>This is it boys and girls. Last day of the Smolov Jr. loading cycle, and a day that many of us have been looking forward to for, well…three weeks. From the looks of the comments, not only was it not impossible, many of you are feeling surprisingly good (I.E. you’ve found a comfortable level of working hurt). Next week we’ll be de-loading and then testing. Not gonna lie, we’re all pretty excited to see the results (and to not have to squat this much anymore).

The second 2014 Para Bellum Series stop will be in San Antonio TX, January 24th-26th, at Drew Bignall’s lovely gym, Mission CrossFit. The registration link will be live Monday (or Sunday afternoon – so confusing – the next damn post basically).

Any gym that’s got a front window like this, in a strip mall, is probably a pretty good place to train.


WOD 130706:


*Recommendations for week three:

Do not add 15-25 pounds onto your lift in addition to the 10-20 from week 2. Instead add on extra weight to get a total of 15-25 pounds. If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight.

Smolov 3/4 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 10X3 @ 85% – rest at least 2 minutes


1) 10 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 10 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


12-9-6 of:

Power Clean & Jerk 185/120#
Bar Muscle-Ups

For time.

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  1. Will the test be toward the end of this deload week, or the following week? Just wondering because I will be out of town come Saturday. Thanks

  2. Why are we stopping the squatting?! We need more squats! Smolov sr next dammit!

    • We’re not stopping squats, just Smolov Jr. Then transitioning to Hatch.

  3. F’ing noob question.

    185 for reps on PCnJ is nearing my 1rm. How do y’all scale this in comparison to your 1RM?

  4. So happy with the Smolov training! I’ve been following Outlaw for about a month. Hit my previous pr for a triple today. Can’t wait for testing next week! Thanks Coach!

  5. Squats) 162.5kg for 6 sets, 7th set only 2 then fininshed the last 3 sets at 160kg

    Snatch) 110kg

    C&J) bad day, got under 140kg but legs and hip flexors were fried

    Cond) 9:24rxd

  6. Smolov)2@285# 8@245#
    Messed my back up on the last rep of back squat yesterday and now I feel like an old man

  7. Strength: 300lbs

    BBG: 1) 170lbs – weight has been feeling good on snatch, no prob getting the weight up, but struggling with the catch at rock bottom the last couple of weeks and the # are showing it….frustrating….
    2) 235lbs

    Conditioning: 13:06

  8. Strength: 325 – ouch. last few sets were brutal

    Snatch: Had absolutely nothing in the tank on these today for some reason. Stopped at 185

    C&J: felt much better than snatch. Worked up to 255lb then hit a 275lb clean w/ no jerk. Both tie PR

    Cond: 11:54 doing ring muscle ups. Felt slow but couldnt string together more than 2-3 muscle ups after the c&j’s.

    Extremely ready for a deload week. Body feels as beat down as I can ever remember

  9. Gonna have to take a break today. After yesterdays squats my lower back tightened up to the point that I think I strained it. Didn’t feel it til 15 minutes after the conditioning part of the WOD. Will take a couple days of and see how it feels. I think the de-load week is just what the Dr. ordered.

  10. Squat-@335, no misses

    Snatch- @185
    Clean- skipped (low back real tight)

    MetCon- different, interval type work

  11. S) 340 w/ belt
    BBG 1) 245 (elbow felt okay, wrist not so much)
    BBG 2) 300 (no jerk)
    C) 7.32

  12. Smolov – all sets at 235, maybe it was just noob gains but my old PR was 225 so I’m thrilled to be like a third of the way to legit.

    No snatch or CnJ, hip flexors and lower back were fried
    No metcon, subbed Sott’s Press and some snatch skillwork

  13. M/37/210
    HBBS 365 10×3 complete
    BBG = Shitshow
    Snatch 185 (30 below)
    CJ 225 (60 below)
    No excuse except I am a pussy.
    Metcon not gonna happen

  14. Snatch: 170 (failed about 10 times at 175, not happy)
    C/J: 235 (jerks sucked)
    Squats: @275 (+25#)
    Cond: Sunday

    M/F/S: 4/4/4


  15. 1) squats at 355lb (85% + 25)

    Snatch – 185 (40 under)
    C&J – skipped

    Different Cond. Hands still recovering from last bar MU fest

  16. M/27/5’11″/171#/NorCal

    Smalov @ 308# I hit everything with the exception of the last f-ing rep on the last f-ing set. FML

    Doing it tonight in my garage. Couldn’t do it at my box due to logistics

    10:40 ex

    I also did a Smalov jr bench press. I have seen major gains with that as well. Thanks for the programming coach.

