>After multiple discussions with Coach Pendlay about what he thinks is the biggest weakness with CrossFitters, and novice lifters in general, I have decided to focus the first 16 weeks of our off-season template on the single most important movement in all of strength training…the Squat. We will start with the 4 week Junior version of the world’s most feared Squat program, Smolov. Then, after a week to de-load and re-test, we’ll move on to an old Outlaw favorite, the Hatch Program.

While discussing this topic with Coach, and Travis Cooper (currently the number one ranked lifter in America), and seeing Travis both Squat 245kg (539#) for five reps last week, and PR his total at 350kg on Friday, I am convinced that adding strength to the Squat is the best way to add to all lifting numbers. This is especially true when considering most of our athletes have lifting numbers that are completely out of proportion when compared to their relatively low Squat numbers. The fact that we have almost no 450/275# plus squatters (in fact, we don’t have many above 400/250#—especially with the high bar), but have multiple athletes with 330/220# plus Clean & Jerks, is something that Travis called “really weird”. Even Spencer “The Machinist” Arnold, at a rail thin 155# BW, has pushed his Squat to almost three times bodyweight, and his lifts have risen almost every time his Squat has.

Our sport is one that rewards gains in overall strength with gains in overall capacity. The Squat is the most basic and useful tool for strength development. If you disagree with this notion, or think that there is a “too strong”, first watch this—which was a full year ago, then click here and see what kind of capacity squatting strength can give you.

There will be some tweaks to the template to fit the overall volume of the programs, but the majority of the daily work will remain the same. For the Smolov Jr. portion of the cycle (the first three weeks), our Weightlifting (BBG) volume will be paired back slightly. For the entire cycle (16 weeks), our conditioning pieces will show the most overall change, as they will focus more on gymnastics, calisthenics, and general aerobic capacity work.

Side note: No, you should not try to eat 14,000 calories a day, and “get big” before the next competition season. Let your body tell you when to add more fuel, if you need to at all.


>This weekend I had the pleasure of taking some of the kids from Team Outlaw down south to train with Team MDUSA. While we were there we had the opportunity to bring everyone in and record an episode for Coach’s podcast. It’s long, but gives you guys the opportunity to get to know the Team a little better, and get a lot of insight into our prep for the Games.

Click Here to listen to Team Outlaw on The Weightlifting Scoop.

WOD 130617:


7X1 Snatch + 3 Snatch Grip Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 seconds


Smolov 1/1 – Click Here for Smolov Calculator

HBBS 6X6 @ 70% – rest at least 2 minutes


15 rounds for total calories of:

30 seconds ME Airdyne or Row for Calories
90 seconds Active Recovery (AD or Row) @ 55-65% RPE

*Notes: Airdyne is the preference. During each 90 second recovery interval try to record the exact same caloric total, but make sure you allow for a true max effort interval after. Yes, this is a 30 minute piece.

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  1. 1) this looks awesome

    2) what are some of you guys doing for warm ups? I’m finding myself doing less and less general warm up stuff and just jumping into my first movement with an unweighted bar.

  2. Heads up for anyone having issues with the Smolov Calculator. The numbers weren’t populating with firefox, I had to switch to internet explorer.

  3. I don’t have a rower or an airdyne. Any suggestions on how to sub? Maybe sumo high pull?

  4. Should I use my most recent 1RM for HBBS even if it is 25# less than my PR? My PR was a couple months ago but last week in testing I didn’t reach it. Thanks for your advice.

    • You use your current 1RM, not all time PR for obvious reasons. The percentages are based on what you currently do. Very few lifters in the course of their career don’t have an injury or setback that causes their lifts to go down. For example, my squat went down a whopping 40# since the last squat cycle due to some minor injuries. I would not survive this cycle if I tried to use my PR from 4 months ago.

  5. This is excellent news.
    I started the full version of Smolov for my FS on April 15th and finished the base meso-cycle on May 25th with a 25# PR~300#.
    As my numbers were/are very skewed towards the S(240#) and C&J(275#) and the fact that my FS PR had become my C&J PR I decided I needed to put more emphasis on the FS.
    I did this by shoehorning Smolov in instead of OW prescribed squat work.
    While it obviously did the job of increasing my FS, I did not know how to adjust the rest of the volume accordingly and as such my fatigue levels started to max out and weightlifting work towards the end started to feel very taxing at just 80%.
    Long story short I am psyched that Rudy is melding this into his programming. After listening to Pendlay say that it is very abnormal for a lifters Snatch to be above 70% of his squat and mine being at 76% ~ 240#S vs 315#BS ~ I knew something had to change.
    All I can say is get ready for mobility and recovery.
    As always thanks for the programming Rudy.

