>The first 2014 date of the Para Bellum Series will be up on Monday’s post (actually Monday’s post goes up Sunday, so I guess it’ll be up Sunday – I hope I’ve confused you all). We’ll be in Mira Loma, California, January 10th-12th, at Team Outlaw athlete Paul Castaneda’s gym, CrossFit Inland Empire.

We’ll be announcing a few more 2014 dates in the coming weeks, and I’ve finally gotten the go ahead from our staff to book two dates, in February, in the land of the most beautiful thing ever created – the Holden Commodore Ute – aka Australia. This time I’m doing it right. Does anyone know how I can rent a Ute for ten days? Please don’t respond, I’ve already researched it and it’s actually pretty easy.

Holden_Commodore_VF_ute_2013_600_lq_0001Official vehicle of The Outlaw Way.

WOD 130629:


*If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight.

Smolov 2/4 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 10X3 @ 85% – rest at least 2 minutes


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 Minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#
HSPU (regionals standard)

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  1. im in a deep dark hole right now. broke my finger today and still have hip tears. i cant do anything for my upper body for a good 2 weeks because i cant grip anything and cant squat or do anything with my lower body because i have to rest my hip

  2. Yesterday, Graham and myself competed as a team in an event at the US Embassy in Kabul. We placed 4th in the scaled division (we can’t do muscle-ups yet). We both hit PRs, too. Graham hit a 5# Jerk PR for 235#, and I hit a 20# Clean PR for 215#. Thanks for the programming. Having done the extra conditioning for group #1 back before Regionals really helped us be prepared for the day’s events.

      • Were you there last week Friday, or did you compete last year? I don’t remember anyone getting their teeth messed up. Overall it was a fairly safe day.

        • wow, not sure how to respond to that.
          the 2011 fall games was my first competition, won the Rx with Rober Craig from ISAF, the spring 2012 games I won with Adam Voci, they guy who took over NKAIA from me last tour. Couldn’t make it this year since I’m at BAF

  3. Squats) 152.5kg, weak legs

    Snatch) 110kg, very weak legs

    C&J) 140kg, very very weak legs

    Diane) 4:54, embarrassing!

  4. Coach, I’m trying to keep my feet pointed straight “per k-star” I’ve never had knee pain while squatting until this feet straight thing…any suggestions on proper foot position?

  5. If I feel good with all this squatting volume, would continuing smolov after the 3 week cycle be acceptable? I’m addicted

  6. Smolov 275#
    Cond)17:33 PR first time doing this benchmark RX


  7. Smolov : 315lb – +15lb from last week. Pretty good with how worn out my legs felt when I got out of bed this morning.

    1) Snatch : 205lb – ties PR
    2) C&J : 255lb – ties PR

    Cond ) 5:47 – Not overly impressed with myself here. 1st time ever doing this WOD and I gassed out on the HSPU. Did all deads unbroken but had to break up the HSPU into 3’s for the last 15 or so which slowed me waaaay down.

    • Gonna see if I can successfully imbed a few videos here. I work out in my garage gym and have had basically zero coaching on my lifts so any input would be appreciated. I can already see I am slow as shit getting under the bar on both my snatch and C&J and my jerk sucks. May need to invest in remote coaching.

          • Try to get the bar all the way into your hip for the snatch. Looks like you’re hitting the bar a bit too early, making you jump forward to catch it.
            For the jerk, push your knees out in the dip and keep your weight on the whole foot. Try to bend your rear leg a bit more in the receiving position, so your body will be more under the bar when you catch it.
            Otherwise it looks pretty good. Clean & squats look fine.
            Hope you can put this to use 🙂
            Sweet gym btw.

      • Thanks for the input. Garage gym is kick ass. We basically turned a 3 stall garage into a fully decked out gym. Only thing I am missing is a climbing rope.

