>I don’t really feel like writing today. Mostly because I’ve spent the best portion of my waking hours trying to mind-f**k myself into going to the gym and squatting. If you’re feeling the same trepidation I am, I’ve posted a couple videos that may help. The first one was sent to me by my British buddy Mike Holmes. Even though I normally don’t watch stuff like this, this one actually gave me the lulz. The second is the Caleb Williams squat that I have referenced at many of our camps. It is 722# at a BW of 148.5#, and I believe Caleb was 19 years old at the time. The third… Well, it’s just plain ridiculous.

WOD 130620:

Rest day.

21 thoughts on “130620

  1. hahaha, was wondering about your thoughts on Rip’s low bar vs high bar theory… Question answered… my poor lonely abductors :*(

  2. I can’t remember looking forward to a rest day like I am right now. I feel like I won something.

  3. Double expresso + Birdman + watching videos of dudes making my PRs look like warm up form work = motivation!

    • Stef, the “Snatch Warmup” is warmup for everything by Snatching. All of our regional competitors warmed up for every event by snatching 3-5 sets of 3 from a hi-hang @ 50-70%. Dan Tyminski suggested this and it worked very well.

  4. Luz’d at that video…still trying to unfuck my squat from the Rippetoe low bar.

  5. Correct if I am wrong, but it looks like that the HBBS has a much higher sticky point than the low bar.

  6. Since that video, Pat Mendes was kicked out of usaw for peds. It’s still an incredible feat, but people should know that it was “assisted”.

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