Back at it with two and a half observations from the 2013 Games…

(Yes, I’m really dragging this out.)

6) Rich Froning is the most dominant athlete on earth. Usain Bolt trains for one event. Actually he trains for two, but they both involve basically the same mechanics, a ten to twenty second time frame, and include putting one foot in front of the other. Michael Phelps trains for a few events within the same discipline. They are all under two minutes, and they all involve shaving your body (although Froning and Phelps may share this in common).

I’m sure there are multiple athletes—who I have never heard of—who dominate their given sport in much the same way Rich does. I’m sure someone will read this and inform me that there’s a kayaker, ultra-marathoner, or competitive eater who is way more dominant than Rich, and they’ll probably have some pretty good data to back it up.

I don’t care. (Team sports comparisons won’t work here, but LeBron would be a good argument.)

No one does more stuff than Rich does. No one has to be more well-rounded than him. No one has to be more athletic, stronger, efficient, resilient, or have anywhere near the combination of endurance and power that he does. Despite the fact that Khalipa dominated the row/row combination and picked up the full 200 points for the event(s), and the fact that Rich utterly sucked on “The Pool” (apparently the body shaving only works if you can actually swim), the Games were still never really in doubt.

I probably got fifteen texts after the Wednesday workouts were completed, that basically said the same thing: “Dude, this is the year that Rich gets beat”. Then he did what he always does—takes nothing but top tens, and dominates the final day. In 2011 he came in 26th on the opening workout. In 2012 he came in 18th on the opening workout (and won by the largest margin ever). In 2013 he came in 30th on the opening workout, and simply went 1 – 1 – 1 on the final three events. Khalipa was EASILY the best challenger Rich has faced in the last three years, and no one would have faulted him if he’d lost a hard fought battle with a legit contender. But he didn’t. He swept the final day and left no doubt how hard it would be to take his title.

The most impressive thing about this win IMO, is what happened to Rich’s challengers from the previous year. The second and third place finishers from 2012 finished twenty-first and twentieth respectively. Either the sport changed drastically from one year to the next, or this is a glaring example of how difficult it is to be good at so many things (likely a combination of both). Chalk it up to volume, perfect genetic makeup, milk and fried chicken, or the fact that Jesus likes Rich a lot, but he’s won three years in a row, by an average of 92 points. With an average final score of 969 total points, that’s a blowout… Every year.

What’s he the best at? Nothing. His Weightlifting is possibly his biggest strength, but he can’t hold Jared Fleming’s jock strap, and Jared is only the best American 94. He’s above average at barbells, below average as a swimmer, and decent at rudimentary gymnastics, running and almost anything else you could throw at him. However, when you combine all of those things, and throw in a metric s**t-ton of volume, he is the best our young sport has ever seen. Who knows, we may be watching the Babe Ruth of competitive exercise… Better get your nanos signed now just in case.

6.5) Can we get a mother-effing squat test? I think we’re all set on the upper-body strength/strength-endurance tests, and have pretty much exhausted every variant of lower-body pulling. The most simple test of lower body strength has got to have a place in the testing for the fittest on earth. Six of the top-ten women got pinned by loads south of 210# on the Clean & Jerk ladder.

An NO, this is not a commentary on the programming. HQ is programming for THEIR Games, and to participate in the sport we have to be literally ready for any test they deem appropriate. I just really want to see what would happen, and personally believe that both the back and front squat are unparalleled tests. Also, whether it’s ever tested or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the squat is the greatest developmental tool for full body strength.

7) An elite American Weightlifter is the second fittest woman on earth. That fact is very, very cool.

More tomorrow…

WOD 130805:


1) 15 minutes to find a 3RM Hang Snatch (top of knee) – these should be UB, do not drop the BB between reps.
2) 3×3 @ 95% of Max from above – rest 90 plus seconds.
3a) 4X3 Snatch High Pulls @ 110% of Max Snatch – rest 60 sec.
3b) 4X 45 sec. Bench Row Holds (use KB or DB in each hand, hold at finish of concentric contraction with chest on bench) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


5 rounds for total time (of runs) and reps:

Run 400m (all out)
ME UB Muscle-Ups

Rest 2:00 between rounds.

