>I’m gonna preface this one by saying this is THE CRAZIEST Squat I’ve ever seen, that ended without a trip to the hospital. I’m not gonna debate whether it should count or not, but I will say this—if Cam didn’t have great position coming up out of the hole, he’d have been a dead man.

Cameron Currie – 500# “No Hands” HBBS:

>Johnny Medina – 415# HBBS (@ 155#):

>Christine Drankiewicz – 255# HBBS (40# PR since last test four weeks ago):

WOD 130713:


1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#

For time.

211 thoughts on “130713

    • I still can’t believe I hit it. Strong work on your squat man. Strength to body weight is through the roof!

        • I stalled twice before this lift and was able to hold it on my traps as I prepared to drop it. This lift just felt balanced and I threw my hands down to get a little extra “umph”.

  1. Cameron is f**kin’ cheating! You can’t count that hand assisted debacle as a good rep! lol
    Nice work though bud, glad you hit 5, you’ve had it coming for a while.

    • Hahaha! Thanks Sean. I do feel a bit guilty. But ehh, 500 is 500. So stoked to hit it.

  2. Rudy – are you going to post some of the data or a data summary for the Smolov Cycle?

  3. Are we going to need our front squat maxes for the Hatch? Cause I have absolutely no clue what mine is anymore, it’s been awhile since I have tested it last and I don’t remember what it was.

  4. Christine drankiewicz said your looking for data, previous PR 405#, new PR 435#. That’s what’s up.

  5. HBBS went from a sloppy 425 to a rock bottom ass to grass 435. got half way up with 445 and had to bail

  6. First time posting, but I’ve been following the Outlaw Way for about 6 months now.

    Previous PR: 270
    Today: 315

  7. started doing outlaw on week 2 of the Smolov cycle. still managed to go from 245 to 265!

  8. Am I the only one that did not PR post Smolov Cycle? I was about 20#’s shy. Not sure if it was an off day or if my legs were still smoked?

  9. Hey guys, how do you plan this 20 min to establish 1RM Snatch and CJ?
    Normal warmup and then?
    2 – 4 sets at 70 – 90% and then try to hit previous PR or you go straight to a new PR?

  10. I am the owner of True Strength CrossFit and we decided to follow Outlaw for everyone, with scales where needed. My comp team is competiting this weekend so they are gonna max next week. I have a life time best of over 600lbs(I’m a former world class 100meter sprinter) but my pre Smolov was 405 and I dropped a smooth 450 today at 209 bw. I will have more of my athletes start posting to help u out Coach. Thanks for the quality programming.

  11. Heyo, I skipped the C&J this morning cuz i’ve have some tightness in my tricep when I go over 205#(worked it out and letting it heal for 48 hours).

    Snatch: 165# (20# PR!!!)
    Fran: 3:56 (Beat my previous afghan PR by 40 sec!)


  12. Following Outlaw since November. Old PR – 385#. New PR – 425#. 21 years old. 235 BW

  13. 10# PR, Old HBBS – 365 New HBBS – 375
    I based the whole Smolov template 360# went up 15# week 2 and 10# week 3.

    Big thing i’ve noticed is that I can snatch 220#/100kg consistently.

  14. @Chris – I had a problem with my squat today too. I tied my old PR of 295 but didn’t get past that. This week was a bad week for me with sleep, not getting more than 6 hours each night. I think I might attempt it again. Coach or anyone recommend when a good time to reattempt?

  15. Funny and entertaining as it is to watch. And that guy is obviously extremely close to getting it, but, NO WAY does that count!!

  16. Snatch) 110kg, 5kg under

    C&J) 142.5kg, 2.5kg PR

    Fran) 2:32, old time was 3:08

  17. Snatch 65kg
    C&J 75kg
    Fran 4:32 (used butterfly pullups for the first time)

  18. Snatch 215 10# PR got one shot at 220 it’s close
    C&J 265 10# PR big pr for me was stuck at 255 for a bit

    Fran 3:20 Unbroken just need to move faster and not need air

  19. Snatch today 97.5kgs (pr 100.) New pr on c+j tho122.5kg so up twice in a week. Fran went nasty as usual 3:38 at 110kg bdywt…

  20. Two former Vulture Crossfit coach’s make it to the outlaw page for squatting.. I’m so proud, maybe one day I can make it there, I just need to get stronger, faster, tougher, smarter and better that’s all! Bagram Outlaw out…

  21. PR -HBBS from 160 KG to 167KG
    Snatch From 97 KG to 100KH
    C&J from 120 to 121 KG
    Fran -from 2:57 to 2 : 35
    Happy Camper

  22. 1) 245 (-15)
    2) 305 (-10)
    C) 2.50

    … Going to forget today even happened! 405# back squat … 3 years of waiting! I’m celebrating with ice cream!


