>Again, not much content today. Don’t know if you guys have been following along, but Ger is battling through what is BY FAR the toughest region on earth. If you think I’m overstating that, check out where the TOP SEVEN men sit through the first six events…

CFG regional showdown through event #6.

Yes, that means that Ger, who currently sits 6th in the CE, would be winning all but three other regions. What a way to finish the regional run—pretty sure I’ll be having a drink or two tonight.

BTW, Froning did the lunges unbroken.

>It is incredibly important that those of you who are following the site, and do not regularly post, POST YOUR DATA. This is our first testing week in quite some time, and after meeting many of you at regionals, I KNOW there’s a gigantic silent majority of you who are not posting. Please post your old PRs and the new ones you set.

If you don’t, I’ll send our new enforcer to come get you…


WOD 130610:

Testing – Day 2

1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Press.

2) 2XME Unbroken Muscle-Ups – rest as needed between sets (at least 4:00).

3) “Helen”

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pull-ups

335 thoughts on “130610

  1. Martha Baker here from Graham CrossFit in Washington. Started following your program in February and have seen significant growth in all areas. Snatches have gone up 15 lbs in just 3 months, Clean & Jerks 15 lbs, and Back Squat at least 20 lbs. Thank you for making it available for all of us. Don’t have muscle up yet, but getting close!

    • Martha, i just commented and finally got my MU’s last week… What I was doing (that seemed to get me there) was setting rings high enough so I could barely jump into them, and on the way down do a slow-and-controlled-as-possible negative rep through the MU on the way down, especially at the turnover (bottom of dip through the hang)… Also on WOD’s with pullups I’d sub strict close-grip chest-to-bar chinups (at least a first set of as many as possible then switch to regular)… Hope that helps!

  2. I’m new here and started Outlaw training 6 months ago when I moved to the Netherlands for my husband’s new assignment. I got the gym folks on post to buy bumper plates. So for 6 months I had to improvise with standard globo gym equipment. The plates and oly bar arrived just in time for testing. The last time I did a legit snatch with bumpers was 6 months ago and yesterday I was up 23#. I’m not a superstar crossfitter or lifter but I’m improving with this program (and a shit ton of video watching)…even while using shitty equipment. Thanks for the programming and excited to see how the next cycle unfolds.

  3. Thanks for all the support this weekend outlaws, and good luck to all those moving forward!

  4. Started following TOW programing in March after sustaining a knee injury (strained patella femoral tendon).
    Weights and confidence under the bar finally starting to get back to normal on Squats and O’lifts so i’m pretty amped to to see what i can accomplish on this next cycle,Thanks for the great programing keep up the good work.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcuomACRh38
    okay, so this is me attempting 135, ive hit it plenty of times but im not consistent. i have a phew questions, 1.) do you land exactly in your heels, or is it okay to land in the middle of your feet. 2.) please diagnose the areas i need mobility on. 3.) one of my worst mistakes in the snatch, JUMPING FORWARDS. 4.) some tips in landing a well balanced snatch . in need of advice and help. dont have a coach and train totally by myself.

    • Your hitting the bar away from you with your hips instead of a vertical hip drive causing you to chase the bar. Great mobility bar oath should be a straight line

      • okay, i see whats going on now, so the bar isnt in a straight path because im hitting it horizontally with my hips causing the weight to come out in front of me

  6. Haven’t posted on here since starting Outlaw. Been at it since about half way through this cycle we just finished, and I’m loving everything about it. I tested Helen earlier this week and got 12 minutes flat. OH swings fried my lats early and my kip is very ugly. Gonna retest Helen at the end of the summer before I head back to school. Follow up on the other tests tomorrow night after I do them.

  7. Just wanted I give a shout out to my coach, Ger Sasser for putting it all out there for the baddest region on planet earth.

  8. Spent the weekend watching the East Coast CrossFIt Games in Columbus. Shouted for my buddy Ger until my voice is almost gone. Great job, keep your head high…!! On a second note I’m gonna have to start posting again since I live with the Enforcer..

  9. Alright, I feel guilty not posting my results the past couple months! Will give it a go again!

    Saturday 8 June
    Snatch (260) … Previous test week (240)
    Clean and Jerk (315) … Previous (305)
    Isabell (2.14) … Previous (2.03) … Blaming the Sn and CJ work for slower time.


  10. Saturdays work:
    Snatch 80kg (PR was 70kg for a year, started following outlaw: snatch went up 10kg in a month or so 🙂 )
    Clean and Jerk 95kg (previous PR was also a year old, 90kg)

    Todays work:
    1) 70kg (no previous pr, felt kinda weak)
    2) No time :S
    3) 10:40 (previous helen 13:25, did it in may 2012 with a 20kg KB)

  11. Push press – 130kg PR old 1RM was 115kg

    Muscle up – 12/10

    Helen – 7:38PR old PR was 7:53

    Good arvo of training

  12. Had some shoulder problems in the past and had to skip a lot of my overhead training.

    Push Press: 80kg (same as my old PR)
    MU: 2/1
    Have still some problems with holding the false grip after my first MU. I´am able to hit 3-5 MU if i dont lose the grip

    Helen: 9:12 ( That´s a 0:40s PR)

  13. New member of outlaw doctrine

    Push press : 95kg PR
    Rings muscle ups ( without kipping, no place for this) : 12/8
    Helen -> 16kg : 8min44

