Spencer with an absolutely great article on injuries, and how to prevent them. I couldn’t agree with his synopsis more. If you want to prevent injuries, learn to move.

Read – Injury Causes and Prevention: Coaching.

Here’s a little video that’s been getting a lot of play. Please, discuss amongst yourselves…

WOD 130523:

Rest day (except for Group #1).

Group #2 Work – 130523:


1) Take 12 minutes to work up to a 80% Snatch – no more than 7 total reps.

2) Take 12 minutes to work up to a 80% Clean & Jerk – no more than 7 total reps.


3 rounds for time of:

Row 20 Calories
15 Burpees

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  1. Don’t like Castro but when he did right, Always tell your judge how you want to be judged, but at the end of the day they are people as well and if you fucked up a rep they are going to tell you about it. I think he was lucky to be allowed to continue

    • excuse my crappy english in that post its late. “what he did was right”**

  2. Totally warranted in my eyes for Castro to emphasize the rules of sportsman like conduct. Not cool to make the guy apologize in public like he is a child though, or assign a single judge to that individual for the rest of the competition. Could make for a bias against that athlete in the eyes of the judges. Some things need to be handled behind a closed door and not posted for all to see.

  3. Public admonishments like this aren’t normally called for, but if Dave was going for a specific effect, i.e. to send the message that the community doesn’t tolerate bullshit like athletes giving judges a hard time (outright threatening im this instance), I think it will be effective. No different than the judging standards issue during the open, the point is to send a message to the community. I’m not saying that’s how I would have handled it. I’m a big proponent of praise in public and punish in private.

  4. I don’t know Ryan, but by all accounts he’s a pretty stand-up guy. So giving him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not a roid-raging douchebag, I have to say his conduct was still unacceptable, regardless of his actual performance or his judge’s competence. Every sport I know has rules about sportsmanlike conduct. Mouthing off at an official usually carries a penalty and quite often it will get you ejected. Professional competitive CrossFit should be no different; Ryan should be held to this standard as any serious athlete should.
    That said, Castro lacked professional courtesy here. It was moderately unfair of him to shame him in front of all his fellow competitors, but extremely unfair to publicly shame him on the entire Internet. He could have and should have handled this better. I feel bad for Ryan.

  5. Castro is 100% correct. He takes care of his men(judges). The guy should have been called out.

  6. I don’t think DQ him would have been the best thing. The best thing to do was what he did which was make him look like an asshole and made him say he was sorry. Nothing bad on Fisher though im sure he was just fired up but you still can’t say that and get away with it.

  7. Totally unacceptable.. totally to speak that way to any judge or referee. Now, the public shaming of posting this.. can’t say I agree with that. Perhaps a note after the fact saying he was warned about X,Y and Z. But a whole video of the actual act. don’t know about that. It seems to be poor taste in my humble opinion.

  8. That wasn’t simply a message to him, to all athletes present and future. Cut out the shit. He didn’t embarrass him, or shame him. He called him out. Moving on, giddy-up.

    • ^^^ this.

      and also what another poster said. if this was another sport, that athlete would of been ejected and fined. imho, castro did the right thing.

  9. He deserved the warning and being called out on a small scale, but Castro has freaked out worse. *cough, black box summit cough*. To videotape and publicize it is a little childish.

  10. I think Castro did the right thing, making Ryan apologize in front of all the judges and competitors was the right thing to do. Putting the video on blast for all the community to see is another thing…don’t think he needed to go that far. Sucks that Ryan is going to be known as “that guy” from now on but that is unacceptable regardless the heat of the moment. Love the fact that Castro assigned Jason McDonald to be his judge, would love to see Fisher tell a UFC Fighter that he will “fu***ng kill you!” Lol

  11. It was a little akward to watch and the guy was embarassed and im sure was just fired up in the heat of the moment, so nothing against him. I think the reason for posting on the interwebs was to send the message to all upcoming Regionals competitors that it is serious. This should be a one-and-done warning for all now, instead of him having to do this at different Regionals (plus the ones he won’t physically be present). Also have to take into account how many times he’s had to do this beforehand, plus other occurrences of bad behavior at other competitions (i.e. Ronnie Teasdale incident at SoCal Throwdown thing).

