>Sorry kids, no time for any quasi-scientific, quasi-comedic rest day post. I’ve got to do my least favorite thing, and get on the phone with someone about something we’ve all been waiting for for a very long time. Trust me, you should be psyched.

>Matt Hathcock – 2 Hi-Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk @ 315# (and NO, we do not recommend using straps for the Clean):

WOD 120425:

Rest day.

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  1. Anyone looking for a spot to the Parabellum camp Denver on August 9th? I need to get rid of mine – shoot me an email or Facebook message if interested.

      • Don’t do that. You need pressure in your toes from the floor. My suggestion is work pulls where you focus on finishing super tall and keep downward pressure in the foot longer. Maybe a pull + pull + snatch complex at light weight when warming up.

        PS- Great lift Matt

    • High pulls to the chest, forces you to keep the bar close and back. If you watch carefully you can see your chest move forward right before you snatch.

    • Check your psoas tightness and hip opening mobility. I don’t think you actually ever got your hips fully open, even after the deadlift to get into the hang set up.

        • You thrust the hell out of the bar. I think you really need to work on vertical movement from the high hang position. Think of fully extending and moving up rather than thrusting the bar out. The bar is just getting really far away from your body so you’re having to jump forward to catch it. Continue to work on moving those elbows up and back to keep that bar in tight as well

  2. ‘Rest Day’
    ANZAC Day in Aus
    Done ‘Wood’ Hero WOD with class
    Just moved through it, bit of active rest.

  3. Andy, look at the bar path. You swing the bar away from the hips instead of jump or shrug it up.

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