  23. pain in both shoulders and left ellbow, was not able to maintain a lockout
    1) Snatch 90 kg…. took me about 4 attempts…. 15 kg below my PR
    2)just did PowerCleans, no way to get the weight over my head
    worked up to 120 kg Powerclean (old PR)

    FRAN: 3:02 (old 3:50)

  24. Only matched my PR yesterday…gained 5 pounds on snatch. New C/J PR @ 215 (+5) and a new clean PR at 225 (+10) Today!

  25. Snatch- 205 (max is 235)

    C&J- 255 (max is 275)

    Fran-PR- 4:49 (PR by 1:10)

  26. Started Outlaw a week before Smolov. Worked off a tested 340# HBBS. 6X6; 240, 245, 250; 7X5;250, 255, 260, 8X4; 275, 275, 280, 10X3; 290, 295, 305 (never missed sets or reps) = new HBBS pr 360#–snatch 165#-175#/ c&j 225#-240#

  27. not a good day…
    155 snatch 5#pr
    165 clean and jerk current PR is 175
    Fran 6.:14 first time

  28. BBG
    1. 105# (15# off PR)
    2. 135# (10# off PR)
    3:14 (55 sec PR!!!)
    49 years old
    Heading to the Games next week.

  29. Back squat test today:
    Smolov based on 155kg:
    160kg Fail – 155kg Fail – 150kg FAIL!!

    What a bad week, have been injuried all week in my elbow. No training at ALL and on Ipren.

    Looking forward to a normal week next week.. Gonna make up for this shitty day.

  30. Snatch – 205lb (20lb under)

    Clean and Jerk – 275 (25 under) missed the jerk on 305 X 4

    Fran – 2:54 (21 sec PR) finally got sub 3.

  31. Snatch:235(10# PR)
    C&J: 305(10#PR)
    Fran: 3:35( 1min PR)
    Vulture for life

  32. Snatch – 205

    C&J – 265 (10lb PR)

    Fran: 3:47. Blah. Gassed on pull-ups today.

  33. Am I the only fag on here who only adds 5# pr’s. why won’t my legs get stronger I’ve done smolov, catalyst all kinds of programs and only lil jumps I only squat 360 wtf?

    • I used to have that problem as well, I read up on jtsstrength that one powerlifter there suggested that instead of using all time maxes for training weights you use a 365 strong max that you know you can lift anyday. I PR’d yesterday at 395 but I know I couldn’t do it any old day. I do know I could squat 365 any day no matter how sick or sore however so I’ll be using that for hatch cycle. Your 365 strong will be anywhere from 90-95% of your ‘comp’ max.
      Also don’t think your a pussy for wussing out and using lighter weight. Yes the weights will feel light some days, resist the urge to load up and grind it out. As much as squats are slow lifts you want to lift every squat like your ass is on fire. Accelerate through the ENTIRE lift. Don’t ever lift slow. Some guys go for as heavy as possible all the time and their squats are always slow. You will not squat heavy training that way. Constant acceleration, pop the bar off your back, keep it light enough to have impeccable form but heavy enough to get a response. Remember, we are training not competing, resist the urge to feel like you have to post numbers here that will impress everyone and load it up all the time.
      I spent a year on outlaw near when it started and put 2.5kg on my snatch, I went too heavy all the time. Even on Saturdays treat them like a training day. Don’t go for your personal best every Saturday unless the frying pan is sizzling. Hit daily maxes and always have good form. Don’t throw around weights close to your PB and have shit form every Saturday just to try and get that PR. Allow yourself to have crap days and spend time drilling with daily max weights.
      That’s working for me, hope you can pull something out of that you like and will help you. Don’t get discouraged, training is a lifelong pursuit. Sometimes your flying sometimes the bar mocks you but don’t ever quit and you’ll be bull strong.
      Stay up.

    • Maybe try to stop using outdated slang terms. I have a gay member who smokes u with a 395#pr at 195lb body weight. Grow up brother!

      • Zurba if that hurt your feelings you might not wanna look at the comment section. Just a term that you yourself have used. Relax.

