The qualifying total for the American Open, for 77kg males, is 247kg (255kg for Nationals – I think). Last weekend, at the Las Vegas camp, Josh Auer pr’d both his Snatch at 275# (125kg), and his Clean & Jerk at 320# (145kg). This would give him a 270kg total.

Before anyone goes crazy reminding me how he did not do this at a meet (yes, there was a clear press out on the Snatch)… I know. Just for arguments sake, however, he only missed one Snatch on the way up, and missed no Clean & Jerks. My point is—since this is purely hypothetical, of course—a 23kg (51 pounds) buffer is pretty damned impressive.

Especially in Capri tights.

Josh Auer – 275# Snatch:

(Will have video up of the 320# Clean & Jerk later. Vimeo is being an asshole.)

WOD 131003:

Rest day.

10 thoughts on “131003

    • +1

      Tights are in. And they are super comfortable. Way better than those things called shorts.

  1. Damn Josh Auer has been beast’n out lately with his lifts! good shit! that’s some serious motivation right there for us fellow 77kg’ers

  2. Where would one go to get those Capri tights Josh?!? They aren’t for me but for a guy I know……..but in all seriousness, where can I get a pair?

    • Tights are smooth and I heard no complaints from the ladies. 😉
      I find all my athletic attire at Ross or Marshall’s.(sale rack shit no one wants store)
      Girls section. $11
      You’re welcome.
      Or you can buy full pants and cut them off.

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