  6. Hell yea!
    Really excited for this cycle because I grew up lifting at spectrum fitness center training speed and strength with Coach Hatch!
    His squat programs were always nasty!!!
    Glad to know others around the Crossfit world know who he is because most I speak to do not.
    Btw just want to say thanks to Rudy for all the programming etc. Been fallowing for about 6 months all together now and the gains are amazing!
    Looking forward to this cycle!!!!

  7. Coach, is 2.5 the increment you want us to go with on Smolov? Just making sure

      • Guys, it really doesn’t matter. If you have the incremental plates to be accurate, be accurate. If not, you’re not going to ruin the cycle if you have to put 1.365566666# too much or too little on the bar.

        • No no no, it automatically rounds to the nearest 2.5 lbs. But you have to put in your increments for how much to go up each week. “When you add the 10-20 pounds onto your percentage, it’s just the same weight you used last week plus 10-20 pounds.” and “Do not add 15-25 pounds onto your lift in addition to the 10-20 from week 2. Instead add on extra weight to get a total of 15-25 pounds.” So its automatically set to add 2.5 each week but you can type in a different number and and increase more each week. http://www.seriouspowerlifting.com/2362/articles/smolov-jr

  8. So I read up a little on the Smolov Jr and for Week 2 & 3, the template is exactly the same except you are supposed to add 10-20#’s to your Week 1 numbers for Week 2, and you add 15-25#’s to your Week 1 numbers for Week 3.

    That’s how that increment field works. If you put in 10#’s then it will add 10#’s to all your Week 1 numbers for Week 2 and then subsequently add 20#’s to your Week 1 numbers for Week 3.

    Maybe I’m wrong but to do what Smolov Jr is prescribing, we should be using an increment of around 10-12#’s…..Coach can probably chime in here.

  9. Awesome! I pushed my hbbs to 2x bw this last cycle using a Starr linear progression, that strength translated into PRs across the board. Can’t wait to try Smolov and squat, and squat some more!!

  10. BBG) 110kg felt really smooth

    Strength) 122.5kg will up the increment another 2.5kg

    Cond) used a spin bike and set the tension tight enough that I had to lift my bum off the seat to peddle fast enough. Couldn’t record calories tho but I thought it would still be better than rowing.

    Really excited about starting his cycle

  11. Squatting makes you better at other lifts? GTFO! What’s next? Making contact with the bar on snatch/clean? This gives me the lawlz.

    • Cont:
      3) total Cal: 393 (6670m rowed)
      tried to keep the ME between 1450-1525, AC to 650-750

      M/F/S: 2/3/2


  12. Have a quick question for the coach. Injured my ankle Saturday evening playing soccer. I hope I can jump in next Monday, till then I’m just doing some upper body stuff to stay moving.

    Should I just jump in with the actual week two program or start at the beginning of the cycle one week behind?

  13. Very glad that outlaw also makes same conclusion I did on January. Since then put lot of energy to squats and it really works. All my other lifts have come up but legs are so much stronger now and it helps from Jackie to all the way to clean. I guarantee from my experience that all that hard work with squats makes you bette in crossfit.

  14. 1. Up to 225, no misses. A little wrecked from Amanda at 185 yesterday.

    2. Off 405 – 285. Easy (ish)

    3. Averaged 15cal.

  15. 1) 135-135-155-185-185-205-205 (lbs)

    2) 6/6 @275 no misses

    3) different conditioning
    Our gyms “sissy test”
    -KBS 25-24…1
    -Burpees 1-2…25

  16. 1) 225 x 5 sets, 230 x 2 sets
    2) 265
    3) no airdyne, rowed, monitor broke, no calories


  17. Do we squat ATG or just to parallel?
    Oh, and is it ok if I wear knee sleeves or wraps? You didn’t specify, so I wasn’t sure. 😉

  18. 1) 135, 155, 155, 165, 165, 165, 165 lbs.
    2) 215 lb.
    3) Rower. Averaged 11 cal per work set.

  19. 1) 135


    3) Rowed for 7 minutes until foot pedal broke – averaging 11 calories

  20. 1) Worked up to 165lb – Could have gone heavier. Tweeked my wrist over the weekend so held back a bit.