*Notes: There should be zero rest at the finish of each run. Each run effort should be all out, and at the finish of each run there should be no wait or rest before beginning each ME set of Muscle-Ups. Chalk your hands BEFORE you begin the 400m run.

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  1. No disrespect, but I’m gonna keep on disagreeing on the ‘Rich Froning is the most dominant athlete’ bit. Sure, if you make the conditions for being a dominant athlete the crossfit standards of fitness, instead of the ability to win consistently, set records, etc. in a particular sport, then hands-down Rich is the most dominant athlete of all time. You might reasonably accept that; intuitively it doesn’t seem like someone competing in a sport that’s only been around since 2007 (as ‘the games’) really can make a claim to be the most dominant athlete of all time, but still, you could just bite the bullet and say that Froning is the GOAT. Where I’d argue that this reasoning breaks down is that you’d also have to admit that the top 10 games athletes are the 10 greatest athletes of all time. In fact, if you believe, like I do, that no one out there could even make it to the games if they didn’t train crossfit, no matter how great they were at their respective sport, then you’d have to say that everyone at the games, or maybe the top 100 regionals competitors, are the best athletes of all time. Clearly, if you use crossfit standards for dominant athletes, you’re going to end up with all crossfitters, even crossfitters that have never won anything or even dominated crossfit. So, I gotta say that the only standard for dominance in athletics is dominance within a particular sport. But, the way we compare sports is by the level of participation in each, so dominating a sport like track is harder than dominating a sport like curling, even though it might be easier for a given person to dominate track than curling. So, even though Froning is super-human, amazing, etc. I personally can’t call him the most dominant athlete around since the population of competitive athletes that he’s matched up against is relatively small since Crossfit is a new sport. Imagine if everyone that played youth football trained crossfit instead – do we still think that Froning would be as dominant? Anyway, sorry for the rant, awesome games write-ups so far.

    • Most dominant athlete means who is most dominant over their respective competitors. Not how young the sport is, not whether the other top ten are the greatest athletes ever, etc… It’s simple: Crossfit is the sport he’s dominating and he dominates it no matter what they throw at him each year.

      Athletes dominating a few “known” events every year—not even in the same class as Rich. Dominance as a specialist is not as impressive as dominance at the Games.

      • Kelly Slater is probably the most dominant athlete in a given sport, in this case: surfing. Look up the stats. Crowned world champion 11 times, took 5 consecutive titles at one point, is also both the oldest (39) and youngest (20) athlete to win a world championship, and still competing at the same level at 41. He won in 2011, came in 2nd in 2012 and is currently 1st in the world in 2013.

        Not to say that Rich may not achieve similar status in crossfit, but it’s just too early to tell.

    • Froning is an amazing athlete who I’m a huge fan of, but with that beeing said, I still have to agree with you. There are so many athletes out there who put so much effort in to what they’re doing and also dominate their sport. Take Chris Froome for instance. How many hours a day do you think he’s on that bicycle? He won this years TDF by 5 minutes and would’ve won last year too if he wasn’t signed to assist Wiggins (Took 2th place). I really like Fronings way of training and that he’s so humble, awesome, hardworking and all that, but we gotta remember that you do find people like that in other sports aswell! I’m not one to judge who’s the best of the best, just saying it’s quite a statement to say Froning is the most dominant athlete in the world.

  2. Rich is incredible. Saw two years of him telling everyone to have a seat. This year more so because some of the programming many guys didn’t even finish!

    Kelly Slater I’d day is the best, 11 world titles from 2ft to 50ft waves from 19-41 years of age

  3. I know you probably don’t care – but I’d have to say that Ashton Eaton may be just versatile, if not more, than Rich. Rich doesn’t have to worry about pole-vaulting any time soon… or running hurdles… or throwing shot-put… yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashton_Eaton

  4. competed this past saturday at spartan crossfit. took 9th out of 24. it was the first time i competed in an open division. my best event finish was 6th on 21-15-9 of SDLHP, front squat, push press, all at 115#, completed in 8:54.
    thank you rudy for the great programming! i still have a long way to go

  5. Hang snatch – 105kg but with the bulk pain in my shoulders from I don’t know maybe a few pull-ups lol so I had to hit the 3×3 at 95kg and that was a struggle.

