Pretty Sweet review of the parabellum camp in Denver.

Review of Eminence Camp



A) Snatch from Blocks @ Power Position: Work up to a maximal triple, then repeat last made weight for 5 sets

B) Clean x 3 + Jerk x 2from Blocks @ Power Position: Work up to a heavy set of the complex then repeat last made weight for 5 sets



A) Back Squat: 6@65%, 6@75%, 6@80%, 6@80%

B) Front Squat: 5@ 60%, 5@65%, 2 sets of 5@70%

C1) GHD Raise @ tempo 62X3 x 5 reps: 4 sets

C2) On Toe Split Jerk and Recovery in Power Rack: (if no power rack, rig something up): 5 reps + ME Hold overhead on 5th rep: 4 sets DEMO

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  1. On snatch from power position, do we start more separated from the bar and then approach slowly extending when we make contact. Or is it that we just extend vertically from a position where the bar is already in contact with hip?

    • Start with some separation, bring your hips to the bar and explode. Search Spencer’s Vimeo channel for ‘Vertical Clean from Blocks’ or something like that

  2. 1) 135
    2) 175
    Can I even tell you how much I hate blocks from the hip…

    BS 210-240-255-25(
    FS 170-185-205-205

    GHR bodyweight
    Jerk Holds up to 255
    no power rack and low pins. safest I could do was static holds overhead for 15-20s

  3. Am I the only one who finds those jerk recovers really tough? I’m struggling with 275 and my max jerk is 300

  4. Olympic
    A) 165lbs
    B) Decided to skip these today to rest my severely bruised clavicle, something happened during the cleans on tuesday and its killing me.
    A) Done based off 355
    B) Done based off 315
    C1) done
    C2) worked up to 275 but was really struggling so I went down and just focused on the footwork. My max is 300 so hopefully I can figure this drill out and go heavier next time.

  5. M/175#/Snatch 190#/C+J 245#/Squat 295#

    Totally forgot to post this yesterday. Resources were limited, had to do these reps from hang instead of from boxes. Did everything UB…


    A) 145# – missed 155#, tried it again and missed the 3rd rep

    B) 185#


    A) Off of 295#

    B) Off of 250#

    C2) Couldn’t figure out how to safely rig this up, so i did the on toe split jerk without the recovery to practice the positioning. it felt good because it’s something i struggle with, but i can’t wait to actually do this exercise

  6. BBG
    1) 120 + 5 lbs from last time
    2) 160 + 5 lbs from last time

    1) off of 215
    2a) off of 200
    2b) 100#

  7. AM Strength:
    A) 175-200-215-215 (off 270)
    B) 145-160-175-175 (off 245)
    C1) bodyweight
    C2) 135 (practiced the positioning but didn’t have the proper rack so couldn’t drop it)

    PM Oly:
    A) 152 – hit 162 for 2 but just missed the third rep. did 5 more sets at 152 with a couple or missed first attempts that i didn’t count. this was the first time i felt like i’ve done this movement right so I was happy with this, just fatigue and inconsistency causing the misses
    B) ran out of time so I just quickly worked up to a set at 176

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