>Finally, the “Everything is Everything” shirts are available in the Outlaw Gear Store. They are available in every size, and a whole lot of colors—there’s even a few “summer-y” colors (I can’t believe I just typed that). Go grab one and you can be just like Dan Tyminski, except quieter.



>Today Daniel Tyminski hit a 325# Power Clean & Push Jerk. He explained to me that it was a demonstration of “raw strength and power”. I explained to him that I agreed with that, however, it was the “ugliest lift I’d ever seen”. I do think that Dan has perhaps revolutionized the world of lifting with his brand new “(do the) Splits Clean”. No, I do not recommend trying this technique… Unless you’re a male cheerleader.

Daniel Tymniski – 325# Power Clean & Push Jerk (shhhhh… we know it’s hideous):

WOD 130622:


Smolov 1/4 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 10X3 @ 85% – rest at least 2 minutes


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 Minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


30 Bar Muscle-Ups for time, with a 5 Burpee buy-in EMOM beginning when the clock starts.

206 thoughts on “130622

  1. Love the shirts, want to get one. Quick question, do the sizes run big or small? 205 lb. male trying to figure out if I need an L or XL.


    • I would say the tanks fit just about right… I ordered my normal size and its tight enough that I wouldnt wanna shrink it…but also fits well enough that Im prolly not gonna be running it through the dryer… at least not with heat So needless to say the sizes are the same as any of the american apparel fitted shirts… Its that nice soft stretchy material

    • I got mine a couple of days ago. I’m 5’11” 195# and I got an XL. I like my shirts to fit a little loose, not the tight fit. They are the same fit as the rogue 50/50 shirts if you’ve got one.

  2. The shirts are sweet, but my homie says I can’t wear one unless I snatch #200 #damnitman does anyone else have this problem¿

  3. The camisetas are badass! I’m gonna have to get me one. Smalov Jr. is kicking my arse!

  4. Yeah today sucked.

    Strength. Only made it through 9 sets I physically couldn’t do set 10

    – 345#

    1. This was horrible.. After the squats only power snatched up to 195# (45# off PR)

    2. Didn’t do I knew if I did I would injur myself.


    This I was okay with. Shouldn’t be too happy I only weigh 160. Need to find the groove again with snatching..

  5. Is there a recommended tempo for the squats? Been trying to do 30×1 but falling apart in the late rounds and spending more time up top (trying to hold back tears, etc.)

      • Guessing he/she means 30 seconds per squat… pacing them out. Seems like a lot of time to be standing under load. CNS probably being taxed more than necessary. Looked at Rudy’s FB post from today, he’s pulling about 2 seconds between reps… Hope that’s what you meant, had to Facebook stalk the coach to answer!

      • on second glance this seems like opt or invictus style tempo. 3 secs down, 0 in the bottom, explode up, rest 1 second? If that’s the case the down/up is fine just rest however the hell long you need to at the top to make it through.

  6. Badass video.

    I mean 3 count down, no pause & explode out of the bottom, one count up top.

  7. Question…I have a competition tomorrow so I did’t do Wednesday’s HBBS because I was still so sore from Monday and I didn’t want to be too sore for Saturday’s comp and I didn’t do today’s and won’t do tomorrows. Should I make up tomorrow’s on Sunday? Or should I just start over on Monday with this week’s HBBS? Or should I just pick up Monday with what is programmed and continued on? I’m really wanting to benefit from Smolov and this competition has be all messed up.

    • When you follow a receipie do you skip ingredients because you don’t have any? Or cut its cooking time because you can’t wait? Then why would you do it with Smolov? This program is designed to be followed as is, not for you to puss out on it. Too sore…. Who says that?

    • Something is going to suffer here but it is your choice which one – squat program or competition. You can’t do both at 50% and get 100% of the results. Decide which one you want to prioritize and do what you can with the other. It’s all just exercise. You can do any squat program at anytime, doesn’t matter if its on this blog, but if you want to commit…commit.

  8. I do the same clean about 10 pounds lighter….its sad how happy I am to see a competitor doing the same thing as me haha. Its easier than a squat clean, and stronger than a power clean. If im feeling good tomorrow I’ll post a vid of my terrible clean movement.

  9. Back squat) 147.5kg

    Snatch) 110kg

    C&J) failed 140kg twice at the same point; coming out of the hole and hitting that sticking point. Legs are definitely looking forward to a rest!