    Snatch high pull – 125kg
    Bench row holds – 20kg DB’s

    1:25 – 8
    1:25 – 7
    1:30 – 7
    1:32 – 6
    1:35 – 6
    Runs were shit but I did one more MU than last week

  6. Snatch – 185 – Failed 3rd rep @ 195
    3 sets at 175. Failed 3rd rep on 2nd set

    High Pull – 255
    Bench row. 25 kb

    Cond – 19:27 Rx 25 total MU (6,5,5,5,4)

  7. 1)95-135-(165)-165
    Cond)2.02,6/2.09,4/2.13,3/2.20,4/2.27,5. Tot 11.11, 22


  8. For best athlete, I’d go with Ashton Eaton, current world record holder in the decathlon and Olympic gold medalist. 10 events, 5 on each day with each one covering different modal demands and many of them being of very high skill.

    • I agree. If high level decathletes crossed over to CrossFit they would be up at the top. I.E. Bryan Clay, Ashton Eaton, Trey Hardee, etc. They are good at every single time domain already. They train in the oly’s. They already have good gymnastics frin the pole vault, and they are constantly training within their lactate threshold (400m) Worst race ever.

      • Ashton Eaton could lay claim, but I never said Rich was “the best” athlete. Not even close. I said he was the most dominant. And… It would take two years for Eaton or Clay to catch up.

    • On this thread, consider Tom Pappas. Former decathlete who finished 5th in Sidney and won gold at the Paris world championships. Currently a CF gym owner in Oregon. Not sure of his level of commitment to competing, but he does enter local competitions and the Open. He’s a strong competitor, but he’s not obliterating the field.

  9. 1) 235
    2) 225
    3a) 285
    3b) 35# KBs
    C) 1.29/8, 1.38/6, 1.41/6, 1.43/6, 1.43/7


  10. 1) 135#x3
    2) used 125# for 3×3
    3a) @ 160#
    3b) 18# KB

    18:02 total time
    13 total MU

  11. It is very difficult for me to say that Froning is the most dominant athlete in the world. But I do believe he is the most “unique” athlete in the world. The combination of power, endurance, breadth of skill, and coordination he displays is just amazing. He is undeniably fit as defined by crossfit – the fittest on the planet. But is he a great athlete? Not sure on this one. When I think of athleticism I often think of qualities that are given by god that are very difficult to acquire through hard work. He certainly possesses some of these qualities. A 300 lbs snatch + 1:20 half marathon row! I mean come on, this is just crazy! The problem is there are very few people on earth actually trying to develop capacity in these wildly disparate domains. We just don’t know how unique he is YET. And he does have some chinks. Over the years he (and Kalipa for that matter) have struggled with some of the events that test pure rate of force development – sprinting (sprint events in 2012 and 2013), and jumping (broad jump 2012). These are capacities I normally equate with brute athleticism – very difficult to develop, god given. Some might argue that the olympic lifts already test rate of force development. I would politely disagree. It will correlate, but only weakly (Usain Bolt will never have a 300 lbs snatch – never! – the guy is 6’4) If I was programming the games and the regionals I would include events that test pure rate of force development and I would have these events account for at least 20% of total points. It would be easy to add a little crossfit flavor to them. Something like this – 1) 4 rounds of spring 40 yards, rest 30 sec, for best average time. 2) 5 continuous burpee broad jumps for distance. 3) max box jump or max verticle jump. 4) 5-10-5 shuttle. 5) zig-zag sprint – that was pretty cool! And I do believe events like these fall perfectly within crossfit’s definition of fitness – moving short distances from point A to point B as quickly as possible can be pretty important at times for humans. Will doing crossfit make you better at these events? Doubtful. But I do worry that the type of training top level crossfit athletes employ right now might be severely blunting these capacities. In other words, I might not know how to make a 10.5 100 meter athlete faster but I sure as hell know how to make him slower! After all, crossfit is about compromise, I would just like to test how much we are compromising in these domains. Develop an athlete with a 285 lbs snatch, a 2.5 min Fran, a 10 min “2007”, a 4.5 40, and a 37 inch vert, and you have really done something. I believe that adding these types of events with a 20% to 25% weighting would not only change the way athletes prepare for the games but it would also change the types of athletes that actually make it to the games – longer levers, twitchier. The games today currently favor athletic builds consistent with high level gymnasts and weightlifters (absolutely no one can argue with this with a straight face) . I think it would be pretty cool to add the track athletes to the equation.