  17. M/17155#

    Smolov: 250# (+10)

    Snatch = 175# (New PR)
    C&J = 225# (ties PR)

    Conditioning: 11:06
    No place to do MU or else I’ll kick my legs into either a bar or a mirror, subbed weighted pullups and dips with 45# – Scaled C&J down to 135#.

  18. Strength : 210#

    Conditioning: 12:27 Rx, effing gymnastics >:|

    (Did yesterday)
    Snatch: 130 (5lbs off PR)
    CJ: 185 (PR)

  19. HBBS
    245# (don’t have a 1RM b/c of my injury but this is heavy for me at the moment)

    240#….. I know it looks ridiculous after writing that about my squat. Sent Rudy the video…
    skipped. sticking the jerk still hurts the Achilles, trying to work out the pain and be smart (with some of my lifts)


      • Thanks Ger! but 9:18 < 6:23 hahaha I have a long ways to catch your ass. Great job representing The Way at the CE Region. Move forward every damn day. Be an athlete!

  20. Smolov –


    Bbg –

    1) 265
    2) 295

    Cnd –

    6:23 ( one of the worst wods ive done)

  21. 26/170#

    2/5/4 (Since I did a WoD on the 4th, not having a rest day has tuckered me out)

    Smolov: 277.5# (+10# total)
    275×3; 280×5; 275×2

    1RM Sn: 95, 115, 135, 145F, 145F, 145F, 145, 155 (-5# PR)

    1RM Cln & Jerk: 175, 195, 210; 225F

    Conditioning: DND (mentally checked out)

  22. Strength:
    No squats

    Snatch- 200# (-10)
    C&J- 255# (10# PR)


    10×3 @ 85% +15# (325)

    Snatch: 215#
    C&J: 265#


    Rudy, what is your mentality behind giving 20mins to find Snatch/C&J 1RM’s on some Saturdays, 15mins on others and 10mins on some? Just curious…

  24. Smolov: 350 (+20 total) no fails all cycle
    BBG: Snatch 190 (-5 PR)
    C&J 265 (-10 PR)
    No bars available so I did rings (Rings are a goat)
    12:54 (C&J not the issue, ring MU dominated me)

  25. smolov: failed rep 3 of set 5 – saturday is always the hardest for me because I workout friday and saturday morning, it’s only 12hours between workouts.
    skipped bbg and did a different wod: 18-12-6 stones g2o alternating with 9-6-3 muscle ups : 18 minutes

  26. Strength:
    No misses these past 3 weeks. Went up 5# the second week and 5# the third.

    1. 115# (10# from PR)
    2. 150# (10# from PR)

    20:45 Rx
    goal was under 30mins, so…hell yes.

  27. HBBS 10×3 290#
    20min AMRAP
    10KBS 55#
    100′ Bear Crawls
    10 burpees
    100′ Bear Crawls
    Total rounds: 6

  28. Today I hit my most recent (and appalling) 1RM for a triple on my last set. It was -35 under my HBBS PR from 2 tests ago but I was happy.

    HBBS- 270×8 (+15), 275 (+20), 280 (+25)

    Sn- 185 (-15)
    CnJ- 205 (-50)

    No METCON, swimming later

  29. HBBS 175# (“10# overall) No misses
    Loved Smolov Jr. seen improvements across the board not just in squats either, hell I’ve gotten better at muscle ups the last 3 weeks!

    1) 130# (had more in me but time ran out and legs were shot
    2) 145 (just did a couple of quick reps.

  30. Strength:
    9@225#, 1@235#
    (1rm was 245#, I’m really happy with today. Full depth on every rep.)

    BBG: Skipped, wasn’t feeling it after squats today.

    Conditioning: Box Wod.. “Fran”
    Did friggen.horrible, not properly warmed up or opened up. Got 5:58 :/

  31. wow… i missed this whole cycle. hips are getting a little better i guess, just gotta rest them more

  32. Squats 215. 2 weeks ago I had to drop #10 after the 4th set at 205. Very happy today

    Snatch 143
    C&J 176

    Conditioning when I get off work

  33. M/49/195
    Cond, fundraiser wod at box, then
    Smolov@ 270
    Bbg, sn 190
    Cln 220 no Jk

  34. Smolov10x3@340
    Snatch 225( tied pr, but getting easier)
    CJ 275( no excuses I pussed out)

  35. Strength
    HBBS 1-3 280lbs, 4-5 270lbs, 6-10 260lbs ( i went down so much cause my form was piss poor, and my head was not in it. I think going really heavy the first two days of the week on squats crushed my body.)
    Only worked up to 145lbs snatch
    205 clean and jerk ( pretty discouraging going down this much in the squats)
    Clean and jerks at 155lbs, ring muscle ups
    13:48 (Scaling this really made a shitty day better I am glad i didn’t skip this part. I also improved alot last time i did this weight and ring muslce ups with half the reps it took me a long time and i could hardly power clean that weight before.)