  12. http://myboxlive.com/2013-crossfit-socal-regionals-ryan-fischer-no-rep/

    Hard to tell where it was said, but it looks to me like it was just the heat of the moment and the frustration of getting repeatedly ‘No Rep’d.’ He appears rather bulky, so I’d imagine his posture and mechanics dont appear to be “average” and maybe why the guy kept hitting him…? Unless youre an extreme, pathological cheat, when you get no rep’d you tend to over-exaggerate the following reps to make sure youre good.
    Castro is just plain unprofessional in any and all situations. And then theres something creepy and insidious about the way they’re all smiling and congratulating each other over this.

  13. I know Castro had to do this to to spread the word about Sportsmanship. Sucks that Ryan had to be made the poster child because he’s really a good guy. From what I remember seeing, Castro did talk to Fisher again after the last workout to give him some words of encouragement.

  14. As much as I don’t like how it was done I love the crystal clear point the video gets across to EVERYONE. I think a simple explanation from Castro on the games site of what happened and either a written or video apology from Ryan would have been a little bit more professional. I do like that he made the guy apologize in front of all the other competitors to the judges however; I think public reprimanding works very well.

  15. Castro needs to man the f up. DQ, penalize, do whatever you gotta do. The video just makes crossfit look lame.

  16. Intentionally using a global platform to make a point at the expense of one guy is a bit over zealous and power hungry. Most of the Crossfitters I’ve come across are more polite than the general population….I realize thats not saying much ; However, unless there’s a global problem, there’s no need for a global statement.

    Castro appeared to be pumped up by the heat of the moment, then intentionally spun it out even more with an orchestrated offensive that he seemed to revel in…On film…then posted online? The athlete appeared contrite about having lost his composure. In this case of the pot calling the kettle black, I’d say the more sportsmanlike of the two was Ryan.

  17. So many better ways to deliver this message. Incredibly poor leadership, which unfortunately is more the norm than the exception with HQ. The good old boys at HQ continue to weigh down the Crossfit brand and ensure it never gains the credibility and authority it really deserves in the fitness community. As the slightly below average, quiet old guy in the corner, it is kind of sad to watch. I’m just glad the community as a whole is so much stronger and more professional than its leadership (not that I would call it leadership).

  18. DQ’d would’ve been the pro move…that stupid fucking you tube bullshit bitch-slap was most un-professional thing Castro could’ve done….in pro sports there would’ve been a fine, an ejection, and maybe a suspension…but if a pro athlete was to get slandered publically like that…there would be an army of lawyers and corporate interests bending Castro over! If we want the sport to APPEAR professional shouldn’t the “powers that be” act professionally? Shitty move HQ!

  19. I mean the guy was a SEAL. Castro knows the meaning of the phrase “i will fucking kill you” because Castro has killed people. that guy, is a douche for even saying that because he has never been in that situation. Not only has he completely wronged the whole concept of CrossFit but he has offended Castro as a person. Castro is justified,

    • Because there are standards. And taking someones life is never justified unless it is OK’ed by the likes of ‘Murica…I’m right and i know it.

  20. Making a video was LAME! Making an offical CrossFit Games video was super LAME and shows no class and just plain wrong. Should have pulled him to the side and talked to him or DQed him. Not going to belittle a grown man over competitive exercise. Smells like a power trip to me.

  21. a) dickheads like this are the main reason I quit team sports and he deserved what he got
    b) if I see one more shallow-squatting 20rm video from this kid I’m probably going to explode.

    • +1 Adam (I feel strongly enough about this that I felt the need to post here)…. if you don’t want to be called out, don’t act like a douche. It’s true, people get amped up during the workouts, but telling your judge you’re going to kill them? Seriously, get over it, do the work properly and stop being a dick. 🙂

  22. I like transparency. I like actions that are out in the open, and not behind closed doors. Had Castro DQ’d him, it would have been public news anyway, the story would have been written about and the guy would have faced community disapproval. He also would not be competing. I wonder what his preference was? Would he have wanted a private DQ instead of a public humiliation? I think not. He wants to compete, knows he did wrong, and will stand like a man and publicly apologize to the group of judges. Judges need to feel secure, and not feel intimidated by muscular athletes. A private wrist slap, or even a private DQ does not have the same effect. Airing this situation to the public is not going overboard. It is serious business that must be nipped in the bud. Castro sent a strong signal to future competitiors that this will not be tolerated. Having McDonald be Ryan’s sole judge for the remaining events shows how serious CrossFit takes the issue of judges being intimidated. The CrossFit Games needs excellent qualtiy judges. Ryan was the perp. The CrossFit judge was the victim. Castro was the jury. Case closed.