  12. One thing I’m curious about — do you think Rich paced himself better on the first day than other top competitors? Kalipha was dominant on day 1 and was obviously all round an amazing competitor, but Rich blew past him for 1-1-1 in the last three events. Same thing with Rich’s performance on day 1 last year — more “pacing” than “dominating”. It may be that he’s got a fundamentally better understanding of how to compete at huge volume over multiple days (in addition to being an absolute monster, of course). Would love to see Rudy’s thoughts on this.

  13. BBG:
    1. 190#
    2. 180#
    3a. 265#
    3b. 16kg
    1:19 + 6
    1:20 + 4
    1:25 + 4
    1:25 + 4
    1:30 + 4
    *ankle/achilles felt better on these runs finally

    • Damn you! Got me by 2 mu’s and I needed a pace on the run. Couldn’t even take my shirt off today during the conditioning…it was 58F.

  14. Snatch – 165#
    3 sets at 155#
    Failed 3rd rep on 2nd set

    High Pull – 185#
    Bench row. 25 kb

    Cond – 19:16 Rx 1 total MU (pathetic)

  15. Snatch – 135 – Failed 3rd rep @ 145#
    3 sets at 125. 3/3

    High Pull: 185#
    Bench row. 25 kb

    Cond – 19:28Rx 4 total MU (1,1,1,1,0)

  16. BBG
    1) 65 kg
    2) 62,5 kg
    3a) 82,5 kg
    3b) 18 kg DB
    Run: 1:21/1:19/1:23/1:24/1:23
    MU: 3/4/4/2/3

  17. Bbg: 1) 180lbs
    2) 170lbs
    3a) 215
    3b) 40lbs – arms are still gassed from Saturdays pull-ups lol

    Conditioning : DND

  18. M/17/155#

    1) 150#
    2) 140#
    3a) 190#
    3b) 30# DB

    Conditioning: No MU, subbed ME strict pull-ups and then matched that number with strict dips
    1:25 – 21
    1:25 – 17
    1:22 – 15
    1:24 – 13
    1:27 – 14

  19. 1) 175
    2) WTF. Failed everywhere. Stupid question here. I tried 3 sets of 3 unbroken hang snatches at 95%. Or should I have done 3 individual hang snatches every set? Either I’m an idiot or I’m weak or both. But fuck.
    3a) 225
    3b) 35lb kb

    Cond: later when I’m done being pissed about #2 BBG

      • did you do 3reps unbroken at 95% of what you worked up to today for a triple? or did you do 95% of your 1rep max? the former would indicate weakness, the latter would indicate ignorance/stupidity

        • I did/tried 3 sets of 3 unbroken hang snatches at 95% of the triple I hit today.

          • Hey Travis,

            These are not supposed to be individual hang snatches, hence the note about being UB and not dropping the barbell in between reps.

            How consistent were you/are you at 175#? If you have not hit that consistently from the hang, you might have just gotten lucky for that set of three. This would have artificially put the target too high for you to match for the 3×3’s at 165#.

        • And when I say 3 I mean 3 triples. Each Triple counting as 1 rep in that set of three.

          • Not sure what you mean by this here. You should have done 3 sets, with each set consisting of 3 UB hang snatches. Total snatches performed in the 3×3 = 9. Is this what you did?

          • Ok thank you Jcheek. I was doing the triples unbroken as written. But I read the work as perform three sets of three reps at 95%. The unbroken triple counting as 1 rep. My dumbass was trying to do 9 reps each set then. I feel retarded but better now. I’m quite capable of the weight I hit which is why I was so confused. Thanks.