    • Worked on Bar Muscle ups after the workout and it turns out i can do one, just cant string them together

  36. Did my last squats at 135 kg, all ten sets. And my PR was 140 when I started. I’m happy!!

  37. HBBS – 10×3 @ 375# (20+ since week1)
    Snatch – 250#
    Clean + jerk – 285#

    Conditioning – shoulder was hurting so went with ring muscle ups which are my biggest goat. 16:29rx

  38. Smolov:
    9×3 @ 210 (+25 total)
    1×3 @ 215 (+30 total, “current” PR)
    *No misses over the three weeks, stayed fairly fast and very happy overall. No belts except for the day after my 12-mile ruck, just felt too weak to stay right myself.

    Snatch: 125
    C&J: not for 3 more weeks

    *Subbed 95# Power Snatch

  39. Smolov – 280#. 5# up from last week and 10# up from the 1st week. This shit is not fun. Rudy, if I don’t PR on everything after the de-load week, I’m calling my lawyer. And, you know, in my country, lawyers use baseball bats, not pens and paper… Just saying
    Snatch -165# ( matched PR – felt good )

    No time for the rest of it

    MFS 153

  40. 1) 1×3 @265#, 9×3@ 255#.. I’m so glad this is over. A lot of fun but brutal.

    2a) worked up to 145#, felt really fast but was having trouble with the catch. (-20#)
    2b) just missed a PR c/j at 220#. Hit a PR clean at 231# (+6#).

    Metcon: DND. I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

  41. Felt good during squats. Then, the rest of the workout happened…
    Squat – 405
    Snatch – 205 (-20)
    Clean and Jerk (-30)
    Conditioning – 8:25

  42. Strength: 275#

    215#(missed jerk) Felt weak overhead today

    Made into a triplet, 12-9-6
    PC&J @ 185# should have scaled
    C2B PU
    Ring Dips

    Looking forward to the rest day!

  43. Squats: 310 done!! +20 from start
    Last few sets were rough..
    A little part of me is sad this is over. A very little part.

    1) 230
    2) 275. 285f jerk

    Cond: 10:02


  44. Strength – 10X3 @ 205#
    BBG –
    Snatch at 125 (PR match)
    C&J at 160 PR

    Conditioning: 13:17Rx

  45. Squats: 250# no fails
    Snatch: 175# (-5 from pr)
    Ran out of time and energy after that. This Tucson heat is killer.

  46. Squat:
    85%+25: 290x(5×3)
    85%+30: 295x(3×3)
    85%+35: 300x(1×3)
    85%+40: 305x (1×3)

    Snatch: 220 ~ 92%
    C&J: 260 ~ 95%


  47. Smolov- 305#
    1) 155# (snatch was awful today)
    2) 235#
    WOD- 19:40 Rx (clean and jerks were slow and heavy, bar MUs sets of 3)

  48. Strength: HBBS 10X3 @ 225
    BBG: Snatch @ 135; Clean and jerk @ 175
    (Steel plates because I don’t have access to bumpers. Felt easy enough that I think I could go up if safety wasn’t a concern.)

    Conditioning: 8.43 scaled to 155# weight.

  49. Strength:
    1) 175
    2) 205
    Complete @RX
    Rough go- smolov took it outta me.

  50. strength
    Snatch : 235 (20lb PR from the beginning of the cycle)
    C&J : 285 (10lb PR from the beginning of the cycle)

    Conditioning :
    9:27 RX

    Just wanted to say thank you very much .

  51. Smolov: 220
    Snatch: 130
    CJ: 145
    Conditioning: 17:39 (Learned how to do bar muscle ups this morning to do this one!)

  52. Squats: 365 (up 20# from week 1)
    BBG: snatch 200# (5# PR)
    C&j 245# (20# PR)
    Cond: skipped

  53. Squats: 340lb. +15lb from week 1. Last reps on last 5 sets were grinders but I finished!

    Snatch: 185
    Clean and Jerk: 245

    Conditioning: 13:57. Classic case of not having my head in the game. First set of 12’s was all singles executed slow. Took me 7 minutes. I got back to the bar for 9’s and said screw this crap and did the rest of both movements in fast triples. I did the 9’s and 6’s faster than the 12’s. This is why you get your head in the game before you start the clock.

