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WOD 130904:


1) EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Power Snatches @ 75% of 1rm Power Snatch.

2) EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Power Clean & Jerks @ 75% of 1rm Power Clean.


For time and reps:

5:00 ME KB Snatches 24/16kg (apportion anyhow)
Run 1 Mile

*There is no break after the KB Snatches.

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  1. 1) 80kg off of 107.5kg even tho I hit a 3RM hang power snatch last week at 110kg
    2) 102.5kg off of 135kg
    Cond) 134 reps 8 rep PB. Alright now I never use my weight as an excuse but I felt every step of my 90kg plus after all those KB snatches, beware that you will have no lumbar left at all lol. 7mins flat no rest after snatches just sip of H2O and ray-bans on.

    10 days now till I compete in Queenslands biggest crossfit event, Battle in the switch so hopefully prepped well.

  2. Lol sorry correction, throwdown. I forgot your not allowed to call them crossfit events as HQ will get cray cray. My bad

  3. BBG:
    1. 165#
    2. 205#
    Focused on foot positioning in receiving position and bar path
    94 reps
    7:53 mile

  4. I have been following Outlaw for a little under a year. I guess its time I start posting… Snatch has has gone from 215# to 260#. C&J has gone from 265# to 320#. My body weight is 180#.

    1) 165# (felt super light)
    2) 210# (Focused on connecting the clean right into a push jerk)

    99 KB snatches (no drops, all from the hang position)
    7:59 on the run (running is a huge weakness for me)

    • It’s about time you post Kevin. Everyone keep an eye on this guy. Owner of CrossFit Supernova. Went to high school with him and competed against him right before I started The Way. Been seeing his PR videos on FB. Has gotten a lot stronger (but Kevin you know you need to stop yanking the bar from the floor and smooth out that tempo/bar speed). And I have to knock you for doing the KB Snatches from the hang, COME ON MAN!

        • Apparently not haha. Been following for a year and never had this one clarified. Always assumed from the floor unless stated otherwise. Regionals competition DB Snatches… from the floor. I’ve seen single arm KB swings on here which I’d do from the hang. Thanks for the clarification if this is how it’s done.

          • Maybe that’s why freaking Kyle has 134 reps to my 94…. and the fact he murders all my conditioning times.

          • Yeah man, it’s a completely different movement than a DB snatch. A KB snatch is part of kettlebell sport and is really more of a swing than a snatch. Look up some YouTube videos on it.

      • Yeah, I know I yank it from the ground… Been trying to fix it, but sometimes I get excited and just do it. If my memory is correct I think when we did 5:00 of KB snatches a while ago it said to try not to put it down. Once that ankle is 100% you’ll be crushing the weights to Shawn.

  5. Training with afghan stomach crud … great thing no squats!
    1) 185
    2) 225
    C) 103 reps – total time 12.31
    *drank some water and put on shades … i’ll call that a wasted 31 seconds


  6. 1) 95×5, 85×5
    2) 115×10
    *EMOM for 10 instead of 5
    C) 120 reps w/35# KB – total time 14.25
    *not sure it took 31 seconds to drink some water and put on shades but considering we did 400m out and back twice I’ll will agree with Nick when we factor in the turn arounds!!!


  7. 1)155
    part 1)100
    part 2) 9:23 hahahaha (snatches gassed me. Walked the first 200-300 meters due to fat and out of shape)

  8. BBG:
    Snatch 140#
    C and J 210#
    Really focused on technique today
    122 (+17) happy about this
    1 minute transition time
    mile = 7:57

  9. NEWB ? –

    So are the KB Snatches supposed to be from the floor each time or from the hang? The last time we did 5 minutes of KBSn, it was from the hang…just want to be clear so I don’t waste my workout.

  10. 1) done @100#. Felt heavy.
    Question: is it 10 or 12reps total? I did 12 just to be sure….

    2) done@125#. Super light. These were faster than snatches.

    120 snatches. +14 since 21/06/2013
    Mile run: 7:50min.

  11. Power Snatch 115#
    Power Clean and Jerk 185#

    80 reps.
    and the mile I ran hard and don’t know cause the clock didn’t keep going after the 5:00 round. I muffed it.

  12. snatches 130
    c+j 165
    kbs 102
    mile 7:40
    did 109 kb snatches on 130621 and ran a 7:08 on 130612
    sucking major wind afterward but im happy with how close i was to my numbers when those tests were separate

  13. Snatches at 145
    C&J at 185
    kettle bell snatch at 101
    1 mile at 6:08

    Ohhhh man, lumbar was SMOKED from kbs

    • Did my KB Snatches from the ground every time, I’m guessing from the comments it was supposed to be from the hang?

  14. M/17/155#

    1) 135#
    2) 165#

    Conditioning: DB’s and dropped to the floor every time, wasn’t sure if it were legal to do them from the hang. 80 reps. Mile was 6:42 (SLOW).

  15. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    5 EMOTM 2xPSn: 125#. Performed with toes hanging over a piece of wood. Focusing on staying in my heels from my knees to the power position.

    5 EMOTM 2xPCln/J: 165#. Same as snatch above.

    Conditioning: 103 reps (+3 reps) Also felt like I gamed it…was not gassed, and was more worried about ripping my hands.
    8:00 mile

  16. 1) off of 70kg
    2) off of 87.5kg
    5:00 ME KB snatches…DND. or, I tried but a tear on my hand was getting worse with every rep. I did 120 in June and was looking to PR (these are the one thing I’m ok at). Oh well.
    1000′ versaclimber in 6:40

    • What is the conversion for running to Versaclimber. There is a supplier of Versaclimbers where I live and thought that would be an interesting cardio change.

  17. BBG-
    1. 95
    2. 115

    105 reps (idk last time, books packed up from move)
    8:02 (eff that no rest.. Hit me like bricks. First 800m was 5:00, second 800m was 3:02)

  18. BBG
    1) Subbed Every 30 seconds for 5 min, 3 touch and go snatch at 165 which is 68% of my 1RM
    2) 245#
    109 rep
    9:54 (snatches did a number on my lower back, was tough to run)

  19. BBG:
    1) 155
    2) 165
    99 from the floor. rowed 1 mile ~6:00.
    Did this Tuesday night, only had lifters with me at the box. Wod from comp coming up after bbg.

  20. 1) 185
    2) 245 (Touch & Go Grace style)

    3) 104 Reps, 6:41 mile — about 85% effort on both

  21. BBG
    1) 165, all touch and go no wraps. Felt pretty good
    2) 205
    109, -8
    12:50 never felt solid on this wod need to improve both these areas

  22. BBG – 45kg + 60kg done

    Cond: 70 snatches 24kg, 6:12 Mile with a negativ split, 3:10 + 3:02, stormy weather, but ok

    MFS – 731 mediocre day at work and otherwise even worse, glad to go to my first rugby practice tonight

  23. Backlog:

    1) 2 Power Snatches EMOTM x 5 : 145#
    2) 2 Power Clean + Jerk EMOTM x 5 : 195#

    Swam 3k
    Ran 5k

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