>Just a couple things on gear…

First, the link to all the Team Outlaw gear is up and ready for orders. Yes, Aussies, we will ship to you, and yes – it is Ned Kelly, the “Iron Outlaw”.

Click HERE to order Team Outlaw athlete shirts.

Second, in a moment of sheer genius, Syn came up with these as an ode to the land that has provided us with so much joy and pain throughout the history of the program. I will personally be wearing one of these for at least four months straight (don’t worry, I’ll get more than one).


>Swan interview:

>Marco Coppola – 250# Power Snatch:

WOD 130628:


*If last week’s squats were all easy, and you had zero problem with any reps, you may add between 10 & 20# this week. If they became difficult in the last few sets, and you experienced some legitimate soreness, you may add between 5 & 10#. If you could not complete all sets, could not walk because you were so sore, and you cursed my name daily, then do not add weight.

Smolov 2/3 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 8X4 @ 80% – rest at least 2 minutes


12 minute AMRAP of:

100′ Burpee Broad Jump DEMO VIDEO
100′ OH Walking Lunges 45/25# (plate)

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  1. When will the “From Russia” shirts be available? Not seeing them yet on the gear site.

  2. If I am doing smolov do you suggest I do the workouts too?

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  3. I hope this is not a dumb question but, is it 100 reps of burpee broad jumps or 100 inches or feet, cause if it is a 100 reps wouldn’t people just do a very small broad jump to do reps faster not gaining the full benefit of the broad jump?
    Sorry if this is a dumb question just want to make sure

  4. The comment section of outlaw should be published in a book. Reading them is always entertaining

  5. are the russia men’s tanks supposed to have two different options for the front and a blank back, or is that a mistake and they should be front/back like the others?

  6. So now the Russian are cool? I recall you being against banging the bar, Russians bang the bar…. So what now?

  7. Oh man, got a really sore lower back and hamstring! Where might that come from?!

  8. Coach you suck

    Squats all at 245 (+10 from last week)
    ‘conditioning’: 650′ even. not cool bro, not cool

    M/F/S: 5/6/2


  9. 270 lbs..

    5 rds +150 ft.

    During the conditioning I was wondering why this was harder than I thought it’d be… Then I realized the painful squats I did earlier…

  10. HBBS 8X4 @ 80% – 275. Got all reps. Dropped to 255 last week so pretty pumped with this. Think improvements in form is helping a lot.

    12 minute AMRAP of:

    100′ Burpee Broad Jump DEMO VIDEO
    100′ OH Walking Lunges 45/25# (plate)
    3 rds and change (614 feet). Camp Lejeune is possibly the most humid environment ever and I did this at 7:30 am.

  11. M39/188#
    Smolov 120kg x 2 sets, not feeling the love. Had to drop to 115kg on sets 3-8
    conditioning this afternoon

  12. Squats – All at 300lb. +15lb from last week.

    Cond: 4.5 Rounds. Holy shit my legs were toast – thought I would be able to get 6 rounds before I started

    Looking forward to 10 sets of squats tomorrow after heavy squats, lunges and broad jumps today……ouch

  13. You may want to look up the meaning of the hammer and sickle before you plaster it on a shirt.

    • Uh… Unity of the upper and lower class through hard work? Please tell me you’re not insinuating we’re communists. Spencer owns at least two pairs of cowboy boots. Although Winchester does drive a hybrid, hmmm…

      • I’m not insinuating you’re communists, but it is a symbol associated with communism. Your website and programming are phenomenal and have changed the lives of many people. I’ve recommended your programing to all of my crossfit friends. I appreciate what you do.

          • Meghan, I thought you’d play the sarcasm game with me. Oh well. Yes, we’re well aware of it, and no, we do not support communism (except Winchester – pinko). It’s an ode to the Soviet era Russian strength coaches that are the inspiration for much of our current program. In fact, to give credit where credit is due, our system is basically a modern, sport specific, adaptation of the original Soviet conjugate method. Not to mention, the hammer and sickle look tough.

        • You’re right, it does look tough. Anyone wearing that shirt will look tough. Strong even, like Stalin.

  14. AM – Swim
    1000×1 @ 8 breaths, 100×4 @ 4 breaths, 50×5@ 4 breaths

    A lot closer to my goal for getting the 1500m sub 30:00 during my PAST…Craig, you know what to do.

