>I know, you were all wondering where the post was all day.Well boys and girls, sometimes I’ve just got stuff to do (and it’s a rest day, so who cares).

Today we finished the rebuild of Outlaw HQ.

We bought some concrete…
We poured some concrete…

We hung some cool t-shirts (yes, we know BP’s jersey is droopy, we’re gonna fix it)…

And, we had two of our coaches, Eric Force and Lindsey Adkins, get engaged…



No big deal. Of course she said yes, Eric has a Harley.

Now I’m going to bed because I’m tired, and tomorrow we start Regionals camp. I’ll be shooting plenty of video for those of you at home, and will hopefully get some solid clips of Coach Pendlay making fun of Dan Tyminski’s capris. Good times.

WOD 130509:

Rest day.

4 thoughts on “130509

  1. Coach

    Gidday from down under. Sorry for this dumbass Newby question, and I’m sure this will give you ‘ douche chills’. I read your power V’s full lifts post from 26/3 and am assuming the same applies in your clean prescription. For example when you programed the 3 pos clean & 1 jerk yesterday day, they are full lifts and only power when prescribed?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback,


    aka: possibly ‘Dumbass’

  2. Anybody know any good places to Outlaw in Atlanta Area???

    Sexyasfuck’s website seems to be down : (….

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