>I’m gonna be a big baby, and not post a recap of Regionals today—mostly because I don’t want to. I don’t completely have my thoughts together yet, and my brain needs a day away from competitive exercising (don’t really know what else I’ll think about though, guess I’ll go with cars again). Anyhoo… Here’s a good old-fashioned PR video for you.

Spencer Arnold – 160kg (352#) Clean From Blocks (yes, he’s still around 150# BW):

WOD 130611:

Testing – Day 3

EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70%

Notes: This is meant to provide a warm up for both the legs and the CNS. DO NOT go above the prescribed weight. Each set should be easy and fast.

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.

Notes: The Cleans should provide a good warmup, but you will still need some Squat sets of 2-3 reps. Once you reach the 80-90% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply setup like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.

2) 150 Burpees for time.

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  1. hey coach, I have question for you, could I apply the same work we’ve done with the HBBS to the shoulder-to-overhead movement?( Because I really need to gain strenght in the shoulders) for example, 5 sets of 2-3 or 5 reps with 5 or 3 sec pause with the arms locked in overhead position, and another day I could do 1×20 shoulder-to-overhead increasing weights week after week. I don’t know how that’s sound so I wanted an expert opinion on the subject before doing something that might be stupid 🙂 Of course I would do it in extra work added to the basic Template.

    sorry for my poor english vocabulary (didn’t meant to insults anyone) i’m a french canadian 🙂

  2. Back squat – 170kg equal PR missed 180kg at about the half up sticking point.

    150 burpees – 9:15 about a 2:30min PR

    Some days your hot and some your not.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time each day to program for those who follow your site. I know you are very busy and your knowledge is greatly appreciated. I have seen great improvement in my lifts and strength since I began following outlaw in October. Take care.

    Thank you for your time

    Chris Woods

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  4. Any suggestions for someone who has never performed a high bar back squat? I’ve always done more of a low bar squat, so I imagine my high bar squat will be lighter. I just don’t know where to even begin.

  5. 1) HSC all at 165, just went off my 1RM for regular cleans
    2) 295#, took a long time to get there, never done 1RM on HBBS before
    3) damn you coach! 9:30.1

    M/F/S: 1(until the damn burpees)/7/2

  6. 1)#150
    My last back squat was low bar and #245 before I started Outlaw


    • Where at in the stan? We’ve got a few guys up here in Kabul that follow it religiously

  7. 1) Cleans at 195
    2) 365lb (ties PR)

    Cond: 11:50 – Mediocre. First time doing this many burpees so I wasn’t sure how to pace myself.

  8. 1.160lbs

    2. HBBS 330 lbs *

    3. 18:00

    First to try to get 1 rm hbbs previous low bar bs PR was 340

  9. hbbs 380 (10below PR), failed 395, feeling the effect of having not squatted anything heavy for 3 weeks
    burpees 9:55, pretty happy with that

  10. Never done 1RM HBBS so I was happy with my result.

    1) Hang Squat Cleans: 170#

    2) 1RM HBBS: 295#

    3) 150 Burpees: 9:23

  11. Today will be my first day following your programming, I hope to make it a daily thing. Very excited. Will post loads/time after work. Thanks for making this awesome programming available to everyone!

    • Welcome Troy … Get some!!!! ME = max effort UB = un broken… Snatches are always full squat unless specified not… Same goes for cleans … Enjoy the progress And gain

  12. 1) 335# (matched PR)
    2) 9:51 (not sure of previous PR. This is probably a PR though so that’s what we will call it)

  13. 06/08: snatch 260: was 210 when I started in September
    CnJ: 320.. Was 250 in September

    Push Press: 275… Was 260 at last testing.

  14. HBBS: 170kgs PR by 5, 25kg increase in 9 months of TOW 😀
    150 Burpees: 13’30” work capacity sucks but I could have a faster pace if I knew that I would not hit the wall in the end.

    In general having great results in the test week.

  15. 320# HBBS

    Didn’t really know my HBBS 1RM, my best low bar is 315×5 so I was happy with this. Might have done 10 extra burpees..not for sure. 150 is a lot to count!

  16. Cleans at 225
    Back squat: 425 (no more room on bar. Only had bumpers in the gym. Could have hit 455 easy, highly doubt I had 485, my old PR, in the tank)

    Burpees: 8:30. First 100 unbroken, then 25-25. Felt slow, smooth and steady.