    Cond) 7:44, massive goat for me. Brake down was 8/4/4/4/3/3/2/2. Was tired at all, just hit lactic and couldn’t string any longer sets.

    Starting to lean up a little now so that should help the gymnastics a bit.

  10. Back Squat) 120kg… was tough..

    Snatch) couldnt get under anything over 85kg today
    C&J) worse than snatch, made 100kg, then couldnt stand up with anything else

    Cond) 7:43.. waaay harder than I thought it would be.. I though i would have this in 3min or less.. those burpees really creep up on you… damn!

  11. Squats: all at 250# ATG got tough quick, but all smooth

    Snatch: 165# (+/-0) tried 170, but was about an inch short on the pull
    C/J 205# (-30) cleaned 225# lost it on the Jerk. Had arms locked, but couldn’t stand it up

    Cond: Done on rings… that sucked 8:43
    M/F/S: 2/7/3


  12. Starting back to the program with the last testing day tomorrow, after one week off due to a ankle injury.
    So much looking forward to start the squatting cycle one week behind!

  13. Strength
    2)#230 PR up #10 from 1June


  14. HBBS@255#…first time wearing belt, went smooth, tough, but smooth.
    Snatch:165# (current 1RM) this was smooth, I think I missed 170# because I mindfucked myself.
    C&J: 195#, highest clean 215# (both current 1RM) Again, really psyched myself out.
    Had to leave the gym and do ring Muscle-Ups…DNF’d at 13.

  15. HBBS @ 300 for 10×3 – No misses. Was tought to convince myself to get out of bed at 4:45 this morning knowing this was waiting for me. Ready for a rest day tomorrow.

    Snatch – 195lb – PR is 205, didnt feel like I had that in me today after squats

    C&J – 255lb – ties PR

    Cond – 6:58 on the rings. Ouch.

    Body is toast from all the heavy lifting this week. Ready for a day of rest and relaxation tomorrow.

  16. M/37/210
    -HBBS 10×3 @ 340 no misses
    -Snatch 185(-20) but up 10 from last time we squatted then snatched.
    -Clean and Jerk 255(-30) but also up 10 from last time we squat first.
    – No metcon yet, had Dada duty this AM. Hopefully can get after it during nap time this afternoon.
    Now off to breakfast Buffett with an 11 month old and a 3 year old:) that’s how papa rolls!!!

    • Also much thanks to Nucks for squatting at 5am on a Saturday with me, would have been easy to puss out this am.

  17. Did 10×3@250 before headed out to take son camping, didn’t have time for anything else. Back Squat getting tough!

  18. Strength: 127,5 kg
    1) 70 kg, twisted my ancle at 75 kg and had to stop working out 🙁

  19. Strength- 215 went good
    BBG- Snatch 145 155F
    BBG-Clean (saving shoulder) 175 190F
    Cond- 10MU 6 mins complete muscle failure.

  20. Strength: 132kg

    Snatch: 87kg (2kg PR)
    Clean and jerk: could not stand up with 110kg (got 105, and pr is 110kg)

    Cond: 6:44 Dip was very hard, can feel i have gained alot of BW

  21. strength:

    1) Snatch: 170# (20# of PR of 190#)
    2) Clean and Jerk: 235# (tied PR)


  22. Squats – 10 X 3 @ 335lb done with no misses

    1) 185 snatch.. 40 under PR
    2) skipped

    Cond) DNF, palm ripped open on 18/30 during minute 4.

  23. Strength

    Worked to 215 (75%) then had to rack weights and get out of the classes way.

    Did 1 set of 4 (pr) real quick before doing the class with my wife for her first time.

  24. HBBS at 250
    Worst shit ever

    1) 165
    2) quit, was blacking out CNS was fried

    Gym workout, did some BMUs afterward. Also Front Squat test for end of 5-week Catalyst cycle. 280, +15. I need like eighteen steaks right now.

  25. Smolov –


    Bbg –

    Snatch – 275
    Did power clean push jerk because – 295

    Cnd – 3:38 im a fat ass lol

  26. Strength) 90kg based off 105kg max

    Snatch: 47kg (got 50 overhead but had to press it after getting under so no rep)

    Clean and Jerk: 65kg (barely missed jerk at 70kg)

    This was my first time maxing both of these lifts and I’m at 68.9kg bodyweight so I’m pretty satisfied considering Smolov.