  8. Elbow (insert lame ass excuse here) … enough so it wakes me up at night. gotta take it easy with the snatches and jerks next week or two! FML!
    S) 330 (sets 4-10 w/ belt)
    BBG 1) 205
    BBG 2) 255
    C) 3.46 (pr)


  9. Smolov-140#

    1) 115# snatch (tied PR)
    2) 145# C&J (tied PR)

    Diane: 9:37 – used 2 abmats for HSPU’s .. Still need tons of work on these

  10. Smolov: 135 kg, no fails
    Snatch: legs smoked 85 kg (15 kg under PR)
    C&J: skipped Jerks, Shoulders smoked, massage on thursday, squat clean up to 110 kg ( 10 kg under PR)

    no Conditioning (Diane: 5:30 ; 2 weeks ago)

  11. Smolov –

    355 (+15) failed 3rd rep on 9th and 10th set

    Bbg –

    275(lol im horrid)

    Cnd –

    3:30 (6sec pr) all hamstring death. First time shoulders didnt hold me back. Broke the 15 and the 9s on deads…x.x

  12. Smolov: 295# (+5)
    BBG: 170# Snatch (-10#); 230# C/J (-15#)
    Diane: 6:32 (1:45 PR)

  13. No squats
    Power snatch: 120#
    Power clean: 155#
    Diane – 10:30 ab mat + 10# plates

  14. M/17/155#

    Smolov: 240#

    Snatch – 170# (ties PR)
    C&J – 225# (ties PR)

    Conditioning: 5:44 Rx’d (Deadlifts are weak, all HSPU unbroken)

  15. M39/188#
    Smolov: 270#
    1) light, form work
    2) 205#
    6:49, DL unbroken, had to break HSPU multiple times towards end

  16. Couldn’t hardly move today.
    Just did Cindy instead.

    18 rounds. PR anyways.

  17. Strength:

    1. 120# (5# from PR)
    2. 145# (15# from PR fml)

    6:19Rx PR
    Couldn’t find the last time we did Diane, but the first time I did it as an “Outlaw” it was 10:24 in January.

  18. 10×3 HBBS – 365#
    Snatch – 245# not a Pr
    Clean and jerk – 280# (missed 295 jerk)

    Diane – 4:52 Pr

  19. 1) 3×3 @ 400#, 7×3 @ 390 started a little ambitious backed off 10# up 5# from last week

    2) 210# sn

    3) 285# cj

    2.54 PR

  20. HBBS- 265×9, 275×1….DUDE….
    Sn- 175 (-25)
    Skipped CnJ- (hip flecked killllin’ me)

    Diane- 3:28 PR

    (21, 21/ 8, 4, 3. 15/ 5, 2, 2. 9)

  21. Strength: 322.5#

    1) 215. Fail x 4 attempts at 235. Really wanted that today too.
    2) 265. Fail x 2 attempts at 285. Made the clean and missed the jerk.

    5:17. Yikes. Holy shoulder fatigue Batman.

  22. 26/165#


    HBBS: 272.5# off of 315# +5# for Week 2
    270×3; 275×5; 270×2

    1RM Snatch: 155# (5# off PR) Attempted 165# twice but failed to get underneath and punch up. Lost it forward both times. Did not try 160#.

    1RM C&J: 225# (5# off PR) Cleaned 235#, which is a PR, but failed the Jerk.

    Diane: 5:28 (0:41 off of PR @ 4:47 on November 23, 2012 – Prior to Outlaw). Shoulders were fairly fried…could tell this week was “F* our shoulders week”

  23. Squats 280 ~ 85%+15
    Snatch 205~85%
    C&J ~ 235~85% 245 Jerk fail
    Diane ~ 5:11 (+1:02 from PR)

    My body took a vacation after the squats.

  24. HBBS – done @ 310
    Snatch – up to 200 (hit the time limit only 1 miss at 195)
    C/J – 245
    Diane – 14:00. Fear me.

  25. Smolov HBBS:
    10×3 @ 200
    (off 215, & up 15 from last week)
    **No fails. 26/30 solid, fast, smooth reps. 4 slow and sticky reps with hips left back.

