EDIT: PLEASE POST YOUR DATA!!! We need both your old PR(B) and new PR(B). We need ALL of you to post. Including those of you that never post. If you’re the “leader” of the Outlaws at your gym, please tell everyone to post to comments.

Chad “The Mayor” Mackay – 225# Three Position Snatch:

WOD 130712:

1) EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70%

Notes: This is meant to provide a warm up for both the legs and the CNS. DO NOT go above the prescribed weight. Each set should be easy and fast.

2) 30 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.

Notes: The Cleans should provide a good warmup, but you will still need some Squat sets of 2-3 reps. Once you reach the 80-90% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply set up like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.

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  1. Bash away, but just making sure…

    I have been performing quick descents to bottom position for all HBBS. Is this correct, even for 1RM? Thx

  2. Does this mean that Saturday will be a blood bath? I’m pretty excited about squatting tomorrow; targeting double bodyweight for the first time (190kg)!

  3. Hey coach, did my workout today. I know it isn’t optimal, but Work tomorrow makes me adapt and overcome. (besides we don’t have enough weight at the fire station to test 1rm hbbs). Anyways, big pr for me. Added 15 lbs from the cycle and had more in me. I was just pretty fried after working up to the new max. Can’t wait to smash this one after the Hatch cycle.

    Hang Squat CLeans: 185
    Squat 1rm: 440 (up from 425)

    Here is video:

  4. did it 1 day early.

    HBBS pr of 70lbs. was 355. after 3 weeks of smolov i moved 425 today. thank you mother russia. and Rudy.

  5. Been working on freestanding Parallete hspu for about a year with a goal of 10. Saw Klokov and knew it was time.

  6. M/27/5’11″/171#/NorCal

    1) 185#
    2) 351 PR!

    Bring on the Hatch program! I started the outlaw way 2/26/13 with a HBBS AT 285#. I was a body weight specialist. Now I feel like I am going in the right direction. Thanks coach Rudy!

  7. Warm up: 2 hang clean EMOM 5 min @ #115

    1 RM HBBS- 205#- +15 PR! Easy so Jumped #10… failed 215 x2- stupid sticking point.. Tried 210 but was too tired from failed 215..
    Couldn’t take rest day due to travel schedule.. So don’t know how that would have effected it either.
    Overall, I’m very happy to have jumped the 15# in 4 weeks especially since I have had minimal to no gains in a very long time prior to this.

  8. Bk sq still 200kg got stuck under 205 twice but more importantly snatch up 5 to 100 kgs and c+j up by 5to 120kgs super pumped…maybe just not there in the bksq today…sorry not in pounds i’m a bloody Australian…

  9. Back squat 1RM) 180kg, 10kg PR. Missed it the first time. Can definitely tell the legs are getting stronger.

  10. During Testing Days we had 20min to establish a 1RM HBBS. Today its 30min. Would you recommend a different aproach to max out?

  11. 1rm 180kg, 5kg PR. Went straight for the 182.5 (400+#) jugular and got told where to go, three times.

    Don’t know what kind of steak some of you monsters are eating to smash these new pbs, but I’m mightily impressed.

  12. 285# 20#PR first jump of 270 was way to cautious. Can’t wait for hatch and getting over 300#

  13. New PR 160 kg. 15 kg. More Than before smolov, I’m very satisfied 🙂

    It was the strangest lift I’ve ever done, as i did i with no hands most of the way :p When I got just above parallel I wanted to let i slide off my back, because I couldn’t get i up. But then I couldn’t get i off because it was lying to solid in the hbbs position. I suddently felt strong again, and stood up without touching the barbell with my hands and got the new PR 😀 hate that we didn’t get it on film though :p

  14. 1) 225lb
    2) 405lb (+15lb PR) HELL YES!

    Also PRd squat clean by 10lbs (325lb)

    Some other numbers from our gym that followed Smolov
    290lb (+25lb)
    235lb (+20lb)

    450lb (+25lb)
    265lb (+20lb)

  15. New back squat 1RM: 152.5kg. 1RM 3 weeks ago was 145kg. 7.5kg PB, but started Smolov 1 week late, so only actually did 2 weeks of it. Legs are feeling so much stronger for multiples as well, not just max. Loving it!

  16. I never post on here as i’m no where near any of you guys numbers wise… Thought i should get involved though.
    5kg (11#) pr from 105kg(231.5#) to 110kg (242.5#).

    Needed a spotter to get me out of the hole on 105kgs about a month ago. Today 105k, 107.5k and 110k all felt easy, went up to 115k (253#) but got stuck coming back up and had to bail… but at least i’m going in the right direction

    Well done to all you guys, you’re animals ;p

  17. 1RM HBBS – 170kg (+10kg PR)
    Felt great, but got greedy and 175 wasn’t a goer.

    Really happy with this considering I had the man-flu last week, and haven’t trained properly coming off the cycle and into this week. Thanks Rudy.

  18. I can’t do this today, I have a competition this weekend so… I will get it in next week. Hopefully that doesn’t screw me up too much…

  19. Old PR 295# new PR!! 295# 🙁 attempted 300# twice and failed twice. No worries tho, snatch went up 10 pounds and still counting!! Thanks smolove JR

  20. 335lb from 280lb (the 280 might have been a bit low, was not feeling it that day). anyways up 55lbs

  21. I’ve made little or no progress on squats in almost 2 years. Previous best was 325, but that wasn’t to full depth. The last squat test day I could barely move 300. For Smolov, I based my percentages off of 315. Today I hit 325, ass to ankles. Tried 335, but got pinned. I think I used too many warm-up sets, cause it felt like I could have had it.