      • +1. It’s an extremely offensive term to a lot of people. Because of that, would it be such a big deal to use another dirty word such as “pussy, cocksmoker, douche, cockwhore??” Replacing it in your sentence, in a non-offensive way, sounds like this. “Am I the only bitchtittiedfreak on here that prs……” And now you’ve offended no one and still got your point across.

        • I don’t know, this blog is getting pretty sensitive. I wouldn’t be surprised if some angry woman with a botched boob-job might take offensive to your using “bitchtittiedfreak” as a pejorative.

  34. 275
    295( ;( )

    Fran –

    2:13 (10 sec pr)

    Later 3 rnds
    800m run
    10 squat snatch @ 135

    Tomorrow – lap swimming.

    Suck it lol.

  35. Snatch: 195lb
    Clean & Jerk: 265. Edging closer to that all time 295 PR.

    Fran later.

  36. Snatch: 175 lb (5 lb PR)
    C+J: 240 lb (5 lb PR)
    Fran: 3:28 (10 second PR)

    Snatch has gone up 40 lbs since the Open. C+J has gone up 25 lbs in 2 months. Thanks, Coach.

  37. 155# snatch. Weak sauce, I know but it’s still a PR
    215# C&J… 5# PR
    Fran: 3:15. Also a PR. Thanks Outlaw. I’m not going anywhere!!

  38. BBG
    1) 185, 195f felt soon good – next time
    Tweaked my shoulder – hopefully nothing serious

  39. Good and bad day today…
    I snatched up to my old pr then went for a new pr and my spine couldn’t take yesterday’s spinal loading plus today. So I’m bummed about calling today but happy I went as far as possible yesterday in the department of spinal load.

  40. Beginning of cycle 355 ,after first week did 360 at a comp and today 385. Pr’d c&j to 280 previous to 265. I also pr’d to 205 snatch from 200 at beginning of cycle. Thanks Rudy!

  41. BBG
    Snatch: 235 (20lb Pr from start of cycle)
    C&J: 285 (10lb Pr from start of cycle.
    2:56 (9 second PR)

  42. Bbg:
    1) 130 (tied pr)
    2) dnd

    3:12 (only other Fran time was w/ chest to bar-3:38)

  43. I am very new to crossfit/outlaw, so I hope I don’t look like a complete pussy when I post my times/weight.
    Snatch: 135 (went up 10lbs)
    C&J: 175 (up 10lbs)
    Fran: 8:44 ( it was my first time doing Fran)

  44. First 2 days of testing have been great.
    Snatch: 200 (+5 PR) Been stuck at 195 for about 3 months
    C&J: 275 (+10 PR) greedy/dumb move, went to 290 right after. F on jerk.
    Fran: 2:10 (18 sec PR) previous time 2:28. Have a video and will post later.
    Thanks coach. Squat heavy. That stuff works.

  45. 1.) 225 ~ 94%
    2.) 270 ~ 98%, 280 ~ Clean*PR missed jerk

    Fran: 4:21 (+29 sec)

  46. M/27/5’11″/171#/NorCal

    SNATCH @ 205# 10 pounds off pr
    C@J @ 255# 10 pound off pr
    Felt like I had no power

    “Fran” 2:29
    20 second PR!

  47. Snatch – 235# (25 pounds off pr) kept working up to 265 but kept missing
    Clean and jerk – 290# (worked to 310 but couldn’t get jerk)

    Fran – tied current pr from 2 years ago

  48. Took time to work in Wednesday’s technique work.. on both snatches and clean and jerks, felt really great!!
    PR Fran 3:42!!! previous best 4:24, and before that was 4:28!
    Thanks coah

  49. I’ve never posted on here. I do Outlaw programming via LoboLifting at CrossFit Queens in New York. Just wanted to holla at folks who survived the Smolov cycle. I PR’d my 1RM HBBS @ 315# (15# PR from February) yesterday and today I was like fuck it and I PR’d my 1RM Deadlift @ 405# (15# PR from April). I weigh 150#.

    Shoutout Rudy and Nicolas Lobotsky and Smolov the sneaky Russian.

  50. BBG:
    1. 225#. missed 250# four times
    2. 265#. jerk still isn’t powerful with ankle (yes I’ll say this evertime so stfu)

    2:37 which is a 5 second PR

  51. Snatch-185# (-15#) Missed 205 a few times, just wasn’t aggressive enough on the pull to get it back over my heels.
    C&J- 235# (-20#)

  52. BBG:
    1. 215# (PR-225#)… been stuck at this range for about 2 months now… beyond frustrating.
    2. 265# (PR-280#)… could have went up possibly another attempt… but FRAN!