    Different Conditioning)
    Box Jumps 30″
    Russian Twists 20#
    KB Swings 53#
    Time: 11:23

  27. are people really putting no misses and shit for the squats? this is wave 1 dog. if you are missing already you’re gonna be fucked by wave 2 and 3.

  28. 10×3 at 305#
    155# snatch
    215# c&j
    Transition on muscle ups is causing shoulder pain that I’m not getting no the snatch or the jerk. Suggestions?

  29. Strength – 260 (7 sets, missed 3rd rep on the 7th), 255 missed last rep. Made up missed with 1 set of 2 at 255.

    1) 165
    2) 205

    Conditioning – 6:30

  30. Strength: 275#, 275(2)(f), 265 remaining sets
    Snatch: 165#
    C&J: 215#

    Cond: 4:54, scaled to jumping MU

  31. Strength
    1) 275, 275, 275, 275, 275, 275 (2), 265 (2), 245, 255, 265
    started to miss, mindfuck, dropped back down to reset and work back up

    1) 155 <–3rd Pull = trash
    2) 255 focused on speed under the bar only thing that made this possible

    Not done…
    Still working on rebuilding biceps and lats after rhabdo so strict pull ups and hi-pulls

  32. Strength:
    175# no fails

    1. 120#
    2. 155#

    Couldn’t even do a bar MU before starting outlaw in December and have barely done them since I got one…I’m ok with this…

  33. Smolov made me use 318 for 10 x 3.

    Pr’ed snatch at 210.

    Clean and jerk was a joke. 245 no big deal, 265 wasn’t there.

    WOD was 7:41.

    I need a nap and a good cry.

  34. STR: 10×3 @ #385
    COND: 8:44, I had nothing today..
    BBG: Skipped b/c the University was holding an L1 Cert this weekend.

  35. 1)HBBS @ 327. No misses
    2) conditioning 4:48. got 12 bar mu in first round then hit the wall hard
    Bbg later

  36. Strength: 317.5. I was scared to go higher. No misses.

    1) 215 – 15 off PR. True 235 a few times but missed. Even stuck there a few weeks now.
    2) 245 – 30 off PR. FRIED. Couldn’t get under 265, not even close. Missed it twice.

    Conditioning: 7:50

  37. HHBS @ 325#
    1) 205# (20 under PR)
    2) 235# (40 under PR)
    Conditioning- 10:55 Rx


  38. BS-270 (rounded up a couple lbs) last set felt like I went up 50lbs.
    Snatch -5 from pr, 165 after two failed attempts
    Clean and jerk push press double clutch spasm- 185lbs. That’s 30 less than my usuall pr for C&Jppdcs.

    Cond: put burpees back on the shelf after minute three, 8:58 for the work.

  39. 265#
    1) worked on form, sucks
    2) 215#
    had to skip conditioning to help a friend move

  40. M/27/5’11″/170/NorCal

    Strength – Smolov = 290#

    SnAtch = 205#
    C&J = 255#

    6:13 I ripped right off the bat.

  41. Squats – 213
    Snatch – 133
    C&J – 153

    Cond – 8:00 even. Torn up hands didn’t help my cause on this.

  42. HBBS – 250#
    Snatch 170# (PR fucking finally)
    C&J 175# (40# off PR)
    Conditioning Fucking 15:56

    m/f/s 3/7/4

  43. Strength:
    @335 no misses

    -snatch 205, 30 under PR
    -clean&jerk (later today, no time)

    -12:35 (weakness of mine, was doing single)

  44. Strength: First 6 @ 210# last 4 @ 205#. (Took.everything I had just to finish that.)

    Skipped tday, felt like I would have done more harm than good. Elbows still have a little pain in them.
    Did our gyms WOD just to compete with them, It was Annie: Pr’d by 3 seconds at 5:56.

  45. Smolov: all sets @305 lb.
    BBG: 15 min snatch- 215 lb.
    15 min C&J- 250 lb
    Cond: 7:57- another weakness exposed.

  46. HBBS: 10×3 @ 185

    Snatch: 125
    C&J: No Time

    Yesterday’s KB Snatch- 109 reps

  47. Strength:
    225 (-25)
    295 (-22)
    DNF, I cutoff 20 reps at 10:00. Muscle ups are definitely a chink in the armor as you people say around here. However this was the most I was able to do since switching from false to regular grip. It did feel better. One day I will finish the 30 reps MU workout.

    on a more numbers driven note, I squatted over 43,000 lbs this week. Definitely a new pr.

