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WOD 130524:


1a) 7X3 Banded Deadlifts @ 55% Bar Weight + 25% Band Tension – rest exactly 60 seconds.

*Notes: The bar should be loaded with 55% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 25% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

1b) 7X2 Bench Press – heavier than last week, rest exactly 90 seconds.

Notes: Work up to a nearly maximal load by the 4th or 5th set. Try to increase from last week, and maintain over the remainder of the sets. All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.


15 minutes alternating ME L-Sit Holds and Max Distance Handstand Walks (one attempt).

*Notes: spend roughly 1:30 alternating between each movement.

Conditioning (2 parts)

Part 1-

7 minute AMRAP of:

7 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
30 Split Jumps

*Notes: Part 2 should be done separately if time allows. Also, if you are able, the preference is for it to be performed on a track to allow for exact measurement.

Part 2-

4X400m Run – rest 1:1 in between all, all repeats should be at 100% effort.

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Extra 130524:

*Note: Group 4 will have two extra pieces for Saturday.

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  1. Coach when r they gonna invite the top 40 or however many make it the games overall not top 3. There r some beasts that finish 4th or 5th that would destroy some other regions qualifiers if they really want the fittest then invite the best. the regional wods r all the same so compare and invite after all regionals r done.

    • Russell, the groups are designed to give appropriate work at the appropriate time, for those competing at Regionals in one of the respective 4 weeks of competition. If you are not competing in a Regional you don’t need to be in a group and can follow the regular work. In two weeks there will no longer be groups.

  2. Strength
    1a) 100kg plus bands based off 180
    1b) 70, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 80, 82.5, 82.5

    Skills – done

    No Conditioning

  3. Rudy!
    I am from SC and moved over to Australia a few weeks ago. Have done outlaw for the few months I’ve been in cf (former gymnast before cf). When I got to AU… Found myself at Urban Energy where Andy is. Was very cool to meet a girl you had talked about. Just watched her do work on Jackie. Thanks for all the great work and hopefully see you soon!

  4. Don’t have bands, but we have some chains. DL wound up being 335# top weight.

    Worked up to 185# on the bench and failed the second Rep@195#

    Longest L-Sit was :20, didn’t HS walk more than 2 steps, if that.

    3 Rounds even on the Conditioning, scaled to 155#.

    Intervals tonight. Yes, I know I suck at life…but one day I wont.

  5. 1a) off 510
    1b) 275

    Skill – done, actually was able to turn twice after 50 feet.

    Cnd –

    5rnds + 20 split jumps
    My legs.

    Part 2 – about to run, will be slow as shit most likely lol.

  6. Did deadlift speed work at 315 and box jumps at 30″. Practiced bounding.

    Skill: couple of long walks and some free standing handstand work. L-sits done.

    Conditioning: 6 rounds even. All hang cleans unbroken. Legs shot.

  7. 1a) 7×3 -165lbs, with 18% band tension (red) need to buy some blue bands
    1b) 7×2- 185lbs
    Skill- :30, :20 :20 :25 :21
    Not efficient enough on handstand walk so did 1:00- 1:10 of hand stand walking work each round
    Conditioning- 3 + 0 Scaled 155lbs

  8. 1a) based on 190kg
    1b) up to 97,5kg

    Good HS walk today.


    this was hard and fun after 2 weeks of no training at all.

  9. Strength:
    1a.)Clean DL: 225+#3
    1b.)185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235x1f, 235x1f

    Completed ~ still working on free standing HS’s

    Part1: 4+10 split jumps
    Part2: 1:24, 1:24, 1:22, 1:19

  10. Hey Coach, who can I talk to about a shirt order. I ordered two shirts about a month ago and they seem to have been lost in the mail. Said they shipped on the 29th of April. Email is j.erwin.t@gmail.com much thanks.

  11. Str-
    Off 475
    Bench up to 265 for 3 sets

    Hs wlks worked on turns and accumulated 3 min totl of l sit

    6 rds + 4 hpc
    Legs toast

    Runs later


  12. DL- based off 425- 235+ blue bands
    BP- 225×5, 230, 235

    L-Sit- 5×30 seconds
    HS walk- 10 ft, 10, 20, 16, 8

    METCON- 3+18- sloww
    (Hang pwr cleans 1st set-singles, 2nd-2s+1, 3rd-3,2,2 4th-4,3)

    Run later

  13. at home regionals day 1
    Jackie 7:22 (proof of improvement over the past few months)
    OHS 3×205
    16 burpee mu’s in 7 min. got 14 in about 5:00 then hit a wall. still, not bad considering i got my first mu on rings about a month ago.