  14. Push Press 135# (15# PR)
    MU 6 & 4 (4 was my PR before the open)
    Helen 8:46 (7s PR)

  15. Push press 175lbs
    MU no rings, out of town. Will do when return home
    Helen, 10min

  16. Push Press – 265lb (+30lb PR for this cycle)

    Muscle Ups – 6, 4 (tested this last week)

    Cond: did “Nasty Girls” due to rain 11:47 Rx (2 min PR)

  17. 1)175#, 185#(F)
    3)13:45. Lost a lot of time waiting for the treadmill to get up to speed. Horrible no matter what though. So once again, one day ill be an Outlaw

  18. 1.) 235 push press
    2.) 5 and 5 (need to get better)

    10:34 (should’ve ran faster and need to learn the butterfly)

  19. Nobody gives a shit about why your training data is the way it is. Go sing kumbaya and talk about your delicate bones in your diaries.

    • This, I’m sure Rudy appreciates the whispering of sweet nothing’s but god damn stick to the data.

  20. Push Press (265) … Previous (235)
    Max UB MuscleUps (12) … Previous (11)
    Helen (9.30) … Previous (not sure but faster when I was weaker)


  21. 1RM Push Press @ 175 up 20# from 155. I started Outlaw at the beginning of the last cycle just after regionals. Only done CF for a year and some change now… No previous training experience

  22. Push Press : 235lb – Dont think I have every tried to 1RM these so I guess thats a PR.

    Max UB Muscle Up’s – 7 (3 rep PR)

    Helen – 9:31 – 400’s can suck my balls, I think I would rather do burpees

      • I take it back man it was just a joke. I think Rudy saw my post and said “fuck this guy I am programming 150 burpees tomorrow just for him”. OUCH

  23. I’ve been following the site for maybe a month and decided I needed to post some, been crossfitting for 3 months or so.
    1) 210 lb push press, which is my current PR
    2) MU- 3, 5
    3) 8:43

  24. 1. 150# – 5# PR
    2. One each time, NO FALSE GRIP! Woowoo.
    3. 10:34 Rx not sure if it was a PR, ill look back at the site later, but I’m sure it was.

  25. Strength:
    100Kg (5Kg PB)

    Muscle Ups:
    8 and 8 (PB is 10, rhythm was off in set one, better in set two)

    9:46 – PB (think I was around 10:05)

  26. 30m 5’8 185lbs. 1rm Push Press before 245 now 265 ME Muscle ups first round I got 13 second round I got 8   Helen:  10:33


  27. 1) 125# (5# PR)
    2) worked on MU progressions
    3) Helen – 12:00 (4 second PR) really disappointed with these results…all KBS unbroken…slipped off the pull up bar on the second and third round. Plus I’m really freaking slow. I’m going to get better though.

  28. 300lbs Push-Press (under PR due to shoulder issues)
    8 Muscle-ups (couldn’t even do MU’s in January)
    9:53 (2+ minute PR!)

  29. 1) 70kg (PR=76kg)
    2) 8-7
    3) 10:42 – row instead of run – 24kg (PR for rowing is 9:25 with 16kg)

  30. 85kg, failed 90kg
    6 unbroken then 3 (lost my false grip after the 3th one)
    helen: 10:34 (but not entirely sure the route is 400m, possible 500)

  31. Summer time running should be illegal in Florida!

    Push press 205#
    Helen: 8:25 unbroken

  32. First timer intro: 40 year old male, 6’3″, 173lbs, following since the end of the CrossFit Open, crossfitting 2 years. Working out of garage, doing what I can. Trying to save for video coaching.

    1) 195# (30#pr, it’d been months since last PR)
    2) 10, 8 (10 tied previous PR)
    3) 10:23 – first two rounds unbroken, last round split pull-ups 6-3-3, (Run is around the block which is 418m, previous PR @400m was 9:57)

  33. Finally something not too embarrassing to post
    Push Press – 205# ( at least a 20# PR )
    Helen – 9:15 Rx. KBS and PU unbroken. 23 second PR. My running still sucks. Just a little less than before.

    MFS 133

  34. I changed to Outlaw programming about a month ago on the recommendation of my coach. I’ve crossfitted 1,5 year now but not any athletic background.

    Push press 55 kg, no previous 1RM so PR
    Helen: 9:45 (PR, previous a month ago 10:22)

  35. 215# Push Press (same from a few months ago)
    MU – 4, 4
    Helen – 9:22 (previous – 10:16)

  36. First post on here. Started integrating the Outlaw conditioning into my programming in early January. Saw improvements but had a 2.5 month hiatus for Basic Officer Training. Started back up about a month ago but adding more of coach’s programming into my workouts. Now my workouts and days off are about 85% Outlaw. Enough rambling, here’s what I have:

    Did 4,3,3,3 HBBS first…
    Squat – 405 for 3
    Push Press – 255 (+10)
    Bar Muscle Ups – 17,10
    Helen – 8:06 (10 sec PR)

  37. Been following TOW for about 4 months now, 90% strict on the programming.

    1) 205# (+15lb from last testing)
    2) 10,7 (+3 from like 6 months ago)
    3) 10:30 (2 min or so pr, tested sometime last year)

  38. Been following since the last week of April, learned about Outlaw after the open, wish I would have found it earlier.