  48. Squat: 385 – The weight is starting to get a little heavy now. Good stuff.
    Snatch: 225 (tied-PR)
    C&J: 275 -20# Legs were Jell-o so couldn’t get under the weight
    Metcon – 4:00 even.

  49. Squat 385#

    Snatch 205#

    CJ 285# cleaned 295# failed jerk, Jrk was feeling off today

    conditioning 6:49

  50. Squat – 232.5, all good
    Snatch – Failed a thousand times at 175 (-20#)
    C&J – Decided to just go home after 175 (-45#)
    My body is fried.

  51. HBBS-205 No Fails
    Snatch 155 (10lb PR)
    C+J- 195
    Cond- Only did 20….forgot to look at the clock Guessing between 8-9 mins

  52. Squats @190 no misses
    Snatch up to 115 (as soon as I hit this I panic and start split snatching… Don’t know why)
    Clean and jerk up 145
    Both were 5 lbs heavier than Wednesday
    Had to use band for muscle ups
    27 in 15 min.
    Hard day

  53. Squats @135# – not 85%
    Snatch – 115, 20 off PR
    Clean and jerk -155, 20 off PR
    Got 5 in 15 min. First one ever on Tues. Lots of attempts…

  54. Strength
    Squats w/260#

    Snatch to 70 (ties PR)
    C&J to 87.5

    subbed in 30 C2B and 30 HSPU
    12:33…Burpees fucked me up good here.

  55. Smolov 1/4 10×3 @ 280 done

    Did a local partner comp today
    1RM snatch in competition was 205 (-10# pr) failed 215×3

  56. squats 325
    snatch 195, 5#PR, amazed that i got that after all that squatting
    c+j 235, matched PR, legs getting shaky, figuring out whats wrong with my jerk, now its just a matter of fixing it and doing it well under load

    whole thing was one at a time, does anybody have any tips or good tutorial videos on stringing these together?

  57. Strength
    1) 3×10 @ 250. These sucked but no misses.

    1) Snatch up to 135 (-30#)
    2) C/J- one or two at 135 and just quit there. Was totally smoked at this point.

    Made it through 17 in 4 minutes and then just laid down on the gym floor. Had nothing left.

    5/8/2.. Didn’t get a lot of sleep and just felt spent after the back squats. Looking forward to the rest day.

  58. M/17/155#

    1) 245#
    1) 170# (ties PR)
    2) 205# (legs were like jello trying to squat up the weight
    No place to do muscle ups, so subbed 60 pullups and 60 dips

  59. Strength- 292# (off 345#)
    1) Snatch 200#
    2) C&J 241#
    Got 26 by 10 mins.. Ripped 4 callus, called it..

  60. Smolov: 275 for four sets, 265 for six. Off 315. No time for everything else…

  61. 1) 10×3 @ 300#
    2) snatch: 200#
    c&j: 230# cleaned 250 but couldn’t get the
    Super wiped from the squats so I wasn’t expecting too much
    3) 4:50

  62. strength done at 365#
    1) 210
    2) 275 missed jerk at 290 would have been a pr

  63. M/37/210
    So did the metcon. Took me for fukn ever. At least > 20 min, my iPhone actually quit in the middle because of elevated temp. Got to love El Paso in June. Glad I got it in though. Almost vaginad out. Lost of miss reps, but towards end was able to get the head over belly to bar fast, so actually became less taxing at end. Also switched my grip to a regular thumb around bar like regularly pull-up, was able to generate a greater swing and kip.

  64. HBBS – 140KG (I will probably get yelled at for this but I have not 1RM’ed my back squat in a long time and this is going off of 360#, which probably is a little less than a true 1RM, however I have never been comfortable with back squat after hurting myself when i was very inexperienced back in college)

    Snatch – 105KG
    C/J – 140KG

  65. 290#

    190# ( 5# PR)
    145# (failed on 155#) no pr

    3:32…….should have had a sub 3 but hand tore.

  66. 1) 250# no misses
    2) 155, 165f
    3) 215, 225 cleaned but failed on the jerk

    Today I got my first muscle up ever and it was in the bar. Started the workout with RX but scaled after 3 muscle ups and went to jumping muscle ups 13:58

  67. Did oly comp today. Went 5/6 – 101/132

    Did squats after. 290. Woof.

