>We coaches at Outlaw Industries are always watching the comments for questions that become a trend. Sometimes, when they are completely idiotic, we let LGA loose on you. Sometimes, however, they are good questions that we try to find solutions for. Today, in a moment of boredom between lifts, I let my ADD run wild, and came up with an easy/cheap solution for those of you who don’t have access to a GHD for GH raises. This is not a re-invention of the wheel or anything, but as you’ll see on the face of our demo girl – it gets the job done.

WOD 130627:

Rest day.

31 thoughts on “130627

  1. Cool idea, I usually just prop the back of a low back extension oh two 45 bumpers , works pretty well

  2. Legend makes a ground based GHD that you can use with a partner or without. Without in my opinion is actually harder and forces you to incorporate calves as well. I have both (regular & ground) Ghd and I get more work in hams from ground based. They are < $250.

  3. I’m improvising the handle of my spinning bike and the feet engaged in under seat or something like that!

  4. Alright now for a real question, what is usually a good ratio of power movement to full movement. For instance my max snatch is 196 and I power snatched 165. Is that good/bad/normal. Any thoughts coach?

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