    1) 205# pp (15lb PR)

    2) MU: 6/7 (previous was 5)

    3) Helen: 9:06 (previous time was 11:31 in February)

  39. First time posting. Just started following the site. Been CF’ing for about 5 months now at CF Lindy, Normally follow that programming. Male, 6ft, 205.

    Did the Snatch and C&J on Saturday, @ 185# and 245# respectively.

    Today, Push press @ 225# and Helen @ 8:20. Did not do the MUs..

  40. Push Press: 275lbs (no change)
    Muscle ups: (I have been hammering these hard after regionals. Did 20 yesterday, 30 today) My unbroken sets were 5/4. Working on doing them with a strap setups that pivots further away from the rings. That seems to be my prob. I have always worked with low ceilings.

    Helen: 7:57
    Pr from 8:30-ish

  41. First time posting but following outlaw for a couple months!
    1. Push press – 135 same as previous pr
    2. Mu- I assumed these had to be strung together which I just learned how to do so I only got 2… Then 1…then do 3 more just to get 5 done
    3. Helen – 11:22 ..about 2 sec pr..need to work on sprints! And pull-ups have been of lately

  42. Hi Rudy, thanks for your programming. I have been following for over 6 months now and have made great gains. I finished 16th in the Open this year in the Central East Region. I competed for our team CrossFit NapTown this year. 1st after day 1, 3rd after day 2, and second going into final workout. Finished 4th by 2 points. Very very tough, but I am motivated to continue training for next year.

    Here is my question. I have major damage to my right knee. 6 total R knee surgeries. 2 Cartilage implants with the meniscus out of place. Severe swelling and ROM issues at flexion and extension. I can barely get below parallel so full depth is not even close to being an option. Pistols almost impossible on R side. Like, I had to do hours of mobility just to be able to get through them (I still got a lot of no-reps this weekend). Surgeons say next surgery must be knee replacement so not really an option.

    What Can I Do? I want to be able to hit full depth on squat! Do I wrap my knee in tight flexion (extremely painful) and try to sleep in that position?

    I’m going to take today off but don’t know if you still want old maxes:
    Previous Push Press: 275lb (currently dealing w shoulder injury)
    Previous ME Muscle Ups 17

  43. I started Outlaw at the beginning of this cycle and started Crossfit in January. My C&J 1RM is 215#, a 30# PR, Snatch was 155#, didn’t have a previous 1RM, and I subbed a class WOD for Isabel. My push press today was 165#, 10 lbs less than when I last did it, which was awhile ago. Helen was 11:04 which I’ve never done before. And for my muscle ups, I got 6 reps on both sets.

  44. 175 push press.
    no mu’s do to the facility.
    12:10 Row’d instead of ran (treadmill is broken)

  45. PP – 235 (no previous 1 RM)
    Mu – 7, 6 (trying w/o false grip so not as good as old pr but can’t compare the 2)

    Helen – 9:56 (9:06 pr) – just started running again last week d/t injuries (8 months no running) so not too bad

  46. That enforcer looks kinda scary, so I’ll start posting my results.
    Snatch: 92,5kg
    C/J: 115kg
    Pushpress: 100kg
    Muscleups 3 and 4.

    This is my first testingweek while on outlaw.

  47. First time posting: been following the way for a while now.

    Push-press 245# (20 pound PR)

    Muscle-ups 5 – 4. Not feeling a no false grip but I tried.

    “Helen” – 7:14 PR (over 7:39)

  48. Push press: 205#
    Mu: 7/6
    Helen: 9:31 not a pr
    Felt heavy today and winded fast. Probably should of had a more active rest day yesterday. Oh well live and learn.

  49. (225 PR) P.Press: hit 205, missed 230.
    (9 PR) Muscle ups: 7/7
    (Diffetent run) Helen: 10:36

    Feelin weak these first two days of test week. Fuck.

  50. Push press 135 (10 lb pr)
    Helen 10:42 all ub
    Last time was 10:36 but on a very short course. First time going unbroken on everything
    Practiced mu. Getting dangerously close.
    Outlaw about 4x a week since after open

  51. push press- 225, failed 235, 5 less than PR
    mu’s- 2 bar muscle ups, will get the rings set up later
    helen 9:00, will have to dig up the exact time, but that’s at least a 30sec PR

  52. 1) Push Press – 225
    2) 2XME Unbroken Muscle-Ups – 15/14
    3) “Helen” – 9:40 (unbroken, not a pr)

  53. I Have been following outlaw for 2-3 weeks now.
    1) Push Press 72,5kg (previous 65kg Feb 2013)
    2) No MU yet – did max UB c2b 1(?!) & 4 and also with reverse grip 4&5
    3) Helen as rx’d 10.30 (PR from May 2013 10.06). Just too tired today.

  54. Came into Outlaw during last testing cycle – skipped Saturday (did 20 min AMRAP TGU alternating R/L @35# – 28 total). Still not used to going hard all week and then doing snatch work and c&j on saturdays.

    Push Press 130 – 15# PR

    Worked on Bar and Ring MU – I have multiples with small red rogue band which is down a band size from when i started working these beginning of last cycle.