    Btw, Chris Stowe is a beast! (Nice meeting on you)


  68. Strength) 10×3 295lb. Challenging towards the end but fun!

    Snatch: 175lb
    C&J: 225lb
    No PR’s

    5:52. Broken into sets of 10/5/5/4/4/2. Disappointed not to hold onto 5’s but tech felt good otherwise!

  69. Smolov 1/4
    HBBS 3×10 @ 85% (270) [x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x]

    1) nope
    2) nope

    [600×1, 300×1, 100×4, 50×4, 150×1]
    < 34:00 including rest

  70. Strength:
    1.) 265

    1.) 215~89%
    2.) 260~90%

    2:52 ~ 15 – 9 – 6 on MU

  71. Strength
    -425 (one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do)
    1) Worked up to 275
    2) worked up to 335
    DNF at 27…had 3 left to go and just didn’t have anything left, tough day, tough week, first DNF ever.

  72. Strength: 125#

    (1) 1RM Snatch: 90# (tied PR)
    (2) 1RM C&J: 115# (-5#)

    No muscle up yet, so 2 ring rows + transition and dip (counted as 1) with 5 burpees EMOM

  73. Strength: 280#..10×3. Felt solid all the way through.
    Snatch: 190#.. 5# PR!!
    C&J: 235#, cleaned 245# easily but need to work on jerk. Tied last 1RM attempt.

    Conditioning: 4:32

  74. Squats:215
    1)155 still current pr feels light until I go for 160
    2)195 same story with 200
    Conditioning: forced to mow the lawn instead

  75. Strength: 265 Missed 4 set at 2 reps and 9 sets at 2.5 reps
    Cond: 6 Flat but had to stop at about 3:30 to tape a big as fuck tear would have finished in 4 other wise

  76. HBBS 265#-was supposed to be 260 but did the math wrong, kinda what happens when you train at 4am.

    Snatch-115 (still working tecnhique)
    C&J-175 (-20)

    can’t do muscle ups so did C2B and Dips instead-7:00

  77. Strength: 260x10x3
    1) 135
    Feel myself getting stronger, but after the squats my BBG felt a little off.

  78. Strength:
    Modified-EMOM for 10 min: 5 burpees 1 bar muscle up

  79. Smolov 1/4
    Hbbs at 310# 10×3

    1rm snatch 200# last 2 reps felt awful
    1rm clean and jerk 270#

    Conditioning to be done… Lack of Time this afternoon

  80. 1) HBBS 10×3 @195lbs.
    I was actually scared to do these but it went much easier than yesterday even though I had weighlifting class in the morning.

    2) Snatch up to 120lbs (-5lbs to PR)
    3) Clean and jerk up to 155lbs (-10lbs to PR)

    Conditioning: 11:37min and destroyed palms….Glad to have tday off tomorrow 😀

  81. Lifted in meet today at 92kg body weight.

    Snatch 124kg (272#)
    C&J 147 (323#)

    272 total – 6 kilos off American Open qualifier

    Squats and Conditioning tomorrow.

  82. Smolov 1/4-280
    C&J- 225- lifting conservatively due to recovering wrist injury.
    This workout plays exactly to my strengths

  83. Smolov – 240lbs
    Snatch – 145lbs (Hit my old PR, but no more)
    C&J – 190lbs couldn’t hit my PR, CNS felt fried at this point

    Not able to do muscle ups on the bar yet. Practiced technique instead. Did get my first strict ring muscle up today.

  84. Str: Dont follow, just finished the 13week Smolov on friday.

    Bbg: 80kg snatch, 115kg clean no jerk. Dont know why.

    Cond: didnt have time

  85. Strength: 115kg – couldn’t finish the ten hamstrings smoked

    Snatch: 80kg – ready to go heavier
    C&J: 107kg PR

    Muscle ups: 7:39

  86. 55#

    1) Snatch: 135# (PR of 155#)
    2) Clean and Jerk: 185# (PR 205#)

    Conditioning: I got my first bar muscle up yesterday

  87. Dunno if I can call what I did today outlaw…
    Squats 209 for first 4 sets. Had to drop to 198 cause I couldn’t bounce out of bottom.
    Snatch 120 (30 under)
    C&j 165 ( tie)
    Cond stopped on rep 13 cause of rip. was only getting 2 bar mu’s/min anyways.
    I’m smoked

  88. Strength – 221.5#
    Snatch 160.5#
    Clean & jerk – 205#
    DNF on conditioning, 15 attempts, work in progress on bar muscle ups. Tricky things

  89. Making progress for an old guy! HBBS 240#, PR Snatch @ 155, 15# under PR on C&J @195 (barely, felt smoked today!). Shamefully, conditioning was 19:54. In my defense, I’ve never done a bar muscle-up before this workout. What a way to start! Baptism by fire! Better next time. Bring it on.