  22. went from 150kg to 162.5kg on my backsquat and 130kg to 145kg on my front squat 🙂

  23. 1RM HBBS: 335(25lb PR), got a little too ambitious and wen’t for 350(f), probably could have had 340-345.

  24. Emom at 135#

    Squat – 275# (+15) pretty disappointed with that after seeing everyone hitting these 30+ pound PRs. Missed 285#, no excuses, I just didn’t have it today.

  25. I know front squats aren’t what you’re looking for but I wasn’t able to complete Smolov because back squats are crushing my spine and causing sciatic pain (I’ve been going to a chiropractor to fix it). However front squats don’t seem to hurt me so that’s what I did.

    Previous FS PR- 275#
    New FS PR- 300#

  26. Stevo: Old PR: 275, New PR today: 285. Failed twice at 295.
    Joy: Old PR: 195, New PR today: 205 (really close to getting 210)

  27. Old PR was 275# and I missed 285# 3 times… Pretty disappointed because I wanted it so damn bad! Kept getting stuck on the way up just below knee parallel to the floor. Didn’t have it in me today coach!
    Did not PR today but will re-test soon I guess!

  28. HBBS 345 (15#PR)
    Also snatched 225 (10#PR) on Monday. I felt super solid in the bottom, had a previous lift of a wobbly 215.

  29. First time posting!

    Old PR was 280#. Hit 290# (+10#) today and failed at 300# three time…. PISSED. Although I’m not in the same world as some of the beasts on here (YET) I was pretty happy with the increase…especially improvement on form.

  30. 408.5# that’s a 8.5# PR in 4 weeks. I hit 400# last time we maxed out. Smolov…..painful but effective????? FML

  31. Previous PR 140kg
    New PR 155kg
    Great program 15kg PR even done 2nd week fri and sat on the fri am + pm because of travel

  32. I feel all giddy inside waiting to go hit a damn PR (ideally). I can’t think straight. Just want to squat!!!!

  33. 345#

    Based off of my percentages at the begging of the Smolov cycle my PR should have been about 318. I know that I have never had anywhere close to 345#. Especially not High Bar. Especially not ATG like I was today.

    Work looked like this:

    Cleans Warm Up
    Squat Warm Up Sets
    Walk out @ 365#
    315# Fast and Easy
    335# struggled a little at the sticky point
    355# FAIL. got a little out of the bounce but came back down and dumped.
    345# Got it. Fast out of the hole, but fought the rest of the way to the top.
    355# Failed. Nothing left.

  34. First time post! Just wanted to say that outlaw has got me back in the game since my back injury I never thought I could lift heavy again so thanks so much coach! In January I could not squat 225 but around march I did 245. I have been afraid of heavy weight but my last weight on the program was 10 sets of 3 at 230. My pr today was 255 and went for 265 I just have to get through that mental barrier. Keep up the hard work everyone ya’ll push me to work harder. Also does any one have issues with being able to rep out weight close to your max but when 5lbs are added you get stuck? Didn’t no if there are any reasons for this

  35. Returning from injury I hit a 300. I got 315 fairly easy today. Failed at 325, but is right there. The 50yr old is my dad!! Rock on padre!!

  36. My old pr was 425 but last time we tested i failed 425 so my last test was 405. Today hit that 450!! Body weight 192

  37. M/17/155#

    Cleans @ 135#

    Old PR = 285#
    New PR = 310# (2X bodyweight and + 25#)

  38. Old Pr 370
    New Pr 375

    I was to quick to jump up to 390. Missed it twice and had nothing left. Very disapointed in myself, but learned a valuable lesson.

  39. HC-135
    HBBS- 325 lifetime PR. Previous lifetime PR of 315 in Febuaryish and 280 on last Outlaw test.

    Also from CrossFit 248:
    April (started CF three weeks ago exactly and missed one week of Smolov)- 160# PR previous PR of 105# (IN 3 WEEKS?!?!)

  40. Pr of 30 lbs. Old was 275 up to 305. Not impressive for a 175 bw but I’ll take it.

  41. Previous PR: 355
    Today: 385

    Really wanted 400 but failed. Happy with the gain regardless.

  42. Hi Coach,
    Been following Outlaw programming for a few months but this is my first post.
    Pre-Smolov PR was 132.5.
    Today I hit 150 HBBS at full depth.
    BW is 80 and I’m pretty happy with that improvement. Next goal is 2x BW squat.
    Thanks for the great programming, Coach!

  43. OTM-210#
    Old Pr during testing 5 weeks ago 415#
    After cycle 455# (40 pound pr)

  44. First time testing a high bar max, only been along for the outlaw ride for about a month.

    1) 155x5x2. These felt great.
    2) Based my smolov numbers off of 295, worked up to 315 today and missed 335. This may seem shitty, but I also PR’d my clean and jerk this week and ‘felt’ better on all my squatting, so I’m happy!

    -practice hspu and du afterwards.

  45. Hit 300, up from 275 at the start. Definitely happy considering I spent 10 of the days during the cycle on my honeymoon in Mexico, and resorted to minimal body weight WODs while there. When I jokingly said to my wife I could have hit more if it wasn’t for the honeymoon, she didn’t laugh…#footinmouth

  46. HBBS:
    6/12/13 HBBS: 190lbs
    7/12/13 HBBS: 205lbs
    (Not sure if this matters but got 200lbs over 8 mos ago)

  47. First time commenting. Started training Outlaw at the beginning of Smolov.

    Old HBBS – 152.5 kg for 2 reps.
    New HBBS – 165 kg (12.5kg increase).

  48. First time posting
    M 190lbs
    Old PR 365
    Last max- 335
    PR Today of 375 +10PR
    Looking forward to Mr. Hatch

  49. HBBS 165 kg

    Confirmed my “old” PR after a long break.
    thank u Rudy Smolov & Crew 😀

  50. 1: 150
    2: 350 # (15 lb PR) I think I could have done more. But was losing my midline and no belt.

