>Oh, ok Paul Estrada, we get it. You’re back from injury, grew your beard out, qualified for Nationals, and now you just wanted to remind everyone that you are Godzilla. Cool.

Paul Estrada – 315# Snatch + 5 Snatch Grip Push Presses:

Paul may be the Outlaw king of the Snatch (please tell me someone else is chuckling), and this is certainly one of the most impressive feats of strength we’ve ever seen here, but… Is it the MOST impressive?

This question, along with the fact that I had to do it anyway for the new site, led me to create the “Outlaw Feats of Strength” channel on our Vimeo account. I thought, since most of them are in the same place, that we should take a little poll on what is the all-time greatest Outlaw feat of strength. You can CLICK HERE to go to the Outlaw Feats of Strength page, and peruse some of the greatest lifts, complexes, and other craziness that we’ve ever posted. Most of the videos are on the page, but I’ll be adding more later. Also, to truly make things fair, you’d have to go to this young lady’s page and look at some of her work as well.

The grand prize for the video that gets the most votes, is absolutely nothing—they all probably already have plenty of our t-shirts and other stuff.

WOD 130705:


*Recommendations for week three:

Do not add 15-25 pounds onto your lift in addition to the 10-20 from week 2. Instead add on extra weight to get a total of 15-25 pounds. If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight.

Smolov 3/3 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 8X4 @ 80% – rest at least 2 minutes


3 rounds for time of:

25m Sled Drag (facing forward, i.e. running style) 135/90#
20 Burpees
25m Sled Drag (facing forward, i.e. running style) 135:90#
30 KB Snatch 24/16kg (15L/15R anyhow)

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  1. I’m by no means one of those monsters and my beard is somewhat of a joke, but let me just say. I love this programming. I am having so much fun with the squats and am looking forward to every post to see what is the next workout.
    Sadly I’m following a week behind, so I’ll have to wait a hole week for this WOD.

  2. I have been thinking about following Outlaw and now I am. I looked back and noticed the smolov cycle started on June 27. I thought maybe that’s where I should start. Any suggestions?

    • Definitely start there, because before that we just finished a whole testing cycle, so otherwise you’d have to start 6 weeks or so before that when the testing cycle began. Just pick up from the Smolov cycle

    • I don’t know if it would be a good idea to start from the first week because i believe we are starting the “Hatch” program soon. But I am not 100% sure.

  3. I’m totally planning to load up the GT in our garage for those sled drags. No excuses!

    @Ryan, Smolov is finishing this week, we are then doing a deload and max retest this next week after which we’re jumping into the hatch squat cycle. Best to jump on for next monday, have a slightly lighter intro week, and be caught up. Just my 2c.

  4. Rudy, why isn’t your elbow dislocation featured in the Feats of Strength?

  5. If that cat on ESPN can eat 70 hotdogs in 10 minutes, I can fight through the last two days of Russian madness…. ‘Merica

    • I’m just going to push a truck 50m and have the KB in the bed. Have a good wod outside inthe rain.

  6. Squats) 155kg

    Cond) 9mins rxd sled weighed 25kg + 3 20kg plates

  7. Strength
    80% + 5lb = 270
    No time for conditioning stupid adult responsibilities 🙂

  8. Squats: done at 255 (80%+20) could have gone heavier
    COND: no sled, so flipped 600#+ tire for the 25m (not a good idea here) 27:48 in the gravel bitches!
    M/F/S: 2-8/8/3

  9. Strength)260#
    Come)11:34 16kg KB like the email said(I found out after I finished the email had an error FML)


  10. Strength : 305lb – +20 from week one

    Cond: 12:58 – first round was under 3:00 then it turned to a shit show. Legs were just gone on the burpees

  11. My back is super sore/hurting from too many GHD sit-ups on Wednesday. Anyone have any tips on healing it up quicker? It’s low back/hip area. I was wanting to start Smolov jr. But not like this.

  12. S) 320
    C) thanks to my good ole friend Zachary writing the WOD on the board using his email (not any more) we proceeded to do this with 16kg bell … first round in, I felt my ego telling me this is too light … Rudy would never have us use this weight but I continued. 10:18 later I go to plug the numbers into my phone and dammit … The weight was wrong. Ego said rest ten and do it again because you couldn’t post to the board having used 16kg with out shaming yourself. Second go 11.50.