    #outlawwayitaly (sorry nick! Had to steal it!)

  17. EMOM @ 165 HBBS before 385 today 365 not sure what happened 150 Burpees for time: 14:04    30M 5’8 185lbs  


  18. Muscle-ups from yesterday – 8/5. PR( previous PR was 6 )
    Cleans at 155#
    HBBS – 315#. Matched PR. Went up too easily. And then I missed 325#. Should’ve used a different rep scheme, I think…
    Burpees – 12:18. Pretty sure it’s a PR. My consciousness erased my previous experience from my memory cause it sucked so bad…

    MFS 134

  19. How long do cycles normally go? Just wondering I’ve only been doing Outlaw for a month now.

  20. 1) hang squat cleans 52,5kg
    2) HBBS 105kg, walked out with 125 for 8 sek.
    3) 150 burpees – 11:42

    cleans were easy as expected, pretty happy with the squats, haven’t squatted heavy for 10 weeks, LBBS was 120kg, not too happy with the burpees, can do 100 under 6 min. shoulders are pretty beat.

    m/f/s – 2/7/2

  21. Hang squat cleans @ 155#

    HBBS @ 305# It came up easy but I since I just started training in my garage it’s all the weight I had. Buying more today. Previous PR was 300# though.

    150 Burpees @ 11:16 moving a little slow

  22. I normally follow the gym site – so i’m out of my league here. Wanted to post anyway to get credit for doing burpees.

    HBBS: #315 (15lb PR)
    150 Burpees: 17:10 (shoulders were smoked by 80)

  23. First day of TOW training…
    1) 87.5kg
    2) 175kg (2xf @ 180kg)

    Looking forward to what lies ahead.

  24. 5×2 hang sq clean based off 255 (175) felt heavy

    HBBS- 280 300 Miss x2 (-35 from previous PR of 315)

    9:35 (+1:45 from previous PR of 7:50 on Dec. 25, 2012)


  25. Hang Squat Clean : 80kg

    HBBS : PR 170kg ( previous PR 160kg )

    150 Burpees : 9 mim

    Thanks Coach !

  26. Quick, kind of random, question…
    I’m looking for a weight lifting belt that I can wear during WODs and Oly lifts that’s easy to get on and off. I bought a leather Rogue belt a while back but the buckle and loop that holds the excess belt gets in my way on my the snatch and C&J. So basically I can just use for squatting and deadlifts. I watched regionals all weekend and those guys and girls have those belts that they just get right on and off and it doesn’t get in the way of the lifts. Plus they look like they’re Velcro.
    Anyone have a belt like that that they recommend?
    Also, which is better, a 4″ or 6″?

    I’d appreciate any suggestions.
    I’ll be posting my lifting and conditioning results later this afternoon.

    • “6 belt is for noobs, get a “4 velcro valeo or harbinger belt for sn & cj, and slightly heavier wods for you, get a real “4 powerlifting belt 10-13mm thick with a single or double prong for squat & dl

    • I use a Nike belt, it uses velcro as the securing method. It works well for me, on and off quickly. But hey guess I’m a new since I don’t wear a Valeo 4″…

  27. 1) tried 150kg, failed someone had to spot a little bit. 147.5kg would’ve definitely gone up. Not a PR, but a PR since my hamstring injury in january
    2) 15:10 f*ck burpees really >:(

  28. Cleans 110# (50kg)
    HBBS stopped at 176# injured quad, previous pb is around 220#
    Burpees 12:09

  29. M/21years old / 86kg(189.5#) / 1m82 (5.97inchees)

    Squat : 165kg / 364# +5kg PR
    150 Burpees for time : 14min53 :/

  30. Coach any suggestions on extra work to help with the sticking point in HBBS when coming out of the bottom??

  31. Cleans at 77 kg

    HBBS. Hit 170 kg, on 180 kg I couldn’t stand all the way up with it, so I let it roll back, but I got caught on my belt and pulled me back and my knees felt really weak after that.
    150 Burpees in 12:11, pr is 10:40, I have been out of the gym since last Wednesday

  32. Squat: 365 (-30 lbs from previous PR 395 on April 22)
    Failed at 405
    Burpees: 16:02
    Felt like crap after missing 405

