>I’m working through the data from regionals to put together a piece on the more interesting points. I’ll give you a discussion topic based upon what I’ve already found…

What do you guys think was the best overall event for Team Outlaw?

>Here’s some of the week’s best PR videos…

Nick Wall (brother of CE qualifier Lindy Wall) – 260# Snatch PR from AFG:

Marco Coppola – 325# Push Press:

JoEllyn McAtee – 165# Snatch PR from the warmup area at the CE Regional:

Kat Anderson – 185# Push Press:

WOD 130613:

Rest day.

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  1. Off the top of my head, Deadlift/Box Jumps, Dan, Jason, and Elisabeth all did pretty well on that one I believe. Don’t know all of your athletes, just a quick guess.

  2. I was at the South Central Regional and watched closely at the other regionals and from what it looked like Outlaw athletes dominated the DL/BJ workout and the Squat Clean and Rope Climb. Pretty good for rarely programming DL.

  3. Nick if you’re passing through Manas within the next couple months and need anything hit me up. Only one in the global

  4. The 100’s workout was the best one for team Outlaw; worst one was Burpee/MU’s

  5. Wont be able to get to the gym tomorrow so I guessed that tomorrow’s lifting would be the clean & jerk efficiency baseline and did that + DT for conditioning.

    Clean and Jerk – 18/18 @ 185lb (75% of 1RM of 245)

    DT: 7:34 rx (5 Rounds: 12 Deadlift, 9 Hang Clean, 6 Press) 2 min PR on DT

  6. is the next cycle gonna be a similar high volume, pack a lunch, 2+ hours, make everyone bitch about how long it takes and say “should we split it up into two sessions” like last summer’s post games joint? #cbl

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