  13. M/37/210
    Squat 345 – complete
    Metcon 13:45 . Used vest probably would have been faster just to drag with straps. Instead of taking drag vest on and off. Or maybe I could just be less of a pussy and go harder. Watching a dude snatch the snatch push press for reps more then I can clean and jerk is very humbling and motivating as well. Nice work Godzilla beast!!!

  14. smolov: 125kg – back held up this time
    cond: 16:40 (walked the sled forward, didn’t run)

  15. 1) HBBS 8×4@210# (+25# total). Last two sets were hard 🙂

    2) conditioning : 11:13min. RX. Leg burner….

  16. Smolov: 275# for 4 sets. then upped to 285# for last 4 sets. (285# is +30# from where I was finishing on week 1) It isn’t Paul Estrada but it’s certainly progress made for me. #coldWar

    Cond. 15:17- No sled. used a woodway resistance treadmill. Not sure how it compared in difficulty. Seemed really tough to get it going and keep it going.

  17. HBBS: 8×4 @ 375#; hit em all, 7 and 8 were a doozie, had to many adult beverages last night for the fourth, God Bless America!
    Cond: 11:37 RX’d

  18. Smolov – 265# ( up #10 from last week and 15# from the first week )
    Did Outlaw gym WOD modified. 32kg KB snatches weren’t fun…

    MFS 142

  19. M/17/155#

    Smolov: 235# (+10)

    Conditioning: 11:23 (No sled in the globo gym, subbed 50 steps with treadmill turned off)

  20. Smolov: failed set 1 because I didn’t warm up enough so I went back warmed up hit everything but sets 7 and 8 where I hit 3 reps. Used an open hand grip which helped immensely.. It felt like light squats with a press. Recovery from smolov is also feeling alot better. I haven’t added weight but I haven’t been destroyed the days after. Thanks coach I hate this (:

  21. 1) 250# (+25 total)
    Subbed tireflips and DB snatch for cond didn’t time.

    I’ll really miss squatting this often, but I know our Hatch cycle will be enough to volume to entertain me. Looking forward to seeing if FS numbers improve.

  22. Squat: 380 – accidentally did an extra set.
    Conditioning – didn’t have the equipment so did a run + pushup couplet

  23. HBBS 8×4 @ 87.5kg
    WOD: 11:57 rx+/-. Only had 20m for the Sled Drag so I figured I would make up for it by using the sled weight for the guys (Rogue Sled 80lbs+135lbs).

  24. Strength: 265#, up 5# from last week

    Cond: 18:07…Brutal in the mid-day sun

  25. Smolov 132,5 kg (12,5 kg added total)
    Cond: 10:01 (30kg sled + 60kg load) felt easy, disappointed that i didn’t hit it harder

  26. Smolov- started at 270 and felt great today so I moved up to 300. Made it through all sets. Up 45 pounds from week 1, which was a struggle.

  27. Squat: 280 ~ 80%+25#

    9:18*accidentally did 25 Burpees each round ~ all else Rx

  28. Strength:
    275 (+25)

    -tire sled+dirt driveway+heat index of 105 degrees made this quite grueling.

  29. Strength:
    4@205, 3@210, 1@220
    (Felt really good on this one, few little tweaks and more mobility work, should feel even better.)

    -Subbed 250m row for sled pulls.
    18:36 rx’d

  30. STR – 245#
    Cond – 17:10. Alternated between pull/push of my riding lawn mower. Tough to pull it around corners so I opted for pushing them. Seriously considered riding it the full 25m each way.

  31. Strength: Smolov @ 245# – felt great. Haven’t been lifting for all that long. Spent this cycle focusing on form and making sure to go ATG. Much more confident than 3 weeks ago, much better in the pocket. Looking forward to testing my 1RM again.

    Conditioning: Homegym and not many long flat surfaces, also don’t have a sled yet and I only have a 45# and 60# kettlebell. I tried to get creative and still hit the “spirit” of the workout.