    28/m/150 #

  51. BW – 155#
    Last PR on 3/26/13 – 250#
    New PR – 300#

    Everybody at my box was shocked at the increase in weight. There are about 5 guys who are going back a month now on the Outlaw blog to work on back squats.

  52. I have been doing these workouts for about two weeks and loving it.

    HBBS: 320 lbs



  53. M/32/6’6″/208#/SC

    1) 165#
    2) 305# (up from 275#)

    First week was rough, second week got better, third week was bring it on. Legs feeling strong and happy to break 300#. Squats are rough for my tall frame but the programming is working. Btw, failed at 305 first attempt, backed off and hit 300, threw 305 back on and got it.

  54. This is the first time ive posted my numbers. I just started following outlaw at the beginning of this cycle and I love the results I’ve seen so far!

    Previous HBBS 255#
    New PR 285#
    30 pound Jump. Thank you!

  55. Background:
    crossfitting on/off since 2009. never done any more weightlifting than what appears on main site. No crossfit/lifting from 2011-2013, started back in May 13 after an ankle sprain in April 13.

    Lifting for about 2.5months

    May 13 – HBBS at 145#
    130611 – 155#
    130712 – 175# 20 PR

    I feel weaksauce compared to the monstrous numbers ppl are posting.

  56. This is the first time I’ve ever posted my numbers. I just started following outlaw at the beginning of this cycle.

    Previous HBBS 255#
    New PR 285#

    Love the results I’m getting! Thank you!

  57. HBBS – Pre Smolov #200 (coming off a hip injury, so hadn’t gone above 165# in 3mos leading up to this) Today #225
    25# PR from start to finish and even 5# heavier than all time PR.
    Absolute weights suck but for a 47yr old who has always been awful at squating, I’ll take it!
    More importantly, I’m into squating for the first time ever!

  58. 1) cleans 175
    2) HBBS 405 (+10)
    165 bw
    Was hoping for more after seeing the some of the numbers others were putting up.

  59. Old Squat PR: 380#
    New Squat PR: 400#

    Failed at 405#….Why does 5lbs have to be such a Bitch!!

  60. Even though I missed a whole week of Smolov preparing for a competition I still hit a PR! 325lb (+10)

  61. Newbie Post
    Old PR: 107kgs
    New PR: 115kgs
    Not sure if it is relevant, however 115 felt VERY strong and looking at Coaches eye my 115kgs looked stronger and more vertical than my 107kgs and 90kgs (which was only 4 weeks before Smolov).
    Thankyou VERY well worth it!!!!

  62. Old: 285lb
    New: 290lb +5PR
    Not entirely sure what went wrong today. Followed smolov perfectly and put +25 on all lifts. Maybe too much of a volume drop off between today and last saturday? I felt better for maxing out on Wednesay compared to today. Barely missed 300. Will definitely remax soon to see if today was a fluke. Shouldn’t have had that ice cream at 3am.

    tl;dr whiny excuses.

  63. 1) 175#

    2) Previous HBBS – 330#
    New PR- 350#
    Was only able to do smolov for the last two weeks of it, had a week off due to back pull from the 1RM deadlift prior to starting. Really happy with this! Legs felt solid!

  64. HBBS: 295# (Previous 265#)
    Failed @310×2, 300×1
    Pissed I couldn’t get 300#

  65. First post here, never felt like posting before…

    Started HBBS six months ago, at that time my LBBS was 185kg. When I made the change I had to drop down to 140kg. Just couldn’t get up from the hole with more weight.

    140kg was also my old PR before the Smolov cycle but I knew I could handle more weight so I used 145kg for the Smolov calc. Felt surprisingly good and made it through.

    Today HBBS 155kg, failed 160kg twice. 155kg was still quite fast so 160kg is just a matter of time.

    Thanks coach!

  66. BS 235#, 15# below PR. 6 days is not enough for me to recover from smolov, I will need 10-12 days. Still very disappointed. I’ve worked so hard… slept 9-10 hours every night, ate right…

  67. 1) 175
    2) 285 (+10 from last test)
    Based my Smolov cycle off 300 lbs successfully but couldn’t stand up with it today. PR is 315 from March ’12. Looking forward to when I PR again

  68. 1) 305#, pre-Smolov test 6/11/13 295#
    Didn’t get to do 3rd week of Smolov as went on bike trip vacation / Keystone BME race, during which i broke my phone and bruised the shit outta my right quad and couldn’t squat without quad pain until today.
    All-time PR 315 (been ~300 for a couple years it seems) – in May i thought i was going to have to get knee surgery again, major knee pain, then realized Pre-Smolov that I’d been squatting all quad-dominant like shit for previous couple years, and my anterior chain was stupid tight, worked a whole bunch of mobility with rumble roller, lacrosse ball, couch stretch and it went away… After an ego-check, doing Smolov keeping heels down and active posterior chain, and week of biking the knee is feeling fantastic.
    In the words of Rippetoe: “Yes, if you squat wrong it fucks things up. If you squat correctly, those same fucked-up things will unfuck themselves.”
    Rudy, please bring Smolov back again at some point!

  69. #275 last time #285 this time. Felt I could have done more. I think I started out to light and burned myself out.

  70. 1) 185
    2) 365 (+35#!!!!)
    Actually last time we maxed out HBBS I only hit 325 and failed 330 but I’ve hit it before so all my percentages were based off 330.

  71. Prior to Crossfit I boxed. Very little lifting. If I did squats it was at a max of 135. Needed to do something different due to having a child. Started Crossfit. Over the winter (last time I did a max) I BOX squatted 315. I don’t think the bench I was using was right at or below parallel either.