    2) 250 for all 6 sets – this is going to be fun

    3) Rowed – Only had time for 10 rounds

  21. 1) 60kg, 60kg, 60kg, 60kg, 60kg, 62,5kg, 62,5kg
    2) 105 kg
    3) Row – 505 Cal (7600 m)

  22. 1)135-145-150-155-160-160-165 lbs
    2) 230lbs
    3) Row 11 rds got kicked out, 220 cal

  23. BBG: 115 lbs for 4 sets. 120 lbs for 3 sets

    Strength 240 lbs

    Cond: Forgot the Calories. But I rowed.

  24. BBG – 175#, 175, 185, 185, 195, 200, 205. Slow start, snatch felt like garbage at first.
    Strength – 262.5# (off of 375) – No missed reps
    Conditioning – 355 cals on the rower. My ass went numb.

  25. Had to airdyne first
    Right at 300 cals
    10-12 cals per work set. Realized after the 1:30 min sets were too low on effort
    This was awful

  26. 1) 175/175/175/185/185/185/185
    2) 260 should have been 270…math is hard
    3) no access to a rower until tonight

  27. M/37/210
    BBG up to 175

    Squat 6/6 at 285

    Metcon only 7 sets, time short. On AD tries to keep wats between 700-800. Peuk mode, cals were 20-25 per 30 secs. Awful.

  28. M/17/155

    1) 4×135#, 3×145#
    2) 200#
    3) 8 rounds on Airdyne, 7 rounds on Row – Average of 19 cal/round

  29. 2) HBBS: 6X6 @ 220

    Rest of work to be continued …

    By the way, snatched 205 on Friday . . . 20lb PR. Now PR Snatch = Bodyweight

  30. Bbg –

    1) 225×2 235×3 245×2

    Str –


    Cnd –

    Rower – 411. Worst shit ever.

    • BBG 135/7
      Squats at 220 (from 315 which is 10 less than most recent PR. Crumpled under 335 testing last week).

  31. 1. Snatch – up to 135lbs
    Snatch grip PP- up to 185lbs

    2. 6/6 @ 195lbs off 275lbs

    3. 302 total calories

    M/F/S – 2/2/3

  32. Snatch/Push Press – 115#/125#/125#/135#/135#/135#/135#
    Squats -225#
    Conditioning later

    MFS 234

  33. 1) 155/165/185/195/200/202/202
    2) 270#
    Row- averaged 13 Cals per work set

    MFS 1/2/2

  34. Worked up to 145# on the snatches. On the road again, found myself at a location with extremely limited space. May sound silly, but I feel like the limited space made my snatch form better because I really focused on just going straight up and down.

    HBBS@210#. Ouch.

    No place to do the conditioning.

  35. 1) snatches: still lacking here big time.

    2) Squats done at 325, no fails

    3) 435 Calories (7018m)

    Excited to get the new cycle Rollin’!

  36. Sn/spp 135,155,175,185,185,185,185
    These make my shoulders hurt! It ranks up there with getting punched in the dick! Advice?

    Squat 317.5

    Did conditioning my devil’s tricycle monitor doesn’t work

  37. 1) 200# x7
    2) 275#
    3) I only had time for 8 rounds – 230 cal

    This is my first cycle on Outlaw, it’s awesome to see that some of you guys with similar squat numbers are snatching 20-30#’s more than me. Can’t wait to see how the higher volume of weightlifting will translate to my #’s.

  38. 1: 75 – 77,5 – 80 – 82,5 – 85 (all time snatch PR!) – 87,5F – 87,5F

    2: 108,5kg

    3: Not done

  39. 135, 145, 155-missed, 155 through the rest of the set.
    389 Calories as rxd

  40. BBG: 7×1-135 no fails
    HBBS:205 6/6
    Conditioning: 254 cals on rower
    Solid for 15yrs old.
    Amped for this coming up cycle

  41. BBG: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 200, 205
    Strength: 250
    Conditioning: 431+ (Batteries died 10 min in. Switched to different bike during 90 sec break and added two totals…recorded 10-11 cals during each 90 sec interval)

  42. 1) 185, 185, 185, 185, 190, 190, 195

    2) 315 6×6

    3) will do tonight, ran out of time

  43. A1. 65 – 67 – 69 – 71 – 75 – 77 – 80 – 83 – 85f
    B1. 108kg
    C1. 598cal. This is a new Airdyne and I think it counts high on cals.