  90. Lifted in my first meet today:

    Went 6/6 on my attempts
    Snatch – 115 kg (253 lbs – 3 pound PR)
    C&J – 151 kg (332 lbs – 2 pound PR)

    Total – 266

    Was hoping to do the squats and conditioning afterwards, but the road trip back from the meet took longer than expected.

      • I weighed in at 87 kg.

        Didn’t try and make weight because it was my first meet and I wanted to see what it was all about. The next local meet is in August and I will definitely be shooting to lift in the 85kg class.

    • Here’s the videos of the lifts. The Jerk is quite comedic:


      Clean and Jerk plus dancing jig:

  91. Strength: 210#
    had a couple fails on 3rd rep in later sets.

    Did a WOD to practice for an upcoming competition.

    MFS 2/3/3

  92. Strength: 265#
    Snatch: 145 (PR 160)
    C & J: 160 (PR 200) ran out of time
    Conditioning: can’t do MUs, did PUs and dips

    Anyone else get upset when someone you’re not working out with walks between lifts across the platflorm you’re using? Think its a superstitious thing with me.

  93. S: 295#
    1) 155#
    2) got up to 175# (called away to fulfill husbandly duties)

  94. Squats at 310#…check

    Worked up to 175# snatch
    Worked up to 225# clean and jerk

    Conditioning: 7:50

  95. Smolov done on Sunday 127,5 kg no misses
    no snatch and C&J and conditioning
    Saturday: Strongman Swiss Cup at CrossFit Basel
    Appollo, Axle, Atlas Stones, Powler and Hexbar-DL
    KB-Snatch-Test done in Sunday: 126 reps 65r/61l

  96. Strength:
    1) Off 310 (265)
    -Happy to make it through these today, strict weekend diet of beer and tequila.

  97. Strength:
    Done at 275. Ouch.
    1. 195#, 10 below PR
    2. 205#, terrible. Trying to catch 225 in the hole just wasn’t happening.

    Did sets of 5 the whole way through until the last minute, where I did 3-1-1.

  98. Strength: all done @ 127.5kg.

    1. Hit 72.5kg
    2. Hit 100kg

    Conditioning: skipped – did my gym regular metcon

  99. Strength:
    HBBS @ 180#- No fails
    modified for technique improvements- every 30 sec for 5min
    1) 1 Snatch(full) @ 95#
    2) 1 Clean(full) @125#

    7:20 with gr/bl bands (1st time for bar muscle-ups) completely ripped at #17 but finished anyways.

  100. Strength:
    275lbs failed on 3rd rep 8th set then went down to 270 for last two.
    (Was at a crossfit level 1 certificate course all day so… didn’t do the rest).

  101. F//5’0/122
    1) Strength: 200# (No Fails)
    2) Snatch #115 (10lb under PR)
    3) C&J – 155# (PR Match)
    Conditioning – 11:26, but was sharing a speal bar, could have done a couple minutes faster if not.

  102. I do Presses and Pulls every day. Squats and other exercises when I feel like it or when necessary.

    I do these exercises to work on my basic (foundational) strength… and to address crossfit, I think after the World championships I will have time for that.
    Watch out Rich dimitry Klocov coming after you

  103. Wife is headed to San Antonio for next three days. Somehow convinced her to join me for Smolov cycle. 😀

    Just wondering if there are any Outlaw friendly boxes
    or gyms near the River Walk. She’s trying her best to stay on program schedule.

    Thanks in advance.

  104. Strength– 1/4 smolov- 340

    BBG– snatch 225 (straps) C&J 245 (hands chewed up)

    Conditioning– 30 bar muscle ups starting every min including the first with 5 burpees 2:56

  105. HBBS: 10×3 @ 340. Smolov can suck a dick!

    Snatch: 225. 15# off tying a PR
    Clean and Jerk: 275. 15# off tying PR

    Conditioning – 4:49. Should have been closer to a minute under this. Rested too much on first minute after 9 straight.