    Snatch: 115 (-10)

    Clean & Jerk: N/A- Wrist

    No time, made it to failure on HSPU (10 reps on round 15) and called it. GOOD news! Re x-rayed wrist on Thursday, broken bones are healed. Gave HSPU a shot today, no pain, so happy to even give this a go today!!!! 🙂

  26. strength
    10×3 175 5# up from last week

    snatch 135- 20 off of pr
    clean and jerk 165 30 off of pr

    given my fatigue on the lifts decided to scale majorly did 15-9-7 185# dl/ HSPU

  27. 1) 10×3 @ 260# ( +10# over last week. These got quite hard by the last 4 sets.

    2) 135 (-30#) Failed both 145 and 155 a couple times
    3) 185 (-30#) Failed 205# 3 times. Legs were smoked.

    Diane- 7:39 rx’d. Not super happy with this, but i’ll take it.

  28. M/27/5’11″/171#/NorCal

    Smalov 305#

    snatch 210#
    C&J 255#


  29. Strength: 290 +15 from last week. Felt great.

    Snatch, 195 (-10).
    C&J, 245 (-5). Hit 255 clean to tie SC PR but couldn’t get the jerk. Was pretty smoked by this time…

    Cond: 5:18. Shoulders completely failed during the 15. Deads were money. -2:00 PR. Wanted sub-5 but I’ll take this…

      • For me today:
        300 x 5 BS
        245×5 FS
        185 snatch
        250 clean and jerk
        4:45 conditioning

        • There you are!!! How are you Man!? How’s Oki treating you these days? Want me to call the monitor and get you orders down to PI??

  30. HBBS- 210 10×3 No fails today (Thank God)
    Snatch- Hit 140 then went straight for a PR at 157.5 and had 2 misses.
    C+J- Not enough time
    Diane- 12:30-FML 185#

  31. HBBS 255#
    No BBG
    Diane 4:05
    :50 PR. Felt like I could have been faster but my ass broke the the wall during set of 15 HSPU’S.

  32. 1) Smolov at 200#
    2) Snatch at 115#
    Clean and Jerk at 145#
    3) Diane – 3:30Rx

  33. Strength) all squats at 365, no misses but that got dicey near the end

    Snatch 165 (10# below PR) need to practice sitting in the hole and focusing on speed under the bar

    Clean and Jerk- 245 tied PR cleaned 255 twice and barely missed the jerk both times.

    Conditioning- Im ashamed to say my time was 7:50 more than double my best diane. HSPU’s just died couldn’t string more than four together all day. (PR 3:30)

  34. squats 345
    snatch 175
    c+j 215
    legs felt fried for both oly lifts. form was crappy so i didnt push myself to go heavier
    diane 6:35, 1min PR

  35. Squats

    BBG –
    295 – stopped bc everything felt sloppy

    Cnd –
    2:52 – 1st time doing it UB

  36. Smolov 2/4 10X3 @ 85% (#175 up 10 from last week- felt GOOD!!)

    snatch- #115 (same as last week- failed at #120)
    C&J- #145(same as last week- failed at #155)

    12:58 RX
    Not a good time BUT but first time doing this wod and doing it rx- considering that I thought it would take 30 min with how bad I’ve been doing at HSPU the last few times, I was pretty happy about it. My kip felt way better today and I didn’t keep kicking into to wall.. Deadlift weight felt easy!

  37. Squats
    370 x 10 x 3

    No lifting today

    Diane – 2:05
    PR with kipping by about 40 seconds. Second fastest Diane I’ve done.
    Felt good even with tired legs.

    Press 165 x 10 x 3
    Pendlay Row 225 x 5 x 5

  38. Squat – 395
    Snatch – 215 (-10)
    Clean and Jerk – 255 (-10)
    Diane – 2:59 (:32 slower)
    Today’s workout ate my lunch. Squat clean isn’t my strong suit. Having a lot of trouble keeping my elbows from touching my knees i.e. keeping my elbows up. Metcon took a few breaks where I shouldn’t have needed to.

  39. Unreal!!
    Smolov: 240# (this is +10# from last week. I’ve been only doing +5 all week but decided to get frisky and it felt great).
    Snatch: 180# +5 PR!!
    CJ: Didn’t do it. Felt like my left palm was bruised. Is it possible to bruise a hand using a bent barbell? Bent mine at home and haven’t saved up to get a new one yet…waiting for x-mas.
    Diane: 7:54 Just shy of my PR. Felt good though.
    Overall, a wonderful Saturday.

