You guys remember when we had to scour the earth for plans to build Jerk blocks? Then you had to spend two days building them, only to have them break after using them for about a week? Well, joke’s on us. Apparently Coach has had the plans for these for years, but was diabolically waiting to build them until we all had realized how much wood blocks suck. Steel > Wood.
Click here: Steel Jerk Blocks, to see them. Now maybe no one will ever ask us about plans again.
These will be up soon as well. Don’t be mad though, I got the first set.


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



Notes: This should be a maximal set. The recommendation is to use approximately 70% of 1RM for this first week. Make sure to hit absolute depth with every rep.


For time:

2 Muscle-Ups
10 Clean & Jerks 135/95#
4 Muscle-Ups
8 Clean & Jerks 155/105#
6 Muscle-Ups
6 Clean & Jerks 185/120#
8 Muscle-Ups
4 Clean & Jerks 205/135#
10 Muscle-Ups
2 Clean & Jerks 225/150#

*Notes: The preference is to set up 5 ascending barbells in order to minimize transition time.

Extra 130420:

*Rest approximately 30 minutes before starting.

GROUP #1 Conditioning

For time:

Row 500m
21 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
21 TTB
Row 500m
15 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
15 TTB
Row 500m
9 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg

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  1. BBG
    1) Could not stick 100kg this morning. 95kg
    2) Missed 130kg this morning. 125kg
    A fair way off my 1RM for both lifts…

    115.5kg (70% of 165kg)

    Conditioning in afternoon

    • Conditioning
      Part 1
      Paced it, went singles drop and go with all barbells.


      I’m in Australia, but missed out on Regionals because of 13.5. Sitting 24th after 13.4. Fucking spewing! Would have been my 3rd regional. But I’m going to do my own little Regional the week before so I’ll be following the week 1 extra work.

      • Oh and I went power clean & jerk in the WOD. Figured it was a variation of the 2012 Games rope climb/ clean and jerk workout.

  2. 1) 106kg PR by another 1kg, 6kg since Feb
    2) 115kg, held back got a lifting meet tomorrow

    Queensland Weightlifting Assn. league rewards platform PR’s over the year so through strategic planning I will be only looking to hit 89/115kg tomorrow.

    The rest Monday morning before as much of Monday as I can catch up.

    Only 2 declines in Australian region men’s so I need to get lucky and get a third wave invite, not likely but will see. 1 more muscle up would of been enough or just don’t be so average across all my WODs!

    Hard luck SJ you were killing it before 13.5, you kill me most days on here, beast. Your times/scores are a great inspiration from someone in our region – keep it up!

    • Lifting meet Sunday, felt great today in warmup & on platform probably could of done some serious damage (good damage) if I was going for it!

      Snatch – 85/87/89 easy
      C&J – 107/111/115 also easy

      Went back to warmup room and hit 125/133 C&J (3kg PR) missed jerk forward at 135kg. Was feeling real good today. Also got told I get to lift at state titles in May and with just 5kg more in the total I will qualify for nationals in July.

      • Did the conditioning after (Mondays) 7×2 Hi Hang Snatch

        All singles on C&J, UB MU 2/4/6 then 3/3/2 & 5×2
        I think my rests got too long, I was smooth sailing through to the end of the 6’s in around 5 minutes then just blew out with rests. Not great, not terrible but super tip for everyone; if you need to go to the toilet before a high intra-abdominal tension workout – do it! Gut pain and discomfort most of the way through otherwise.

  3. F/49/5’0/115
    Back from 5 week open + 2 week break. Qualified 45 – 49. Giddy up!

    1. 100#
    2. 135#
    105# HBBS
    Modified 2 mus each round
    75,85,95,105,115 C&J

  4. Just did cj rm today sore shoulder stuck me at 275

    1×20 @ 315 holy shit rep 14 on was a dark place

    Condo was around 10 something only had one bar transition took some time away.. But felt good on the condo as a whole…

    Sore as fuck from the 4x400s yesterday
    Good stuff tho…

  5. 1) 195 (10 under)
    2) 235 (15 under)

    20RM @ 210# (71%)

    Cond 17:47 Rx
    One bar. MU no singles. Could not have even finished this three months ago.

  6. Morning coach,

    Quick question, I have missed every attempt over 85% on my snatch since I PR’d 3 weeks ago. I PR’d on my C&J and squat in the past two weeks, (when RX) but not since. I feel completely disconnected any thoughts or insight…I was thinking about taking a week off?

    Snatch 235
    C&J 275
    Front Squat 330
    Dead 465-500 (trad-sumo)
    Bench 320

  7. Snatch 215, haven’t hit 225 since start of open
    Clean and Jerk 265, 275 clean
    Squat 245 (roughly 70% could have gone heavier)
    Cond 1 12:48
    Cond 2 9:13

  8. Day 6 of Outlaw. This old man is wiped. Just getting some work done today.
    1) First day shoulder able to do actual Squat Snatch. 6x2x85#
    2) DND.
    HBBS: ~50%; 155
    Shoulder not ready for muscle ups or dips. Subbed Ring Pull-ups. All C&J at 95#. 5:52; 75% effort.