    A friend told me about the crazy gains people were getting from this program, so since my main goal for crossfit is to get stronger I was very excited to do this. Started with 2 weeks left in this cycle. I made an assumption that since doing a legit HBBS is more difficult (for me) than box squats, I’d probably have a PR around 275. I went in today hit 275 and then (this is where I think I made the error) I jumped to 295 and had to dump it. Tried to reset and hit 275 and build from there again and I had nothing left. Not too bummed out. Very eager to start the new cycle.
    One question for Coach:
    I have EXTREMELY FLAT FEET. I do wear orthodics that seem to help a bit, but it does seem to effect my knees hip position a bit. Any tips?
    Also does anyone know of a pair of lifting shoes that have a removable insole?

    • Nike romaleos 2 have removable insole, and they come with 2 different soles, a pair of flatter ones for training and one pair of stiffer ones with more pronation and heel support for competition.

  72. Previous back squat at the beginning of smolov 150kg (330.6lbs), today 160kg (352,7lbs), +10kg (22lbs) Quality compared to earlier… wayyy better. Looking forward to more squats.

  73. Previous max: 240#
    New max: 255#

    I can’t thank you enough. I learned the Oly lifts about 2 weeks before we started testing, which was when I started following the site. This from a 40-something 118# female shrimp. In the past few weeks I’ve gone from being asked by other women at the box if I’m maybe not a little old for this, to being asked what I’ve changed lately and if they can join in. Hello – they see me squatting every day alone at the back of the gym, not sure what they thought was going on.

    In the last 3 weeks then, I’ve put 25 pounds on my squat and I’ve gone from sometimes on a good day being able to snatch.. at all.. to being able to snatch BW+10# fairly consistently.

    I’m also happy to say that my metcon times don’t look to have dropped off. The box was doing Fran today – I had my first sub 3min Fran. By one minute, but I’ll take it. Thanks again for the programming, I cannot tell you how much it has meant.

    • I still, however, cannot type – that’s 265.. for a 25lb PR and well over a double BW squat, from somebody who is “too old” to be lifting heavy.

  74. M/24/90kg
    Previous PR: 130kg (LBBS)
    New PR: 140kg (HBBS)

    Thank you Coach Rudy!
    Cheers from Italy

  75. 25# pr
    Old HBBS 235#
    New HBBS 260#
    Had no fails but stopped at 260, it started to get really ugly.

    • And for the record…after comparing squats on tape, my new “ugly” is nothing compared to how bad they used to get. Thanks coach!

  76. Ok here we go. So I know I’m not the strongest person to ever post here but I’m proud of my progress as an outlaw. Last year at this time I could only squat 185 just past parallel and today I took my squat from 285( based smolov on 300 because I’m good with volume) to 325 at a BW of 150 and age 18. I’ve got a long way to go but since starting outlaw in November and crossfit in September I’ve gone from not being able to do full cleans or snatches to a 175 snatch an 245 clean and jerk. This is the program. Thanks coach.

  77. M/27/153
    Old PR:285
    New PR:305
    Just starting outlaw this week. Ready to F*%# S*%# up!!!!

  78. I had to go off of a 320# LBBS only parallel.
    New HBBS G2B @ 315#
    I’m ready to attack the Hatch!

  79. Old PR 300#, new PR 325# Body weight 160#
    Snatch also went from 150# to 160#. Been following Outlaw for 3 weeks now and love it.

  80. HBBS
    Old PR 335
    New PR 365
    Got greedy and tried for 385, should have gone to 375 instead.

    Bring on Hatch!

  81. HBBS = 350#
    My 1RM pre surgery 7 months ago was 385# so to say I’m happy with this is an understatement! I was aiming at a good 300# today since the heaviest thing I’ve lifted in 7 months was my 260# clean after last weeks 240# snatch…. looking forward to the new squat cycle to get up to 400#!

    3 RFT:
    30 Wall Balls
    50 DUs
    *all WB UB

  82. old PR: 147.5kg
    new pr: 155kg
    Tried 160kg ,got out of the bottom and above parallel but couldn’t keep the speed on it… 157.5kg wouldve definitely gone up.

    Some extra info though: I didn’t complete all the smolov workouts (did at least 3/week, usually i skipped some of the saturday workout), and I skipped bbg often because I had some back issues during the 3 weeks, the 4th week it went away. Overall I’m satisfied though 🙂

    felt good so I went for a 1RM deadlift – 200kg (10kg PR)

  83. F/25/5’6″/140#/NorCal

    1 83#
    2 163# PR!!

    Started Outlaw with a HBBS at 143#

  84. 27/M/150
    1) 135 #
    2) before 250# today 285# 30# PR
    Failed 305 once and 295 once. im going to far in the hole im told

  85. F/ 5’5”/ 155#/ Northern Cali
    Started back up after a 4 month break from Outlaw just last week, Monday. Had to break away from my boxes programming. Felt like I was missing all the fun!
    Original HBBS done in June: 185#
    Retest: 195#

    Feels like there is lots of room for improvement. Not finished PR’ing this lift by a long shot. Gracias!

  86. 1) @165#

    2) Old PR – 315# , New PR 325#

    1st time posting results. Train @LAX Crossfit

  87. Alright, here you go:

    Original HBBS PR: 280#
    New HBBS PR: 325#

    Pretty pumped about this, did not expect it. Went for a conservative 305# and it went easy. Then did 315# tough, but felt like I had some in the tank still. 325# was rough, but I made it. Great excuse for being a couch potato the rest of the day. Thanks Rudy.

