>The final 2013 Para Bellum Series date will be live tomorrow. It’s in Roseville, CA at CrossFit Determination, from December 13th through 15th.

We’ll start announcing the 2014 dates sometime in the next few months. There are only a few spots remaining for the camps that have not sold out. Make sure you get your spots now, because we will not be repeating dates in any areas that are scheduled now.

>As impressive as all the regional performances were over the last weekend, there was another impressive performance that I’d like to highlight today. Paul Estrada, in his second WL meet, qualified for Nationals as a 105kg lifter. He totaled 297kg with a 140kg Snatch (308#), and a 157kg Clean & Jerk (345#). The Clean & Jerk is good, as you’ll see below, but the Snatch—whoa buddy—that is a thing of pure beauty. No more patented broad jump, just up, down, and a metric shit-ton of speed.

Side note: Paul, don’t slam the bar at Nationals.

Paul Estrada – 297kg Total:

WOD 130605:


1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.

2) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean & Push Jerk.


3 rounds for time of:

5 Muscle-Ups
20 KB Snatch + OH Lunge 24/16kg (10L/10R) DEMO VIDEO
40 Double-Unders

60 thoughts on “130605

  1. May have to try out those blood curdling war cries next max out day…Gotta add at least 5kg to your lift.

  2. Does group #4 take a rest day for June 5th or complete the deload week as written?

  3. Power snatch – 105kg

    Power clean & push jerk – 130kg. Power cleaned 135kg but missed the jerk

    Cond – 7:13rxd unbroken

  4. Kind of off schedule… But did the power clean and jerk, and snatch tonight, and I am so pumped!

    Power Snatch – 138
    Power Clean and Push Jerk – 168!!! and I power cleaned 173. This is huge for me, I’ve been stuck at around 150 FOREVER. Finally realized I have to actually think about getting my elbows around and not just getting the bar up. duh.

  5. 1)155#,165#(f)
    3) MU’s scaled to 15x Pull-Ups/15x Ring dips per round due to location. I was given the advice to put a 20:00 time cap on WoDs until I get better. So today I DNF’d@20:00 in with 2 Rounds done. I kept everything but the KB unbroken, those took forever. Thinking maybe I should’ve scaled the weight. Oh well, another day of sucking..one day dammit!

  6. 1) 185lb
    2) 280lb (+25lb PR)

    12:53 Rx.

    Really happy with how everything went today.

  7. BBG
    1) 165#
    2) 245#

    Cond: 16:04 / not feeling too good today, especially on the MUs

  8. Good day for the snatch.
    #200 power snatch
    #245 power clean+ push jerk
    Cond- 11:28
    Couldn’t string shit for Muscle ups today.

  9. 1) 185
    2) 235 (30 lb. PR on push jerk)

    First successful metcon with muscle ups included

  10. 1) 130 5lbs down from hittin 135 in march.
    2) 180 failed the push jerk at 185
    Cond- 17:57 KB snatch+OH Lunges Killed me broken into 5’s

  11. Hit a 25# pwr snatch PR at 190 then was immediately told by our neighbor that my girlfriend and I’s brand new box is basically going to have to move because of noise complaints…..before we even open. FUCK.
    METCON later…

  12. SNATCH = 175# attempted 180# attempted but failed at 11:43.
    Clean + Push Jerk = 205# attempted 210# made the clean but failed the PJ.

    Conditioning = All 3 rounds in 13: 45
    * Excellent workout, tough but realistic goals are in the process of being met thanks to you Rudy! Thanks a lot. 185# Snatch I am coming

  13. BBG:
    1) 170(25lb power PR), 180(5lb full PR)
    2) 200(pc&pj), 205(10lb power PR)

    -DU’s probably took me 4min total…fucking pathetic


  14. MFS: 4-4-4
    Super short on time. Mixed today and Monday together.
    WOD: 4 rounds
    -3 Muscle Snatch; 115#
    -7 Power Clean; 115#
    -7 Front Squats; 115#
    -7 STR Ring Pull-ups
    -7 Ring Dips

  15. still compensating for my lower back… today is the first day I have been able to maintain solid position off the ground at weights 85% or better. still missing some pop though.

    P Snatch 185 … it’s a PR but it feels weak.
    PC&PJ- hit 245, consistently missing higher than this since the issue.

    CND – 8:48

  16. Sn – 242 (7#PR), ugly footwork
    CJ – Awful here today. 264#, 3 misses at 286#. Previous PR is 295#



  17. Snatch Worked up to 205
    No clean and jerk

    WOD 130605

    3 rounds for time of:

    5 Muscle-Ups
    20 KB Snatch + OH Lunge 24/16kg (10L/10R) DEMO VIDEO
    40 Double-Unders


  18. BBG:
    1) 215 lbs
    2) 300 lbs


    Another shout-out to the Outlaw crew out at the SouthWest Regional this past weekend. It was an honor competing alongside the athletes and an absolute pleasure getting to know and learn from Coach Spencer Arnold. He is an invaluable asset to the Outlaw coaching staff!

  19. Knee a little buggy still
    1) to 65, missed at 67.5
    2) stopped at 60, knee feeling wonky.

    spent 20 minute or so doing some band distraction work and smashing my calves and quads.

  20. 1) 210 (5lb PR)
    2) 265. 275 failed jerk. 10lb PC PR!

    The above made me sad. Made me realize my squat is so weak.


  21. 1) 140
    2) 170- then power cleaned up to 200

    Conditioning: 16:30 with a scale of 10 muscle-ups total

  22. power snatch – 55kg =PR
    power clean + jerk – 77,5kg =new PR

    Cond: 11:23 with 20kg KB

  23. 1.) 100# power snatch
    2.) 135 power clean & push jerk
    * dealing with a disc problem in my back so I probably had a little more

    13:57 – subbed 10 ring dips for MU’s

  24. BBG: Power Snatch-160#, Power Clean & Push Jerk-215#
    Conditioning: Did 5 rounds, didn’t read it close enough! 17:19

    Body Weight-165#

  25. 145# power snatch- 20# PR!
    180# power clean & jerk- hit 185 a little while ago screwing around, could have done it tonight but wasn’t feeling it

    • Oh and 17:00 on the dot. Muscle ups were terrible. Took a lot of time out. Oh and I scaled to 35#

  26. PS 150# 15# PR 155 F
    PCJ 200# 10# PR 210 F
    10# PR total

    Conditioning had to sub C2B for MU–14:40

  27. PS 175# PR
    PCJ 225#
    No misses and stuck to the 12 min cap…got a bit wide on the last sets of C&J
    Conditioning 12:30 KB Snatch Lunges were horrible, all sets 6/4
    CF Incendia
    I follow a week behind so that I can adjust due to work schedule but I will start to post every wod.

  28. 1) 96kg Pr
    2) 115kg (playing around with push jerk straight from the catch of the power clean)

    3) 6:44 rx
    Put the bell down twice on the change of arms more due to lungs wanting to burst out of chest. Was the first WOD I have really pushed for a while and it showed in my conditioning not quite being there to hold onto it round 2 & 3.

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