  40. HBBS: 333

    Snatch: 195 no problem. Couldn’t pr 215.

    Clean and jerk: 245 no problem. Couldn’t get myself to pull under 265. I’m a chicken shit.

    Diane: 2:52. Have done much better before but I ran outta gas.

    Advice needed: especially on snatch as I open and atempt to transition my feet from jumping position to receiving position I continually jump backwards and as a result miss the weight in front of me. Any drills/tips to correct this would be appreciated. Thanks all.

  41. HBBS @ 355#
    Snatch: 250# (5#PR, pretty sure i pinched a nerve in my neck)
    C&J: skipped, neck felt funny
    Conditioning: 3:53 (PR is 3:36)

  42. Squats
    85% + 5lb = 280 x 10 x 3

    No lifting today

    Cond. 2k row > enforcer said it was ok since I’m working 12hr night shifts 🙂

  43. Squats
    85% + 5lb = 280# x 10×3

    No BBG today

    2k row > enforcer said it was ok since I’m working 12hr night shifts 🙂

  44. MFS: 9-9-8
    Started to HBBS and was completely trashed. Rolled out, hammies were very painful. Did not do TOW.
    WOD: ‘Grace’ 30 Power C&J, 115#
    3:30; Shoulders wiped. Jerks were a joke.

  45. Smolov
    – 427.5
    – 275
    Clean And Jerk
    – No Attempts (had to skip today)
    – 4:48 (3:13 PR)

  46. Strength
    10×3 @ 85% (+20) 300#-I was quite surprised I made it through this one, it was pretty rough.
    Snatch-185 (-35) working on a different technique
    C+J- 225 (-30) didn’t have any speed under the bar on the jerk
    Cond- 20:06 first time RX, at 6’1″ 210# hspu are my worst enemy.

  47. 1) 300. Done. +10 from last week. Legs not happy.

    Lifts: 230/285
    Spent about 90 min between the two.


  48. Stevo – Squats – 245 no fails. (I remember when this was my 1rm)
    C&J – 205 (-10 from pr)
    Snatch – didn’t have time for
    Diane- Stopped at 2/9 DL because I felt like I was about to injure myself.

    Joy – Squats: 175 no fails
    C&J: 125 (-20 from pr)
    Diane: 8:11 Rx


  49. Smolov going well…
    Still working in Snatches and Clean and jerks…form form form

    Diane – scaled 185lb and kipping HSPU with 15lb plate and abmat 11:55

  50. Strength:
    275 (+10lbs)

    1) 155 (-25lb)
    2) 200, 210 clean (-25lb)
    -Don’t understand how people are PRing after these squats? Am I missing something, please enlighten me.


  51. HBBS at 145 (85% +10)
    Snatch and C&J light for technique

    Diane – 5:34, abmat hspu + 155# – this felt surprisingly good. shoulders did start to go even with the abmat.

  52. HBBS 10X3 @ 85% – rest at least 2 minutes

    1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.
    (175# huge drop)
    2) 15 Minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


    21-15-9 of:

    Deadlifts 225/155#
    HSPU (ab mat)

  53. 10×3@210lbs (+15lbs from last week). that was painful, especially having in mind yesterdays squating and conditioning….but…if anyone would have told me that I would be squating this before I started Smolov, I would not have believed, I was even considering maybe to go lighter and take 210lbs as starting point :)))

    1) snatch: 115lbs (-10lbs from PR)
    2) Clean and Jerk: 165 lbs (matches PR).

    `Diane` :8:06min. Total kick in the ass…never done it by regional standards, was almost crying from despair with HSPU…Regular Diane last time took me 3:27min, so it was a huge drop down…..