  88. Old PR: 390

    Missed the past two weeks of workouts due to a skin infection… Very happy with the outcome

  89. In last testing: #355, just missed #385
    Today: #390

    Between mid Jan and June 20th, may have missed 6-8 TOW workouts total, since June 20th was only able to get to the gym at most 3X per week (M-W), meaning only the first two Smolovs per week (6X6, 7X5). I’m pretty sure that if I’d been able to get to all the squats, I’d have smacked #400 in the mouf. This sh*t works.

  90. Old HBBS: 295. New PR: 315. Went up easy. Felt like I had 10-20# more pounds in there but slightly strained R quad on last rep. (Did not HBBS last week of Smolov due to patellar tendonitis. Also strained L hamstring on 7/3.)

  91. 1RM HBBS 240# +10# PR used all the weights in my garage…buying more this weekend!

  92. Cleans @ 80 kg

    HBBS 150 (old) —-> 160 kg New PR
    did also a 1RM Front Squat
    FS increased from 126 kg —-> 140 kg

  93. Old: 375
    Today: Best load was 335. On my last warm-up set.
    After the 335, did the walk out with 415.
    Then 365(F)-365(F)-355(F). Out of time.
    This after triples at 332 last Saturday; I don’t know what happened.

  94. Body weight 198# this morning (basically same body weight +-2#)
    Old max 405#
    New max today 425#

  95. M/30/6’5/215
    So I’ve only been doing crossfit since October of last year and in that time I’ve followed the outlaw way strictly for the last 2-3 months. The day I started I couldn’t snatch 95lbs, the last snatch pr attempt I hit 187lbs and it felt easy! I’m no bad ass compared to the animals that post on this site, but I feel like I’m getting better.
    For today’s squatting, my old PR was 275lbs kind of a low bar back squat. I hit a HBBS for 300lbs! I am pleased with that but DAMNIT I WANTED 315!!! Well I really enjoy this programming and appreciate the time you put into being an evil genius.

    Thank you


  96. Start of Outlaw HBBS = 275#
    Last test HBBS = 290#
    New Max HBBS today = 310#
    (failed 320# x3 @ that halfway sticking point)

  97. HBBS went from a sloppy 425 to a rock bottom ass to grass 435. got half way up with 445 and had to bail

  98. By logging in you’ll post the following comment to 130712:

    Short version:
    1)315# (LB)
    2)345# (HB)

    Long version:
    -Low bar PR was 315# over 2 years ago when i first started lifting with Starting Strength.
    -Down to 300# with 5-3-1 about 6 months later
    -295 doing my own thing about a year ago.
    -295 x 3 doing 5-3-1 in May 2013
    -Based Smolov off 300. Increased 5lbs the 2nd week and 10lbs the 3rd.
    -HBBS PR today 345#. Never thought I’d see that. 335 felt easy. Saw stars after 345 so called it quits.

    The volume almost killed me the first week but felt better the 2nd 2 weeks. Did not WOD or do any other lifts on about half the days so that I could recover properly.
    Increased calories by about 1000 a day on squat days. 700ish in carbs and 300ish in protein. Put on about 7-8lbs but my legs still look like a new born gazelle’s. Fucking genetics.

  99. EMOM @ 155#
    Old HBBS PR: 240#
    New HBBS PR: 265#
    This is after I took the week of July 4th off from squatting (missing 3rd week). Felt strong and looking forward to Hatch squat program.

  100. still a week behind, so the last 10×3 is still waiting for me. will post my new PR here in a week. I have no doubt about that!

  101. 275#-290#
    @ 153#bw
    Still 30# shy of post injury PR,but I’ll take the 15# increase none the less .
    Gonna crush it on this next cycle !!

  102. Hang Cleans : 160.

    HBBS: Previous PR from testing 295#..Today hit 285# but missed 300# x 3. So no new PR.

    Felt really strong working up and even at 285#. Jumped right to 300# after my walkout and missed it 3x. Going back and watching the video it was damn close and should of tried fighting for it longer. I know im getting stronger so ill just hit it hard again tomorrow.

  103. Although I submerged both of my pinky fingers into scalding coconut oil last night (2nd degree burns), there was no way I was missing this lol:

    Body: 148
    Old (5/25/13): 305
    New: 330

    Thanks for making this programming available.

  104. HBBS: 205kg

    All time best was 200 but I based my Smolov cycle off 190 (that’s what I got at the test before smolov). So I’ll call that a 15kg (33#) increase and a 5kg all time PR.

    The same time I’ve lost 4kg bw, going to the -105kg weight class in weightlifting, was 111kg, now 107.

    A girl that trains with me PR’d here squat by 7.5kg (16#) after the smolov cycle 95kg>102.5kg

    The 205kg squat

  105. 1) 175#
    2) 375# (30# pr)
    *Took the week off while my wife gave birth to our first future Outlaw athlete!

  106. 1) 115 hang cleans
    2) BW 135
    Previous PR: hit 200 in February but only 195 before this smolov cycle.
    New PR: 215!!! Couldn’t be happier! I hit the sticky spot and was there a solid 5 seconds before snapping out of it and finishing the lift. Failed 225 twice.

  107. Old pr 200kg
    New pr 210kg, felt strong so went for 215 and lost posture their is still 2-3 kg more there though.

  108. Been following Outlaw Way for about three months now. Got 30# PR today on HBBS. went from 335# to 365#!! Thanks coach! I am a full time firefighter and part time coach at Crossfit Unbroken. I train with Matt Hathcock, Kevin Ogar and Christian Lucero as much as I can. Thanks for continually pulling me along fellas!

  109. Old HBBS: 335lbs
    New HBBS: 345lbs

    Nearly hit 350 but not enough in the tank for a second go at it.

