I finally have to the time to get a couple things posted that have been waiting a while (there’s always more time when you’re not having organs removed)…


We are proud to announce that we are programming for, and hosting the Outlaw Pro Invitational portion of the 2013 Sweat RX Championship. The event is August 16th-18th in Toronto, and will feature a select field of Games and high-level Regional competitors. We are about a month away, and will start releasing workouts very soon. The list of competitors is rounding into shape as well. To see who has been invited and confirmed you can check here frequently, as more will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

We’d like to thank the good folks at Sweat RX for inviting us up to the great white north, and letting us host their Pro Division. Also, before the question is asked… NO, this is not the 2013 Outlaw Open. Details on that will be up when we actually have some.

Eleven days ago Sean Dunston competed in the IPF Pan American Powerlifting Championships for team USA. He won three international medals in the Raw Division, including: Bronze for overall (all ages and weight classes), Silver for overall in the Masters, and Gold for the 83kg weight class.

Click here to read Sean’s recap of the Pan Am Powerlifting Championships.

Sean became a client of mine over eight years ago, and was a longest tenured coach at Outlaw, before recently opening Mount Vernon CrossFit. We both still vividly remember our first training session together—where Sean pulled a max “shaky leg” Deadlift of 185#. Eight years later he is one of the best Raw Masters Powerlifters not only in America, but in the world, and was a slight misstep from breaking the American Record in the Squat…

Sean Dunston – 480# American Record Squat Attempt (@ 179#):

To say that I’m proud of a grown-ass-man may sound a little weird, but damn I’m proud of Sean. To represent team USA, and bring home three medals from his first international competition, is the kind of stuff that most people can only dream of. Sean took that 185# Deadlift, and with eight years of hard work, added enough to it to make himself into one of the best lifters in America (315# to be exact, for an even 500#). That’s the kind of thing that every coach dreams of—that maybe someday they can look back and smile when their athlete takes the tools they’ve given them, and puts them to use.

WOD 130718:

Rest day.

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  1. Nice!!!! So excited, will register for sweet RX. Too bad that my gymnastics sucks, so I am just gomma go with amateur… That’s gonna be fun!!!

  2. Any Outlaw friendly gyms in the Laguna Beach area?
    Going to be in staying in Laguna next week during the CF Games – Need a place to workout on Mon, Tue, Wed.

  3. Coach, you inspired us to post suggestions for the Naughty Nancy WOD after seeing the other incredible ideas, thought I’d share before our comments are deleted by the CF Games site administrator:

    Chris Orr2 minutes ago
    5 rounds
    500m atlas stone swim
    15 reps OHS 225# on greased up tarp

    Drew Billington26 minutes ago
    Alright kids, come on now, lets think about realistic loading/volume here. Oooh im a WOD programming genius, check this one out!

    Buy In: 50 standing backflips

    7 Rounds:
    50 unbroken OHS @ 185
    Run 800M with a gas mask while carrying a 45# plate overhead

    Buy-Out: 50 cock-punches

  4. accomplishment of the day: figured out how to string together my bar muscle ups. got 4 in a row. lots of credit goes to this video. the big thing i fixed was staying hollow on the initial portion of the descent

  5. Im late as hell. But I want to share this with you. I tested my 1 rep today. Did two weeks of the smolov cycle and messed up my knee somehow after the first day of week 3. Few weeks later and still hit a 10# PR. 230-240. Also I’ve only been following outlaw for 2 months- maybe less. My snatch has gone from 88-100, my clean 135-155 and my jerk 105-135. Thanks Rudy!

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