  33. HBBS 1RM 285# (Tied previous pr. Not PRing is indicative of my recent change to a more “toes forward” setup and not the training.)
    150 Burpees – 11:45

  34. 1) 295, working out some knee issues…
    prior 315(PR) 4/9/13, 295 11/13/12
    2) 11:51, prior 12/27/12 14:30

  35. HBBS – 215# X 2 reps (5# less than1RM max, but had two kids in gym by myself and didn’t want to chance it).

    150 burpees = 12:28

  36. HBBS – walked out at 205lb
    Failed @ 185lb squat. Kinda spazzed my back so I immediately stopped there. Gotta take it slower next time. 
    150 burpees (games standard) – 22:25…yikes

  37. EMOM @ 55kg
    HBBS @ 105kg. Did not feel strong on the squats today (-2,5kg off my PR)
    150 burpees @ 10:57, wasn’t sure how to pace this one – should have gone a little faster – no previous PR.

  38. 1.) 295# (20# PR)

    2.) 16:30 ( Didn’t really know what to expect, paced myself maybe a bit too much. Still sucked)

  39. EMOTM Hang Squat Cleans @ 155#
    HBBS: 350# Same as old PR-It most likely is more around 365-375#, but I’ve been on steroid anti-inflammatory pack the past week, which has altered my performance. .
    Burpees: 11:11

  40. HBBS: 305 (30lbs off my PR but 30lbs more than I’ve lifted since I started getting healthy again)

    Burpees – 10:43

  41. First post on here, been following since after the open

    1. Hang squat clean @175#

    2. 330# HBBS, 25# PR since last test

    3. 150 Burpees For time- 8:38, first time doing this.

  42. Alright, so I ended up getting 285#, even though was aiming for 300# just because it sounded good to someone like me. I attempted 300#, fell on my ass, bar rolled down my back and all, so I tried it again with a spotter and missed again. Now i know where I stand or in this case squat.

  43. 1) 310 (5lb PR)
    -not happy with this…should be squatting a lot more, purely mechanical break down when I fail.

    2) 9:14 (11:20 on 121225)
    -Need to put a 100lbs on my squat and stop PRing on bodyweight ninja shit.

  44. 1)405# (5# PR) 415# F
    2)11:45 (may have done an extra 5 for losing count)

  45. 1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.
    335#, Failed 365# and 357# (PR is 355# from May 25th)
    2) 150 Burpees for time

  46. HBBS: 350#, PR is 375#

    150 Burpees – 9:45 (50-2:49, 100-6:22) not a PR on 100, but is a PR on 150

  47. M/37/210
    13:54, with 6 inch mark above head to junp to. Nice work all you outlaws in the 8’s. you have an amazing engine. Especially the 100 UB post!!!! I tried to go 15 on minute, then switched to 10. Probably 12-13 would have been a better goal for my old decontioned ass:) once again nice work everyone, that was the opposite of pleasant!

  48. Testing – Day 3
    EMOM for 5 minutes:
    2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70% – 107#
    1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS. – 200# (failed 210#) previous 1RM was 225#….?
    2) 150 Burpees for time – 12:19 (didn’t do this test last cycle)

  49. HBBS- 365# (15#PR)
    hate me some stupid ass burpees… thought they were never going to end, extremely happy with the time though

  50. Been doing outlaw with a few other guys from my box but this is my first time posting.

    1) 115#
    2) HBBS 215# (20# PR)
    3) 150 Burpees- 12:44

    • got some Reebok Oly shoes last weekend and have PR’d on 4 lifts so far..good shit

  51. hang cleans: 135#
    HBBS: 225 (-15# from PR??????????) alright so about 3 months ago my HBBS was 240# and my BW 155#. im now 167# and have PR’d everything by 20-40 lbs… BESIDES MY BACK SQUAT!!! anyone know what i could be doing wrong? i tried 225 two more times after i failed at 235 and failed 225 twice.

    burpees: 9:33

  52. Cleans @ 225

    Back Squat

    385, jumped to 405 and just barely missed. PR is 395. 405 is my fucking goat. Haven’t PR’d back squat in a long time.

    Burpees – 8:55. Over 2 minute PR.

  53. 1) Max HBBS is 385, no PR…missed 405 twice.