  20. M/19/190
    1) 155
    2) 145
    3a) 235
    3b) DNA
    conditioning: 7:29 + 9 reps just happy I could hit muscle ups out of breath

  21. BBG:
    1) 145#
    2) 135
    3a) 205
    3b) 25# db

    Cond: only had time for 3 rounds, didn’t keep track…scaled to jumping MU

  22. Worst day ever to do hang snatches. Hands torn from Saturday and from pull up practise this morning before training :/

    2) 105# (failed 9th rep because of grip)

    3.a) 155#
    b) 35# DB

    Conditioning: DND

  23. BBG
    1) 195
    2) @185
    3a) 4 @245
    3b) 4 @35

    1:21 / 7
    1:32 / 5
    1:31 / 5
    1:39 / 5
    1:41 / 4

  24. Two words for you Mr Nielson- Ashton Eaton, Decathlon world record holder….ok more than two

  25. So basically this is saying we learned that Froning is the World’s Fittest Athlete, owing to the number of attributes tested, etc. Fine. But “dominance” is a different attribute than multi-modal physical competency or what we believe the Games test, namely “fitness.” The “dominant” athlete (or team) is better by a wide margin than others in that sport, preferably over a long period of time (unless we’re going to say he/she/they were “really dominant that season.”) It’s hard to compare “dominance” across sports, but if it’s possible the comparison should focus on things like consecutive victories and championships, margins of victory (i.e., how many standard deviations better than the competition is the “dominant” athlete), and perhaps intangible things like cultural impact outside the sport (Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong*) or influence on the way athletes train for or play the sport. We might also say that an athlete can likely be considered dominant if they are so much better than the competition that they attract accusations of cheating (especially PEDs).

    • I’m gonna beat the drum: Kelly Slater.

      Cutural impact may be distorting in the sense that sports/athletes which get more press will likely have a greater impact culturally so the dominance of the athlete within their chosen sport is not the number 1 factor. That said, the pressure of a high profile sport is nothing to scoff at. In the same way that the pressure of competing in the Olympics, and being able to dominate such a huge competition (culturally, economically, etc) consecutively every 4 years might need to be factored into the equation.

  26. snatches 170
    95% 160, this felt really solid and fast today
    high pulls 215, used straps
    bench row hold 50#

    didnt track the time. the tracks a little shorter than 400 and i had to run downstairs to get to the rings
    mu’s 2,2,2,2,1(+1more for personal pride)

  27. BBG:
    1) 145#
    2) 135# (no misses)
    3a) 205#
    3b) 26# KB
    WOD- 7:16 total run time + 25 MUs Rx

  28. 1) 215
    2) 205 missed last rep of last set
    3a) 2×3 @ 270 heavy AF 2×3 @ 255
    3b) 12kg kb
    Runs were horrible
    Mu 4,4,4,4,5….

  29. BBG:
    1) 140
    2) 135 -135 (2 + f) -135(2 + f)
    3a) 175
    3b) 25 DBs.

    Conditioning: later

  30. 1) 185
    2) 175 no misses
    3a) 225
    3b) skipped

  31. 1) 125# (low hang due to back issue)
    2) 125# no misses
    3a) 170#
    3b) 25#

  32. Today is my first day with outlaw. Unfortunately I am not at 100% today. Here is my data.


    1) 120# not my best
    2) 120# missed rep #9
    3a) 130#. Never did these before should have gon heavier
    3b) 30# DB

    I also forgot to superset 3a/b. lesson learned.

    Conditioning: I didn’t complete because I wasn’t feeling well.

    Questions: sorry for being the new guy…. Is the session supposed to be completed at one time or can you break up strength and conditioning into two sessions?

