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WOD 120503:


1a) 7X3 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% Bar Weight + 20% Band Tension – rest exactly 60 seconds.

*Notes: The bar should be loaded with 60% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 20% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

1b) 7X3 Bench Press – heaviest possible/heavier than last week, rest exactly 90 seconds.

Notes: Work up to a nearly maximal load by the 4th or 5th set. Try to increase slightly from last week, and maintain over the remainder of the sets. All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.


15 minutes alternating ME L-Sit Hold and Freestanding Handstand & Freestanding HSPU practice.

*Notes: spend roughly 1:30 alternating between each movement. If you are currently proficient at Freestanding Handstands then accumulate as many Freestanding HSPU as possible during each interval.

Conditioning (2 parts)

Part 1-

“(Power) Elisabeth”

21-15-9 of:

Power Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

For time.

*Notes: Part 2 should be done separately if time allows. Also, if you are able, the preference is for it to be performed on a track to allow for exact measurement.

Part 2-

4X400m Run – rest 1:1.5, 1:1.5, 1:1, all repeats should be at 100% effort.

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Extra 130503:

*Note: Group 1 will have two extra pieces for Saturday.

GROUP #2 Conditioning

*Ideally this work would be performed approximately four hours after the day’s template.

For time:

Row 500m
30 Pistols (alternating)
20 Push Press @ 115/75#
Row 500m
20 Pistols (alternating)
15 Push Press @ 115/75#
Row 500m
10 Pistols (alternating)
10 Push Press @ 115/75#

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  1. Hey Coach (or anyone really),
    Do you have any recommendations on how to tailor what we do for SOF indoc prep? I have to stop with the competitive exercise nonsense because the AF wants me to compete to get in to the Combat Rescue Officer pipeline in August.

    • not to take away from Outlaw, but check out sealfit.com they have lots of insight and knowledge on the subject of SOF stuff due to their staff and owner.

    • Bert,

      You should keep doing all of the conditioning on here. You should cut out the heavy strength work (squats, DL, bench). You should play the Oly work by ear. Ie if you start experiencing any joint pain cut it out too. The only thing you need to add is a ruck and longer distance run progression. They’re a multitude of them valuable online. Just make sure to start w short distance at sub maximal efforts to give your body a chance to assimilate to the additional volume.

    • Bert, DO NOT STOP the strength portion of training… It directly translates to power. Selection for CRO/PJ is based heavily on running, finning, evaluations every monday, and water con. That entire school is mental, I’ve seen guys come through that were weaklings and make it and other guys that were beasts quit. Add calisthenics, alternate your running and swimming every day, and be VERY COMFORTABLE in the water. Phase II for CRO or STO is rough but doable. Rudy’s strength training isn’t going to hinder you.

      Just be prepared to do lots of flutter kicks and pushups, and start running. When I was training my mornings were dedicated to running or swimming, and my afternoons were outlaw. True, you’re never do a muscle up at INDOC or Phase II, but you sure as hell will do a lot of dips which translates. Most everything he programs translates to everything you do at INDOC, just over the course of 2 months.

      If you’re still feeling like you need something different, http://www.sofwod.com is a great source ran by CRO’s and PJ’s… Oh yea, they do A LOT of strength training too…

  2. Strength
    1a) 152.5kg + 20% band tension
    1b) 105-110-115-115-117.5-118.5-118.5kg

    Done.. Hello abs.

    Part 1-

    Part 2 to do in arvo.

  3. So does this mean that you will no longer coach the triple extension? And that making contact with the bar WORKS?! Just curious here.

  4. 1a) 130kg orange band wrapped around bar
    2b) 90/95/100/102/105/105/105kg

    Skill) abs are fried and getting a lot better at handstand holds averaging 10secs +

    Cond part 1) 3:35rxd

    After lunch

    Extra) 9:25rxd

    30min rest

    Cond part 2) very slow, 1:23/1:22/1:29/1:31, disappointed!

  5. Conditioning
    Part 2
    1:12 – 1:12 – 1:16 – 1:18
    Ran the box track, turnaround and a few corners.

  6. 1a) 130kg deadlifts
    1b) 135#, 185, 205, 215, 215, 220, 220

    Skill: much better at HS holds

    Power Elisabeth: Oops, I’m an idiot. Did power snatches!
    2 rounds 14:34 ran out of time.

  7. M/37/210
    Band deadlift 205 with grey rogue short bands. Max DL 485. Scale not worked when attempt to figure out %. So tried to find weight that could maintain speed without sacrificing back angle.

    Bench press 240 (up 5 from last week)

  8. 1a) Done off of 535lb (315 + 118lb of band tension)
    1b) 255-255-275-285-295-300-305 (+10lb PR)

    Skill: Skipped (initial band set up took up a lot of time this morning)

    Power Elizabeth – 3:24 Rx (20 sec PR)

    Part two this evening..

  9. 485lbs deadlift (wish I had a banded deadlift platform!)
    300lbs bench (felt easy, but shoulder is giving me problems)

    3:52 on Conditioning

  10. Str –

    1a) off 500
    1b) 265,275×4,280×2

    Skill – done

    Cnd –

    1) 2:57 PR
    2) 1:17 1:24 1:25 1:22…shoulda drove to the track lol, might have made me slightly less upset ^^

  11. Strength:
    1) 120Kg
    2) 80-85-85-87.5-90-90-92.5Kg

    Mid/Skill: Done
    Mid: 21/22/23/24/17seconds

    PC: 11/9/1; 6/5/4; 6/3
    RD: 7/7/7; 5/5/5; 5/4/1



  12. Str
    1off 500
    2 7×3 all @ 265

    1 3:08
    2 later if weather clears up

  13. Deadlift (no bands)
    315, 315, 335, 345, 345, 3,45, 345

    225, 235, 235,245, 245, 255, 260 (f)
    * close press grip


    3:51 (43 sec PR)

