>Jay Rhodes – 240# X 2 Hi-Hang Snatches:

>Drew Anderson – final set of 6X6 HBBS @ 405#:

WOD 130427:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



Notes: The recommendation is heavier than last week, but still able to finish all 20 reps. Make sure to hit absolute depth with every rep.



For time.

9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full) 135/95#

Extra 130420:

*Rest approximately 30 minutes before starting.

GROUP #1 Conditioning

Find a bike; either stationary, road, or airdyne, then…

20 minutes alternating sets of:

1 minute ME for distance
1 minute recovery (just keep the wheels spinning)

GROUP #2 Conditioning

For time:

Row 500m
21 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
21 TTB
Row 500m
15 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
15 TTB
Row 500m
9 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg

54 thoughts on “130427

  1. BBG
    1) 100kg. Missed 102.5kg 3 times.. Really close, just felt heavy today.
    2) 130kg.

    1×20 HBBS @ 117.5kg

    Conditioning and Extra in arvo

  2. 1) 105kg

    2) shit fight today with the split. Got 130kg clean twice, just kept missing the jerk

    Strength) 130kg

    Amanda) 6 something. Really crap today, hands were so sore, couldn’t really link MU’s and T&G snatches.

    Extra group 2) 11:31

  3. Snatch: 195 (First time snatching “heavy” Ina week or so. Have been working a lot if mobility since wrist injury. Seeing a huge difference)

    Clean and jerk: 295

    Squat: 20 reps at 325. Up 10 pounds from last week. Felt great.

    Conditioning: 10:11
    CNS was shit. First time doing this.

  4. Bad day for PRs
    Snatch – couldn’t even get 80kg today (last week I got 90)
    C&J – got the clean but not the jerk at 100kg (last week I got 110)

    Strength – 255# (up 5# from last week)

    Conditioning – 9-7-5 ring pullups, ring dips, snatches at 135# // 9:38

  5. M/37/210
    Snatch – 195. (-10). Just missed 205 and 210. Felt tight overhead.
    Clean/jerk 265 ( +5) clean felt really good. I think the 1 1/4 work is helping. Jerk also felt tight.

    Now got daddy duty hopefully can catch HBBS and Amanda at nap time this afternoon.

  6. BBG
    snatch – hit 175, went for 195, failed to lock out twice. not finishing pull second pull with shrug. i think it’s because my shoulders hurt from the bench yesterday.

    clean and jerk. 265. getting consistent here. again, left it forward and my jerk sucked, no real explosion.

    HBBS, 20 rep – 280 hell yeah! felt better than last week.

    Amanda – 5:58 , feel good about the time after all that work. but i can go much faster. this is my baseline Amanda.

  7. 1) 215lb (5lb PR)

    2) 275lb (25 under PR collar bone is funky at the moment)

    Str: 255lb

    Cond: 09:40 (bar Muscle ups)

  8. 1) 155# snatch… New PR. Just missed 160#
    2) didn’t have time

    Conditioning: 16:10… Def nothing to brag about but it’s the most muscle ups I have done in a wod ever so I will take it for now.

  9. Snatch at 160 – 10# PR
    Clean and Jerk at 225 – 10# PR
    Squat at 205. That sucked.
    Amanda later.

  10. BBG:
    1) 185 – 10lbs below PR. Shoulders were really sore from the bench yesterday and I couldn’t hold the lockout on anything heavier.
    2) 235 – 10lbs below PR. Somehow couldn’t stand up the cleans on anything heavier. Need to learn to catch the bounce better.

    HBBS – 215 (up 5lbs. from last week; dear jebus this hurt)

    7:26 RX
    I’ve never done Amanda in under 10 minutes, so this is a huge PR. The snatches have always been the limiting factor for me, being a smaller guy, but today they felt great.

  11. I have noticed several people posting how the programming sets them up to PR every 1RM day. Out of the five days of training each week I physically feel least prepared to PR the 5th day. Am I doing something wrong during the week? Is it just me?

    • Rudy has explained this before. Yes, sometimes you will hit a PR on these days, but the point is to attempt max lifts while somewhat sore and fatigued. When you’re fresh you will feel like you’ve never been stronger.

  12. Bbg-
    Snatch 245
    Failed255- 260 a bunch bleh

    Cj up to 295

    Hbbs 320×20
    +5 from last wk
    Head fucking hurts again

    Amanda after I feel like I am not having an aneurysm.

  13. Snatch 115- same as last week
    Clean and jerk 150- 5 under last week
    Hbbs 160- 5 more than last week
    Wod 10:47
    Bar muscle up attempts. Feeling very frustrated with mu. Can do all the parts just have awful timing. I get one arm over on both bar and ring. Snatches felt good. Only 2 fails.