    3rds with a 65# vest:

    50m run uphill
    20 burpees
    50m run uphill
    20kb snatches (10 each arm @ 60#)


  32. Squats at 200 no misses. +20 over week one. Challenging but feeling good.
    Did class wod
    3 rft:
    50 du, 100′ bear crawl, 25 jumping squats, 100′ beat crawl
    16:29 I am the worst bear ever

  33. Swam in the am. Not with Bert tho…..

    Squats- 290 +20 from start.
    No fails but some were ugly. Feeling pretty tore up. Hung over mostly.


  34. 195×3 (failed on third set on third rep, so really 195×2) 190×3 180×2

    Got a sneak peak at the results of smolov jr… I thought those first 6 sets were at 175 and 170. Was really bummed because I wanted 180 (15 lbs more that my 1RM) but then realized I just suck at math and was doing 25/20 more pounds than I thought! Woohoo!

    Conditioning wasn’t as amazing.. 17:45

  35. HBBS 8×4 80% #175 (up #10 last week/ felt good)

    3 RFT
    25 m sled pull
    20 burpees
    25 m sled pull
    30 KB Snatch (#35)
    Had to sub sled pull- did band sprints with thick band and 200# dude pulling back

  36. AM – hungover/rest
    PM – S&C
    Smolov 3/3
    285 (+10% from week 1)
    14:33 w/ 32kg swings
    Sled ripped the sole off one of my shoes on the final round


  37. 1) smolnov 8×4@ 327
    2) 13:04
    Brain shut off and did 25 burpees instead of 20

  38. HBBS- 255×6 (+15), 260×1 (+20), 265×1 (+25)

    11:26 ish
    Walked with sled instead of ran and had a turn-around halfway

  39. Strength– Smolov 3/3- 335
    Conditioning–no sled or KB
    For time: with a 20#vest
    Not sure of run length (roughly 50msplits)
    4 splits
    25- hspu
    3 splits
    2 splits
    1 split
    10- hspu
    Time: 15:33

  40. 26/170#

    1/4/4 (Did “The Sevens” yesterday)

    Smolov: 262.5#
    260×2; 265×4; 260×2

    17:43 Rx
    Hand ripped as usual on the KBSn

  41. HBBS 7×4 275#
    20 min AMRAP:
    30 OH Lunges (35# plate)
    15 K2E
    15 burpees
    10 thrusters (95#)
    Total rounds: 4+30 OH lunges

  42. HBBS: sets 1-2@ 275lbs (+15lbs), 3-4 275 (failed last reps on both), 5-6 270 (failed again 4th reps) sets 7-8 255(-5lbs) (fml) today was crappy i should kill it tomorrow
    12:45 (distance was most likely more than 25 meters I only had a flimsy meter ruler thing)

    • a side note to this, alot of this weeks squats were prs like today so it has been hard to hit them for several sets

  43. squat- 225 (up 25 total)
    conditioning- 12:40 ( turning the sled around was the worst part.)

  44. Greatest feat of strength: Madi Mansberger snatching 10# less than my max at 11 years younger than me… and a girl. Not to mention that there was a showing of teenaged girls wanting to support their friend in olympic weightlifting and do it themselves, which is putting high hopes for me getting my daughter into lifting

  45. 1RM snatch – 205# (-20#)
    1RM C&J – 265# (-30#)

    HBBS 8×4 – 345# (tough today)

    Conditioning: 12:35

  46. Smolov : 8×4 @ 310#

    Conditioning : 14:05 RX’d.

    Took way too long turning the sled around inside the box as the distance was limited.

  47. HBBS: 6X4 @ 255#
    Cond: No sled; tried to rig something up, but it wasn’t working out. Maybe with a bit more time another day I can come up with something. Eliminated the sled pulls.
    3R of 20 burpees, 30 KB Snatch, 13:10.

  48. First of all, if you are looking for a name for this WOD, call it: death by hipflexor!

    HBBS: 8x4x90kg (+7,5kg) – super heavy!, but clean

    Cond: 19:24, 64kg sled, a steal plate draged on loose gravel/tarmac, horror!, practically walked single steps from a dead stop, 24kg KB in the 35° Celsius heat in the middle of the sun!

    Love this shit!

  49. HBBS – 235, 240, 245, 250, 255X4

    Box was closed for 4th of July weekend…had no other options to do the metcon

  50. HBBS – 185lb
    Conditioning: replaced sled pulls with overhead walking lunges with a 45lb plate. 31:00.

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