  54. HBBS – 315×1,335×1,345×1,350×3,355×3,365×1(1rep f on 2)
    Snath -190
    Clean -250 bout 20lbs off on both of these
    Conditioning – 4:30, garbage bout 1:30 off pr -overhead gone since tuesday

  55. 1) HBBS @ 337.
    No time for bbg today.
    2) Diane 3:50
    Happy to get under 4 min. Hspu felt good
    Can’t wait for a rest day

  56. Smolov:
    10×3@260….Failed on 3 rep of my 6th set
    Sets 7,8,9,10@245
    Progress being made just slow and painful, guess Im just sticking to the +10 next week. Family in town all that I had time to fit in at 10pm.

  57. Squats: 10×3 @315#(+15)

    Snatch: 185
    Clean & jerk: was absolutely gassed after the squats. And just went to Diane after the snatches

    Diane: 4:45. Wasn’t really doing it for time. Just wanted to get through it.

  58. Strength:220
    Worked on snatch balance instead because I knew I wasn’t going to come close to a PR
    12:56 not the best time by far but it was first time ever done rx

  59. Smolov: 225#
    Snatch: 135# (Legs were toast)
    Clean & Jerk: 155# (Terrible weight. Usually hit 200’s, but legs just had it)

    Diane: 8:33 (Slower time than PR, body was just done)

  60. Squats: 335. +10lb from last week. No real grinders yet but was definitely pausing between reps.

    No BBG

    Diane: 11:30. Don’t ask… Like 6 minutes under record at least. That’s what happens when you take time off.

  61. I was a complete pansy today.
    Forced myself into the gym at 9:30pm.

    I know it’s blasphemy

    1) Up to 205# missed 225# twice
    2) Skipped


    16 Second PR.

    It’s 9:50pm…
    Long day.

      • Yea after a little deeper thought and considering the timing of the onset, I figured it wás probably muscle soreness from the shock of the broad jumps. Hadn’t felt soreness there in a long time so I got a little paranoid. Thanks for the reply

  62. Strength / Smolov 2/4: 132,5 kg
    1) 75 kg (+1 kg PR)
    2) 97,5 kg (+0,5 kg PR)
    Conditioning: 8:40 (struggled a lot with HSPU)

  63. HBBS @ 275lbs (no jump this time but no misses, going to jump next week though 🙂
    Snatch 175lbs
    C&J 250lbs, (260lbs clean failed jerk)
    Diane 5:55

  64. Strength– body was not ready for smolov!
    Subbed with EMOM 15- 5 back squat 225

    BBG- snatch- 205
    C&J- 275

    Diane- 4:02

  65. Got ran out earlier than I wanted, so no Diane 🙁

    Squats: all at 260# (+10) could have gone heavier
    Snatch: 165 (-10) lost the bar and caught it with my head. not cool
    C/J: 225 (-10) kept rolling out of my hand and up my shoulder. I guess my elbows are ‘too’ high?

    M/F/S: 3/2/1


  66. Smolov: Bumped down from 265 to 245 (had a weightlifting comp today)
    Cond: 2:30 ehh..

  67. Smolov 245 (-10 lb) was destroyed

    No snatch / C & J due to time

    Diane 17:30. 2min PR! (Pretty happy with this seeing how HSPUs were non existent before outlaw way.)

  68. Smolov: 10×3 @ 180 (+10)


    Snatch: 112.5 (2.5PR)
    Clean+Jerk: 150 (5PR)

    Conditioning: 24:30, first time being able to do it as Rx

  69. Strength:
    Completed at 340#

    Conditioning: 5:01… first time doing this workout. SHoulders got smoked need to work on connecting my kipping HSPU so i don’t have to do them all strict

  70. Strength

    …told myself I would commit seppuku if I didn’t PR today
    Snatch up to 72.5 (PR); got under 75 3x, but kept missing forward.
    Clean and Jerk up to 92.5 (PR)

    8:34…all Deadlifts unbroken, HSPU broken up into 7’s, 5’s, and 3’s.

  71. Squat 285/295/285 I know thats not the way to do it perse, but I tried going heavier a few rounds.
    Snatch 215
    PC&J 285…both Oly Lifts really sucked. My form is truly some shit.
    Didn’t time the MetCon, it sucked, too.