  44. 1) snatch/push press. Worked up to 165
    2) HBBS @ 270
    3) Airdyne 409 cal total (165 bw). Felt good to get off the bike

  45. 1)BBG: still working on tech. so i did hang squat snatch – 83lbs
    2)HBBS: 110lbs

  46. Snatch work 85-95-105-105-110-110-115
    Push press were very easy. Snatch was limiting factor. Max is 125.
    Squat 6×6 @160
    These were tough and back was already pretty tight from morning airdyne conditioning

  47. 1) Worked up to 135#.
    2) 6×6 @ 205.. Easier than expected.
    3) Done on Airdyne, the screen doesn’t work but stuck to the 20 seconds ME, 90 Seconds Active Recovery

  48. ive been having pretty painful hip strains lately and i have no clue how long i should rest for. i havent been doing any squatting or rowing or anything that brings my knee past my waist or anything that associates with external rotation or internal rotation because it literally feels like im being stabbed in the hip, so ive been working upperbody and some power snatches and power cleans. so im going to the doctors this week to get my hips checked out. anyone have any suggestions of what it actually could be and how long i should rest them?

    • I am having this same problem and was wondering if I should go to the doc! Hip flexors are killllllin me. Interested to see if anyone answers this as well.

      • When I was doing straight oly training I had this same problem. As soon as I would start to squat my hip felt like it was going to break and catch on fire. I rested it for a straight month and it finally felt better but 2 sessions back in of squatting and it felt worse than before. I went to the ortho and had it checked and got a contrast MRI. Nothin was wrong with it. He had no answers for me. It turned out mine was actually caused by lower back issues. I went to the chiropractor and after 2 adjustments I could squat pain free. This may not be your issue but I thought I would offer it as a suggestion if you haven’t visited a chiro yet.

  49. 1. 115#/115#/115#/125#/125#/135#/135# – missed 1 @ 135#
    2. 6×6 @185#
    3. Rowed: Total Calories: 341

  50. I don’t normally post but I’m making a point to start posting everyday with this new cycle.

    Snatch worked up to 175- felt really crappy in the hole, overall more work is still needed on my snatch

    HBBS- off 415, did all 6 sets at 290 felt pretty good

    Conditioning- no air-dyne so rowed, about 12-13 calories per sprint interval

  51. So excited for this next cycle. The volume (especially with conditioning) from the open through regionals was starting to wear me out. But, the gains are spectacular.

    PR’d my HBBS this week by 20lbs at 325.
    PR’d my Snatch by 10lbs at 205
    PR’d my Clean by 5lbs at 250
    Did the 150 burpees in 9:04 (never done this before but I was pleasantly surprised at the result)
    PR’d my Deadlift by 30lbs at 425

    This. Shit. Works.

  52. I’m sure if I had paid more attention in the past I would know the answer to this question because I think somebody asked it once…Should I ramp the 7×1 or stick with a fixed weight? I usually just go with how I’m felling. What’s RX just for clarification sake?

    1) 200
    2) 255
    3) Wow hated that.

  53. Had to do this in weird order…

    HBBS- based off 300 (210)

    Airdyne- 342 total calories

    Sn- 135×4, 145, 155×2

    Hip flexors=wrecked

  54. BBG

    6×6 @ 280#

    467 cal

  55. BBG:
    80-95Kg, once snatched, PP posed no issues sub 90Kg


    357 Cal on Airdyne.

  56. BBG: 175, 185, 195fx1, 205fx1, 215

    Strength: 220

    Conditioning: Airdyne ~ standing for all ME’s
    17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 16, 17, 14, 16, 15, 17, 17, 17, 17, 16
    ~ 8-10 on rest

  57. BBG – 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165. No misses.

    Strength: 225

    Conditioning: Airdyne, averaged 18-20 per sprint (23 high, 17 low) and 4-5 cals on rests (I’m super good at resting).

  58. 1: max set 67.5 (trouble with lowering more than with pushing it)
    2: 105kg
    3: 390kcal total, 6628m total, 2:16 avg/500m

  59. BBG; 155, 165, 175, 175, 175, 175, 175 (Failed 2nd PP), 175
    Strength: 255#
    Cond: averaged ~15 Cals, range (13-16 Cal), reset rower each interval,

  60. BBG: 175#-205#

    HBBS @ 225#

    Conditioning: about 180 (kept a 12calorie/30 second pace)

  61. BBG:105,115, 125(f),125,135(f),135. Shoulders still sore from Saturday; not handling the catch very well. No SGPP’s.
    HBBS: 185,205,205,205,205,185
    Conditioning: 7 rounds; 170 Calories

  62. BBG:
    1@145(93%of max)
    cond: 431cal rowed

    by mistake I did it at 60sec rest vs 90 my ass paid the price. It sucked

  63. Snatch at 80# for all 7 – felt good today. Working on depth of staring position/uprightness of torso. Seems to be translating to my receiving position nicely.