    Helen 9:12 Rx

  55. 1RM push press
    Old PR 245- today 275
    Max Mu PR 19
    16,14 today
    Helen PR 6:48
    Today 7:49

  56. Push Press: 260, 5 lb PR & 15 lb more than last test.

    MU: 13 first set (previous PR was 12)

    Helen: 7:41, 12 sec PR

    BTW: Snatch on Saturday was a PR @ 250.

    Been on The Way 11 months and I’m on a roll – Thanks for the programming!

  57. First day on outlaw.
    Weak sauce for me.
    210 push press. (25#pr)
    7/7 muscle ups (non false grip)
    8:20 Helen (18 second pr, I haven’t run in forever!)

  58. 175# (need work on movement, tried to jerk to much)
    1 me mu (got muscle up last week)
    10:13 rx

  59. Long time follower first time post’er.

    1) 200lbs 5lbs pr
    2) 1 muscle-ups just got them still cant do multiples
    3) 10:59Rx

  60. 1) 200 lbs (5 lbs PR)
    2) 13/10 no PR
    3) 7:30 (:28 PR from a couple years ago)

  61. 6/8

    Terrible day Saturday so did it today:
    220lb snatch -5lbs from PR
    290 CJ +10lb PR just missed 300 on jrk

    Isabel 2.37 12 sec PR

    Thanks Chris Stowe for introducing me to Outlaw.

  62. Push Press: 170# and a 10# PR
    Muscle Ups: 3 and 4 almost 5!
    Helen: 10:15, 31 second PR for when I did Helen at the Outlaw Camp in Dec.

  63. 1) 200 (-5# but leg lock was absolute)

    2) 5 and 5. Too sweaty, chalk looked like glue in my hands

    3) “Helen” 10:31 (1:16 PR)

  64. Alright Rudy, here’s your data, been following/tracking long enough to provide it…
    Started following Outlaw Way 3/20/12
    1) Push Press = 215 (matched PR), keep failing at 225…
    Prior history: 2/1/13 = 215, 4/10/13 = 205
    2) ME UB MU’s = 2 / 2 (PR)
    Prior history: Did my first sloppy/ugly MU during Open WOD 13.3. Then still couldn’t do them afterwards. To work on it, I was setting the rings to a height where i could barely be able to jump into the MU, and really concentrating on “negative reps” on the way down, especially proximal strength from bottom of the dip to the hang position. Also added some auxillary work in the form of strict close-grip chest-to-bar chinups… Then last week outta nowhere it clicked and started getting sets of 2 easy – 2 years of work and finally got my MU’s!
    3) Helen = 9:38 (PR)
    Prior history: 3/25/13 = 10:21, 12/17/12 = 10:14

    Test day #1 on Saturday, was on vacation with fam so missed Isabel and will post when i get a chance to do it in the next week.
    Snatch 1rm history:
    10/1/12 = 165
    10/13/12 = 170
    10/20/12 = 175
    1/19/13 = 185
    4/13/13 = 195
    C&J 1rm history:
    9/22/12 = 225
    10/20/12 = 235
    2/23/13 = 240
    4/12/13 = 250

  65. 225 PP. 5# off PR.

    MU- 8, low ceilings so have to pick feet up to get full extension with the arms and basically all strict cause we get no swing.

    Helen: 7:56. raining pretty hard and dodging puddles and still a 20 second PR.

  66. #215- Push Press (-10 from Pr)

    MU’s – 5/5 (just cannot keep rhythm)

    Helen – 8:27 (Pr)

  67. I guess i’ll start posting here as well.

    Push Press- 190# (+5 since sometime in may)

    ME UB Muscle Ups- 7, 10 ( Both PR’s. Previous was 5. I had to use a bar because there are no rings set up in our new gym yet)

    “Helen”- 12:20 (A minute slower than PR)

  68. Not been following long, also been disrupted by trips abroad and work.

    1) 95 – PR
    2) 6/6 – nowhere near a PR
    3) 9:29 – ditto!

  69. 1) 205 (ties PR)
    2) 8/10 (5 MU PR)
    3) “Helen” 8:48 (old PR was 9:14 w/ strict pull-ups)


    P.S. I am astonished this many people were straight lurking this program…kinda creepy

  70. Been following Outlaw for a year. I’ve only posted during test cycles. I’ve seen significant strength & conditioning gains since following this site. When I started following Outlaw, 80# was a challenging Push Press weight for me & my Clean was 125#. A couple weeks ago I PR’d my C&J at 153# from the high hang.
    Testing – Day 2 (missed day 1)
    1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Press – 132#
    2) 2 X ME Unbroken Muscle-Ups – 0 – don’t yet have a MU
    3) “Helen”
    3 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    21 KBS 24/16kg
    12 Pull-ups
    10:40 Rx PR! by :54

  71. 1) 275#
    2) 10/9
    3) 7:57…regionals two weekends ago, took last week off…i can feel i lost a little cardio taking that time off but body needed it. Ready for this next Cycle…

  72. Push press 210# ( push press this time last year was maybe 100#)

    MU 1) 6
    2) 7 (both sets for some reason were strict)
    Helen: 7:59

  73. Snatch 1rm – 160#
    C&J 1rm – 205#
    Isabel – 13:53

    PR 185# Push Press – 10# increase
    MU – 0
    Helen: PR 12:12 – beat previous time by 1:08

  74. 1). 250# (previous 260#)
    2). 11(no false grip), 9(with false grip for first 6)
    3. 7:50 (400m track is prolly 10-15m short)