  72. 1) 10×3 @ 250# (off 280#)

    1A) Just hit old PR @ 145. A little frustrated, I’ve really been working on this and 145 went up with ease, I was pretty confident I could get 150 or 155 today and I just kept failing. I need to rework some of my technique, I think I’m struggling to keep the bar to my chest and it’s getting away from me. Any advice to help fix this?

    1B) HIt 190# (PR is 200#). Felt good about this since I was much toast at this point.

    Conditioning: Just got my handstand pushups down about 2 months ago. Still fall like an idiot sometimes, but overall went better than before: 7:34.

  73. Squat 10×3 295
    Snatch 195
    C&J 255

    Some press
    No diane, shins bloody from a missed BJ the other day dl wouldnt be pretty.
    Did mainsite 21,21…3,3 hspu, l pullups instead 12:01

  74. Squats: started at 275 made it the 4th set before failure. Finished with 270 which is +5 from last week. These wore me out.

    BBG: skipped, no time

    Diane: 4:40 (:50 off PR).

  75. snatch PR-220 (by 5#)
    Clean and Jerk PR-290 (by 15#)
    Diane- 5:35(2:30 min PR). Deadlifts were easy but the HSPU absolutely killed the workout for me…

  76. Schedule is kind of whack at the moment because of travels.

    Did clean and jerk 1rm: 305 (ties lifetime)
    Diane: 4:25. Hiked 3-5 miles yesterday. Made the deadlifts a lot harder. No PR.

  77. Smolov: 255#-only went up 10# this week, but it felt like 50#. I do like all of this squatting though.
    Snatch: 185#. Almost had 190# a few times, but I guess my legs were just to tired. Today was 15# under my PR
    C&J: 205#-210-215. Cleaned 220 twice, but missed the jerk both times. This was 20# under my PR.
    No time for “Diane”

  78. Running behind schedule due to family crap this weekend.

    Squats: 10×3 – 112.5k (+2.5k) all set complete. Some dog shit reps.

    Snatch: 75k – missed 80 three times so called it. Feeling the squats.

    C&J: 100k – had to push jerk as my ankle wasn’t right when splitting.

    Diane: 11:29 – I hate this benchmark so much! A PB, but who gives a crap with a time like that. Ha.

    Will it today’s work (1st) tomorrow.

  79. Smolov:
    1) 125#
    2) No attempts, had to skip
    -“Diane” 4:33

  80. HBBS @ 260#
    1rm snatch 145#
    1rm clean and jerk 195#
    Running “Diane”

  81. Smolov : 10×3 @ 320#

    BBG :
    Snatch – 195# (-10)
    C & J – 255# (-10)

    Conditioning : 6:27 RX’d (8:07 PR) – 14:34 was my time a few months back. You can imagine how ecstatic I am because of this.

  82. Smolov –

    335 (+15)

    Bbg –
    Everything became a shit show after the squats. body has never felt so uncoordinated

    Cnd –


  83. I feel like I got violated by a truck! Yesterday was rest day, but I was out in the sun all day. Slept pretty well, none the less…

    HBBS – 10x3x90kg – hard, but all clean reps
    snatch – 52,5kg
    clean & jerk – 65kg – jerk was horrible, much forward, failed 70 3x
    Diane – 9:24, did this the first time rxd

    MFS – 481

  84. No training (competing in local crossfit comp over weekend)
    Did Diane on following Thursday 6.53 rxd

  85. (Sunday July 7)

    Strength: 5X3 @ 260#
    Diane: 11:29. Terrible DL form; butt not low enough, rounded back, way too much lower back pulling. HSPU at regional std. hurt a lot.

  86. Str: 10x3x160kg (91% of my PR single… feeling good!)
    BBG: 90/110=200kg
    Cond: 15:12… Yowza I’m slow, Slower than my first time doing it about a month ago, but I also cheated depth then, and I went full rom every HSPU this time… sheesh

  87. FS 10×3-212.5
    1) 165 170(F) 175(F) -20 from PR
    2) 205 C+J, 215 Clean but missed the jerk

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