  106. 1. HBBS @ 315, tough but made it
    2. Snatch: only got up to 155# via hang power snatch, knee bothering me
    3. Clean 225# and not pretty
    Conditioning: Nope

  107. HBBS 68kg
    Snatch 67.5kg
    C&J 70kg (failed to lock out 77.5kg jerk)
    Conditioner 24 reps in 12 mins (started to rip and don’t want torn hands for comp this weekend)

  108. Strength:
    305# (only made 2/3 on sets 7&9, and 1/3 on set 10)

    1) 190 (-45)
    2) 225 (-40)

    5:37 (11/4/5/5/2/3)

  109. 1 – Done at 310#. Hot Damn
    2 – 190, 3 misses at 205, all behind. I’ll take tht considering the squats…
    3 – 260# – miss at 275
    4 – 4:53 RX

  110. Squat – 245
    Snatch – 170 (+15 PR)
    C&J – shoulders fried
    Conditioning – subbed a strict dip, pull-up, burpee routine. 12 mins

  111. Strength: 10×3 HBBS @ 255# (last couple sets were heavy)
    Conditioning: got to 20 bar muscle ups @ 3:26 and felt a tweak in my shoulder, thought better to call it early than risk something bigger.

  112. Smolov: 175#
    1. 125#, caught 135 and then lost balance. So Close!
    2. 155#, caught 165 in the bottom, as usual.
    4:45, subbed chest 2 bar pullups.
    Getting close to getting my first bar MU

  113. SMOLOV 1/4: 10 x 3 @ 250
    BBG: Did not PR
    Conditioning: 20 Bar MUs at the end of 2 mins. I did the 5 burpees at the top of the 3rd min. Looked down and my whold palm was ripped. Could not, in all good conscious, continue.

  114. Smolov: HBBS done @ 310#.

    1RM Snatch 195# (-5)
    1RM C&J 255# (-20)

    18:54 RX’d.

    Not even going to pull the “just came from a shoulder injury” card on this one. This used to be one of my movement strengths, and now a goat. Been months since I last did any/worked on it and technique was just terrible overall. Need to work on mobility and hit this again when I can.

    Overall just glad to get that done after 2 days of rest, bad quality sleep and a handful of cheat meals. System has been cleaned!

  115. 1) 10 sets of 3 @ 190#, took about 28 minutes
    2) 125#
    3) 175#
    Ripped hands, did gym WOD instead (no hand-related movements)

  116. Strength

    Done @ 260#


    Snatch 190#(5lb PR)

    C&J 200#(5lb PR)


    Impressed that I was able to complete it. Haven’t done that much Bar MU work before

  117. HBBS @150#
    1RM snatch @ 155#
    1RM Clean and Jerk @ 215#

    For conditioning I did my boxes WOD
    Deadlift at 225#

  118. Smolov –


    Bbg –

    Snatch – 235 – 240(f)
    Clean and Jerk – 270 – 280(f) had no legs

    Cnd –
    6:55 – Rings

  119. HBBS – 10x3x87,5kg – done, could have been easier – will go up 2,5kg next week!
    1RM snatch – 55kg – (PR-2,5kg)
    1RM clean&jerk – 70kg (PR-7,5kg)

    Cond: 8:28, AUTSCHI in my shoulders

  120. m/34/5’8″/175lb
    HBBS – 10×3@85% 260#
    BBG- skipped
    Cond- 30 ring MU for time – 12:39 (left bicep/shoulder was giving me fits)

  121. (Sunday June 30)

    Strength – 5X3 @ 255#
    No BBG.
    Cond – 20 reps in 10:45 (ring MU)

    Did not have it today. Squat were a bear, hamstrings were super tight. Called it on the conditioning at 20 reps because I was struggling to get 2 MU per minute by that point.

  122. Str: 10x3x330# (150kg)
    bbg1: 210#
    bbg2: 260#

    Cond: Did Grace- 3:13… Hit the halfway mark and was SMOKED. I’m an Oly lifter, so anything above 5 reps in the lifts is high rep for me.
    Was happy with the Oly lifts (only about 15-20lbs of my PR’s in both lifts) and that was after tons of squats yesterday and today… Feeling good

  123. Smolov- 10×3 @ 250
    1a) 135
    1b) 165 (wrists kept giving out)

    Conditioning- 9:37

  124. Snatch – 165 – missed 3 reps but made them up to get to 7
    HBBS – 205
    Conditioning – 16:50

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