    2) 150 burpees. Time-10:48

  54. Squatted yesterday but happened to have a max last week. Did 1RM of OH Squat instead.

    HBBS – 450
    OH Squat – 275
    150 Burpees – 11:10

  55. How is everyone getting descently heavy squats and PRing except me? I actually went down 15#. I gotta be doing something wrong

  56. Hang squat cleans – 100#
    1. 245# – 10# PR
    2. 14:52 – first time doing these but I’m happy with the results…I was actually hoping to just get under 18:00

    • Dirty ol’ HBBS, was that a PR?

      I’ll get you back on the 1 mile run tomorrow!

  57. 1) Didn’t do, finishing up a front squat program (previous HBBS 1RM 265#)
    2) 14:48 disappointed with this time since my 7 min AMRAP was 101, however, I’ve put on 15 pounds since then. Definitely feel like I could have pushed harder, but sucking in the Gulf Coast Humidity is killer.

  58. HBBS: 315 ( failed at 335, NOT a PR)

    Burpees: Pissed off about the squat

  59. MFS: 3-3-3
    1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS. 295#
    2) LBBS: 5×295; Down 15-20# since starting Outlaw.
    2) 150 Burpees for time. DND
    WOD: “Diane: 21-15-9
    -Deadlifts; 225#
    After 8 weeks I’m going to have to mix things up from straight Outlaw programming. LBBS and DL are down. Today I had to break 21’s and 15’s DL rounds on Diane. (I’d guess my DL is down ~40#) My belief is that because my Oly lifts are pretty low compared to my slow lifts, the force I am creating with the O-lifts is not enough to keep my strength levels up. At this point, I am thinking of going back to my LBBS/DL wave on Mondays, and work Outlaw into my Tu-Sat schedule a week behind posted schedule. Coach, would my numbers still be of use? Shall I keep posting them? Thanks.

  60. HBBS 345
    Burpees 11:33 First time doing this, felt okay, need to improve my wind.

  61. Hang squat cleans @ 160 – made all 10
    HBBS – 256
    150 burpee’s – 13:02

  62. EMOM Squat Cleans at 170#: done

    1RM HBBS: 385 (PR is 415). Haven’t done any heavy lifting in months because of my college lacrosse season, so i’m very happy with this.

    150 Burpees: 9:26

  63. First day following outlaw, been doing crossfit for 1 month now, former trainer current coach who let it go too long,
    EMOM 125
    HBBS 275
    Did 100 Burpees in 14:20

  64. 175#

    340# (I feel like I should be able to do more 🙁
    Previous PR 335#
    9:48. Could not find the last time I did this. I’d say at least a 2min improvement.

  65. EMOM – 160#
    HBBS – 295#, 315#failed, dissappointed in this number but have to live with it. It was the first time or me to complete a 1RM BS since my L4L5 Laminotomy Disectomy in Oct 2011.

    150 burpees – 16:50 so horrible, just felt really drained

  66. (1) 145# (I don’t have a squat rack (yet), so I used the back of two chairs. Limiting factor was getting it off the chairs.)
    (2) 15:47

  67. Cleans at 110 easy
    Squat 230 (10 lb pr)
    Had to leave for work so did 50 burpees in 3:30ish. Will do officially sometime this week. This is my worst movement. Needs work.

  68. Hang Clean Warmup: 105

    1. HBBS- 215 (-15)
    2. Burpees- 9:59 (previous 9:12)

    (Kidding.. Love you Nick and Cameron)

  69. EMOM HSC #110
    1) 1RM HBBS #215 PR
    2) 150 Burpees 12:00

    Just started following Outlaw last week. Loving all the OLY and heavier lifts- exactly what I need to be working on. Digging it so far, already PRed on 3-4 things. Very excited for things to come!

  70. hanging suat cleans 135
    hbbs 200# 20# off of Pr WTF?
    150 burpees 12:00

    pissed about the bach squat, feel like the temp hbbs f’ed up my pop out of the bottom

  71. EMOM HSC #110
    1) 1RM HBBS #215 (PR)
    2) 150 Burpees 12:00

    Just started following Outlaw programming last week. Loving all the OLY and heavy lifts- exactly what I need to work on most. PRed on 3-4 movements already, really digging The Way so far. Thank you for the exceptional thought out program man. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings…

  72. I’m not doing a good job of following the rules…

    Did max C&J tonight before Back squat.

    Back squat 243 – 250 PR, missed 253 twice.

