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Daniel Tyminski – 3:19 Amanda (from December):

WOD 130720:


1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


12 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat.



9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full) 135/95#

For time.

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  1. AWESOME! the day i have to work a full shift and gym will be closed the whole time im off. i cant wait to do this workout!

  2. M/27/5’11″/170#/NorCal

    1) 220# PR! Up 5#s
    2) 270# PR! Up 5#s

    1) 277#

    Nowhere near my PR but ill take a PR on both olys any day.

  3. I think they actually wont let your feet come higher than your head now on MU

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  5. BBG
    1) 72 kg, -2 kg from PR
    2) 90 kg, – 7,5 kg from PR (failed jerk at 95 kg twice)
    Strength: 125 kg
    Conditioning: 15:27 (shoulders were toasted, struggled a lot on MU)

  6. Looking for some advice…
    When do the 12mins kick-off to find your 1RMs? As you take your first warm up lift? from 75% old 1RM? When you start hitting 85-90%? I have been going from around 70% and feel time is even very short then – please advise.

    Also, between BBG/Strength exercises do you just transition to the next activity ASAP or go by feel/recovery?

    Sorry if these have been covered before – It’s my 6th week…

    1) 90kg – wasn’t on form today
    2) 120kg – failed 2 jerk attempts at 126kg trying to get a new PB
    127.5kg – no failed attempts but my legs weren’t having fun and time got away from me

    No space for MUs (subbed strict pull ups and dips) – 10:35 aka slow as fuck.

    • It’s feel / recovery for this guy, usually there’s a brief downtime before i start the next clock

  7. Advice on muscle ups….what’s the better scaling option when doing Amanda, progressive m/u (from knees) or the pull ups/dips option??

  8. Looking for some intelligent feedback here; Recently started snatching with straps (which is freakin amazing for my hands. Go figure) Is this acceptable for the 1RM attempts? I see a lot of the studs on here using straps for anything snatch related but assumptions are a pain sometimes. Thanks.

  9. 1)135-165-185#
    Cond 12:35

  10. +10 pound snatch PR! 170
    matched PR on Clean and Jerk! 225

    Every week on either one of these lifts (sometimes both) I PR by 5/10 pounds. Love this program! Thank you so much for being kind enough to share your genius with everyone!

  11. Bbg : replaced by snatch balances up to 3×60
    Fsq: 120 , felt like a 4-5rm even. Last 1rm was 120 kg so a nice improvement
    Cond: 11:40 snatches 40 kg , first time trying mu without false grip

  12. Hey Dan Rx, hopefully you see this, you left your iPad at the bath YMCA. I’m going to hold onto it for you. I’m here til 11 am. If you’re not back here by then, I can ship it to you. My cell is 207-7303515.

  13. Skipped yesterdays BBG due to torn hands. Today rubbed on some Vagisil, taped the shit out of them and gave it a go.

    Snatch- 205
    C&J – 255 – No PR’s to be had today

    Front Squat – 285lb X3

    Amanda – 6:58 – First time doing this WOD. Missed several MU’s on the 2nd round which cost me some serious time. Snatches felt good. Wanted to do this in under 5 min so pretty dissapointed with my shitty muscle ups today.

  14. BBG:

    1) 1RM Snatch: 155# (failed 160#)

    2) 1RM Clean & Jerk: 220PR

    3RM Front Squat: 225#

    20 Min Cap 115# 33 reps (need more work on MU)

  15. 1RM Snatch: 140# (ties PR hit last week)
    1RM CJ: 190# (ties PR hit last week)

    Baby’s first Amanda – 8:58
    **did 7/5/3 reps but regret it. should have just done it Rx. Snatches were cake. MU are my devil**

