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      • I all seriousness I would really enjoy trying that sometime. As long as someone else is buying the steaks..

  1. I have a question for Coach. Have you tested different methods of achieving a 1RM? Percentages/reps/rest times in between, walk-outs, etc? If so, I’d really like to know a method that shows good results. I pretty much wing it.

    • It’s variable on who you are and your background. Find what mentally and physically prepares you and do it! Experiment if you need to and find what makes you most successful.
      Some people can do just fine on very little rest times, whereas others will need lots of rest time to be truly maximal on their attempts
      Best of luck brother!

  2. Anyone know of an Outlaw friendly box in Brisbane? I’m in the city and I didn’t see anything close. Thanks.

    • Brisbane is pretty big, what area?
      I believe CF Mitchelton may be but you should give them a ring or email first.
      CrossFit Alive is but we are at Oxenford (North Gold Coast)

      • I’m in Queensland – no car and public transportation blows. I’m stuck at Snap Fitness now – it makes me want to vomit.

    • You could try Crossfit Mitchelton, I think a few of the people there follow Outlaw, it’s certainly closer than Western Front if you are in the city.

  3. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty damn sore! Hoping I get all the sand outta my vajayjay to max out Friday!

  4. First time poster…been following for 3 months now…results have been tremendous!! Old PR HBBS 275/ New PR HBBS 285…I also did DL at the same time and went from 335 to 345!

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