    Did Fran instead of Burpees. May come back and do Burpees. Fran was 4:01, about a 20-25 sec PR, I believe

  73. Work has been throwing me all over the place lately
    1RM push press 195#
    HBBS 320#
    Isabel Rx @ 7:46

    Got a local comp coming up, the guys who won it last year were Outlaw followers. The guy I’m competing with has been following outlaw with me since January. Excited to see if Outlaw can take it again

  74. EMOM Hang Power Clean 80kg (180lb)
    HBBS 175kg (393.75lb)
    150 Burpees in 7:29min

  75. Warm up: 50kg
    HBBS: 140kg. Hamstring sticking 3/4 of the way up. Rode it through.
    150 burpees: 8:53

    Great session all round!

  76. Used lifting shoes for the first time today…..

    Warm up @ 115#
    Once I got comfortable with the shoes was learned to drive through the heels more busted a 30# PR at 335#

    Burpees 14:40

  77. EMOM 5: done at 210#

    HBBS: walkout with 425. Made 385 failed goal of 400.

    150 burpees in 11:17

  78. Did the push press from yesterday and the squat from today. The push press result is posted on yesterday’s training. 5# PR on the squat. 290#

  79. HBBS- 220 (new PR by 20 lbs)
    Burpees suck- 11:07
    – not my day, paced at 15 per min allowed a little break each minute but lost it. But got another goal now!

    Been following the programming 2-3 month, snatch went from a shitty 75 lbs to 130. Clean and jerk from 135 to 165.

    Love it.

  80. HBBS: 375 (same as previous)
    150 burpees: 11:15 (up from 10:19 on Christmas. I was jazzed about my presents or something)

  81. PR’s fallin’ like rain…

    HBBS: #320. PR by 25#

    150 Burpees: 12:01. Really wanted to go sub 12, but still a PR by 30+sec. These suck.

  82. Again, First week following the site;
    HBBS: 315 (15lb PR) (after PR’ing, failed on 335#, and 325# twice)
    Burpees: 13:55 (brutal on the legs after the HBBS)

  83. 1) HBBS: 200 (5lb PR)
    2) 12:54 – haven’t done this before…paced and did “Scott Panchik burpees” straight through to 100- then tried to go HAM…

  84. EMOM 190
    1) 385 (never did 1RM high bar before but matched low bar PR, didn’t chase 395 but probably should have)
    2) 15:43 unbroken but slow, open standards

  85. HBBS – 125k not a PR
    150 burpees – 11:26

    Not been training consistently enough to set anything alight ATM!

  86. 1) Clean EMOM with 210#
    2) HBBS 1RM today 330#, not a PR
    3) 10:31 for the burpees. Not pleased.

    First time posting results. Been following outlaw for abit over 9 months and I work as a coach in crossfit lappeenranta (cant wait for the parabellum series camp!). Huge benefits for oly lifting so far. Thanks for these, for that ill start giving you some data.

    Yesterday was:
    237# for push press 1RM (push press PR)
    Muscle ups UB 10 and 8
    As WOD I did our own gyms metcon, sorry about that.

  87. Day late sorry.
    1) 145# All good, bruised chin with first rep
    2) 220#
    3) 9:54 Hit a 4-second/burpee and 15 burpee/minute pace throughout, sped up on last 30 seconds

  88. Couldn’t match PR from 9 weeks ago of 305#. Hit 295 and failed at 305.
    249 1RM in July or August of 2012
    121002: 264
    121039: 284
    130408: 305

    I’ve seen a shit ton of progress on my HBBS. I felt like this was a weak squat cycle, though. I felt like the cycle before this was more demanding, and solicited a better response in my body, personally. I don’t think we ever went over 80% on this cycle, if we even hit that.

  89. 1) 255# no misses
    2) 455 missed 465, January PR was 506#
    3) 9:35 didn’t hurt nearly as bad as last year’s open of 7mins burpees. I actually beat last year’s 7 min number by 1, happy with that
    FYI….plan on making podium at next years NC regional. Comin for you Kyle, Justin, and Alex!!!

  90. Cleans: 175#
    – Felt light and moved fast.
    HBBS: 335#
    – Not a PR but my training has been shit lately so I only have myself to blame. Now that I’m starting TOW Im excited to see where that number can go.
    Burpees: 10:25
    – Dear god that was awful. Humidity in Cleveland has to be close to 100% tonight.