  54. Strength:
    290x5x3(+25) 285x5x3(+20)

    1) 160 (-20)
    2) 200 (-20)

    *165/ring MU
    16:28 (lulz)
    -pretty sure this is my body saying it needs a deload.

  55. Outlaw:

    1) HBBS 10×3@ 220# (+25# total)
    In fact, after first set I made second with 225#, because I thought maybe I would be able to make all sets with that. But after that I decided that 220# is heavy enought. That was pure torture, failed first reps of 7th and 10th sets, reracked and remade after short pauses.
    Finally it’s over!!!!!

    1) Max. Snatch : 120# (-5# PR)
    2) Max. C&J: 165# (match PR)

    Conditioning: 12:17min. RX. Got stuck on last MU.

  56. STR – 265 (+20#)
    BBG – snatch 195
    C&J 195. Nothing left

    Cond – 14:40 subbed C2B + ring dips for BMU. This was tough.

  57. HBBS: 10×3 295
    +50 from week 1
    Perfect weight, last rep on each set was tough
    Again no time for anything else but ok bc I’ll probably be in a wheelchair tomorrow

  58. HBBS @ 150# snatch work up to 90#, outlaw met con of doom – dnf with 5 mu left at 22:23. not work the tears for the last couple I had hit the wall fo’ sho.

    150# is 5# less than my 1rm from the last test. felt solid through all 10 sets.

  59. AM – swim
    1500M 28:12
    5:00 x buddy breathing no harassment

    PM – s&c
    Smolov 3/4
    300 (+10%)
    1) DNC
    2) DNC
    Made love to the foam roller and coasted on the Airdyne

  60. Phil
    Smolov 180 10×3 no misses – it was heavy
    Snatch 110lb working on better form ( no PR)
    C&J 135lb – weak (no PR)
    Conditioning – used 115lb for 2 rds 120 for last rd
    Worked on ring muscle-ups with band 17:44

  61. Smolov 10×3 up to 330
    Clean and Jerk

  62. Smolov: 260# (off of 280#)

    BBG: Legs were on fire and struggled out of the pocket. But I pushed through:

    1) 150# (5#PR, I know it’s not huge numbers, but I’m steadily making 5# a month progress on my snatch while on a cut).

    2) 190# Legs burned out completely

    Conditioning: struggle with bar muscleups; did ring dips/chest to bar/155# power cleans.


  63. Smolov 140 kg (12,5 kg added total) 10 kg under last 1RM
    Snatch 97,5 (PR 100 kg) improved by 12,5 kg to last saturday
    C&J 105 kg (PR 120 kg) did PC, afraid of never getting out of the squat after smolov
    Cond: 12:44, just wanted to get through it, took my time concentrating on the Push-Jerk, i suck pretty hard on this movement

  64. No good today. Felt tightness in the back after four sets of smolov so I stopped. 175 on snatch (-30). Sucks to be me.

  65. Strength:265. Did this weight for two hard double a month ago!
    BBG: 160 (-5), 205(-10)
    conditioning: done at 155, timer not working

  66. squats 350 (+25)
    worked out a gym with no bumper plates today. didnt go majorly heavy but took 10 min each to practice the lifts and improve footwork
    snatch 155,
    c+j 215
    no bumper plates and a slippery rubber pullup bar made this rough. but 6 months ago i wouldnt even have finished it so i’ll take it

  67. Smolov – 275 (missed 3rd rep on set 9&10) – huge improvement
    Snatch – 170
    C&J – 225
    No conditioning today

  68. Day late and a Dollar Short

    Smolov: 285×6 sets, 295×4 sets


    Snatch 185 (took extra 1 min cause I missed twice, crappy 3rd pull)

    C&J 225, missed clean on 245 (wussed out)

    Conditioning: Tonight, gym had no pull up bar that I could get on top of.

  69. Smolov

    Up to #295. #20 more than week 1


    190# Snatch. 5# PR. Ran out of time…
    215# CJ. 25# off. Shoulder felt wonky…probably bad form. Eased up before I busted my sh!t


    Total shit show. 20 something. Wanted to die.

  70. M/19/183

    Smolov 345 (85% + 15)
    Snatch DNF (shoulder still healing)
    Clean & Jerk 260 (5 lb. PR)
    Cond. 11:10 (usually two strengths but scaled muscle ups to strict pull ups after spending a good 3 minutes completing 3 reps, shoulder pain)

  71. 10 x 3 HBBS – 363# for 7 sets, then 353# for 3 sets. Thanks goodness this is over.