  14. a) 340 at top
    b) 205 at heaviest set

    Skill- Just handstands and L-sit with a few flutter kicks thrown in to keep it spicy


    Apologize to your quads beforehand

    Runs: Skipped for some rec. Water Polo

  15. Strength:
    1a.) 315#, 325, 335, 345, 355, 365, 375 dont have bands or chains
    1b.) 225#, 230, 235, 240, 245, 245, 245


    (Part 1)
    4 Rds + 5 HPC @ 155#

    (Part 2)
    Done on a treadmill no access to a track or outside running, all done @ 1:30

  16. Strength:
    1a) No banded deadlifts so I did 5X3 at 225#
    1b) no bench, resting shoulder

    3rd+7cleans+10split jumps at 120#

    Runs: holy quads burning!
    1) 1:48
    2) 1:53
    3) 2:10 oops!
    4) pissed.. My split was the fastest ever and I hit the stop button on my timer at :43.

  17. Strength:
    1a) Off 460
    1b) 175×2, 185×2, 195, 200, 205


    P1) 2rnds + 21 SJ’s
    P2) rain= *4x25cal AD: :41, :48, :52, :53


  18. DL – 286 + blue band
    BP – 245 x 3, 265 x 2, 285 x 2


    Shitty L Sit attempts
    HS felt good

    AMRAP – 5 Rounds flat

    No runs

  19. 2nd workout post regionals. Did some team comp workouts yesterday.

    DL 225, blue band
    BP- 125 X 3, 130 X1, 135X1, 140X1, 145X1, 150(1)

    L sits 30 sec, 20sec, handstand walks pathetic.

    AMRAP 5+27 jumps. Didn’t want to beat McCoy by a whole round and make him feel bad….

    going to jog the runs….

  20. 1). 315 plus bands
    2). Can’t bench

    Cond. part 1
    8 rds. Trying to figure out why my split jumps helped me get so many rounds. Legs were fried but assuming I’m not 2 rds better than lots of you guys. Any videos of proper jumps? Obviously not split lunges. And please don’t post video of cheerleaders doing full splits hahahahah

    Part 2 on college track
    1:10, 1:15, 1:19, 1:16

    • I don’t have a video but I just make sure my rear knee barely makes contact with the deck. Jump lunge kinda. Hope that helps sorry I don’t have better info for you.

      • Got it… I was not splitting that far. Basically splitting my legs maybe 3′ apart. Would say I was not close to a lunge. No good videos out there.

  21. 1a) 253 5×3
    1b) 235 5×2
    4 rounds
    1:31-1:36-1:37 (done behind gym)
    GHR (15 lbs 10/8) +TTB (20×2)

  22. 1) skipped
    2)205 215 220 225 230 235 240

    Cond skipped too

    Did 500 rows:
    1:42-1:47 blew hard.


  23. After doing essentially all snatches and cleans full for the last couple months, I found the hang power cleans to be very awkward. Actually scaled the conditioning down to 155 cause that was the weight that form remained decent. Anyone else feel this way?

  24. 130524:

    1a) 275 and Blue Bands ~130# (Based off 505)
    1b)225, 245, 255, 265, 275, 275 ,275


    L-Sits 42s, 34s, 27s, 20s,
    HS Walks 36′,32′, 36′, 33′


    Part 1: 5 or 6 rounds, lost track?

    Part2: 400’s: 1:13.3, 1:12.2, 1:11.1, 1:10.8. Legs felt a whole lot better after the runs, as the time shows.

  25. 1a. 135 with red and blue bands
    1b. 115#


    did it with 10 over the bar burpees instead of split jumps
    5 rds plus 6burpees rx weight

    jogged the 400s im a weeny

  26. Didnt have time to do dl before class
    Bench 85-105-115-120-125-130-135
    Cond 3+11 switch lunges*
    Did l sits which I tried to do ten seconds on ten seconds off for the min and half. Then practiced handstand walks. Finally figured out how to do them!!! So excited!! Couldn’t get the balance before but probably took 10-12 steps today.
    Cond note: just finished off a month long cycle of a vaso constrictor for migraines. Hoping conditioning will be back to normal soon

  27. DL: No bands – Did 7×3 @ 225 (based off of 285#)
    Floor Press (was by myself): 145×2, 145×1 (f), 135×3, 125. Barely did the last set at 135.

    Cond: 4 Rds + HPC Rx (My legs…)

    Didn’t do cond part II

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