  33. Snatch – 195, failed 3rd rep at 205
    – 185 for 3×3
    Pull – 255
    Conditioning – Pussed out and couldn’t hang with the 2min rest after first two sets. so went to 3… then 4. also used bar muscle up
    1:05(8), 1:16(4), 1:38(5), 1:48(6), 1:44(8)

  34. BBG
    1) 135
    2) 130
    3a) 165
    3b) 8kg

    Can’t do my connected so a big whopping 5 mu:(

  35. BBG:
    1.) 210
    2.) 200x1f, 200×3, 200x2f
    3a.) 265
    3b.) 25, 25, 25, 30

    ~Not on a track~
    1:38, 1:36, 1:37, 1:37, 1:37
    4, 4, 3, 3, 3

  36. BBG:
    1) 165, 170(2)
    -Had to rush this due to time, deff have 175 here if I warmed up.
    2) 155
    3a) 205
    3b) 45# plates

    Runs all 1:20-1:22 (had to use treadmill)
    MU: 5, 4, 3, 6, 5 (ring set up allows for very little kip)

  37. BBG
    1) 225 (hit 2/3 at 240)
    2) 215
    3a) 315
    3b) 50# DBs

  38. BBG
    1) 175#, missed 185#
    2) 165# really sucked on these. got 2 reps, then 1, then 1
    3a) 195
    3b) 45# but was way too heavy, but only DBs i had

    1:23, 4 MU
    1:32, 3 MU
    1:34 3 MU
    1:32 3 MU
    1:33 4 MU

  39. 26/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    3RM UB Hang Snatch: 95/115/135# failed at 145#

    3×3 @95%: 130# 9/9

    Sn HP: 190# off of 175# Max. Done.
    DB Hold: 16kg KBs. Done.

    1: 1:30; 1
    2: 1:31; 3
    3: 1:34; 3
    4: 1:34; 3
    5: 1:35; 1
    Total: 7:44 working time; 11 MUs
    Notes: Both times I got 1 MU it was due to not being mentally in the moment. Disappointed in those two rounds to say the least.

  40. BBG
    1) 185. Went to 200 after missed the 3rd rep on both attempts
    2) 165. Forgot it was supposed to be 95%
    3a) 225×2, 185×2 110% was definitely not happening
    3b) 25# db’s

    1) 1:18, 11
    2) 1:22, 8
    3) ~1:30, 7
    4) idk, 7
    5) idk, 6
    Threw up on the 4th round. Had too much fun in the golf course yesterday haha

  41. BBG
    1) 185. Went to 200 after missed the 3rd rep on both attempts
    2) 165. Forgot it was supposed to be 95%
    3a) 225×2, 185×2 110% was definitely not happening
    3b) 25# db’s

    1) 1:18, 11
    2) 1:22, 8
    3) ~1:30, 7
    4) idk, 7
    5) idk, 6
    Threw up on the 4th round. Had too much fun in the golf course yesterday haha

  42. Snatch- 128
    Working set @ 118

    High pulls@ 153
    Holds with 20 lb kettle bells.

    Conditioning in a bit. Maybe.

  43. BBG
    1)3RM Hang Snatch (top of knee)- 155# failed on the last one at 165#
    2) 3×3 @ 95% of Max from above – 145#
    3a) 4X3 Snatch High Pulls @ 180#
    3b) 4X 45 sec. 40#(tough!!) 30# x 3
    5 rounds for total time (of runs) and reps:
    Run 400m (all out) 1:30/1:35/1:38/1:39/1:59 (nothing left in the tank)
    ME UB Muscle-Ups 3/3/3/3/3.. not bad compared to last weeks 2/1/2/1/1/1/1
    M/F/S – 2/1/1

    Rest 2:00 between rounds.

  44. BBG:
    1) 170×1, 165×3
    2) 155
    3a) 225
    3b) 40/40/50/50
    1:35/6 1:34/5 1:35/5 1:34/4 1:37/3 – 7:55& 23MUs

  45. M/27/170#/NorCal

    I accidentally read the template as a Hang power snatch instead. FML
    1) 190#
    2) 180#
    3a) 245#
    3b) 53# done

    1) 1:14 – 11
    2) 1:16 – 7
    3) 1:20 – 7
    4) 1:22 – 7
    5) 1:24 – 7
    Totals 6:36 + 39 MU’s