  16. BBG
    1) 225 Matched PR failed 230 several times
    2) 275 #5 PR


    Cond – 8:12 Rx

  17. Snatch- 215#
    Amanda- 5:21
    3 rep front squat- 285#
    No clean and jerk, did an extra metcon

  18. snatch 185, 10# off PR, failed 195 twice
    c+j 240, 5# PR
    front squat 3rm 300
    amanda 10:23
    was shooting for 10 minutes. wouldve got it but failed a couple muscle ups in the last round

  19. 1) 170# 5+PR
    2) 205#

    Front Squat triple 275#

    Scaled Amanda, muscle ups weren’t in the cards today
    Ring Dips
    Snatches 135#


  20. 26/167#/M/CenEast

    2/2/4 (Hams and lower back sore)

    Warmed up by doing box’s 10 am class

    1RM Sn: 145; 150; 155; 160; 165# (new PR); 170F
    1RM C&J: 185; 205; 220FJ; 220; 230# (matched PR, had more, no time)

    3RM FS: 195; 215; 235# (assume this is a PR, never tested)

    Amanda: Got through the round of 7 MUs in 12:00 mins.
    Mentally was checked out before WoD. Not enough muscle endurance for the 135# snatches. Rather do them right and not look like a monkey f€cking a coconut. Call it what you will, but I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day.

  21. BBG
    -snatch 215 ( max 235)
    -clean went really light ( tight back)

    F.Squat- 275

    Cond.- later

  22. BBG
    1) 175
    2) 225

    1) 205


    Felt terrible this morning. Headache, sluggish.


  23. BBG
    1) 195 (-5 PR)
    2) 255 (-10 PR)

    315 (PR Tie)

    Amanda: 6:02 first time doing this wod i liked it a lot

  24. 1) 72.5; missed 77.5
    2) 85 (power cleaned); 87.5 – power cleaned, didn’t attempt the jerk.
    3) 225×3, 235×1

    “not amanda”
    9-7-5 of
    burpee pull ups (w/HR push up and had to go C2B to count)
    50kg snatches

  25. Bbg-
    225# snatch- tie PR
    270# C&J- 10# under PR

    290# 3 RM front squat- PR

    5:15 RX’d
    Did this in September.. 9:25 w/ 115# snatch. But Outlaw doesn’t work…..

  26. Snatch: 175 (-10 lbs, working on catching bar OH)
    C&j: 235 (+10 lbs, cant drop under the jerk)
    3rm FS: 295, 315 F last rep
    Amanda: 7:22

  27. How do I get to the older workouts I was behind because I have to train 2 on 1 off. I was on 130709. Looking at today’s I may just do it.

  28. Didn’t follow programming today. For my buddy’s farewell wod we tackled King Kong for the first time. 6:53 RX. Slow, but happy I could finish it.

  29. BBG: none/injury/rest

    3RM Front Squat: 220# (+30# PR)

    Amanda would further aggravate my injuries, so opted for Annie. Initially got distracted by one of my athletes hitting a 245# snatch PR and accidentally did the first round to 60. So went with it and did 60-50-40-30-20-10. 7:45.

    I think things are beginning to heal, but still waiting on my MRIs..

  30. BBG:
    1. 185 (20 under PR), failed 195 three times
    2. 220, caught 235 too far back and badly bruised my collarbone, wussed out

    Front Squat: 245×3 (PR), 265 x 2 (PR)

    Amanda in 8:03 (40 seconds behind PR)

    3/8/7 Not a great day

  31. There are the days when even easy lifts are not easy at all.

    1) 105# (-20#)
    2) 155# (-10#)

    Strength: 3RM FS@185#. Any other day would have walked out with 205#…. Next Time :/

    Conditioning: DND. Pussy with wrist problems…

    Bad day overall….

  32. BBG:
    1. 115# (-10#) tried to jump to 125# (current PR) and threw it behind me.
    2. 155# (-10#) tried to jump to 170# for a PR and got stuck in the hole.

    165# (-10# from 1RM)

    Shitty day :/ did Rx weight, 13 MUs, 16 strict ring dips and 16 strict pull ups.