    HBBS @ 110 all but first set felt good

    Airdyne metcon of death – 303kcal blerg

  64. I am just starting outlaw and following and posting everyday after following catalyst athletics for about 6 weeks. I am 18 and dedicated to making it to the regionals next year.
    1) 115lbs/125/135/145/155/165/165 (failed only one snatch at 165)
    2) 230lbs felt good
    3) 171 cals

    • From what I see you are hitting your thigh with the bar which is causing it to stay out front, this is causing you not to get full hip extension. At the bottom you lost your core, with heavier weight you will drop this lift in front of you every time. Work on getting triple extension and slowing down your first pull.

      • Derek, at the bottom where he “lost his core”, is this what caused him to rock back? Because this happens to myself also. I also think it has something to do with losing your lower lumbar curve (you can see Troy lose his at the very bottom) and the hips rotating posteriorly which changes your center of gravity. if you watch, he rocks right when his pelvis dips under him. I’m no expert, just a thought from someone with the same problem. Thoughts?

    • You should work on the first pull. More specifically keeping your torso vertical and your hips down. Right now your hips are shooting up at a much higher rate than your torso and this is putting you in a poor position at the start of the second pull and sapping a lot of the power you would have derived from your legs.
      From the looks of it you are nearly horizontal at the end of the first pull. Go watch some of Spencer’s vimeo’s, specifically his last meet, he discusses this relationship in detial.

  65. 1) 50/60/70/75x/75/80x/80k – back was worrying me.
    2) 90k x 6 – these got tough.
    3) row – 15cal average on working sets. Was tough.

  66. I actually started the smolov cycle 2 weeks ago, and have been doing it M/W/F/S.

    Started with HBBS
    4X9 @ 325 : no fails
    185, 205, 215, 225, 225(F) 215,215

    doing this afternoon

  67. First time posting here (all weight in metric)

    1. BBG: 60/65/65(f)/67.5/67.5/70
    2. 6 x 6 @ 105 (no misses)
    3. AD 442 calories

  68. BBG: 45, 50, 50, 55, 55, 60, 60 (had it in my head that it was a strict press…)
    HBBS: 100#
    Conditioning: 394 cal on recumbent bike

  69. BBG:
    1) 135, 145×2, 155×2, 165, 175

    1) Off 310 (220)

    AD: 417cal

  70. 1) 185#: 6 sets, failed 7th

    2) 220#

    3) Ran: First 7 rounds 180-200m, 8th 150m. Nowhere close to 15 rounds, overconfident with initial pace.

  71. BBG
    95, 115, 135, 155, 155, 175, 185 (miss).
    10 min at 135 calories (scaled volume as its my first workout back from rhabdo from memorial day murph)

  72. BBG
    -Rowed 401 Cals

  73. 1) BBG: 135,185,205×5
    (Shoulders felt like garbage)

    2) HBBS @ 297

    3) 15 avg

  74. BBG- 115#x2, 125#x5
    Strenght- 225
    conditioning- (used a versa climber) 427kcal

    came off of two weeks leave and a 33hr drive, gonna hurt tomorrow…

  75. Snatch:



    Over 8 on the meter every time.

    No calorie counter

  76. 1) 125/125/130/130/135/135/140
    2) all done at 185#
    3) rowed….back burn!!! 355 cals – ave 18-20 solid pulls each 30 sec and got 8-12 cals each recovery….usually 3 pulls=1 cal during AR.

  77. BBG

    176, 176, 196, 220, 220, 242, 252. Im slow right now.




    Only 15 minutes of the row. Sorry, I had a 3 wod team comp on Saturday so I pussed out a little. We won though!

  78. 1) 95, 115, 115, 120, 125, 130, 130 (SNatch+3 PP)
    2) HBBS 6×6- 170
    3) Row 12 calorie avg. Total for ME cal was 117 for 10rnds

  79. BBG – 175
    Strength – 210 6×6
    Conditioning- 350 cals in 21ish minutes. Ran out of time

  80. 1) 105, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140 (2pp), 140 (2pp)
    HBBS: 185
    Cond: 394 Cal/ 6665 m

  81. BBG: 135,155,155,155,165,165,175 no misses
    Strength: 6×6 @ 282.5
    Conditioning: 300 cal total airdyne

  82. First Outlaw in 8 weeks- been injured.
    1) up to 195. Walking will suck tomorrow.
    2) up to 135. Felt great to be back in the game.
    3) 548 cals on Airdyne. On active rest kept RPM’s upper 60’s… upper 70’s during 30 seconds.