  14. Strength
    1a) off 495
    1b) 225×3, 235, 255, 235, 240
    3:05 PR
    Rest 15 minutes
    4x500m row- 1:41, 1:42, 1:41, 1:39

  15. Deadlift: 275 on bar and 60ish in bands
    Bench: 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 245, 235
    Conditioning: Modified to 15-12-9 Strict Pull-ups, Ring Dips, and Box Jumps done in 4:28

  16. Str-
    285+ blue bands

    235 increasing sets up to 265

    Accumulated 3 min of l sits on parralettes and rings
    Fell on my face a bunch doing some hs stuff

    135 felt heavyasfuck

    Runs on street loop little over 440

    Woke up exhausted, I’m all fucked up. New day tomorrow.

  17. B. deadlift

    Bench press

    225-235-245-255-260(fail last one)-260(fail 2)-260(fail 2)

    Part 1:
    2:56 RX’d

    Part 2:


  18. 1) 225 w green band
    2) 175

    Cond 6:15
    -3:30 PR

    Got some good 20s L-sits in and HS practice
    No runs today, knee’s weird.

  19. 1a) 255 + blue bands.
    1b) 225, 230, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255 (3RM PR)

    Skill: skipped, no time
    Power Elizabeth: 3:25
    part 2 skipped, no time.

  20. Strength
    1a) 108 + bands (based off 180)
    1b) 70, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 80, 80, 82.5 x 2

    Rest later

  21. End of Week 3 of Outlaw. Knees, shoulders, and back a little played out. No TOW today or tomorrow. Light triplet WODs; mostly BW.

  22. 1) Up to 515# x 3, no band set-up available
    2) Up to 315# x 3
    Skill: Done
    1) Elizabeth – 2:51 PR
    2) 4x400m – Row

  23. Strength:
    1) Off 460
    2) 175×2, 180, 185×3, 190, 195(2)


    P1) 8:02 (un-pr by 44sec)
    -sunburnt chest got pretty annoying during this

    P2) Drove to the track…HS had a track meet. (fail)
    4x30cal AD: :55, 1:02, 1:03, 1:10


  24. 1) 306 w/ blue band
    2) 245, 255, 265, 265, 275, 275, 275

    Skill – no time


    1) 3:46, grip blew up on 15 PCs
    2) Runs – 1:19, 1:120, 1:120, 1;21 (slow and consisten today)

  25. Strength:
    1a.)Clean DL: 245+Bands
    1b.)195, 205, 205, 215, 215, 225, 225x2f
    2.) (Smolov Week 3 Day 3: 7×5@210)

    1.) 4:31*PR
    2.) ran out of time

  26. dl 220+band
    bench 205, 215, 225, 235, 240, 2/245

    elisabeth 6:38
    400s couldnt get on the track today. distance i marked out was probably more like 350 but it sufficiently kicked my ass.

    group 2 13:45
    kinda screwed this up. did 30-20-10 on the push press and 20-15-10 on the pistols

  27. 1a. 120# + blue bands
    1b. 105/115/125/130/130/135/135 (f)
    Skill: done
    Coditioning (85#)

  28. Great day today. Numbers are starting to go up on just my fifth Outlaw workout. STRENGTH: 305 Deads no bands last 3 sets
    210 Bench last 3 sets
    SKILL: Got my first free standing handstand only held for 3 seconds but it was a long 3 seconds.

  29. 1a) 305 + blues
    1b) Up to 260 x 3

    Part 1 – 2:52

    Part 2
    Runs to a 200m out and back, might be slightly short, like 380ish

    Extra Work – 9:05

  30. Strength:
    1a) 370, 370, 370, 380, 380, 380, 380 – No band setup
    1b) 245, 255, 255, 260, 265, 270, 275


    Conditioning Part 1:
    5:25 – I’m a tubby bastard. Ring dips are hard.

    *15 Minute Rest

    Part 2:
    1:10, 1:10, 1:15, 1:21
    Gym route

  31. Strength: A) 245 B)130-135-140(2)-135-135-135-135

    Elisabeth: 9:38- about a 30 min PR since the last time.

    Skipped 400’s and did beach sprints-ankles are sore from the triple unders.

  32. A. 185-185-190-190-200-200-200
    B. 115-115-120-120-125-125-130

    Elisabeth 5:53 PR

    400s: 1:15-1:21-1:18-1:19

    Group 2 Extra 11:20

  33. DL-245 5X3
    BN-215 5X3
    1X20 BS @ 225
    BMU/KB/SR WOD – 8:59

  34. Banded dl at 160 plus blue band
    Bench 100-105-110-115-120-125-125
    125 is a three rep max pr by 5 pounds and felt easy
    Wod in 9:54
    Dips are improving
    Worked on bar mu after instead of sprints and finally got my first bar muscle up!! Very excited!

  35. B.dead off 470
    bench 225/230/235/240/245/250(pr)/255(pr) last week jumped from 245 to 255 and missed 255. last week 245 was a PR triple.

    skill- done

    3:27 (PR by a minute over december when we last did it)

    run…no (not going to be able to rest on sunday, have to PT Test for Air Force. all out 400m sprints seems like a bad idea 2 days before.

  36. m/34/5’8″/170lb
    1a) 155-165-175-185-185-195-205(2)
    1b) 185-205-225-225-225-235-235 (all with blue band)
    Skill NA

  37. Strength –
    1a) 305 + Green and Red band
    1b) 245,255,265,275,280,280, 285(2)

    Skill –
    Did not have time

    Part 1-

    Part 2 –
    Did not have time

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