  75. Love the programming! I’ve never posted here before but I guess I should start.

    I started following at the beginning of this year:
    Snatch up from 135# to 185#
    C&j up from 175# to 230#

    Today’s work:
    195# push press previous 185#
    Mu 7/7
    Helen 10:18

  76. I’m thinking my previous 1RM was 255#



    5 reps each set on RMU


    Previous PR: 7:45

    I started at a new box…they have a few things that are different and once acclaimed I’m sure I’ll be fine…the dress shoes and the down and back and down a little and back a little 400 don’t really breed speed either…

  77. Been reading and following for a while, embarrassed by my lifts to post. Not anymore.

    1) 160#
    2) 4/6
    3) 10:07 Rx

  78. First time following this program. Been crossfitting for about two years on and off because of a college sports commitment. Looking forward to following this full time.

    Didn’t get a chance to post saturday, but I snatched 185# for a pr and clean and jerked 245#. Mobility is a big issue, working on it daily.

    Push press: 225# PR
    Muscleups: 15 (PR tie), and 8
    Helen: 8:39

  79. Normally don’t post but at coach’s request :
    Push press #195, 10lb PR
    ME UB muscle ups =6 one rep PR

    Did my gyms conditioning WOD

  80. Dear diary,
    Today we are doing day 2 of our testing week on TOW! I didn’t do the first test because I made the poor decision to go to Oklahoma City and have fun. I am really regretting being social and not doing the WOD! 🙁 But today I did the WOD and I’m super proud of myself. It was really hot in my box and I don’t think I performed like I would have if I was working out in a perfectly climate controlled facility. I have really long arms, so all the movements we did today weren’t really FAIR because I have a longer range of motion than everyone else. I think the course I ran wasn’t EXACTLY 400 meters long, more like 401.99, so that added a lot to my time. Looking forward to PRing with everyone. Thanks Rudy for all the awesome programming!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Just kidding, I don’t regret getting buckled and eating burgers all day on Saturday at all.

      1) Push Press: 225 (tie)
      2) Strict Muscle-ups: 3/5
      3) Helen [32kg/strict]: 11:02 (:15 PR)

      SOF Prep (Swimming & Calisthenics) in the AM


  81. Just for you boss

    Push Press: 235 never tried a one rep but better than expected
    Muscle ups: 11, 8 I think 8 was my previous PR
    Helen: 8:53 last time was 9:40 i think

  82. 1. 220, 15# pr
    2. 12, 9. pr is 14
    3. 10:57 wtf. pr is 8:48. I must admit that I would often skip the 400m repeat work and I have also gained about 15 lbs in the past 4 months. Need to hit the speed work.

  83. Push Press
    235 10 LB PR. Hit 245 With slight dip….
    Muscle Ups
    20/10. Previous PR was 15.
    7:18 N/A accidentally measured wrong and ran 300m’s

  84. Push Press – 230#, Old PR – 230#

    MU’s – 12, Old PR – 10
    *2nd set did strict MU’s and got 5

    “Helen” 9:17 today, PR is 8:35 last time it was programmed was 10:34

  85. M/37/210
    Helen 9:42 (+ 2 mins) slow today because I am a pussy. That is all.

  86. push press- 185# (30# PR)
    ME muscle ups- 3/3.
    Helen- 12:59, first time, my run actually might be longer than 400. everything was unbroken besides the pull ups… REALLY bad at them. also i can usually do alot better with the muscle ups, i think its because ive put on a lot of weight since last time ive max efforted (15 pounds) but ill tell you what, ive gotten ALOT stronger

  87. This is a post in regards to the data mining you want to do. I dont even know who is reading and recording this so I’ll just put everything in this post:
    Snatch 255 up from 250
    Clean and Jerk 315 up from 307
    5K No pr
    Isabel 1:54 pr from 2:12
    Push press 270 up from 265 (just missed 275)

  88. PP: 235 (barely missed 245 definitely stronger), Previous: 235
    Muscle ups: 13, 9 Previous: NA
    Helen: 7:44 Previous: 7:55

  89. First post, to avoid the enforcer.

    Push Press: 225 (PR from January was 215)
    Almost locked out 235

    No way to do MUs

    Helen: 8:23 RX (9:12 old PR)

  90. 1) 225# push press 30lb pr since i tried it last!
    2) 5/5 kept losing my false grip on the 5th
    3) 10:13 helen did 500m runs so not very accurate.

  91. Push press 155 20# pr
    Muscle ups 4/2 3 rep pr
    First Helen in a long time. 1047.
    New to the program!

  92. Male/30/72″/210#
    Started The Outlaw Way Saturday. Haven’t done a CrossFit workout in ~6 months.
    1) 185#
    2) 2 / 2
    3) 16:00 rx’d

  93. Push Press-225# (10# PR, went up so easy so I took the risk and tried for 235 but failed 3 attempts. Think I could have gotten 230.)
    2xME UB Muscle-Ups – 8/9 tied previous PR when I was 15# lighter, prob shouldn’t have ate those pancakes this morning either)
    Helen – 8:28 (2 sec slower than PR, my runs felt horrible damn pancakes)

  94. Been following for a year, will post more often.
    PP- 205 ( PR- 225)
    MU- 10,9 ( PR- 14)
    Helen- 9:50 (PR- 8:40)
    Rough day I guess

  95. Snatch 145# (old 135#)
    C & J 205# (old 205#)
    Push Press 200# (old 185#)
    Muscle Ups 3 (old 2)(these are somewhat new to me)
    Helen 9:19 Rx’d (old 10:02)

  96. 225 push press. Barely missed 235. Last or was 190.

