The first three events of the Sweat RX Championship will be announced tomorrow. I know some of you guys will want to try them, so we’ll give you all the details.

Daniel Tyminski – 235# 3-Position Power Snatch:

WOD 130808:

Rest day.

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    • Anything 90 degrees or above is still a power snatch. That last one may have been just past 90 but he didnt hit max depth on any one of them so I would still say those were pretty legit power snatches.

      • I would love to hear some thoughts on this. This could go two ways I think. I agree with anything above 90 is a power movement but I also believe that we have to define the purpose of the movement. With a power snatch or clean IMO I believe the goal is to work aggression and extension through all 3 pulls especially the 3rd pull. With a full movement (or something like tyminski did) there could be a tendancy to cut that 3rd pull slightly short just for the sake of getting back under the bar and putting up more weight. I see the power movement as more of a strength development where the full snatch is more finesse and speed oriented

        • I have been personally working with one of the Outlaw coaches via remote coaching and what he has told me while analysing my videos is that he actually wants me close to 90 degrees on the power movements. One of his biggest concerns watching me when we first started was how I didn’t get much depth at all on both my power snatch and clean. I had always had the impression that I wasn’t supposed to get anywhere near 90 degrees on the power movements – and maybe Rudy has a different opinion on this, but that is directly from an Outlaw coach at Spencer’s gym.

  1. had a lot of built up frustration to work off today. its just one of those days

    bar warmups and jerk balances
    handstand hold 3 sets of 3 short attempts
    weighted pistols 3 sets of 5 each working up in weight. happy to report that 50# was not nearly as hard as i thought it would be
    30 DU’s
    15 snatches/75#
    5 rounds

    i feel better now

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