  110. 1) 120
    2) 215# previous pr was 200#. I really struggle with back squats. It took me over a year to add 5# (195 April ’12 to 200# June ’13). Started following outlaw mid may. Astonished at the huge (for me) jump in just 4 weeks! Thank you for the awesome programming.

    Ps Drank, I’ve got a big fat girl crush on you now. AWESOME pr lady!!!!!

    • 20 yrs young @ 165 lbs bodyweight with the liver and lungs of Ian Fleming.

  111. HBBS up 30lbs from 260# to 290#
    Been following outlaw for 3 months now and in that time increased snatch by 20# and c&j by 30#. Great program coach

  112. 1) EMOM Cleans:
    2) HBBS:
    PR – 380# (+25#) up from 355#(old PR) during last testing week

  113. Outlaw newbie here and first time posting. Smolov DEFINITELY worked. Old 1RM was 340 and today I put up 380. Thanks guys.

  114. Old Squat: 375
    New PR: 395lb (+20lb)

    Missed 405 and 400 after. 395 went up fairly easily though so I’m surprised 405 stapled me. So close to the 400 milestone.

  115. Old pr: 215#
    New pr: 240#

    Not a strict follower of theoutlawway, but for the smolov (smolove?) cycle, I was pretty strict but conservative with the week by week jumps.

  116. Old pr: 365. (It was ugly)
    New hbbs pr: 410. (+ 45)

    Not bad for 170#’s of jewish steel….

  117. 1) 165# no misses

    2) 315# (30# PR!)

    315 was a fight but I wanted to get 6 plates up!

    Felt good to see my hard work with Smolov payoff

  118. M/19/185
    1) 200
    2) 405 (20 lb. PR)
    knees were hurting and hadn’t eaten all day, i’ll take it

  119. Old 360 low bar. This was last November. Now after a slipped disk rehab, a high bar conversion, and Smolov 365# HBBS PR

  120. I started following outlaw as strict as possible right when we started Smolov.

    Previous HBBS 370#
    New PR 400#

    I only did two weeks of the true smolov program because of a torn meniscus. Week three I did three sets of heavy box squats at 5 reps hoping to provide enough stimulus to not lose any strength gains during the middle of the week because at this point I could not physical get into the bottom of a squat at my body weight due to the torn meniscus. Today was my first time doing HBBS since week two and hit a pretty big PR. I feel like I could have hit 410# but i did not want to push my knee any further. I don’t know if this little tidbit of information will help you Rudy with your data collection but seeing as how I hit a 30# PR in two weeks of the true program makes me believe that without my injury the possibility of a higher PR would have been greater. Thank you for the programming and I am excited to see where this takes me.

  121. HBBS 1RM current PR 156#…..a 15# improvement. Age 57, BW 122, 5’8. I didn’t miss any of the 3 week Smolov squat sessions! I’m happy! Not a lifetime PR but it’s good for where I am now! Ready for Gayle Hatch!! Thank you!!! Our gym has been following OutLaw since October 2012!!!! The fact that you are located in (on the fringe) Old Alexandria in our Nations Capital makes OutLaw even more intriguing! Talk about serendipity!!!

  122. Previous HBBS PR: 260#

    New PR: 300#, +40#!

    Thank you coach. Thank you Smolov.

    Congratulations to everyone on their new PRs!

  123. 1) 180 no misses
    2) old PR- 305, new PR 320#

    Thanks Rudy! I’d been stuck at that weight for a long time. Smolov works!

  124. HBBS 425# (20#pr) 435#F

    other PR’s at the gym old->new


  125. Today wasn’t my best day. We got recalled by our squadron Commander at the last minute so I had to run in and out without a real warmup. I was hoping to hit 500 or atleast get a little closer but I can’t complain too much because I did PR. Next time around. This is the highest my squat has been since I had a Division 1 Strength and Conditioning coach writing my programming back in my “glory days”

    Squat: 465 (+15)

  126. pre smolov 280#
    post smolov 285#

    so jealous of the results most are posting, but a PR is a PR

    failed 3x at 295, wanted 3 bills so bad… hips/glutes/legs still feel way less than ideal for testing 1RM… gonna give it a go again monday

  127. Old PR 335#
    New PR 365#.

    I missed week three because of knee pain and still added 30#! Nice!

  128. I just recently started following the Outlaw Way regularly 4 weeks ago and have been nothing but pleased with the improvements I’ve seen thus far, such as strength gains and overall fitness level. I did the smolov squat program and tested today setting a new PR at 385 lbs. from my previous 335 lb. 1RM at 150lb body weight. This programming is showing to be the best. Thanks!

  129. 360 was my old PR however that was with Wendlers 5-3-1…starting from scratch with the outlaw HBBS I went from 315(old PR) to new PR of 330 which is swell. And I got my first MU’s today.

    • Edit: I re-tested today after feeling like yesterday was shit.

      New PR: 165# (20# PR from pre-smolov)

  130. HBBS: 140kg equal pr. cleaner then last time. Will increase next run. 145kg lost tension at the bottom and couldn’t recover.

  131. Old PR HBBS – 275lbs
    New PR – 315lbs (+40)

    Really amped as I was traveling all week (sitting on airplanes) and didn’t expect this result.

    Thanks for the programming.

  132. Outlaw Way since November 2012, started out with HBBS of 350lbs
    1/29/2013: 365lb
    4/9/2013: 405lb
    6/11/2013: 395lb
    7/12/2013: 385lb

  133. From our team Outlaw in Mexico City:

    Enrique Cerda: 315-345 lb
    Josh Freedman: 300-325
    Christian Solis: 200-235
    Sarah Penhos: 95-115
    Jorge Dryjasnki: 275-325
    Almudena Blanco: 125-145
    Mafer Martinez: 115-150
    Yair Lelis: 215-205 (not a good day, will try again)
    Uriel Montiel: 300-325

    Thanks Rudy!