    MU: 8,8. Any tips on getting better at higher reps on these? I’ve been stuck for a while.

    Didn’t do Helen, due to rain.

  97. Push press 65kg
    Muscle ups 8 in 1st set and 7 in 2nd (rings were wide)
    Helen 13:13 in the rain

  98. Just jumped in on the programming, I’m tired of being a slap dick.

    Did the WOD first but had to sub the pull ups for body weight Pendlay rows because my Box (which I’m an owner of CrossFit Absecon) is stuck in a tent and has been for 3 weeks while our other location is getting ready.
    Push Press @ 275

    3 Rounds
    Run 400 Meters
    21 KB Swings
    12 Pendlay Rows at 215#

    Should be in new location in a week.

  99. Push Press-

    255# (20lb PR)


    8:14 (40 sec PR)

    *still suck at running

    Muscle ups-

    50 total

  100. Something “popped” in left shoulder blade during 225# against my better judgement I went ahead and threw 235# up. Too worried about shoulder blade to add anymore.

    14/15 bar muscle ups (no rings)

    Helen PR @9:29. Previous PR was (10:00)

  101. Max PP – 150 (17 lb PR)
    MU’s – 1/1 (a few weeks ago I couldn’t do them consistently, so getting better, slowly)
    Helen – 9:08 (22 sec PR)

  102. 1) 245# (previously 205#)
    2) 5/2 over thinking.. got zero in 13.3, so PR
    3) 9:22, previously 10:38.. Good day I guess

    M/24/6’3/210, following since January,
    PR Snatch 210#, (163# in January)
    PR Clean&Jerk 261# (243# in January)
    Thanks again coach! great stuff

  103. Push press 225 PR (old 220)
    No muscle ups .. Arch nemsis
    Helen 11:33 PR (old 12:30)

  104. 1) push press: 115, no previous 1RM attemps
    2) muscle ups: 4, 6. just got them, no previous ME test
    3) Helen: 8:47. previous was 9:12

  105. Snatch 110#
    C&J 145# (5# PR)
    Isabel RX (first time ever) 5:47
    PP 130# (10# PR)
    MUs 4 (no false grip), 4 (false grip)
    Helen 9:16


  106. Push Press-225
    (Old PR-210)
    (Old ME PR 17)
    Not a PR but suffering through a nasty hangover so wasn’t expecting a stellar performance.
    No other program has so consistently got me stronger like the Outlaw Way.

  107. 255# push press (10# pr)
    12 & 11 muscleups.
    8:25 Helen.

    Not happy with any of those numbers, looking forward to big improvements!

  108. Sat
    Snatch-235# 245F (10# under PR)
    C&J-275# 300 F Jerk (25# under PR)
    Isabel- 2:42 (1 min PR)

    1)Push Press- 265# 275F (15#pr)
    2) 17,11
    3)Helen 8:05 (2 sec PR)

  109. 1RM PP: 225 (-11 from previous PR of 236)

    ME UB MU: 11, 11 (-1 from previous PR of 12)

    Tested similar METCON for upcoming competition:

    Run 1 mile
    50 KBS 53#
    25 over box burpee

  110. 1RM Push Press 225
    ME Musclups 5 and 5–best is 7

    First time Helen EVER— 7:59 RX-Hurt so good.

  111. Jeebus… what’s the comment limit on this thing?

    1) 280 lbs – up 5 from 130410

    2) 14, 11

    3) “Helen” – 7:51 – one second off PR

  112. MFS: 3-6-3
    1) 195, 10# PR
    2) DND; no high rings.
    3) “Helen” (450M block run w/ hills) 10:40. Obviously missing all those 400’s really showed.

  113. Push press -200.5
    Muscle ups – no where in the house to do them
    Helen – 11:22

  114. Posting from CrossFit Overload in SoCal. I’ve been following the programming for 5 months and have been noticing significant gains!!

    PP: 210
    MU: 14/12
    Helen: 8:23

  115. Push press 220lbs
    Muscle up : 10 / 7
    Helen : 8’08”

    Thanks, from brazil !

  116. 235 PP (I’ve never maxed PP so I guess it was a PR)
    11/8 MU (11 tied PR)
    11:59 Helen (10:24 is PR)
    Did it all unbroken, run was just super slow

  117. Following TOW since August 2012.

    PP: 240 (up from 225)
    MU: 2/1 (up from 0)
    Helen: 7:47 (down from 8:23)

    Trying to learn to move more better.

  118. F/27/145

    Been doing CrossFit for 5 months, and following Outlaw for about three weeks.

    (1) 115# (never tested)
    (2) Don’t have a muscle-up yet
    (3) 10:18 (800m bike, otherwise as rx’d)

  119. Alright, day 2 of guilt posting:

    1. Push press – 180# (10# PR)
    2. Still working on muscle ups

    Helen – 10:34 with 60lbs kettle bell (all I had).

  120. Push Press: 195 (30# PR)
    Muscle Ups: 2 + 2 (Old PR 7+7)
    Helen: 11:25 (9sec PR)

    Consistency has been my downfall over the last few months. I am honestly astonished that I hit those numbers after essentially neglecting training for the last few months. Ain’t got time for excuses, I am psyched to be back and putting in the work.