  83. Haven’t posted in a few days:

    BBG: 95, 95, 105, 105, 105, 105, 115#
    S: 245#
    C: No time


    1) 255#
    2) 465#

    1) 205#
    2) 1:30
    3) 8:25

    • I’m restarting the entire squat cycle with some additional overhead strength added in.

      1) 155#
      1) 290.5#

  84. First day, was waiting on a new cycle and watching while putting together a garage gym. Think I picked a good time. Wife and I recently had a baby so I’m trying to work out from home more often. Looking forward to getting better. Been doing CF since Oct.

    BBG- snatch is a weakness -95-95-115-125-125-135(missed full depth)-135

    HBBS- 205

    Cond- short on time so I did a good tempo 100 cal row.

  85. First poast woop
    BBG #110, #110, #115, #120, #133, #138, failed 7th set @ #138
    Strength #170 6×6
    Conditioning – 340 total Cal for row

  86. BBG) 205#
    Strength) 485#
    Conditioning) no time or fuel, going to have to make up for on Wed or Thu

  87. Snatch: 185-195-205-215-failed 225 snatch-205-205-205
    270 squat off 385#
    555cal airdyne

  88. Hbbs at 195#, moved like it was an empty bar. Very curious about this cycle…

  89. 1) Worked up to 160lb
    2) 6×6 @ 240lb – felt smooth and fast
    3) 382 cals on rower – had to get off of the seat a couple of times during active recovery as my ass was going numb!
    Great day of training, pumped for the squat cycle!

  90. BBG- 155,165,175,185,205,215,225
    Strength- 290

  91. bbg-175, 175, 185×3, 195×2
    cond- completed, had to run for active recovery due to amount of rowers

  92. BBG – 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185
    Strength – 265
    Conditioning – lowest 12 cal, highest 16, average 14 cal

  93. BBG
    Started at 205 and worked up to 245. Missed 245 once and hit it once.


    Conditioning – aka “30 min of awful”
    Airdyne – 468 calories

  94. BBG:

    Smolov (Based off 265 lbs.)
    6×6 @ 185 lbs.

    Only completed 5 sets due to college HW.

  95. 1. 2×155# 1×165# 4×175#
    2. 6×6 285#
    3. Sucked
    I did this weird thing called ‘running’ yesterday. Did not help my squats, it sucked way worse than I thought it would.

  96. Snatches at 145-185…maybe could of gone heavier, but first time doing a push press from the back(and first time with snatch grip) and need to grease the groove if you will.
    Squats at 245 felt amazing. Been working on mobility to fix being duck footed and it seems to be paying off. Think that combined this squat programming will have huge increases for me. Looking forward to this.
    The Airdyne at Albany Crossfit is now saturated with a decent bit of my ass sweat. That was terrible.

  97. 3-2-4(post wod)
    195# (off 270#)
    conditioning (row)
    433 cal

    (want to strive for 480 cal if done again)

  98. BBG: (185,185,195,195,205,215,225(f))
    HBBS: 3 sets @245 lb., 3 sets @250 lb.
    cond: 390 total cal on rower

  99. squats at 235
    then 10min emotm
    2 sq snatch 165
    4 kbs 80lbs
    6 hspu

    7rds, 1min rest, 3rds

    10min emotm
    odd 6pc 165
    even 12 ring sup rows feet on 20″box

    class wod 21-15-9
    kbs 55lbs
    200m run after each set

    then airdyne later 521cal

  100. BBG – Only worked up to 135. Really focused on mechanics because of how terrible my overhead position is.

    Strength: All @ 275

    Conditioning: 192 calories on rower during work sets. 12,12,11,12,13,13,12,12,12,14,13,13,14,13,16

  101. Snatch plus push press 7X1 @ 135lbs
    HBBS 6X6 @ 180lbs
    Conditioning – 285 cal

  102. 1) 95, 115, 125, 135, 140×3 (worked on my technique with my coach, I keep missing weights I shouldn’t, think we got it figured out)

    2) 185#’s no misses

    3) ran out of time, will make up on thursday

  103. 1) 210×1 220×3 235×3
    Just snatch. No PP
    Squats: 240
    Fast. Felt good. No warm up sets.

