We’re eight weeks in to our Hatch/WL cycle, which means you are all about to hear read the magic words—it’s time for a de-load week. This is not a “leading up to testing” de-load, but a “Dear Jesus, I need some rest” de-load. Enjoy this week, kids. The actual working time in the gym should be very short, so you should all go ride a bike, or climb a mountain—you know, ’cause you’ll have so much free time.

Also, when I say “don’t max out”, please… DON’T MAX OUT.

This Saturday may have been an all-time PR for me, for the amount of HOLY SHIT lifting videos I received in one day.

-The first one was from Mike Poppa, and it featured his buddy Stu (who was the lifter featured in this all-time bro video). This lift is not perfect, but OH MY GAWD is Stu fast. Thankfully, no PVC was harmed on this lift.

Stu – 275# Snatch:

-Next we have the co-reigning “King of the Outlaws”, Marco Coppola, with a fairly vulgar display of power (Pantera? Anyone?). Marco and Kat Anderson did a local competition on Saturday. One of the events was a Max Clean and Max Deadlift. I’m pretty sure Marco would have won this against any competitive exerciser on Earth (if someone can beat him—on video—I’ll tip my hat to you, and post the video right here). He didn’t Jerk the Clean, because he didn’t have to. And he stopped adding weight on the Deadlift, because he knew that he had already won by about 3,000,000 pounds.

Side note: Marco has cut 10-15# in the last month, and is getting very close to 94kg (although his ‘fro weighs 3.3kg).

Marco Coppola – 385# Clean AND 565# Deadlift:

-Finally, Kat Anderson also did something a little special. She PR’d her Deadlift…at FOUR-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTEEN POUNDS

Kat Anderson – 415# Deadlift:

WOD 130902:


12 minutes to work to a heavy Hi-Hang Snatch (shoulders even with the bar – start roughly 3-6″ below the hip).

*DO NOT work to a maximal attempt. Focus on speed under, and perfect attempts. NO MISSES.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 Thrusters 115/75#
15 C2B Pullups

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  1. How much sustained running is tolerable, so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the training we’re doing? Sorry, I like to run. I haven’t been, but I’d like to.

  2. 1) 225 … for a couple reps
    C) 11.50 … runs awful but thrusters and pullups unbroken


  3. 1) 70/80/90/90/100/105/110kg – all very fast, no misses.
    Cond) 10:55rx runs shits, thrusters unbroken, pull-ups 8&7 consistent

    • I did all my pullups unbroken! I’ll chalk that up to being a small win!

      Kyle: 2 (snatch and conditioning time)
      Nick: 1 (pullups unbroken)

      And the chess match continues!

  4. 1) 85 for a couple reps
    C) 22:54 @ 4 rounds, had to do the last three rounds of pull-ups assisted w/ resistance band


  5. PR BABY!!! Missed a sh*t load after that though!

    Wait, what does “DO NOT work to a maximal attempt.” mean? /newb/

    Runs circa 2:00-2:30, Thrusters UB, C2B 8/7 with 10-15secs rest


  6. 1) 60 – 90kg, doubbles to 85. fast, no misses. Back pain 🙁
    Cond) 12:01 rx did 15/15, 8+7/8+7, 11+4/8+4+3.. damn running hehe

  7. Did Hot Shots 19 today as a partner WOD. All the reps were partitioned evenly except we both had to run all the 400s without splitting it up. 21:49

  8. M/17/155#

    Gym was closed today so no BBG. We trained at our high school track with a friend’s bar and weight for the thrusters.

    Conditioning: 14:12

    Pushed the truck around a little for strength.

  9. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/2/4 – lower back tightness

    Heavy Hi-Hang Sn: 155#

    Conditioning: 14:10 Rx
    Thrusters went 10/5; 8/7; 8/7
    PU went 8/7

  10. Snatch: no misses up to 175. Miss at 185, done.

    Cond: I weigh 180 and run like a 230 I guess… 16:26rx fawk

  11. Bbg: 155 – 40lbs under pr. Kept it light. No misses, worked on speed and perfect catch/bottom position.
    Conditioning: 9:13 – 2rnds

  12. Snatch-worked up to 95#. Technique much improved but need to add more weight next time.
    Conditioning Rx- 15:30.

  13. BBG
    185 3 times
    school starts tomorrow so weight room was packed did alternate conditioning

  14. M/35/158/5’9″

    1)kept it at 95,really need to work on getting under fast
    6:30 (2 rounds)
    did thrusters at 75 ,Quads need a break

  15. BBG- 95, kept it light for speed

    Conditioning- 10:53, scaled pull-ups to work on tight butterfly. Forcing to not revert to kip.

  16. Hi hang 185
    Wod: comp.

    Was out of it. Past week I haven’t been catching shit or pulling very well.

  17. F/49/160


    103 several times. Very light, but working on speed.


    16:04 Rx

    MFS: 7/6/6

  18. 1) 215 for a couple reps.
    Didn’t use straps. My hands are pussyish

    No cond
    Did some front squat triples


  19. Read this wrong, and found a not max TRIPLE at 160# Felt great though

    11:37 Con with rowing not running…bad foot

  20. High hang snatch @165 (need to stay on heels longer drive with chest)
    Conditioning 11:07 (fun workout CTB almost UB thrusters and run were challenging)

  21. 1. Bbg- worked up to 185 trying to be fast, then dropped to 155 for 3 fast reps

    Conditioning: 11:07, thrusters unbroken was tough. Went unbroken on pull-ups until last set was pissed.

  22. BBG
    1- 42,5kg

    stopped after 8 thruster in round 1, 400m row

    MFS – 885

    slept horribly all weekend, a lot on my feet, head is exploding, work is horror, working out yesterday was hard (though it was great), another poor sleep, what did I expect. doesn’t matter, tomorrow is a new day.

  23. BBG – 95, 115, 125, 125#
    Cond – Scaled to 95#, as I’m coming back from a lower back tweak and didn’t want to push it too hard.
    15:48 (approximate; spent roughly 4:30 additional minutes during WOD time killing wasps in the garage. unusual for 5:55am.)

  24. Backlog:

    1) Hi-Hang Snatch Double : 165#
    3 Rounds
    400m Run
    15 Thrusters 115#
    15 CTB

    Time: 14.11 Rx’d

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