  134. Thanks smolov jr and rudy for programming! This might sound crazy but I actually looked forward to the squats during the cycle, getting that barbell on my back today felt great. I ♥ back squats! Hehe

    Old pr 255
    New pr 265!

  135. Went up 15lbs!!! HBBS- 255 up from 240. Each week i added on 5lbs so a total of 10lbs added to my percentages and wound up PRing by 15# I will gladly take it!

  136. Previous HBBS: 300lbs
    Post Smolov: 315lbs

    Missed 325lbs twice. Stuck at mid stick point. Failed to do 07/05/13 squats on that Friday so I did them Saturday and wasn’t able to do the 07/06/13 squats.

  137. HBBS Test: Old PR (260#) – New PR (280#) 20# PR!
    Awesome squat programming. Definitely would do it again!

  138. M/36/155#
    Previous hbbs pr: 245
    New hbbs pr: 265

    A 20# pr after missing 3 squat days in the 2nd week is still mighty impressive and welcome. No complaints, extremely happy to finally get above 250. Can’t wait to see what the next phase of this cycle does!

    • Also, out of the four of us that follow outlaw at my gym, we all saw 20# added to our pr’s.

  139. M/36/190#
    Previous HBBS PR: 355#
    New HBBS PR 400#

  140. PRs all around for our NTX outlaw crew!

    Matt G – 335 from 325
    Chloe T – 205 from 195
    Jake G – 375 from 365
    Sarah E – 200 from 180
    Kate E – 140 from 133
    Blake B – 390 from 365
    Blake A – 275 from 255
    Colten H – 385 from 365

    It’s like you get better after practicing…
    What a novel concept.

  141. Old 340#
    New 355#

    Missed 2/2 and 2/4 due to work ,but still happy with result!!!!!

  142. Followed Smolov … (I was too conservative on increments)
    Old PR = 265
    New PR = 295

  143. 1RM HBBS – 435# (20# PR)

    Think I have more there too. Another day when I actually sleep well the night before.

    Ps, squatting is fun.

  144. Old – 315
    New – 325

    Happy enough with this, I missed the entire second week of Smolov Jr due to my hip/low back hurting.

  145. First time post. Been following Outlaw for about 6 months, CF’ing for about 5 years. Never had better Results.
    Opening a Box in PA in the next few months…needless to say, Outlaw Friendly Box.

  146. Squat: 345# (5# PR) — didn’t want to push/fail with the setup I had

  147. Previous pr was 285#, and my new pr is now 305# (a 20# increase), even with sciatic nerve pain!

  148. Old PR 340. PR 4 weeks ago ( prior to Cycle) 365, Post Cycle non-pr: 355. It was disappointing. My legs were gassed prior to squatting due to job. Can’t wait to try when legs are fresh.

  149. I am very new to outlaw (let alone crossfit), but I started out with a 250lb max HBBS, but since then, I now have 285lb max and I just about had 300lb (I am so close). I am very proud, but I cant wait to get 300lbs. Thank you Outlaw way

  150. Alright I thought I was going to take the cake here until I saw then 540# Squat so I will go crawl back in my hole lol. Jk

    Old 1rm: 465#
    New 1rm: 505# (40# pr)

    This was accomplished during a cf total this week but I still posted it because I followed the Smolov system all the way through. Crushed my total compared to three months ago, which was 1260#.
    New Total:
    -HBBS: 505#
    -Strict Press: 280#
    -Deadlift: 550#
    Total: 1335# 🙂

    *And yes I need to start taking more videos, I just get caught up in and “Old School” mentality and just LIFT, but I get it. Great job to everyone and their PRs, and thank you COACH

  151. Started outlaw way 7/4/12 HBBS was 275#

    Previous best 335# 5/15/13
    New Pr: 365# 7/12/13


    Did only 2 weeks of smolov bc of work schedule

  152. First post, committed to the programming June 17 at the start of the new cycle. Thank you Coach, I’m hooked.

    1. 135# went light on the cleans, great warm up.
    2. 415# PR on the HBBS was a 35# increase. Last test was 380# PR in April.

  153. First post. Been following the program now for 5 weeks. Sorry I’m a secret outlaw follower. none the less- IM A FOLLOWER. I follow a couple days been due to work/rest schedule.

    Old PR: 305# (Set during testing week 13JUN13)

    New PR: 315# (13JUL13)

    Height/Weight: 5’5, 145#

  154. A. 315
    B. 335

    Couldn’t get 345 up. I was shooting for 350 but I am still new to hbbs and I was too confident. Ill take a 20lb pr any day though…

  155. Starting: 170×4 (this is my first time establishing a true 1RM)
    Today: 185
    Got about halfway on 190 before I needed help.

  156. Athlete from my gym- age 16/170 we did not have his max as he came in the week after testing, just letting him “try outlaw way” I knew it was a perfect fit. At the highschool only ever did low barbell so it was fun. But post max- 415 clean. Almost had 425

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Other data- female/150/5″9
    First max- ugly 215
    Second max- clean 235

  157. hang cleans @ 135
    old pr 270
    new pr 280 tried a new warm up and i think it messed me up a bit. really thought i would be able to get more.

  158. 1 rm HBBS Before Smolov: 375
    After: 400
    *I attribute this mostly to improved positioning, however, I also think a strength increase was at play as well.

  159. 17 year old, 125lb girl….My original 1RM was 143#. I am very proud to say that my end 1RM was 175.5#.

