Snatch warmup > any other warmup.



1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


*Note: Group 2, do not do this portion.


Notes: The recommendation is heavier than last week, but still able to finish all 20 reps. Make sure to hit absolute depth with every rep.


For total reps:

3 min ME Wall Balls
3 min ME DB Snatches (alternating) 70/50#

-1 min Rest

2 min ME Wall Balls
2 min ME DB Snatches (alternating) 70/50#

-1 min Rest

1 min ME Wall Balls
1 min ME DB Snatches (alternating) 70/50#

-1 min Rest – then:

For time:

20 Axle Push Jerks 185/115#

Extra 130518:

*Rest approximately 30 minutes before starting.

GROUP #2 Conditioning (practice)

3 rounds for time of (@ 85% effort):

2 Rope Climbs 15′
100′ Sprint
4 Cleans 225/135#
100′ Sprint

GROUP #3 Conditioning

*Group #3: The goal, if time allows, is to rest roughly 2-3 hours between every conditioning piece for today, including the conditioning from today’s regular template.

WOD 1-

For time:


Row 1k
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pullups

WOD 2-

30 Burpee Muscle-Ups for time.

*Notes: 7:00 cap.

GROUP #4 Conditioning

Row 3X1K – rest 1:1

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  1. I have been following this site for a few months and have seen progress, so thank you! I have been crossfiting for several years now but I wanted to know what warm ups do you suggesst, as your programming is one of a kind? m/

    • Rudy changed his first name to Axl this month, obviously you don’t follow Crossfit news

  2. So I just started outlaw and I really enjoy it. For yesterday’s wod however I skipped the 400s because I felt pretty beat up after the pistol wod and felt doing the 400s would be overkill to my body. Anyways my question is was the 2nd conditioning part meant to be done right after the 1st one if we had no time later in the day? I just dont want to lose out on running sprints because I could use workonthem but i

    • dont want to overkill my body everyday before snatching and clean and jerking the next day. Maybe some weeks I could do the 400s instead of the first conditioning? Thanks guys and sorry this part got cut off from the original post.

      • From the post for yesterday’s programming:

        “*Notes: Part 2 should be done separately if time allows.”

        Seperate if possible to maintain intensity.

        • So if its not possible to do it seperately then do them back to back? or dont do it at all? Sorry, not trying to sound like retard. I didn’t do it yesterday because I felt too beat up after the first wod and had no time later.

          • A couple tips on starting TOW or any other competitive training template/program:
            1. Lower your initial expectations of your Oly lifts while you acclimate yourself to the volume. The goal is to get better long term, not get your lifetime PR tomorrow! Execute your lifts perfectly. It isn’t very useful to either fail or barely achieve the lift with godawful form repeatedly because you’re attempting to PR after an exhausting week. Save the big efforts for when you’ve gotten used to it.
            2. Try lowering the volume to start (say 80%), then incrementally increase to full volume (figure that out on your own). If you aren’t used to competitive exerciser volume it may be too much to just jump right into. Or, you can just do what you can and not sweat it if you don’t have anything left. Rudy won’t send the shylock after you if he finds out you skipped the 400s and I’m pretty sure no kittens will be killed in divine retribution.

            I had my volume up already when I was doing it so I jumped right in. Had illness. Starting over. The above is what I would do now to get back into TOW readiness.

  3. Watched BP nail the Ohs today made it look easy with a smile on his face @295, Solid work.

  4. Rudy,
    In your downtime, can you please program me a weeks worth of work where I can not use my left shoulder. After four cortisone shots today and regionals in a few weeks I need to keep doing something. I will be checking my email waiting for your response. Boomsauce will understand.

    Thank you

  5. ‘Home Regionals’ day 2

    Event 4
    250 reps
    (Got to the 23 minute mark, figured I’m going to be dead last so I’ll save my hamstrings for Event 5)

    Event 5

  6. BBG
    With strict 15 minute timer…
    1) 72.5 (5 kg off PB)
    2) 92.5 (2.5 kg off PB)

    107.5 (1.5 kg PB)

    100 wall balls
    38 DB snatches @ 30kg
    15 Burpee MU in 3:00

  7. 1) 260
    2) 295 used wide grip front rack for practice

    Str –

    1) 275

    Cnd –

    145 wallballs
    92 snatches

    2:05 for overhead, pussed out a bit lol

  8. Did some OHS practice from the floor

    up to 225# felt light


    Wall ball- 128

    70# KB snatch- 71
    *much harder with a KB

    Total = 198 reps

  9. no pr’s today. cns feels fried. mfs 5/5/4
    snatch 185
    c+j 220

    wall ball 63, 43,30=136
    kb snatch 24kg 39, 23, 14=76
    total 212
    axle jerks/135 2:47
    first time ive ever done anything with an axle and cleaning it up off the floor was way harder than i expected

    group 2- modified and untimed
    got some rope climb practice in. getting the hang of hooking my leg on the rope.
    ran about a 1.5 miles at a comfortable pace

  10. BBG:
    1.) 205, 215, 230ff~95%
    2.) 260~95%, 280f

    1.) (Smolov FS Week 5 Day 4: 10×3 @ 250)

    WB: (60+40+24=124)
    DBS: (22+16+9=47)
    Total: 151
    PJ w/BB@185: 5:50

  11. soooo, i dont get it guys, wednesday, i clean and jerked 185 and then power cleaned it EASY … so today i go to find my 1 RM and could barely get 180 up and couldnt even jerk it!! i dont know what this is saying but im kinda not liking it

  12. BBG:
    1. 115#
    2. 160#
    112 wall balls
    58 DB snatches
    No clue how long it took me to do the axle push jerks, forever, 7mins ish.

  13. BBG:
    1) 160
    2) 215


    *50# kb snatch (all I have)
    Wall Balls: 96
    KB Snatches: 109

    20 PP @135:


  14. Sn- 185 (-15)
    CnJ- 225 (-30)

    HBBS- 235×10, 185×10, 135×10. Missed 20RM and didn’t feel right not squatting for some more volume.

    METCON- 117 wall balls (?), 72 KB snatches for a total of 189 reps. I think that in 3 ish weeks off opening a gym I have completely lost all endurance and capacity to push myself…..

  15. Didn’t do maxes today, strength was 4×5 at 335

    Conditioning 1:
    Wallballs: 75-50-25
    KB snatches: 40-30-15
    20 reps done in 2:40

    Jackie: 6:28

    Burpee muscle ups: 22 in 7minutes

  16. First day following this site after a long layoff from lifting and CrossFit type work (close to a year). No where close to PRs but it feels good to get started again.
    Snatch – 140# (-40)
    C&j – 170# (-35)
    Squat – 170 x 20
    Subed 35# thrusters for wall balls – 95
    40# db snatch – 62
    125# push jerks – 5:26

  17. First day of TOW.

    1rm Snatch 205#

    1rm C&J 255# cleaned 265 but failed miserably on the jerk.

    20rm HBBS- 255# could have done more, but I have no experience with 20rm’s. Good starting point.

    Unfortunately didn’t allow enough time for conditioning. Will hit it in full tomorrow.

  18. Snatch and C&J were light today.


    150 WB
    83 DB Snatch
    2:10 for bar (no axle)

    Group 2
    3:54 (no 100′ sprint at the end)

  19. BBG –
    1) 237
    2) 280

    Str –
    1) 275

    Cnd –
    126 wallballs
    60 snatches

    Reset 10 Mins
    2:07 for overhead
    ***used rack and went from the back rack***

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