    Ran a mile. Good enough.

    Must be end of regionals that bring the noobs out to the outlaw site. 200+ posts?!?

  104. Snatches at 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 155, 155
    Squats at 200
    380 calories in the row. My ass was numb after 10 min. That sucked.

  105. bbg: 115-125-130-135×4

    strength 140#
    conditioning: no rower 4 mi fartlek run 7 intervals of 200-300m sprints good fun

  106. 1) Up to #195 (failed at #205)
    2) #265 all sets
    3) 7200 m on the rowing. didnt check cals.

  107. 1. 135-135-145-145-145-150-155
    2. 240#
    3. Used a spin bike; gear 17 for sprints tried to keep RPM above 100. Showed 295 kCal on monitor.

  108. BBG:
    200, 200, 200, 200, 215, 215(f), 215

    325 lbs

    Airdyne – 437 cals

  109. 7×1 Snatch + 3 Snatch push press 74kg
    6×6 HBBS 120kg

    15 rounds : 30 sec Double under 90sec running

  110. A. 60; 70; 75×2; 78×2; 81 kg

    B. 114kg– no missed reps

    C. 344 Calories AIrdyne– about 15-20 CAL per effort

  111. 1. snatch 115, 135, f150, f150, f145, f145, 135
    2. HBBS Smolov 155, 175, 185, 185, 185, 185
    3. Rowed 300 total cals, 5675 meters

  112. 1) 115# – 125# – 135# – 140# – 140# -140# – 140#

    2) 195# (I know you don’t like excuses, but I thought this might be helpful data – dropped my weight a little lower, have an imbalance and wanted to ensure ATG and proper muscle activation. Also on a cut and down in weight pretty significantly)

    3) 470 cal row

  113. 1) 185, 195, 205, 205, 205 (f last push press), 195, 195

    2) 6×6 @70% – 230 done

    3) ran out of time did about 15 min on a bike no idea how many calories.

  114. BBG) Snatch 80/85/87,5/87,5/90/90/90 kg, failed 1 Snatch and 2 PP
    Smolov) 105 kg (felt pretty good)
    Metcon) 458 cal, lowest 15 cal, best 17 cal

  115. 1) snatches: 165, 170, 175, 185, 195, 205, hit 215 for a pr snatch but no pp

    2) squats @250
    3) 500 cal on air dyne

  116. 1)95-115-125-135f -135f-125-135
    3) 251. On level 6 i guess this should have been on 10?

  117. BBG: 165#-170-175F-175-180-180F-180 (snatch + 2 PP)
    STRENGTH: 205#
    Not a whole lot of time for conditioning this week. Super busy getting my gym ready to open. CrossFit Headway. We’re about 20 minutes north of Philadelphia. If you’re in the area, stop on by!

  118. BBG
    -95×2, 105×3, 115×2
    -Rowed 378 calories

  119. Trying to make hotel gym work.

    No BBG
    Dumbbell squats – 3 sets of 10 with 40 lb DBs. Killed my shoulders more than anything.

    Conditioning- on the stationary bike, I guess that’s equiv to an airdyne??
    280 calories. And, that was about as much fun as it sounds on paper.

  120. Smolov Jr was wooingly calling my name from across the way. Seemed like a good a time as any to jump back in the fray.
    Going to be rebuilding Snatch and Clean and Jerk since it’s been half a year since I had bumper plates. Looking forward to the chance to dial in form.
    BBG: 135, 155, 155, 165, 175, 175, 175
    Back Squats: 270x6x6.

    No AD or rower so did different conditioning.

  121. 1) 65, 75, 85, 95, 100, 105,110,110 and I just realized that was 8 sets.
    2) 157.5 across all 6 sets
    3) did gym WOD

  122. A) 115#x1, 135#x1, 155#x1, 165#x1, 175#x3.
    *Hesitant with the shoulder injury on this one so played it safe,
    B) 1st Day – 6×6 @ 255#
    C) Sustained 600-750 cal/hr @ rest. 1250-1600 @ work. Capped at 6,464 km and 375 cal rowed.

    I am a sweaty mess.

  123. So glad to be back!

    After Carpal Tunnel Release surgery this is my first Outlaw Wod since March.

    Im rehabing a little and taking it easy.

    BBG: kept with 95 on all sets. Very easy but recovering.
    STR: 220 on Squats.
    CON: 342 on the rower.

