Paul Castaneda – 325# C&J:

Kat Anderson – 170# Press Complex:

WOD 130907:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk



5 Rounds:

400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65#

For time.

44 thoughts on “130907

  1. This might be too late to add to your stats for strength increases for the Smolov Jr program, but I just started.
    starting 136#, ending 139#
    just a note, I got WAY to greedy because 139 went up easy without a hitch, went to 150# and failed twice, right at or above parallel. Went down to 145 and failed, again at parallel. So much for being greedy. Damn. Will start Hatch and see what happens after that cycle.

  2. Snatch #195 F.
    C&J #240
    Nancy 12:00
    After a suck fest workout- most importantly its Gameday. Get some Horned Frogs.

  3. BBG:
    1. 220#
    2. 295# clean missed jerk, first time hitting 295# since surgery! 15# away from the weight I got folded under, can’t wait to get it!

  4. BBG:
    1) 220
    2) 255


    For being a de-load week, I was expecting better numbers–frustrated.

  5. Nothing heavy today. Skill work.

    Local gym had a Crossfit Total
    competition last night.
    415# back squat (40# pr since starting Hatch)
    535# dead lift (up 70# since last time we maxed)

  6. Sn- changed technique to stop over-rotation of hip into the bar-hit 185# (-15)
    CnJ- 245 easy, skipped to 260 (+4) and barely missed so went 265 (+9) and couldn’t get it. Oh well, felt good

    METCON- 13:04 UB

  7. BBG-
    Snatch 135 (tie)
    C&J 175 (tie)
    *no PR, but form was a million times better than when I last hit these weights.

    *Never done Nancy, wasted a lot of time run to bar transition, should have just picked it up. OHS UB. Also, attacked by Lower Alabama ants in my 4th round which really effed my world up. I’ve got a couple dozen bites to remind me to keep my bar on the track and not drop it in the grass…

  8. snatch 200, 5#PR
    c+j 250, 5# PR
    thank you deload week!
    Nancy 11:25
    400’s were around the block. as best i can tell its somewhere between 350-400m

    • my biggest issue is landing my jerk. when i get past 90% of my max things start to get kinda crappy like this one. im landing that front foot too early and not extending it enough. if anybody has any pointers or drills that could help this i’d appreciate it.

  9. 1) 75 (PR), got under 77.5 but missed forward
    2) 95 (PR), cleaned 97.5 (pr clean), but rushed the jerk and missed it.
    Cond – 5 rds for time of 250′ versa climber / 15 OHS w/95# – 17:07

  10. Snatch: 205 (5lb PR) my knee touched but fuck it I fought for it and stood it up. I’m taking it.

    C&J: 225 missed jerk at 255 meh.

    Cond: 15:59 I hate running. So much.

  11. 1) 250
    2) 305
    Maybe in another month ill be able to qualify for the AO
    20lb training total!!!


  12. 1) 145# PR

    2) 190 (Pr) CJ followed by 200 clean 10# PR. – missed Jerk

    Done by myself . 5 sec faster than when done with a classfull in July

  13. BBG
    1) 185
    14:26 < worst nancy time since before 2010 .. Only 1 min faster than my first recorded time on nancy in early 2008

  14. snatch- 231 (+4) slowly but surely, slowing down my first pull has paid large dividends, now i fear i start my second pull too early.
    C and J – 309 (-11) front squats felt rough

    5 rds of 15 oh squats with 30 seconds rest 5:22. (Hassle to leave weightroom to run becuz i have to rescan school id each time)

  15. No WODs yesterday or today… On vacation in TN. Climbed 5 miles up a mountain and back down though. Back at it on Monday.

  16. Today was one of those days you wish you could always have. I had a great day!

    BBG (warmed up and stuck to timing)
    1)201 (1 pr) i have been hitting 195 consistently but its been 7 weeks since i’ve hit 200
    2)256 (1 pr) been hitting 245 regularly; 255 all time best before today

    13:37 (pr)


    • Forgot to mention my Nancy time would’ve been faster but on round 5 a light rain came and got my bar very slick. The bar slipped out of my hands on the way into the squat snatch. Had to drop it and chalk heavily.

  17. 1. 265 – missed 280 x 3
    2. 315 – stood up with 335 but no bueno.
    3. 16:06. In Manila now & I think the running track is too long – or I’m really bad at running.

  18. Snatch: 105 (5kg PR)
    C&J: 130 (tied PR) missed jerk twice at 135

    Nancy: 10:03 (about 10 sec from PR)

  19. been a rough week. 5 nights in a row, flip, then got sick. Finally starting to feel normal today. except for no pop out of the bottom of my squat.

    1) 150 5# under pr
    2) 175 15# under pr

    then made up the 3 rm pp from Friday 150# failed 160# on the 3rd rep.
    skipped conditioning as in my current state this all felt like cardio

  20. BBG
    1) 50kg
    2) 65kg


    slept to much, ate horribly, I guess I’m a bit sick.

    MFS – 522

  21. BBG 1) 165#
    BBG 2) 205#
    Cond – 17:15
    PR is 16:45. Did all OHS unbroken today, a first. I’ve always had to at least drop the bar to my shoulders mid-set. Running was slow today.

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