    2:32…. only a 1:39 PR. Previous was 4:11.

  53. BBG:
    1) 185, 195M, 200M
    2) up to 225 and missed
    Tight from yesterday making my footwork junk and for a painful Fran.

  54. BBG:
    1. 155lbs snatch, not so good
    2. 235lbs clean and jerk, not so good either
    3:13 16 second PR (this was good) legs felt stronger and my hips really helped on the thrusters. The olympic lifting and squatting has really helped me.

  55. BBG:
    1) 185# (under 190#- couldn’t lock out)
    2) 240# (couldn’t jerk 255#, PR’d @ 250# on 7/9)
    Fran- 2:37 Rx (10s PR)

  56. BBG: F’ing terrible today
    Fran: 4:15 which is a PR by a lot but my shoulders r definitely the limiting factor today so still disappointed

  57. 1) 72.5 (ties PR), just missed 75 twice.
    2) 90. missed 95.
    3) 6:47. First time.

  58. Just getting back into the swing of things following a couple vacations and inconsistent training. Bummed I missed Smolov but looking forward to the Hatch program.

    1) 255 lbs (2 lb PR)

    2) Skipped

    2:20 (16 sec PR)

  59. Snatch: 95 to 110
    Clean and Jerk: 135 to 150
    Fran: 14:23
    it’s been awhile since I’ve done real Crossfit workouts.It’s also hard doing them in a non-Crossfit gym.

  60. BBG

    1) 155# (+5#PR)
    2) 225# (Current PR)


    Coming off a shoulder dislocation and biceps tendon tear and finally starting to add some weight back on the olympic lifts and overhead. I look forward to more of the Outlaw Programing!

  61. Snatch 165 (#5 PR)
    C&J 185 (#10 PR)
    getting fran in tonight, too tired at the moment

  62. Snatch 245 C&J 300 both 10# pr
    Fran 2:30 (couldn’t get my pull up timing right) PR by 26 seconds

  63. 1. 130 (+5 PR)
    2. DND
    3. 5:09 (1:30ish PR) *Literally UB Thrusters totaling 1:25… Pull-ups sucked that bad!

    Snatch- warmup went like this:
    Drills from the hip, full extension up.
    2×2@65, 2×1@85,
    1@105- nailed,
    1@115- nailed,
    1@125- nailed.
    I am GREAT up until my max. Failed 130 three times before I made the ugliest save and got it up. wtf..

  64. 1. 135 (20# PR)
    2. 185 (15# PR)
    3. 8:10 (PR) Last time I did Fran it was a DNF
    Felt strong today, especially after having a great Snatch PR with good form. Rudy is truly a bearded wizard.
    -Looking forward to Hatch, Strong Legs=Strong Oly

  65. 1) Up to 140# (-25#) Felt really strong and fast up to 130#. Then it all went downhill.
    2) 220# Clean and jerk (5#pr) and 242# clean (9# PR) SO although i didn’t hit a back squat PR yesterday, i have Pr’d my clean by 15# in two weeks. The smolov definitely helped.

    3) Fran: Im going to give this a whirl tomorrow.

  66. BBG
    1. 215(-15)
    2. 265(-10) 280F jerk 290PR clean
    2:36 9 second PR

  67. M/17/155#

    Lots of grip issues today due to boating/tubing yesterday, hands/forearms were fried. 10 minutes to max cause of an obligation this morning

    1.175# (ties PR)
    2. 205# (-20, failed 225# four times)
    3. 5:48 (never taken time before)

    This day just made me want to puke.

  68. The PRs from last week still stand.
    Snatch: 185# (failed 3x at 190#)
    CJ: 230# (failed 2x at 235#. Nailed the squat clean both times though, which is a PR and nice.)

    FRAN: I did 15 thrusters and decided I was too tired from the snatch and CJ. So I stopped the clock and started to put my stuff away. Then convinced myself to grow a pair and I finished it up without a clock. What would that say about me if I quit FRAN after all that work!!?

  69. M/30/5’9″/173#/Boston

    Snatch:160# (5lb PR)..failed at 165# twice
    C&J: 205# (alb PR)…failed at 210# twice
    Form and power felt great

    “Fran” 5:40…. yea I got some work to do!