  33. 28/180#/M

    1) 155#
    2) 185#

    1) 200#

    subbed muscle up tech, went through WOD low intensity with Chest 2 bar/95lbs snatch

  34. BBG
    1) 195#
    2) 295#, Cleaned 315# failed on the Jerk

    315# (Could of gone higher.)


  35. 1) 150
    2) 215

    3RM Front Squat 275

    Finished Bench from yesterday at 165

    Conditioning – Just working on muscle-ups for the first time. Got 5 in a row.

  36. Double bodyweight Front Squat x 3 @ 13 years old:

    First day working on muscle-ups:

  37. 1) 195
    2) 265
    3) 310 PR. Smolov for the win. +10lb all time PR.

    Cond: 7:02 PR by over a minute.

  38. Worst day I remember. Getting over food poisoning or something from yesterday.

    1) 245 – hit this for 4 triples from the high hang yesterday. Couldn’t get 265 to save my life today. Ridiculous.

    2) 295 – Haven’t missed 315 in over a year. Pissed.

    3RM FS – 375

    Finished Bench from yesterday at 265.

    Conditioning – Fuck that. I’m going home.

    • lulz your “bad” day is a better day than most people will ever have in their life

  39. BBG:
    1) 155#x4 (drilled perfect technique)
    2) 205#x4 (drilled perfect technique)
    1) 265#
    WOD- 6:25 Rx (26s PR, no missed reps)

  40. BBG:
    snatch: skipped
    c&j: 225# (PR+5)

    front squat: found 1RM 265# (PR+10)

  41. BBG:
    1) 175# missed 185 2x
    2) 225# failed jer. Missed 235# 2x

  42. Snatch – 215 (-10)
    Clean and Jerk – 275 (tied PR)
    Conditioning – was at 4:30 when they cut the lights out on my just as I was starting my last set
    Front Squat – 345 – forgot it was 3RM not 1RM, but still 15# PR

  43. BBG:
    1) 170# (5# PR) – Had to drop to knees to come up
    2) Still having issues with right wrist when it comes to heavy jerks, in too much pain.
    1) 225#
    12:00 – Jumping MUs; 115# Snatch

  44. Bbg: 1) 190
    2) 250
    Strength: 255 – old 1rm was 245
    Conditioning: somewhere around 10. Have to work on MU

  45. BBG:
    195 – hand ripped
    c&j: -went up to 245 then worked technique, getting bar to hips-hand destroyed

    front squat: found 3 rm (315), 3 rep max pr, got sketchy

    8:54 pr, but only 2nd time doing it. Not where the goal was, hand f$%^ed

  46. 1)195
    2) 240
    clean jerk, no press out. first time I’ve hit that in a while.

    3) 245, almost 90%

    Amanda 8:57 Rx

    PR because I ain’t ever done it before. Trying to breathe today was like sticking your face in an oven.

  47. Snatch:155
    Clean and jerk: 195 cleaned 200 for a 5#pr on clean but missed the jerk
    Front squats:185 legs were shot
    Amanda:19:15 rx

  48. Snatch: 165lbs (need to work on the percentage thats 80 and above missed a couple i should not have missed today)
    Clean and Jerk 235lbs (same thing i think its mental i can never really go above this without losing confidence)
    Front squat 215lbs (failed 255 twice, really pissed, current pr is 245 for a 3rm)
    Amanda 8:48 (first time doing this, it went pretty well i think, i liked it!)

  49. Snatch- 140 was the last weight I hit while warming up to try and hit 160 (a 5lb PR)
    C+J- 205 (5lb PR!!!!)
    Wasnt able to do the WOD because I did everything from home and dont have rings set up. Did “DT” instead

  50. BBG:
    1) 145# PR
    2) 200# PR

    205# – tried 225# (failed 3rd)

    9:11 @ 95#
    Subbed C2B Pull-ups & Ring Dips for MU.