  15. I’m recovering from multiple injuries and in physical therapy so I’m scaling everything down and not focusing on numbers.

    Smolov: completed at just less than 70% of 1RM.
    Conditioning: 3 full rounds + 50m BBJ

  16. HBBS – 8 x 4 @ 270 – No Fails

    Cond – 3 Rounds + 150 (100′ Burpee Broad Jump & 50′ Lunge)

  17. Smolov – All sets done at 215lbs. Two months ago when I started Outlaw I don’t think I could have done 1 set of 4 at that weight.

    Con. – 4rds. +1 Burpee

    It’s incredible to think that this was a “light” or “easy” day. At any other point in my training on any other programming I would have been dreading this.

    Rudy, you are single handedly preparing me for the rigors of IBOLC/Ranger. You’re the man.

  18. Strength: (Skipped, yesterday was a make-up day, plan on going AHAP on squats tomorrow.)

    Conditioning: 800′ (Surprised myself on this on
    Those “Communist” shirts are pretty sweet, may try to get one if I can swing it.

  19. The Russia tees and tanks will be up on the store in a couple weeks. We need time to actually hand stitch each and every one. We will also have them at the Games. We’re also working to get more white freakin’ tanks for you guys. They are obviously a nice middle ground between the heavy burden of a full cotton tee and going all “skins” in your gym. Keep an eye here: http://www.outlawcrossfitgear.com

  20. Strength: 345 (12.5# increase) Damn that hurt
    Conditioning: Did gym WOD because it was partner workout and had an odd number in class.
    May give a go at the conditioning later.

  21. Squats: 106.5k (+2.5k) – all sets completed. Felt good.

    Conditioning: 11.1 – 6 rounds + 4 reps. Had to sub today’s for this, don’t ask!

  22. HBBS- bruised patella and tibia. Subbed light box squats (doesn’t hurt much when I don’t got below parallel. 5×5

    3 rounds + 160′

  23. Squats done at 280# (+5lbs last week)-felt better than Wednesday
    Conditioning- 566′ (yup, I measured)

  24. 1) Squats at 245# (+10 over last week).. These got pretty hard by the end.

    2) 3rds + 160ft. Wanted 4rds but just short.

  25. This is my first post here and my first time doing following the WOD. Just looking for great programming.

    Established 1 rep max back squat = 230

    I am a dumb ass noob and didn’t read the WOD that carefully and missed the ‘ so I did the 100 reps of burpees and lunges, got 127 reps so that would be like a few thousand feet I figure.

    So stupid, glad I left my feelings at home.

  26. Strength 330# (went straight into cond, just switched shoes quick. Painful.)
    Cond 995ft B.S. I suck

  27. Strength: all 8 sets at 300 lb. (up 10 lb. from last week)
    Conditioning: 4 rounds + 50 ft. burpee broad jump. (850′ total)

  28. M/27/5’11″/171#/NorCal

    Smalov 285#

    4 rounds plus 25′ of OH lunges

  29. Strength: Completed at 320#, no misses

    4 completed rounds, 75′ of burpee broad jumps
    Total: 875′

  30. Smolov HBBS:
    8×4 @ 185#
    Easy, smooth, and only a couple random sticky reps.

    Conditioning: 600′

  31. Strength:
    HBBS @ 205# 10lb jump no misses

    3+19 feet oh lounge

  32. Strength– Smolov 2/3– 325# (5# up from last week)

    Conditioning– Amrap 12
    100′ Burpee Broad Jump
    100′ Walking Lunge with 45# plate
    Score: 2 rds+ 100′ burpee broad jump

  33. Squats: 315. +10 from last week. Mood in the shitter today but still got it.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 20m.

  34. strength: 252.5 8×4. conditioning: 4 rds plus 100′ bbj. just hoped on the program

  35. HBBS- 260lbs (no jump hamstrings are insanely sore from two days ago)
    (805ft)4 rounds plus 5 feet.

  36. Strength) 91kg (80% of 105 + 7)

    Not gonna have access to a gym tomorrow so did tomorrow’s BBG)

    Max Snatch: 60kg (5kg PR)
    Max Clean and Jerk: 72kg (5kg PR)

    3 and a half rounds…. Fuck.