  121. 1.) 185lbs Push Press
    2.) Muscle Ups- 7/6 (tied old PR)
    Helen- 9:53 PR from 10:44

  122. Push Press: 225#
    Do not have place to do MU at this gym
    Helen: 13:05 running track was about 500m and had was tore up from a hero wod last week. Previous PR was 10:45

  123. Push Press – 120kg (270lb) used no squat rack (previous 1RM = 90kg)
    ME MU 7,5 (previous ME 3)
    Helen 12:03min (400m killed me & pull-ups was unbroken but couldn’t get rhythm).

  124. PP:52,5 kg (last try,too long ago to remember) MU: false grip ring pull ups 5/6 /set Helen:9:35

  125. PP 100 kg (no pr until now)
    MU 15 / 14 ( 10 min timecap for the MU given by my coach)
    Helen 8:41 ( 9:26 old)

    Following TOW since the Open, when my coach started to use this programm for the advanced class.
    Improved my Snatch 70 kg -> 100 kg and C&J 100 -> 120 kg

  126. 1) 210 lb
    2) 7, 8 (bar muscle ups). Great since a month ago I couldn’t get one.
    Helen: 9:07.

  127. 22/M/210#

    1RM Push Press
    Back in October I had a sick shoulder injury from flag football (very hardcore), before my max was 255lbs. When we maxed this last I could only push 245lbs, heavier and my shoulder would give out. Yesterday pushed 265lbs pretty easy. Got greedy and put 285lbs about halfways up. Will get there very soon I’m sure.

    2xME MUs
    9, 6
    I think my max before this was no more than 5 MUs

    Did some heavy squats here cause I had a friend in town wanting to workout, and didn’t want him to do everything alone. I don’t have enough weight in my garage gym to max HBBS anymore, anyways, so I can’t do that for tomorrows template.
    5×3 HBBS, 315-345-365-370-375

    440meter run (closest I can get to 400meters)
    21 kb swings 53lb, 12 pull ups

    Outlaw is getting everyone SCRONG. Thanks Rudy. I’ll try to keep posting numbers for your team.

  128. Holy Crap this become a popular place! Glad to see other mere mortals following Outlaw Industries…

    Push Press: #220. #10 PR from last test
    Muscles Ups: 1st: 7. 2nd 10—New PR (8)., Double Digit MU Club!
    Helen: 9:30. I’m a dog. PR 8:20.

  129. 1.) 240# (PR tie; did not have enough weights to attempt a PR)

    2.) 8/8 (3 off PR)

    3.) N/A

    *Definitely missed the “PR” memo for the week.

  130. Push Press 255# (old PR 250)
    MU 10/8 – (old PR 8)
    Helen 8:08 (not as fast as before but running a 100m course for the 400m runs instead of a lap)

  131. M/39/185
    1. Helen 9:58 (PR)
    2. 205#, lower than previous PR but performed after Helen

  132. Push Press: 255#
    MUs: 13/11
    Helen: 8:42. 4 minute PR but it has been over a year so that is expected.

  133. Push Press: 185#
    I failed at 205#-perhaps I was a little overzealous. I think I could have done 195#, but I made too big of a jump.

    Helen: 7:26 – 49 second PR

  134. 1) 245 push press (20#PR)
    2) MUs 3-3
    3) Helen-10:15

    Been doing outlaw now for about 3 or 4 months and have increased both oly lifts by 50 lbs so seeing awesome results. 235# snatch, 275# clean…also met Ger Sasser Sunday at regionals an he did awesome, my box is not far from his in Portsmouth Ohio and he’s a big deal at our box! The Outlaw Way 4Life!

  135. Push press 154# (70kg)
    MU 1 per round, still working I stringing them together
    Helen 10:38 in pouring rain, previous 11:43

  136. PP – 205
    MU – 7

    8:32 Helen (~30s off my PR but I’m just getting my legs back under me after a long injury spell)

  137. Stevo – Push press 185#, 7:53 Helen, and 7/5 muscle ups

    Joy – Push press 120#, 9:45 Helen, and no muscle ups

  138. Are there any TOW Followers in Phoenix? We are going there next week and would love to get a couple TOW workouts in while we’re there.

  139. Push Press
    245/ 5 pounds under PR

    8, 8 / 3 under PR

    Done on treadmill, not a great set up. Don’t remember PR

  140. Push Press
    245/ 5 pounds under PR

    8, 8 / 3 under PR

    Done on treadmill, not a great set up. Don’t remember PR

  141. 1) 225 Push Press (10# PR)
    2) 4 / 5 MU (Its been a while since I worked on muscle ups so I’ll take it)
    3) “Helen” 9:56 (That last run was awful; my conditioning appears to be way down)

  142. 1) 165# (5# pr since April)
    2) 2 & 2

    10:27 @ 45# kb
    44 second pr (UB thru 7 pull-ups final round)

  143. 1) 250 – 15lb pr
    2) MU work – can do singles no problem, but struggle with the transition to multiple. Feels like I’m pulling my bicep off the bone.