  51. Yo guys, i dont know if this problem was already reported. But the comments from old posts are not here. For example, last week i started outlaw from Jun 16 when smolov cycle started. So the past days everything cool on the old blog bc the comments with the scores and stuff were there but now on the new site the comments on the old posts are missing. Is it a bug or just deleted?

  52. 100KG Snatch (missed 105 by a hair!)
    120KG C&J
    130KG FS

    10:58 – Amanda

  53. 1) 80kg
    2) struggled up 105. No PBS today.
    3) 110kg – that’s a pb

    Amanda: 830.

  54. 1.185 for some singles cant really miss or drop the weight at my current gym people frown on that
    2.225 same issues
    Had to modify Cond cant do ring M/U at this gym

  55. BBG
    1) 70 kg
    2) 95 kg (Failed the Jerk on 105)

    110 kg


  56. 200 lb snatch – PR. Finally get over the 200# cliff
    255 lb clean, jerk fail
    245lb 3 rep front squat
    11:21 Amanda. Pre-Outlaw last summer did 24:30

  57. Snatch- 235# (-10 PR)
    C&J- 265 (-10 PR) Stood 285 up but missed the jerk
    Front Squat- 265
    Amanda- 8:11 RX (1:18 PR)

  58. BBG
    1) snatch 240(straps)
    2) C&J 275
    3) front squat 295

    Amanda- 5:11

  59. BBG
    1) Snatch – 115#
    2) C&J – 130#

    3 Rep FS – 175#

    WOD – Amanda

    17:42 Rx

  60. Late post because I had a lifting meet yesterday.

    Snatch – 115kg equal pr
    C&J – 140kg 2.5kg off

    Front squat – 150kg 10kg pr

    Amanda – 4:55 can’t remember last time so this will be the new starting point

  61. 1) 135 🙁

    2) 185 clean and jerked into my face. Awesome . 🙁

    14:43 –
    3 min PR however my MU’s are still sorry.

  62. BBG

    1. 75kg. Missed 80kg twice. 75kg was my PB
    2. 102.5kg. Missed 105kg.


    1. 115kg. Very happy with lift.

    Skipped “Amanda”. Did tabata core work.

  63. My 3rm from last month… Didn’t feel like a 3rm so i called it my heavy set of 3, lol.

    405# x 3

  64. 1) 100# (PR for full snatch with proper form!)
    2) 145# (10 # below PR)


    Did a previous weeks because I had to do this workout before it was released on the site

    3 mins ME wall balls 14#
    3 mins ME DB snatches 50#
    1 min rest
    2 mins ME wall balls
    2 mins ME DB snatch
    1 min rest
    1 min ”
    1 min ”
    For time:
    20 axle bar push jerks 115#

    Total reps: 171 (used 12# med ball as it was all the gym had)

    Time: 4:04 (used regular BB as I didn’t have an axle bar)

    Killer conditioning!!

  65. BBG :
    Snatch 1RM – 185# (-20) : 145#, 165#, 175#, 185#(f), 185#
    C & J 1RM – 265# (-10) : 185#, 225#, 245#, 265#, 280# (f)
    Strength :
    FS 3RM – 305# (+30) : 205#, 255#, 285#, 305#
    Conditioning :
    11:32 RX’d

    Feeling a bit of fatigue overall but very happy with today’s training results.

  66. BBG –
    1RM snatch – 50kg – failed 55 twice – bar was to far away
    1RM clean & jerk – 70kg – cleaned 75 easy, but didn’t try to jerk it, just felt off
    3RM frontsquat – 80kg – stopped there, could have done 85 I think

    Amanda (w/ womens weight) –> 8:17, first time doing Amanda, felt great

    Poor sleep and horrible eating for the last days and for the next week. Have my boys with me for the summer vacation and we are at the pools all day in the sun. Strange training times also. Sometimes there is more to life then training. I love it.

    MFS – 444

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