  70. snatch no pr, tried 90kg twice, technique is the problem here, not strength. Jumping back & catching forward = miss
    Clean & Jerk – cleaned 100kg, missed the jerk…was too tired.

    Fran: 5:45 – exactly same time as 2 months ago -_-

    24/m/88kg bodyweight

  71. This will be my first post since following OutLaw, starting following at the beginning of Smolov…

    Needless to say fell short of my previous PR yesterday in the back squat… 370 is my all time PR failed three times at 365. Squatted my ass off!!!

    Today was a new day with a 185lb snatch

    C&J 225 (F)

    Fran: 2:24 Pr by 8 seconds….. Suffering from fran cough at the moment.

  72. 1. 260# (10#pr)
    2. 270# 305F (havent been jerking or OH pressing all week since shoulder was feeling funny so i’ll live with it…today

    Fran 2:32 (3sec PR)

    also, happy 1 year anniversary Outlaw Way. Here’s the progress I’ve made for sticking it through the good times and bad.

    Fran 4:45->2:32
    Diane 12:ish->3:36
    Helen 8:09->8:07

    Snatch: 185 -> 260#
    C&J: 225->300#
    Clean: 245->335#
    Bench: 245->285#
    Squat: 340->425#
    Deadlift: 420->475
    Front Squat: 305->350#

  73. snatches up to 90 and felt way solid, a little trigger shy at 95 but the bar is getting up to my eyes. C&J stayed light and worked on super solid landing in split jerk – up to 105

    Fran Rx 4:59 – PR by 1:30+

  74. Snatch – 155 PR
    Ties American Record for age and weight class!

    Clean and Jerk – 215 (20 under PR)

    Fran – 4:52 with 65# thrusters

    First day going full Outlaw!

  75. Snatch, 185# +10# PR/ C&J, 245# +10#PR
    Fran; 4:20 +30 sec over PR
    west lafayette, IN

  76. PR’d my snatch today from 105 to 115 and clean and jerk from 145 to 155!

  77. Did the Alpha Race at the Air Force base. One of those obstacle course runs. 4.2 miles, 14 obstacles, took 3rd in my heat 43:38, fellas I train took 1st&2nd! Ouch!

    Snatch- 225(nostraps)
    No time for cleans or Fran, but did it the week before starting smolov…2:32

  78. Only had enough gas in the legs for the BBG or Conditioning. I chose the conditioning since I haven’t done Fran in years.
    6:54…Pretty much a 7 minute PR for this small dude! Pretty excited! Thanks coach!

  79. Weightlifting
    Snatch – 77kg (-2kg)
    Clean & Jerk – 105kg (-10.5kg)

    Conditioning 1
    Swim 1500m – 27:52.50
    (no breathing rest intervals between, shit heads)

    Conditioning 2
    “Fran” w/ strict pull-ups


    Picked up some vintage iron kg plates this weekend and some washers that weigh .25kg each. Next weekend’s project is to paint everything fancy IWF colors.

  80. BBG:
    1) 140 (Still not getting under the damn weight, +/-0 PR.)
    2) Shoulders/Biceps tight , worked on squat cleans, worked up to 195×2

    Wod: “Jackie” -7:07 (PR!)

  81. Made up for yesterday

    Snatch: 85kg pr 3kg

    Clean/jerk: 110 kg 5kg pr

    Fran: 3 mins 8 second pr. need bigger forearms lol

  82. First time posting.
    Missed Friday, did 1RM retest today
    HBBS Old PR (190kg)
    New PR (200kg) @ 89kg BW
    Fran 2:22 (wrist injury, mobility issue, barbell replaced with 2 x 24kg KB’s)

  83. Haha wow! Good attempt, but no rep by USPA standards- I’m glad your ok though Cameron.

  84. Snatch: PR @ 200lbs! Old PR was 195. Feels good to finally hit 200
    C&J: skipped, taking it easy on my elbow, cleans were causing some problems last week.

    Fran: 4:59 (+59 seconds)

    Oh and since I forgot to post my back squat yesterday
    Squat 325lbs PR. Old PR 315lbs

  85. 200# snatch 10# PR
    245# c&j
    4:54 Fran (horrible time for me but I will contribute that to the time zone changes I’ve experienced the last few days and the heat here in Okinawa)

    OutlawWayOkinawa (double OO)

  86. Didn’t have a chance to do this yesterday because I was on my way to Sarasota, FL. Will be working out at RFS Crossfit for the week. Today was my first day here and it was awesome!
    1.) 215# (15# PR)
    2.) 255# (5# PR)
    5:49 (0:46 PR)

  87. Improved A lot today!
    Snatch: 225 PR!
    Clean and Jerk: 290 but a Jerk fail. Clean PR though

    Fran from a couple weeks ago: 3:12
    Did 10 RDs:
    10 thrusters (95)
    10 T2b
    10 Burpees
    Rest 1 min.