  46. 1) 185
    2) 165
    3a) 255
    3b) 30# DBs, 40 DBs, 40 DBs,40 DBs,
    1:30, 1:25, 1:34, 1:35, 1:38
    3, 4, 3, 3, 3

  47. BBG
    1) 165
    2) 155
    3a) 205×2, 185×2
    3b) done
    1:12, 9
    1:18, 8
    1:27, 6
    1:30, 6
    1:34, 6
    18:30 total time, runs felt slooow

  48. Back after a week off after the Games. Maybe should have taken more time off but wanted to get back at it.

    1) 231 (messy)
    2) 220
    3a) 295
    3b) 35


    1) 1:14, 7
    2) 1:15, 7
    3) 1:25, 7
    4) 1:29, 6
    5) 1:30, 6

  49. BBG
    1. 215
    2. 3×3 @ 205
    3a. 280×4
    3b. 30#x4

    2:03 including muscle ups 10
    2:04 7
    2:04 6
    2:05 6
    2:09 6
    runs felt slow, and straps kept getting tangled around me after 1st round

  50. BBG: 170# 3rm
    2: 160# 3×3 no misses
    total time 18:02 and 20 mu’s….4 mu’s per round still sore from saturday and all runs were 1:28-1:32

  51. 1) 115# and it was horrid. Very frustrating day with form.
    2) 110#
    3b)25# dbs

    cond- no rings, so did max ub strict c2b pull ups & dips after runs. 6:45 total for runs (all between 1:12-1:25)

  52. BBG
    1) 155
    2) 147
    3a) 215
    3b) 20 kb each hand

    1:16 4
    1:16. 3
    1:21. 3
    1:23. 4
    1:26. 4

    This was very tough if done to the t.


  53. BBG
    1. 145# (150×2)
    2. 135#
    3a. 205#
    3b. 25# DB’s x 2; 20# DB’s x 2

    Conditioning: (run on treadmill)
    1:28 / 6
    1:20 / 5
    1:19 / 5
    1:18 / 5
    1:18 / 6

  54. m/34/5’8″/180lb
    1) 155
    2) 155-155-155 (woops, failed at 165 but used 95% of this weight)
    3a) 205-205-205-205
    3b) 35# DB
    Cond: Ankle hurst, did 4 rds of Kbell Swings with Breathing Ladder

  55. 1. 115 (missed 3rd rep at 120)
    2. 110
    3a. 150
    3b. 25# DB

    I’m slow. Back to running after healing up.
    1:54, 1:55, 1:58, 1:59, 1:51
    No muscle ups.

  56. 1) 175#, got one rep at 180#
    2) Did these at 165#, the second set was way off for some reason.
    3a) 225# across
    3b) 40#

    Cond: 18:25 total with 19 MUs (3, 4, 5, 3, 4)

  57. Conditioning:
    5 rounds for total time (of runs) and reps:
    Run 400m (all out): Runs ranged from 1:18-1:29, wanted 1:15 range
    ME UB Muscle-Ups: 7,6,4,4,4, did an extra round just to get 5 was pissing me off
    Rest 2:00 between rounds.

    Strength: Tonight

    • 1) 185, used wraps 3rep pr, 175 w/out wraps
      2) 3×3 175, 2 misses made them up
      3a) 230, done w/wraps
      3b) 4X 45 sec. Bench Row, done 30 lb.

  58. BBG
    1) 220
    2) 210
    3a) 275
    3b) 225 – Pendlay Row

    As UB as i could do with low ceilings

  59. BBG –
    1) 42,5kg
    2) 37,5kg
    3a) 47,5kg
    3b) 2x16kg KB

    2007 – 1+16

    MFS – 629

    horrible weeks at work, only person left. it is destroing me, shoulders and lat are horrible, wakeboarding 9 hours on sunday and rock climbing yesterday for 5 hours. so no training yesterday. think I got my share of movement.

  60. BBG
    1) 155
    2) 145
    3a) 205
    3b) 30lb DB

    Cond- 1:25/6 1:25/4 1:28/5 1:25/6 1:30/5 (ate about a lb of peanut butter filled pretzels and a sleeve of oreos yesterday making the runs feel like shit!)

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