  37. Strength.
    Sorry (not sorry) but felt when I was warming up a constant urge to PR my Front Squat.

    20# PR.

    360# Front Squat, thank Coach.


    Around 830ft.

  38. HBBS- 197.5 8X4 Failed set 5-6 after 2nd rep. 7th and 8th set all reps again..

  39. HBBS 8X4 @ 80% – rest at least 2 minutes
    (340# +5# no misses)

    12 minute AMRAP of:

    100′ Burpee Broad Jump DEMO VIDEO
    100′ OH Walking Lunges 45/25# (plate)
    (8 rnds)

  40. Squat: 280 lbs
    Conditioning: 4 rnds plus a burpee.

    Played around with cleans as a warm up, took the idea from a couple weeks ago on here. Squats felt a lot better, for sure adding cleans into the warm up everyday.

  41. MFS: 5-7-8
    Strength: Knees feeling better but not great. Combined Wed & Fri, but dropped a little of the volume. 2x5x222.5, 3×237.5, 1x5x222.5
    12 minute AMRAP of:
    -80′ Burpee Broad Jump
    -10 Pull-ups
    -80′ OH Walking Lunges w/45/25# (plate)
    -10 Pull-ups
    3 rounds

  42. 275 Squats felt like all hell…back hurts (muscle pain) in mid back, think I may be dropping my chest and placing the load of the weight on my back??? Anyone?
    ~800 feet, was raining so I did did 2.5 times across a 40ft room…burpee broad jumps in the rain seems like a good way to split your skull

  43. 1) 8x4HbBS@200#.
    2) conditioning: 6+175 rounds. Holly smoked legs… Literally wanted to cry during OH walking lunges.

  44. Smolov:
    4 sets @300(+15) 4 sets @305(+15)

    4 rnds + 50′ of lunges

  45. Back squats at 215. Rep 4 was a little slow each time. Still not sore… Ill probably regret saying that soon.

    Different conditioning.

  46. Back Squat: 265 for 5 sets. Something in my hip felt like it was about to pull so I stopped
    I did however get an OHS PR of 200#
    Conditioning: 3 rds + 73ft of lunges

  47. Strength: @ 190#

    Conditioning: 3+50′ BBJ (only had a 25′ area to work so had to keep turning) loved this piece!

  48. Performed yesterday


    1/1/4 (Diagnosed w/ Carpal Tunnel in my left wrist. And for all of you wondering, no, I’m a rightie ;))

    HBBS: 257.5# based off 315# +5# for Week 2
    255×2; 260×4; 255×2

    920′ in pouring rain. Gotta love SE MI!!

  49. Smolo 2/3 @ 127,5 kg done, no fails

    no conditioning, feel like shit, glad to be able to walk after Smolov

  50. HBBS 8×4 @80% – 245#

    For conditioning I did
    200 m run up stairs with 45# plate
    5 tire flips
    10 elevated push-ups
    15 wall balls 20#

  51. Smolov 2/3 8×4 @80% (#165- up 10 from last week)

    12 min AMRAP
    100′ broad jump burpees
    100′ OH plate lunge #25
    Complete 4 rds + 40′ burpees
    Traps kept cramping- struggle with keeping plate up; legs were gassed too.

  52. 265

    1 round plus 50′ walking lunge

    Wrist roller 75/45

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  53. Finally, a workout I could do as rx’d…

    Strength: 255
    Cond: 2.5 rds
    + 3 rds of HIIT on airdyne.

    Coach: I’m going camping for 4 days…should I bring barbells with me or just plan on not doing the rx’d workouts? 🙂

  54. Smolov : 8×4 @ 300#

    Conditioning : 650′

    Felt fast and strong on the squats. Conditioning slapped me good, result of a really crappy diet over the weekend.

  55. After 3 unplanned days off. -_-

    3 rounds + 50′ broad jumps

    FML… My legs

  56. HBBS – 8x4x85kg (+2,5kg) – harder then yesterday, hamstrings are smashed

    Cond – 3 rounds and the burpees of round 4, had 20 sec. left, but wasn’t able to convince myself of picking the plate up again

    MFS – 363 – actually feel a lot better then yesterday in general, might be the lower volume. looking forward to the rest day tomorrow

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