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Paul Estrada – Triple Hi-Hang “Touch & Go” Snatch @ 291#:

WOD 130906:


12 minutes to establish a 3rm Push Press.


5x500m Row

*All sets should be performed at roughly 90-95% RPE. Rest 30 seconds between sets. During the rest intervals stay on the erg and keep the flywheel spinning slowly. The goal is to maintain pace +/- 5 seconds on all sets.

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  1. BBG) 120kg. Got 1 @ 125kg
    Cond) 1:41/1:44/1:43.8/1:43.6/1:43.2 Wanted to stay under 1:45 so happy with that. 30sec rest seemed like 5sec on that last one lol.

    • Anyone know any outlaw friendly boxes in Sydney,
      Australia? Already checked the link with the list but no luck.

  2. BBG:

    115 kg equal to PR on 2013/07/05. Almost had 120 kg today.
    This is 10 kg below my jerk pr? Need to work the jerk more I guess

    All 5 below 1:40.
    The range was 1:38 -1:40 for all 5

    • Conditioning-

      Experimented with a higher damper setting (8) and it was not a good idea. About 10-15 seconds slower on 500 splits. Good to know though.

  3. BBG: 125# plus 10×3 @ 95#
    C: 2:00×5 with :30 rest (broken rower screen)
    + 5×5 ankles to bar


  4. M/37/210
    3rm pp 225
    Shared a rower with Nucks so rotated between AD and rower.
    Rows 1:32-1:39
    AD around 425-500 Watts for sets of 1:45

  5. BBG:
    1. 225# (235# for two)
    1:48 1:50 1:52 1:52 1:48
    Recently started rowing with damper on 5 1/2 instead of above 7 1/2 and haven’t quite got my split times down to what they were yet. What do the majority of you row at for a 500m? 1K? 2K? Do you change the setting or always set the same?

      • Personally I use a lower damper for higher pieces, so something like:
        < 2k, 7-8 setting, 30-35 spm
        2k and above, 5-6 setting, try to stay around 28 spm

        I read somewhere that the fastest time on one of the erg 2km championships last year was set with a damper setting of 3, so I guess it all depends on your style.

        • I read the same article about the world records being set on 3. Sounds like what I did Zak then some friends have discussed articles on the lower setting and getting s/m down so I’ve been focusing on that. For met-cons I come off the rower more fresh but for all out efforts it’s not helping much yet. Have to do what works when it counts but will continue to experiment with it. Anyone else?
          Rudy have any thoughts on what the Outlaw Team does or do you leave it up to the individual?

      • 500 or under I’m at 10 damper. For a ME 500, I’m at at close to 40 SPM (PR: 1:20.8). If I’m pulling 1:30-1:40, it will be more like 22-25 SPM.

        500 – 2K, I’ll be between 8-10, depending on how hard I want to go.

        2K+, I usually set the damper between 7 and 8.

    • I row every piece at a 3 or a 4 with a varying stroke rating depending on the distance. I’ve been rowing for the last 12 years and that’s what we’re taught and what everyone does. Never used the higher damper settings.

      • Matt with your experience what would your avg s/m be on that setting for an all out effort 500m to 1000m vs a metcon 500m to 1000m. I know it may depend on what exactly the workout is but if you have some sort of base idea for the rest of us maybe some people can play around with the idea of a lower setting.

        • When I was just rowing, I’d hit a 2k in 6:20s. My PR was a 6:22. I probably weighed around 155#. I’m now 165#. Only 5’8″. Most rowers are over 6′. Heavy weight rowers, above 160#, usually pull low 6 minute or sub 6-minute 2ks. A workout like today, I’m going to shoot for 1:36 splits on each one. How I pull depends on the workout, a metcon I’d need to get up and maybe do another movement or two and unless it’s programmed otherwise I’m going to “pace” myself more.

          If you want to get the rundown on damper setting: http://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/training/tips-and-general-info/damper-setting-101

  6. That shit was BADASS!!! Estrada=BEAST MODE!!!

    BBG: 245lbs *fatigued from the week by now! But I love heavy PP!

    Cond: 1:47/1:48.6/1:47/1:49.3/1:49

  7. The only way to kill time here is go to the gym! My elbows and shoulders felt a little spicy so I just did some snatch and clean / push jerk work with low weight for technique and just recovery sake.
    Rows on a broken rower so just pulled consistently for 2 minutes on 30 seconds off.


    • Nick, I co-owner Shenandoah CrossFit in Winchester, VA and respect the hell out of what you’re doing over there. Is there anyway we could send you and any of your fellow “TOWAfghanistan” partners t-shirts to WOD in? If you’re up for it send the mailing info and sizes to shenandoahcf@gmail.com and I’ll get them sent out next week!

  8. BBG
    245×3, did 255 once to judge how it felt, felt good so i went up to 265 and only got it once. should of stayed at 255.
    1:42, 1:44, 1:45, 1:47, 1:41

  9. PP: 145 # (missed 3rd rep at 155#, didn’t drive bar up)
    Cond: 2:00, 2:04, 2:07, 2:04, 1:59

  10. 26/M/190

    1) 165 (felt heavy and kept fighting from naturally falling into Jerk)

    Condish: Shooting for 1:50 each time or a bit under. Damper at 5 (I always heard it was dependent on your BW.)
    1. 1:47.4
    3. 1:50.5
    4. 1:49.0
    5 1:50.1

  11. 1) 190, 200 (f)

    Cond: Done

    Curious how others work up to 3rm attempts. Do you perform sets of 1 as you’re working up to the weight you want to use for 3 reps? Or, do you attempt 3 reps on every set?

  12. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    3RM PP: 195#

    Conditioning: 1:46/1:49/1:49/1:48/1:50

    Competing in Hines Park CF’s 9/11 Memorial Comp. this weekend. If any of you Outlaws will be there, drop a note here. I’ll be wearing the neon yellow “Everything” tank.

    Cheers, Go Blue, and F@CK UP THE IRISH!!

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