Yes, I have seen this video.

It features Dmitry “The Mancrush” Klokov, doing three rounds of “DT” (my personal favorite workout). He makes a mockery of the first two rounds, then looks as though he may go into cardiac arrest during the third.

Here’s something you may not know about it…

The gentlemen directly to Klokov’s left, wearing the black shirt, is named Sion Cousins. He is from Australia, and trains with none other than “The Mayor” himself, Chad MacKay. If you can’t catch a glimpse of his face, here’s a pic of Sion (and his brother), with me at the Sydney training camp):


Sion weighs a svelte 77kg (169#), and has a max Clean & Jerk of 135kg (297#). Not bad for a 77kg exerciser, but 110kg (242#) below Klokov’s best.

Despite the fact that Klokov outweighs Sion by roughly 80#, and out Clean & Jerks him by roughly two Natalie McClain’s, guess who finished the three rounds of “DT” first?

Not Dmitry Klokov.

Sion Cousins.

Dmitry has a new title – The Most Overrated CrossFitter in the World.

WOD 130914:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat



5 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts 155/105#
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
6 Push Jerks 155/105#

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  1. He was basically reverse curling the last set of cleans.

    Klokov being gassed is surprising…thought he would eat that up.

  2. At the end he says he was surprised by how hard it was at only 70 kilos and also says that he’s gonna loose about 20 kilos in a year and a half an then we’ll see

  3. for someone who doesnt do crossfit he still killed it. thing is he could probably still make it through at 100kg whereas everyone else in that room couldnt even get through a round. i was talking to an elite amateur weightlifter who recently switched to crossfit – said he tried grace @ 225 lbs early on and said it was awful – first time he’s missed a clean or jerk @ 225 since he was 14, with 8 months of training he finished 5th at regionals. seems like if klokov started training for crossfit, he’d do a lot better. sure, he’s got a 245kg c+j, but if he did grace he’d probably still lose to those guys because it’s high-rep.

  4. Anyone else hoping he would turn to the camera and say, “He beat me. Straight up. Pay him. Pay that man his money.”

    Just me?

  5. Easily the best post I’ve ever seen on here lmfao

    Pay him, pay dat man his miuney hahaha

    “Like a young man coming in for a quickie”

  6. 1) 245 (missed 255 3x)
    2) 305 (missed 325 3x)
    3) 305 (325x1x3)
    C) 6.00


  7. 1) 125 (matched PR)
    2) 165 (matched PR)
    3) 195 (10# PR)
    C) 10:22 w/ 105#


  8. snatches 185, missed 195 three times
    c+j 245, 5 below PR
    front squat 315, 5# PR
    con 14:45
    about a minute faster than i got back in april. was hoping for something a lot better today. nothing more frustrating than having grip strength be the limiting factor 🙁

  9. BBG:
    1.) 225 ~ 94%, 235f
    2.)255 ~ 93%
    3.)255 (-15), 275x1f

    8:31*PR (-2:22 130409)

  10. 1) 135 20# under PR
    2) 175 15# under PR stood up 190# twice and missed the jerk
    3) 185# 5 under Pr

    conditioning: did not do did a few reps to warm up and felt terrible. I hope I’m supposed to feel worked right now otherwise squats next week are going to be ugly.

  11. Snatch: 185, missed 205×2

    C&J: 275, 10lb PR. Fuck yes.

    FS triple: 305, 5lb pr felt smooth. (Right after I didn’t load up 335 and hit a 15lb 1rm pr front squat…fuck yes.)

    Cond: 13:33 lower back tightened up quick, so it is what it is.

    MFS: 2/4/4

  12. 1) 72.5. two near misses w/80.
    2) 90. two missed cleans with 95.
    3) 225
    Cond – scaled to 50kg. 7:50

  13. Bbg-felt like shit on the platform today.
    1. 210
    2. 260

    295… 5# PR

    6:52 (4 min + PR)

  14. BBG:
    1) 185#
    2) 255# (10# PR)
    1) 285# (PR)
    WOD- 11:27 Rx (power cleans from floor- read it wrong)

  15. DT 9:41 Rx
    PR by a few minutes. Decided to come back to the ‘get winded’ side of the site for a day because I can’t ever pass up DT.

  16. BBG:
    1) 165 (-15 from floor)
    -baffles me that I hit this with ease on 3 pos complexes during the week, yet on Saturdays it’s my max.
    2) 215, 225(f-jerk)

    1) 255 (-15)
    -using straps for rack position bc of my wrist, awkward.

    13:48 (Un-PR)

  17. So wife signed me up for a 5k, ran that 24:16 this morn, last 5k programmed a few weeks ago 25:00, and the course today had more hills. Then a few hours later:
    Snatch 185
    C&J 225
    DT 12:15 (pr i think)
    Not PRs in BBG or strength, but happy to hit near pr after ‘racing’ a 5k, Outlaw Way bitches!

  18. Snatch 170# +5#
    Clean and Jerk 190# -35#
    …completely don’t understand because I made 205# on Friday.
    Front Squat 275# – 25# 315# x 1

    DT – 13:00 RX

  19. In an effort to prevent Shawn Rider from calling me out any further, I guess I’ll start posting. Started Outlaw around mid August.

    No Snatch or C&J due to jacked up wrist. Did a clean ladder, of sorts.

    3RM FS: 275# (+20#)

    DT — 11:00 (And all 660 seconds sucked.)

  20. 1. 165
    2. 225
    Cond: 18.31 RX.

    My time is the slowest on this site, but was happy to get through at 155lb. A strange thing happened. After 2 rounds of staring at the bar and wanting to DNF for a 1000 reasons, I manned up and the last three rounds went smoother and faster. Next DT will be a big PR over this time.

  21. BBG:
    1) 100kg (-5kg)
    2) 130kg (-7kg)

    1) 130kg (really just took this easy)

    Conditioning: 7:20 Rx

    Overall pretty dead today. Anyone else feel this way?

  22. 1. 215 no straps today
    2. 265
    Str: 315
    Cond: lets not talk about it, 2 days after competition needless to say I was not content with my performance

  23. BBG-
    1) 55kg
    2) 70kg, cleaned 75kg
    2) 80kg

    did one round at 50kg in 1:24

    just not fit at all, not sure if I’m getting sick. I don’t know. feeling good most of the time, the weights are feeling extremely heavy. has someone upped gravity?

    MFS – 725

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