  14. Is the 1 x 20 HBBS work to be performed unbrokwn with the bar remaining in the back rack initial until all 20 reps are completed?

  15. BBG
    End of TOW Week 2. Shoulders and knees fried.
    1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch. DND.
    2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk. 175; Short of PR.
    Strength 175#; 20# heavier than last week.
    Conditioning: 9-7-5
    2x Ring Pull-ups and Dips
    Hang Power Clean; 135#

  16. BBG:
    1.) 190, 200, 210, 225, 240*PR ~

    2.) 245, 260, 280f

    1.) NA on Smolov Cycle – worked bottom to bottom FS’s instead

    5:52 w/Bar MU’s (no rings high enough)

  17. Bbg –

    Snatch – 230, 240 (failed twice)
    C&J – shoulder sore did not do

    Str –


    Cnd –

    5:20 (31 seconds off PR)

    Starting to go UB as long as i can on conditiong then just make it through the rest

    • Bbg –

      Snatch – 235 with straps
      C&J – 275

      Str –


      Cnd –

      5:07 (Power)

  18. BBG:
    1) 160
    2) 205
    -had nothing on these today

    1) 225 (+10lb)

    -smoked from squats


  19. BBG:
    1) 110KG (PR)
    2) 120kg (Power Clean, Push Jerk due to patellar pain – PR though!)


    11:31 not happy with this but the BBG PRs kept me smiling.

  20. BBG

    Sn – 262, missed 272. (PR is 275)
    CJ – 316 (PR is 325)


    Ambitious with 315 and got 18 fucking reps. Thought I had it and my core just gave out.


    5:16. Next time sub 5. Too tentative today with my grip.

    Extra #1

    Leisurely bike ride.

  21. 1). 215 worked on bottom position. Really struggle with this
    2). 305.

    6:54. Two of my weaknesses. Dropped bar every time and videoed to make sure I was below parallel. Happy with the squat position

    Group 2. 9:23

  22. BBG: snatch 150
    C&J 195
    Terrible time legs were shaking at first from squats. First day of Outlaw programming, looking forward to this.

  23. female/5’4/125#

    Snatch-125 5#under PR
    Clean&Jerk- 180 5#under PR

    HBBS 175# only 17 reps…

  24. Snatch – 150, 5 pounds off PR
    C+J – 180 FINALLY. PR.
    HBBS- 185, last rep was rough.
    Amanda- Scaled, 1 MU 9 dips, 9 pullups, etc. 95# snatch, all unbroken. 11:28

  25. Snatch: 185# (anyone else feel a strain in your wrist when it gets heavy?)
    C-J: 235#
    Amanda: 17:41

    First time I’ve ever done Amanda. My MUs are rough, but it was good to finish it.

  26. 205 snatch (15# under pr)
    255 clean and jerk (20# under pr)
    Really felt slow and weak, not sure why

    20×225 hbbs. Could have hit 255#, but never did this before

    4:43 Amanda, felt awesome singles on snatches except the 5 round unbroken. All muscle ups unbroken except 7 round (4/3)

  27. Snatch: 195 (5lb PR) the 200lb barrier is in my sights finally!
    C&J: 245 (5lb under) cleaned 255 for a clean pr but missed the jerk
    HBBS: 225 (+5lbs)

    Amanda: 13:40 muscle ups were slow! First time I have finished RXd though.


  28. snatch 190
    c+j 205, missed 215 a couple times. dont know if my problem was physical or mental (probably both) but i couldnt explode to get that damn bar over my head

    squat 205, had to skip this portion last week. coulda got 10 more lbs

    amanda- skipped due to time constraints 🙁
    group 2- 13:25

  29. BBG
    1) 225
    2) 255, failed jerk at 285


    Did last weeks workout. 11:13
    Extra: rowing…wow!

  30. m/34/5’8″/175
    Had no POP today, not sure if it was lack of sleep, small breakfast or combo of both
    1) Sntch 155, failed 175 about 10 times
    2) C&J 225
    18 X 205lb HBBS (could only do 11 last week, my midline gave out at the bottom of #19)
    12:08 Amanda, snatches were horrible! Failed about 5 in the first 9, PR is 9:37
    BAD DAY!

  31. 1) 115#

    2) 185#. Cleaned 195# but the jerk wasn’t happening.

    Strength: 215#, up 5# from last

    Conditioning: Bar MU were easy (no rings at the base I’m on), scaled to 75# on snatch. No idea what my time was.

  32. 7min E30sec
    2pc tngo 220

    snatch 205, f on 220 a couple times
    c&J 275

    hbbs 255×20


    20min airdyne easy

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