    Conditioning: 15:56 (used rings) – dead ass tired

  72. Smolov 3/4 HBBS 90% 10×3 (#185)

    10 min ME Snatch (#120 PR!!!!)
    10 min ME C&J (#155 PR! – cleaned 160 but failed on jerk)

    Power C&J (#120); Bar mu’s
    Mu were band assisted- first ever workout with them. Time sucked but I did it!! I often feel dumb for posting my terrible times but just have to keep telling myself I’m improving and working on stuff that I’ve never done before -so that is good.

  73. squats @ 233, up 20 (did 238 on first set and realized that was not happening 9 more times).

    snatch- 133
    no time for the rest.

  74. made this up today after driving for 5 hrs
    1) 260-280#
    2) 70kg
    3) 80kg…felt awful
    4) 12:19; subbed Burpee pull ups for bar muscle ups. scaled to 60kg.

  75. Strength
    10×3 @ 85%+
    5×3 @ 305 (+25) 5×3 @ 310 (+30)
    Failed last rep of last set but made up.

    All I could really do, had my level 1 cert this weekend

  76. Strength- Smolov 3/4
    5 sets at 355
    Failed 6th set
    7&8th set at 345 (nothin left for last 2 sets)

    BBG- Snatch- 195
    C&J- 275

    Conditioning- 8:59

  77. Smolov : 5×3 @ 330# (+20). Failed 3rd reps of 3rd & 5th set. Scaled down. 5×3 @ 320# (+10). No failures there.

    BBG :
    Snatch – 195# (-10)
    C&J – 245# (-30)

    10 minutes is such a short time for 1RM work. And squats drained me a bit. But all lifts felt good and solid, no misses.

    Metcon : 13:45 RX. Harder than I thought. So gross, yet so fun.

    So happy Smolov Jr. Is over.


  78. Smolov : 5×3 @ 330# (+20). Failed 3rd reps of 3rd & 5th set. Scaled down. 5×3 @ 320# (+10). No fails there.

    BBG :
    Snatch – 195# (-10)
    C&J – 245# (-30)

    10 minutes is such a short time for 1RM work. And squats drained me a bit. But felt good on the lifts, no misses.

    Metcon : 13:45 RX. Harder than I thought. So gross, yet so fun.

    So happy Smolov Jr. Is over.


  79. 10×3 at 265#
    +15 overall. No misses all cycle. Fuck that was hard.

    1) 195#, two good misses at 205
    2) 225, miss at 240

    Cond 14:51 Rx
    First time I have ever finished a wod with 185# Power Cleans and/or Bar Muscle ups. Did 1 PC/J every 20 seconds, did doubles and triples of BMUs every 30 seconds. No fails either one. Proud of this. Now time to catch up and max the fuck out.

  80. 10×3 @ 365 no misses and felt surprisingly light.

    Snatch – 215 5# pr
    C&J – 255 5 # pr

    Conditioning: 13:34

    I <3 The Way.

  81. Smolov –

    345 (plus 25# total)

    Bbg –

    1) 235 – 240(F)
    2) 280 – 295(Failed Clean twice)

    Cnd –

    Ring Muscle Ups

  82. that is a real desception! 2 nights of poor sleep, bad eating yesterday and a hole day at the pool with the kids…
    worst training day for a long, long time. mostly it was mentally, started with a bad warmup, then didn’t really believe in making it

    HBBS 10x3x95kg was the plan, in the third set did only 1, then did 92,5 3 times and 90 2 times. felt like I had the world on my shoulders!

    skipped BBG and Cond. Will be outsind with the kids all day. Guess that’s what they call priorities!

  83. HBBS – 255X10
    Snatch) 135…could not believe how fried my CNS was
    C&J) 235
    Conditioning – 17:29. Could not believe how heavy 185# felt today.

  84. Str: 2x3x170, 3×165, 2×165 (failed… Granted I jumped 5-10kg over last week, and squatted the 8×4 at 160 yesterday)
    BBG: hit 95/115 in the Sn/C&J
    no cond. Just did misc skills work

  85. HBBS: 195lb. Last 4 sets weren’t easy.
    BBG: 125lb snatch, 155lb c&j
    Conditioning: 135lb clean & jerks, ring muscle-ups – 14:36

  86. HBBS- 10×3 @ 265
    BBG- 125# snatch, 210# clean (no jerk, but clean PR)
    Conditioning- 9:21 (135# cleans)

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