  88. BBG

    1.) 210#
    2.) 265#

    Conditioning *(did this 1st)

    4:25 (PR; old PR was 5:56)

  89. So this week I Pr’d …. C&J at 270# / Back Squat at 400# / and did Fran in 3:20 which beat my previous Fran time by 1 minute. Thanks Rudy for some kick ass programming.

    • Snatch- same shit as always

      C&j- same shit with my shoulder bothering me on the jerk and me being noncommittal

      Fran- 2:59! Boooooom old PR 3:21

  90. Snatch didn’t improve; way stronger getting it overhead need to work on the balance.

    C&J 140 (body weight) 5# PR

    Fran 7:53 (20 sec PR)

  91. Snatch – 245# (5# PR… thats 30# increase in two months….thank you Rudy)
    CJ- 275# (5 under PR)
    Fran- 3:01 Rx

  92. Snatch: 225# (-25)
    C&J: 285# (-32)
    Fran: 5:00 (+1:37)

    Very disappointing day. Everything felt heavy and slow. Think I am fried from squat. Also work was pretty taxing (up all night lots of heavy hot work) so that didn’t help.
    Definitely need rest day.

  93. Just started following outlaw
    1. Failed 215# attempt multiple times. 205 is PR, 185 no problem.
    2. Didn’t C&J shoulder issue
    3. Fran 3:19 (20 sec PR)

  94. 26/166#


    Due to inadequate facilities here on vacation at a cabin retirement fitness center in TN, I was unable to perform the BBG. However, I was able to do the following:

    20 mins for 1RM OHS: 195#; 30# PR from 21.4.13 (prior to following Outlaw) – F@ckin’ stoked!!!

    Fran: 4:50; 0:15 PR from 13.2.13 (prior to Outlaw as well)

    What’s weird and what sucks is, I was able to get to Rd 2 for Open 13.5, meaning a sub-4 Franish-type workout. However, I was unable to get sub-4 here. Any reason as to why I seem to be back @sswards?!?

  95. Snatch – 165 – have a scapula mobility issue i’m working on. no confidence that I can throw a bar up overhead and catch it at this point
    C&J – 250# – PR. Also a squat clean PR of 255, missed the jerk.
    Fran – 4:56 – PR. Prior PR was 5:09

  96. Didn’t do the snatch or C and J today… still stuck at 225# for the snatch, and hit 301# earlier this week on the C and J.

    Fran: 2:35 (8 second PR)

  97. Got 4 hours of sleep but I felt relentless to redeem myself from my dissatisfaction of my 1RM BS attempts yesterday. And it worked.

    Snatch : 205 (= PR) got under 215# twice but failed as I tried to stand, then time ran out. First time to snatch 205# again post injury. Stoked.

    C & J : 275# (+10) Finally broke through that wall! First time hitting anything close or above 265# post injury!

    Conditioning : Box had “Hope” as the program today, did that instead. 198 reps RX’d. Fatigue caught up with me here.

    Overall, really happy to get my PR’s only a little over a month into The Way. Thank you Smolov, The Outlaw Way brothers & sisters and of course, Rudy.

  98. snatch 55kg – failed 60 for a new PR 2 times really closely
    clean + jerk 75kg – cleaned 82,5 for a new PR but was really dizzy, so called it

    Cond: 12-9-6 clean + jerk 50kg – bar muscle ups –> 9:52, made up from one week ago, hate Fran, can’t do kipping pullups here!

  99. BBG 1) 165# (PR)
    BBG 2) 225# (Match PR. Got 225 earlier this week but it was a hideous power clean. Today was a solid clean with good landing position.)

    Cond – 4:02 (PR is 3:43)

  100. 198 Snatch
    242 Clean and Jerk, almost jerked 254
    6:40 Fran time, plus a couple extra pull ups.. I lost count.

    Also did 8×800 meter repeats in the A.M.

  101. Snatch- 130 (10# under PR)
    C&J- 200 clean (10# under PR)/190 jerk (PR)
    Fran- 6:18 (atrocious)

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