  160. EMOM 5@ 210
    225x 5
    Walkout at 455
    425- 15#PR
    435 fail but very very close

  161. Hang Clean EMOM-165 lbs (a little less than 70%)

    Old Squat PR- 335 (from January)
    Last Squat 1RM-325 (weak little girl that day)
    Today-340 ( not bad considering I unintentionaly lost 15 lbs) went from 170-155 lbs, gotta keep cramming food down my throat.

  162. Old hbbs pr 365# before smolov
    New hbbs pr 385# at 170# bw even tho feeling pretty slow today

  163. Thanks to the smolov program, I PR’d my HBBS from 215-235! I’m squatting more than some of the guys at my box! Pow! Girls rule!

  164. 26/166#


    Hang Cleans: 160# 5/5

    1RM HBBS: 320# 5# PR (Old PR prior to sqaut cycle was 315#)

    **Note – Performed this in a retirement fitness center. Luckily, they had 320#, so I was able to PR. Unfortunately, I think I could have done more…possibly 10-15# more. However, in the end, I am not complaining about the PR. Thanks Rudy!

  165. This program hit me perfectly. Had ACL replacement, and meniscus tear clean up surgery on May 6th. Was cleared to do anything in line right before the start. Tested and started with a 275 back squat (pre-surgery 340). New PR post program, 315.

  166. No new PR (old PR 185 at 135lbs – female). Frustration was at an all time high friday evening. Then I smashed my fran PR on saturday by a minute and somehow all is right in the world. Hoping for another chance at a HBBS PR soon. I vid my attempts and as a result I know I need to work on my form.

  167. 315# old, 335# new
    Performed day after traveling from America back to Okinawa Japan. I probably had more just sayin’

  168. Since we’re keeping stats, I’ll preface this by stating I missed the entire 3rd week of Smolov and since starting TOW I’m squatting ATG for the first time. Started squat PR over.

    Old PR: 310; New PR: 315

  169. HBBS-previous 1RM 190#, new 1RM 205# (+15#) Very happy, was stuck at 190# for too long!! Thank you for the brilliant programing!!

  170. Old PR:345#
    New PR: 355#-Felt light!!! But so did my failed attempts at 365 and 360? HEY A PR is a PR!!!!!!!

  171. Hi All,
    Tested my HBBS today after a week rest. All I did this week was long walks and hikes in Minnesota’s north shore!
    My last PR was 175# and today I PRd at 190#. I’m 40 years old, 5’7″ and 138ish lbs. (not sure-don’t weight often). I’m pretty happy with the results and feel stronger!
    Thanks for the blog and entertainment Rudy!

  172. Rolled my ankle on the fourth. Took the week off for it to heal and couldn’t do the last 10×3 of smolov jr.

    old pr 265#
    current 255#

    womp womp

  173. Old PR 415. New PR 455 twice. Felt I didn’t get low enough on first. 40# increase. Thanks outlaw and smolov u dirty russian. Celebrated with half bottle of vodka.

  174. First time to post… 3 coaches at our box started Outlaw the same day Smolov Jr. Cycle started… here are our results.
    Female – Old PR 235 / New PR 250
    Male – Old PR 335 / New PR 345
    Male – Old PR 315 / New PR 325

  175. Old PR #200
    New PR #205
    Felt much stronger coming out of the bottom and was able to maintain depth in my squat at max wt.

  176. Warm up – done
    385 old PR
    405 (20# PR)
    Had more just took to big of a jump to 425 and failed

  177. Old – 275#
    New – 285# (10# PR)

    Missed 295# 3 times. Could have probably hit 290 before the first miss.

  178. First time poster. M/34/180

    Pre-Smolov HBBS PR – 285
    Post-Smolov HBBS PR – 305 (btw….to the amazement of those watching, I finished it after getting stuck 1/2 way up for about 5-8 seconds)

    My girlfriend (who I somehow convinced to join me)

    Pre-Smolov HBBS PR – 130
    Post-Smolov HBBS PR – 155

    We are both stoked and grateful to you coach. Many thanks.

    Can’t wait to see numbers post-Hatch.

  179. I got 320 on HBBS, Before we started the Smolov program, I got 286 for two. I couldn’t get any higher with one. I am going to start following this program up to date starting next week so that my posts on the current day and week. Thanks for the programming.

  180. Came in today honestly not expecting to PR. Had a bad week, drank over the weekend (I barely drink) and very terrible quality of sleep for the past 3 days.

    Old HBBS PR : 365# @ 182 BW
    New PR : 375# (+10) @ 170 BW

    I was honestly hoping to hit 405# / 4 plates. But maybe I was shooting for the stars a little. All my fault though. Now, I want it more. Gotta work for it.

  181. We modify the Outlaw Way (a week behind) to fit in our 1 hr CrossFit classes, but everyone still sees amazing results!

    Sprung a leak in the bursa sack on my rt knee on the last day of the sequence so had to take an extra week off to let the swelling go down. Should have been more active during that time, but I was lazy and drank a lot of beer.

    Old HBBS: 325#
    New HBBS: 355#

    The first week of the sequence I felt as if this was an impossible endeavor, but every week I added more weight and by the third week I felt like a rock star. Overall I am blown away at how quickly my HBBS improved and how light the weights started to feel. Was doing 20# more on each set than I was on week 1. Thank you Outlaw! I will see you in Denver next month!

  182. First time poster…

    Old PR: estimated at 215# from a 3-rep
    New PR: 235#

    Had to take a week of rest after hurting my back during the final 10×3 workout. Taking my 10×3 weight as 85% projected me out to just shy of 250#, so I think I still have a bit of room on top of the 235#.

  183. Sorry for the late post I started a week late then broke my hand during the deload week so I started all over with front squats

    old PR 245#
    new PR 305#

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