>Here are the words you’ve all been waiting to hear…

This WILL be a de-load week.

Next week will be a testing week, leading up to the beginning of our next cycle (I’ll post more details about the next cycle before we start).

>Masterpieces number four, five, and six…

Elisabeth Akinwale – Event #1 (event record):

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Elisabeth Akinwale – Event #5 (event record):

Alex Nettey – Event #5:

WOD 130603:


7X1 Snatch up to 80% – rest as needed, no higher than 80%


12 minute AMRAP of:

7 Power Clean & Jerks @ 155/105#
14 Front Squats @ 155/105#
Run 200m

68 thoughts on “130603

  1. By Deload week do you mean a complete rest week?

    Thanks, KL

    Kevin Lamovec – MedAssets Advisory Solutions

    • Yes, don’t even step foot into a gym. Grab a bag of chips and atrophy on the couch for the week.

  2. Snatch – done

    Conditioning – 3 rounds even, clock went of sometime during last run. Front squats felt WAY heavier than normal for some reason.

    • Same here on those front squats. No clue why they were so difficult

      Snatch – done

      Conditioning – 3 rounds

  3. no deload for me!

    1) triples at 155, doubles at 165, singles to 195, which I got today.

    did some other stuff with a barbell

  4. First time post, been following the programming for a few weeks though.

    Snatch: 95,95,95,125,125,125,125
    AMRAP: 2 rounds @ 135#

    Kept it light and didn’t go full bore on the AMRAP as I’m still recovering from last week. My entire lower body decided to completely fall apart of me early last week and I’m taking it easy for another day or so to make sure everything is ok. One question I do have: during heavy lifting, is it normal for your outer toes to fall asleep? This has been happening for awhile now when I lift heavy wearing my Risto Olympic shoes. I haven’t tried lifting heavy with my Vibrams to see if they still fall asleep, but I was fine today with the lighter snatches and AMRAP.

  5. just doing conditioning for now. gotta work on mobility for better form and technique. kelly starrett!!!

    conditioning: 1 rnd +7 c&j + 10 front squats
    damn man, my legs need to get stronger, once im done with my mobility project ill be good. 17 BW 165

  6. Worked up to 175
    *felt smooth technique is improving drastically

    4 rounds (finished the last 200m run at 12:04)

  7. BBG worked up to 113.

    Conditioning – 4 rounds plus 3 clean and jerks

  8. BBG 7X1 all at 165 (based of 205)
    Conditioning 3 + 4 FS
    could have gone faster, did the last 11 reps in 45 seconds

  9. 1) off of 70kg

    scaled to 50kg. subbed 21 swings for the run. 3 rounds completed.

  10. 1) 205….. A few fails.
    Kayaking does not help snatching.

    Mashed the squats and runs together and did sled pulls 200@ 50yds
    Bad idea.


  11. BBG 175# – Felt good
    Conditioning 3 Rounds-ish – Clock went off during last run.

  12. Seems to be the perfect week to restart after taking it light for a few weeks. Was kind of overworked.

    bbg – took it light 8×1 till 100

    Cond – 3 rounds +2 @115, subbed row for run

  13. Worked up to 155# on snatch

    2rnds+7+5 – @135#

    Conditioning right now is horrible….
    Perfect timing for a new cycle, ready to follow THE WAY excusively….stoked!

  14. Started with power snatches and didn’t plan to go above 80%. Felt really good so I just kept adding weight. Eventually matched my snatch PR at 215lbs with a power snatch. Then just kept adding weight… Ended up with a new PR at 250lbs, 35lb increase. Obviously my problem with snatching lies in pulling myself underneath the bar.

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + 14 front squats

    • Also, thank you Rudy for the programming. I started Outlaw back in December, and could barely do the entire days work because I couldn’t keep up with the volume. I also couldn’t jerk much more than 225, clean more than 250, or snatch more than 155. My first big snatch PR was 205, and that made me light headed and felt like I was going to pass out.

      Now my numbers are starting to show and I’m really proud of them.

      So thanks, Coach.

  15. First Day EVER following Outlaw:
    Poor Tspine = 95lb snatches to keep good form
    WOD: 2+17

  16. first time post. been following for a short while but Seen lots of improvements following TOW! very excited to start this new cycle with everyone! Thanks

    I was stuck at a 165# snatch for 6 months after about 5 weeks of TOW I hit a 15# pr. Thank YOU!

  17. 2 Rnds plus 7 @135 Max C&J is only 200 and Max FS is 200 so i went with 135

  18. I’ve been following for 1 yr, no weightlifting prior to this program. Former D3 college wrestler. 5’8″ 160 BW


    3+3 rounds @125#

  19. BBG –
    205×6, 215×1…all with 3 sec pause at bottom.

    Cond –
    3 rounds + 1 rep
    155# FS never felt so heavy

    Midline –
    3×15 BW GH Raises
    3×15 GHD Sit ups

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