    Conditioning is down. Strength is down and Skill is way down.

    I am hoping to follow the WODs (scaling as necessary) and add in some lower arm work. My grip and wrists are sooooo weak!

    My all time best is a 175 Snatch and 225 C & J. Tons of room for improvement!

    I like the Outlaw Way for the focus on Olympic Lifting and the mentality.

    So happy to be back!

    Thank you for reading!

  124. 1) Snatch – 115# SG Push Press – 115#

    2) HBBS – 205# (first time squatting since quad tear, felt great but tough)

    3) Row – total 372 cal.

  125. BBG

    70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 – started too light, could have gone heavier



    15 rounds for total calories of:

    30 seconds ME Row for Calories (no Airdyne available)
    90 seconds Active Recovery @ 55-65% RPE (I ended up probably around 40%)
    318 total calories


  126. Snatch + 3 snatch grip push press 85 95 105 115 125 135 140(fail) 125
    Squat (280-1rm) 195 6 x 6
    HBBS not sure what 1rm? Used 135 6 x 6
    Row 365 cal

  127. BBG 195 heaviest set

    6×6 @ 305

    Conditioning. Had to shorten due to time
    15 intervals of 20 on 40 off, row for max calories. 337 cals rowed

  128. 1. 135-145-155-165-175-185(f)-185(f). Oh well.
    2. 225 Across.
    3. 355 calories.

  129. BBG: 135,135,145,145,155,155,165

    Strength: 6×6 @ 225lb

    Conditioning: AD – 541 cal. I love the Airdyne!

  130. 7x1SN+3SGPP @ 135# tried 155# and tweaked my shoulder so went as much as I could handle

    HBBS 6×6 @ 70% – 205#

    Did my boxes workout for conditioning
    Front squat 135#
    Med ball sit-up 20#

  131. Snatch: 115# – Nagging shoulder injury plus I’m trying to work on a more stable bottom position

    Squat: 235# – The first set felt like hell but after that it felt really good and I was able to bounce out of the hole with relative ease.

    Condidtioning: No AD so I had to row. Also ran a mile and a half as a warm up so I did 7 cycles on the rower…. got to 3500 meters

  132. BBG
    145# X 7

    215 6X6 no misses

    Conditioning(from hell)
    All 15 rds completed on rower
    415 Calories

  133. Apparently I deleted my post on Monday,
    Strength- 6×6@205
    Conditioning (Rower)-331 Cal

  134. My Concept 2 Model D just came today been using a B. Dont have a clue about damper settings what should I set it at it came with it on five.

  135. Bbg –

    1) 185 – 185 – 185 – 190 – 195 – 200 – 205
    Stayed light lower back still acting up

    Str –


    Cnd –

    Rower – 220 Working Calories…Did not keep track of active recovery calories. Also had to get up during rest intervals a few times lower back was on fire.

  136. 7×1 snatch and push press – 50 worked to 62kgs.
    95kg for hbbs @70% 6×6
    Cond. 406 total. Pulling ~1700-1900cal/hr during ME.

  137. BBG – 30-40-45-45-45-47,5-47,5kg
    HBBS – 6x6x72,5kg
    Cond – done on Spinningbike, no Cals recorded, but empty legs afterwards


  138. m/34/5’8″/170lb
    BBG- 135-145-155-155-165-175-185
    HBBS- 215
    Cond- Row for cal. 195 working calories

  139. Snatch- 155/165/175/185×4
    HBBS @ 270
    Cond – used a spin bike, had to cut to 8 rds for time constraints. i cranked the damper up to make my max effort maintain 100-120 cycles per minute and then turned it down for the active recovery. it worked but calories and whatnot don’t adjust for that.

  140. bbg – 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
    strength – hbbs @ 70% – done
    cond. 406cal total, held at least ~1800cal/hr during the work then 700-800 during the rest.

  141. BBG – 115/125/135/135/140/145/160
    Strength – 210
    Conditioning – Nope, ran out of time
    First day starting

  142. Finally committing to outlaw.

    Bbg: 115# confidence issues
    Strength: 205#
    Cond: airdyne approx. 345 cal. First time using airdyne had to adjust multiple times and it kept shutting off.

  143. Snatch + PP – 5X155, 2X165
    HBBS – 200
    Row – 11-12 cal on each spring ~ 172 cal over 15 sprints

  144. 1) Worked up to and completed 170. Failed the last push press at 175.
    2) Front Squat 6X6@170

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