17*Bar MU (no rings at gym today)

  10. BBG:
    1) 175
    2) 215, 235 (tie/5lb pr clean from floor)


    18:04 (HSPU’s slow)

  11. BBG
    1) 205, under 215 bar out in front a bit
    2) 265

    Subbed emom for 10 min 165 power snatch (foot position work) then emom 10 squat clean 215 (drive out of bottom), fs is bothering right knee

    Conditioning: Subbed w/10 min cap, was 8 min at granite games

    100 double unders
    50 kbs 72lb
    25 muscle ups

    had 8 muscle ups left at 8 minutes, finished right at the 10 minute cap
    rest 4 minutes
    3 rounds of 275 deadlift/15 push-ups ~ grip is gone

  12. 1) 225 (-20)
    2) 295 (-10)
    3) 345 (+15)
    Did different conditioning. The work week has been kicking my ass for the last month. I did 295 for the double on tuesday and could barely get it once today.

  13. 1) 155-165-175-185-195-205-210-215(x)-215-230(x) PR is 225
    2) 225-255-275-285 Stopped bc of elbow pain PR is 295
    3) 315×2. i have missed the third one three times in a row now.
    Cond: 15.42 Rx
    First day that i have felt good all week. It was a rough week for me.

  14. Also I have a question. This statement is copied from the Outlaw Doctrine:

    I know you all love Murph, but you won’t see it here. In fact, if you see anything over 12 minutes, I screwed up. Why?

    As I’ve heard Coach say a million times – “All positive adaptations come through intensity”. Intensity is incredibly hard to maintain past 8 minutes, much less out past 12. Also, and this is even more important to me, anything past 12 minutes tends to lend itself to a fuckload of reps.

    Does this mean you want us to stop all conditioning workouts at 12 minutes? I am not saying it is not possible to do todays conditioning in 12 minutes, but i congratulate the beast of a man that can do it. I would say i’m pretty good at all the moves from today and i feel my intensity was high and it took me 15.42. Thoughts?

    • Jake,

      Great question. I don’t want to speak for Rudy but I am pretty sure I know the answer here. Two points. First, the sport is changing and workouts extend past 12 minutes. The sport is that way. The exercise program is not. Secondly, going longer than 12 minutes is not necessarily physically developed by doing a workout that lasts longer than 12 minutes BUT mentally it often takes that.

      That’s my view anyways.

  15. 1) 265
    2) 320

    FS – 330 x 3, 365 x 1 (10# PR)

    Subbed 50 Double Unders for runs on the conditioning to save time.


  16. 1) 185 (+5)
    2) 245(+5)
    Conditioning. Out of town and stuck with no where to do muscle ups. Did this. + some extra sets of 8-10 strict hspu
    5 Deads 300
    50 Doubles unders
    3 rounds.
    Rest 60s
    3 rounds
    5 deads 300
    10 burpees.

  17. Wow I had a horrible day. I live in Okinawa and woke up at 0500 to watch the STL Cardinals play (5hrs sleep) then headed to the box for my bbg and strength
    Snatch -26
    C&J -40
    Front squat -30

    Went home for a nap and did the conditioning later.
    Feeling froggy so I did something I saw on mainsite the other day:

    “Test 3”

    Tabata Squat
    Max reps of Muscle-ups in 4 minutes

    The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals. Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Begin time for muscle-ups immediately after the last 10 second rest interval. Test score equals Tabata score multiplied by number of muscle-ups completed.

    Squats: 15
    Muscle ups: 20
    Score: 300

    TOWOkinawa sure could use an Outlaw friendly banner!!!

  18. 1) 185 -15…under 205 6 times but I’m a pussy
    2) 245 -5

    3) a few sets at 185 (knees fucked)

    Cond: 20:58

  19. Bbg:
    #180 snatch. Felt busted so skipped the c&j and worked some technique.

    #235 front squat. Legs smoked.


    I suck at HSPUs.

  20. BBG:
    1) 215# (-20#)
    2) 285# (-30#)

    Strength: 315# (335# x 2)

    Conditioning: 20:32 Rx (HSPUs still take quite a few sets)

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