>The Outlaw Way is pleased to announce that we will be working in conjunction with MDUSA on a variety of fronts including equipment, training camps, and event promotion, amongst other things. The relationship with MDUSA is something we’re extremely excited about. We believe they make not only the best barbells on planet earth, but also have an extensive line of high-standard equipment, which we’ve now witnessed the production of, and have personally tested. I was actually given my first tour of MDUSA headquarters in Fort Mill, SC by Coach Pendlay himself. During my time there I got to see the on site machining and assembly of the Pendlay NEXGEN barbells; as well as, the steel fabrication of the Pendlay Elite equipment line. If I’m being honest, it’s one of the most badass facilities I’ve ever seen. If you’re a barbell geek like me, to watch raw steel become an implement of strength, is worth the pilgrimage to the home of Team MDUSA.

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing many products that will be featured for sale right here on the Outlaw Way. We wanted the first product we featured to be something truly special. I don’t know if there’s anything that could be much more special than these:
The Outlaw/Pendlay Elite Competition Bumpers will be available for sale on the Outlaw Way tomorrow. Yes, before you ask, they will be available in both pounds and kilos.

MDUSA will also be hosting both our pre-Games athlete camp, and a Para Bellum Series Training Camp (dates will be posted tomorrow). Part of the beauty of our relationship is that we will be able to rely heavily on Coach Pendlay’s guidance for both Weightlifting instruction, and preparation of our athletes.

There are not enough thanks to go around at a moment like this, but I would like to at least publicly say thank you to John Dill, Spencer Arnold, Elisabeth Akinwale, Gary Carpenter, Mady Schlenz, Michael Winchester, and Glenn Pendlay. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people like those mentioned above, and anyone else who has been a part of this crazy ride. Thank you all.

The Outlaw Way is now proud to be powered by MDUSA.

For a taste of a Team MDUSA practice:

WOD 130502:

Rest day.

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  1. Outstanding! Here’s a question for you coach: will the Outlaw/Pendlay bumpers be colour coded? IE will the 20kgs feature blue lettering, and the 10kgs green?

  2. Wow. Just wow! Great news!!! Hope you can make a seminar in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. Even more excited for the Vegas camp. Time to go shopping for special shorts.

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