  23. I think this was a reasonable response from HQ. Our sport is all about peer review and individual accountability. The behavior that athlete engaged in was unacceptable and has no place in CrossFit. The statement that was made offends the spirit of competition and personal betterment that drew most of us to this sport and community in the first place. These men and women are competing for spots at the Games — CrossFit performed at its highest level by its greatest athletes. That alone demands they be held to a high standard of conduct. HQ didn’t embarrass this guy; he embarrassed himself.

  24. bad conduct on both their parts. Public humiliation? seems legit. Id remind you of the conduct castro thought was appropriate to uses when addressing greg everett (someone I personally hold pretty high regard for) in front of an entire conference room…And to then sit there and bro it up after ragging the guy out….sportsmanship isnt just about athletes, its about sports officials and organizations too. And crossfit as the mainstream sport its become should recognize that.

  25. I think Castro did the right thing and from a social psychological perspective look at the impact that doing it on a public forum had – everyone is talking about it and I bet it will NEVER EVER be a problem again. And now, it’s on public record: you mistreat a judge, you’re out.
    Professionalism v. public game… You can argue which would have been the better route to take, but what he did worked, plain and simple.

  26. If this was another sport we would have had professional judges not volunteers (yes I was one of those volunteers) who don’t get star struck when judging the super stars or the reverse of that when they aren’t super stars. Austin was bouncing the shit out the bar and got a standing O while this guy gets no repped for the same “shoulder bounce”. The entire event would never have happened if the entire judging situation was taken more seriously by HQ. If you want to be a legit sport, you need real, professional judges.

  27. I agree that something had to be done. However, my problem is would Castro have done this to any of the “elite” athletes or anyone he is close with? For example, at 1:20 in the video Lipson gives this smirk to the camera like, “oh shit is going down.” If Lipson would have done this would Castro have called him out and then had the media team post to the social media accounts and put this guy on full blast? I think we all know the answer to that. Again, I agree that something had to be done, but you can’t pick and choose when you are to have integrity.

  28. The way I see it – it’s not even about the sport. Some self-entitled jerk with bad manners got publicly shamed on the Internet and, hopefully, got a lesson out of it. I say we should be doing it every day – there will be less of them around.
    As far as Castro – yes, probably a power trip. But it served a good purpose

  29. If Mr. Fisher said what he said in a way that the rep counter felt personally threatened, then he should have been removed from the comp, end of story. If he was f’ing around when he said it, that is different story and the rep counter should have thicker skin. I have judged PLing and OLing meets, and yeah, things can get testy when you red light some guys and gals. Handling the situation by getting the video guy over here so I can reprimand this guy and put it out there on the net forever is unprofessional. That all being said, there was another viral vid of rep counter being physically pushed by a competitor who was pissed at the way they were being judged at one of these “throwdown” type events and that f’er should have gotten the boot too, no “warning”_ just get the f out, end of story.


  30. I fully support Castro’s decision. 1st rule of CF, don’t be a dick. 2nd rule. See 1st rule. If you are going to be a dick, throw a temper tantrum, and make threats whether they be serious or not, then you deserve to be publicly lambasted as if you were a child because you are.

  31. I think that could be some defamation of character or whatever it’s called for them to post this online. I thought it was not a horrible way to address it within the walls of the arena. But when you put it out there on YouTube it turns this dude Ryan into some internet villain…that’s messed up. I’m not sure I’d put up with them slandering my character online like that. Seriously, another CrossFit cowboy move.

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  33. Dave Castro was completely out of line and extremely unprofessional by calling-out this individual in front of his peers and judges, and also the entire crossfit community as a whole.

    Any respectable, and I do mean respectable, “leader” knows that it is better to “Praise in Public and Punish in Private” We all make mistakes, that is what we do as humans. I also guarantee that each and every one of us has done something embarrassing and/or unprofessional at some point in our lives. The only difference is no one recorded it for all to see. Pick an instance in your life that you made a bad judgement call, compromised your integrity, or said something you wish you hadn’t, but were able to either get away with it and never do it again or you were able to reconcile the issue and it was history and you moved on.

    Dave Castro purposely intended to humiliate this individual to make a point. Which means, he thinks this method of punishment is acceptable. Which also means he’ll do it again (reference the Black Box Summit), and next time it could be you. His behavior has shown that at any time he is willing to treat anyone in the crossfit community as a child.

    We all make mistakes, like this athlete, and eventually own up to them. I hope that Dave Castro admits his actions were unprofessional and apologizes to the rest of the Crossfit Community as well.

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