  144. 1) Stopped at 205 shoulder bothering me

    3) Helen: 9:43 >> Previous best 11:14

  145. Met you at South Central Regionals…I have been a silent follower for about a year. Going to post now:

    1) 150#
    2) 1 MU…working on stringing together
    3) 10:44 Helen. Went unbroken on everything except 8-4 in last pull up set.

  146. 1. Push Press: 135 15# PR
    2. MU: 9, 8 (Old PR was 7)
    3. Helen: 10 and change. Two minutes from PR. Still can’t do pull-ups worth a crap.

  147. Push press-225#. Previous pr was 205# so 20# pr

    Muscle ups- 14 and 12

    Helen- 7:55 no pr. 7:48 is my pr

  148. Push press 215# PR (was 210#)
    MUs 8 and 7 PR (was 5)

    Helen 8:22 PR (30s PR)

  149. 205 Push Press (20#pr)

    6/5 – UB MU

    Helen 8:38 (:22 pr)

    Very happy with two PR’s!

  150. Not ideal, but I’m combining this week’s training. I only got the Push Press done from today. 10# PR @ 185#.

  151. Push press: #175 15# pr from last known push press
    MU string: 6-7 previous was 3 in a string
    Conditioning: 10:08, previous test was 12:36 (those 400m sled drags work)
    Thanks coach much appreciated

  152. 1) 175-185-195-205-215-225-235-245(10lbs PR)-255(20lbs PR)-265(F) had no time to give it another shot :/
    2) 8-8
    3)”Helen” 9:06 slow running (leg injury) 1:07 PR

  153. 1) 1RM Push Press
    2) 2XME Unbroken Muscle-Ups:
    9 for both
    3) “Helen”: 13:26

  154. ush Press: Old PR – 155# / New PR 175#
    Muscle Ups: Old PR – 0 / New PR 2
    Helen: We just run around the our complex which is roughly 600-700m so time is off.
    Old PR: 19:34 / New PR: 16:42

  155. Push Press: 220 (10# PR)
    130201: 189
    130410: 210
    130610: 220
    Unbroken MU’s: 10 and 8
    Helen: PR match, 8:07 (lost some time chalking up like a douche, could’ve gotten a few seconds faster. Goal is to get under 8:00 next time)
    120529: 8.22
    121215: 8.13
    130610: 8:07

  156. 1) Push Press 155# no previous max

    2) MU – 3/3 (3 being my PR , 1 before coming to Outlaw)

    3) Helen 8:49 ( 8:24 PR from different box with a quicker transition from run to pull up. Ill take today as a PR considering)

  157. A. 215# Push Press (+10# PR—barely missed 225# x3)

    B. 14 and 8 Muscle-Ups

    C. 9:16 Helen…. 1 minute off my PR–horrible pace on Runs, everything UB
    ^ I will destroy Helen next time. sub 8

  158. Vitals:
    Age: 26
    BW: 165#

    1RM PP: 195#

    2xME UB MU: 6 (PR)/6 (PR) – Prior PR was 5 UB MU for 1 set

    Helen: 7:54 PR – Previous PR was 8:11 (9/17/2012) – Performed KBS UB but broke pull-ups into sets of 6 BF

  159. 1. 190# down from previous PR of 210.
    2. MUs – no rings, I do PUs and Dips on MU days
    3. Helen – 10:15

  160. A) Push press #115 (5 lb PR)
    B) Scaled to C2B 6/6
    C) Rx 9:49; time in March was Rx 11:40 – stoked!

  161. Push Press – 220#. 5# PR from last, should have more in me when I am not cleaning the weight from the ground.

    ME M/U – 9, same as last, should do more next

    Helen – 8:51 – (previous was 9:04). Ran different route that had less turns, came off bar last set because hands are still torn from regionals, hope to do better on this next time.

  162. Busy all week. Just now getting to posting numbers. Male, 17 y/o, 153# BW.

    Push Press – 175# (never tested)

    Couldn’t do muscle ups, have to workout in a globo gym so there isn’t an area for them. Just sub C2B and dips when I have to. Did 2 sets of 15 just to do the movement.

    Helen – 8:47 (27 sec PR)

  163. i dont remember if i posted already…
    1rm push press 155
    MU 4/3 3rep PR
    Helen 11.47 blah

  164. Push Press: 180 lbs
    Muscle Ups: No MUs yet. Worked on jumping MUs and negatives.
    Helen: 9:19 (run done in field on hill)

  165. PP- 230 (1st 1RM on this lift)

    Helen- 7:42 (7:28 PR) Pullups were crap today!

  166. 1) push press: 205
    2) MU: 9/7. First set felt good with quick transitions. Second, hands were on fire.
    3) “Helen”: 8m40s, NYC sidewalk did not help.

  167. Coach, I was on vacation last week with no access to a gym. I’ll be a week behind in the programming and in my posting. Yesterday’s session was a great day 1 back from vacation.

    Push Press – 260 (PR)
    Muscle-Ups (UB) – 15 (PR), then 11
    Helen – 6:57 (PR) sub 7 helen! sub 7 helen!

  168. 1) 185 PR up from 170 2 months ago
    2) had to do C2B- 10
    3) Helen– 11:04 PR by 1:41

  169. BBG-
    1- 205# (this was a 30# pr but tested last time right about when I started CF, about 8 months ago)
    2- haven’t mastered mu’s yet and was short on time so I went to Helen.

    Cond- 8:28 (this was a :28 sec pr for me)

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