  91. Cleans @205
    HBBS – previous PR 385. Hit 345, walkout @425, 2 misses @390. Disappointed after the squat training we’ve done. 20rm @290, and 5×2 pause @320. Maybe Cen East Regionals are having an impact.

    Helen – 9:35 (:23 pr). Behind on conditioning because had to coach at our box.

  92. A) Cleans at 190#
    B) HBBS 335#, PR’s at 365#. Ran out of time on this one, general fatigue as well.
    C) 13:53. Gross burpees. Conditioning not as good as before but hoping to catch up soon.

  93. 1) 125#
    2) 210# this is one of my goats for sure
    3) 11:19, 96 at the 7 min mark…got 100 for 12.1

    Ready to improve on all of these

  94. Emom:
    1.) 155# (something is messed in my near delt for holding in the front rack position any suggestions).
    2.) nailed 345# (20lb pr) the walkouts really helped a lot.
    3.) 17:36

  95. 1) HBBS 365 (-30)
    Wasn’t watching clock that close and 20 min snuck up on me
    2) 150 burpee 11:21
    Games standards 6″ jump

  96. Vitals:
    Age: 26
    BW: 165#

    HSCln: 160#

    HBBS 1RM: 315# (Matches LBBS from 12/30/12)

    150 Burpees: 13:24 (basically kept to an 11 b/m pace – burpees are the bane of my existence)

    3-4-5 (During trip to CE Regionals, left arm went numb…pinched nerve…trying to play catch-up on the WoDs)

  97. 1) 135# (70% of max clean is 165# though so not sure what only being able to handle 135 means)

    2) 185, 225, 255, 275 (old pr), 285 miss

    3) 80 burpees in 5:50 and quit bc I felt terrible (I suck)

  98. 1. 115#
    2. 290#
    3. 14:43
    On the burpees I tried to do 15 a minute then rest the left over time but could not keep up that pace… I was extremely happy with the squat but think I should have went up more but doing it by yourself is a bit nerve wracking.

  99. 1) 275#
    first time going over 200# since knee injury,felt good but didn’t wanna push it just yet

  100. HBBS – 365#. 15# PR from last attempt, but tied my lifetime PR from 10 years ago when I played HS Football : P

    150 Burpees – 9:04. Never attempted before.

  101. HBBS 365 30lbs lower than max forgot the warmup

    11:44 150 Burpees, felt pretty good really

  102. Hang Cleans @ 155#
    HBBS – 285# (40# PR, transition to high bar over the winter)
    150 burpees – 12:12

  103. Back Squat up 10# from last test day – 155, tried 165 and was so damn close but failed…blaming on my ankle which has been super tender. burpee metcon in 13:50. down 3 minutes from February.

  104. 1) 160 Kg (7,5 Kg PR)
    2) 9:20

    In january my backsquat was 140! Love getting stronger every month!

  105. 1.) complete at 100lbs
    2.) 205 felt good except the base of neck. PR is 210 not HBBS so I felt happy with 205 HB
    3.) 14:00

  106. HSC: 140 lbs
    HBBS: 160 lbs
    150 Burpees: 9:56

    Set a PR with low bar BS a few weeks ago at 325 lbs but that was at a gym with a proper rack. I was afraid to push it past 260 with the high bar position while using my wobbly POS rack here at home.

  107. 1. Did not do
    2. 315. This is new 1 RM since going ATG
    3. 21:05. Yes, this is ridicously slow. I planned to do 20 burpees, then 13 sets of 10. Stuck to it and survived.

  108. 1) 300#
    It’s possible that I could have done more, but I wasn’t comfortable trying. I haven’t done a 1RM with HB before, and I really struggled through the top half of the ascent on 295 and 300. Plus I train alone with no power rack, so if I have to dump a BS it’s going to the floor, which is just awfully loud at 5:45am.

    2) 13:38

  109. Wghtlifting shoes at the cobbler, tried to HBBS in my combat boots. Wasn’t working so well, I was compressing the sole in my right boot at 300+. I may reattack this one today after the snatches if my lower back feels alright.

    I hit 345 pretty easily then jumped to 375, 10# off of my PR and missed.

    Also, with the new cycle of smolov, I know you want us to HBBS, but do you think it might be smarter for me to Front Squat because of my Sacroiliac issues?

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