  9. BBG
    Up to 200 again. I had 210 but lost it. Damn
    Stopped at 250
    Squats. 280 70%. I forgot how bad this was.
    Cond 9 something. One bar but fast transitions
    Butt and hamstrings are fried

  10. BBG
    1) up to 185, getting comfortable at 90%. didn’t go for more because of the posterior issues leftover from wednesday.
    2) up to 265, getting comfortable at 93%. didn’t go for more…see above.

    20 @ 270 – ouch. lost my core at rep 17, fought for the last 3.

    14:13 one bar

    …plan on doing the extra work later if my posterior doesn’t tighten up.

  11. BBG

    1) 135, (155 coming soon, can feel it)
    2) 175 (185 coming soon, can feel it)

    160 (70%)
    Are these good numbers? ive only been following for a month but im seeing all of these big numbers in the 200’s and its kinda putting me down. im 17 and am 165 lbs. never did any powerlifting before following, just did alot of metcons

    • my first posted sets, 1 year ago, were based off an 85 pound snatch. 85. pounds. (I’m a dude). Now 205.
      Just stick with the program, don’t worry about ayone else. the weight will come.

    • It will come, I started a little over a yr ago and numbers were 145# snatch, 205# C&J, n 20RM squat was 165# first time I did it now I’m at 210# snatch, 275# C&J, and did 235# on 20RM (and actually did 25 reps, went too light) so the results will come bro. I’m about 5’8″ 165# body weight.

    • Evan, our situations are almost identical. I started following closely about a month ago, my snatch is 135 and my c&j is 185. Agreed, some of the numbers on here are daunting, but it’s good to know there are others at the same point in the game. If you’re interested, let’s baseline off each other…I’ll try to post every day, and let’s see where we can get with this! Either way, good luck.

  12. Snatch: 115
    Clean and jerk: 155
    Still adjusting after one week of always using a full oly movement. Power on both are about 10# higher.

    Hbbs: 155 this was a very manageable weight and used the recommendation of 70%. Next time heavier.

    Still no muscle up. So used this time to work on them. Still did all clean and jerks in between sets of attempts. My timing is awful but improved throughout. Cleans felt smooth and easy.

  13. Clean and Jerk-

    245,265 (f) jerk


    245# x 20 (switching to high bar from low bar)


    *had my brother switch the weights for me, 1 bar.

  14. BBG:
    1.) 210 ~ 90%, 225fff ~ 95%
    2.) 260 ~ 95%, 280f
    Miss self analysis ~

    Strength: (NA doing Smolov)

    18:22 ~ full, 1 bar, and Bar MU (no rings at gym)

  15. BBG:
    1) 165
    2) 215

    1) Off 305 (215)

    15:29-Up to 205 BB


  16. BBG:
    1) Diapers
    2) More diapers

    1×20 @ 325 lbs
    Wasn’t too terrible – last 4 reps were starting to get tough. I had always wondered why you put us through those nasty squat sets where we had to the hold the weight in b/n sets. Now I kinda know why… you sly boots.

    9:15 RX
    Tore a nice chunk of skin off my right wrist on the last set of MUs. Goldmember would have been jealous.

  17. Cond:


    Wednesday we had our first baby boy and if things couldn’t get better, i got an invite to regionals that night. Needless to say, it was a great day.
    Really feel like I deserved it even though I finished 51st. Had 4 solid weeks and another week that was 3/4 excellent. So muscle ups hurt me, but didn’t stop me. Happy I have the opportunity to show I’m not 51st in the region.

  18. 1) 225# (caught 245#, but lost it behind…next time)
    2) 295# (felt like I ran out of time)

    Strength: 295#

    Conditioning: 15:13

  19. Snatch 90kg (PR by 5kg)
    C&J 110kg (PR by 5kg… 10kg in 2 weeks)

    Squats #250… Wow that hurts!

    Conditioning – took me about 8:30 to get through the 4 rep MU… All singles… Ugh gotta figure out how to go UB!

  20. BBG:
    1) 235
    2) 285 (failed jerk)

    1) 260 – only got 14 reps



    • BBG:
      1) Shit
      2) More Shit

      1) 270



  21. Snatch – 275 went to 295 to PR, was fast but a little forward

    C&J – went to 330 took my time so 15 min ran out

    Squat – 350×20

    Metcon – 12:40 muscle ups are tough at 225lbs

  22. bbg:
    snatch: 145
    clean and jerk 190 5# PR been waiting for this one for a while

    squat 155#x20 Hate super squats

    skipped conditioning went to the climbing gym getting in shape for the climbing season

  23. Lifted in a meet yesterday (Saturday) so made up the rest of the work today (Sunday).

    From meet ( I won my weight class, 94kg)

    Snatch – 120kg (264#), missed 123kg twice
    C&J – 140kg, 145kg (320#), missed 150kg



    295 x 20. Easier than expected but got a gnarly tension/sinus headache immediately after which carried over into the conditioning


    12:26 – One bar and my head was pounding.

    Extra Work to be done later this afternoon.

  24. BBG

    1) Snatch – 138, under 143 and lost it forward. So close.
    2) C&J – 153, actually really happy with how this felt. Tried 163 once, but fail on the catch. I’ve narrowed my current limitation to catching it, so at least now I know what I need to work on.


    1X20 HBBS – 178, easier than I expected.

  25. Did a relay run friday and saturday. Ran 14 miles over three legs, a lot of hills. Stupid. Didn’t sleep for 40 hours. Came in today and thought I could do this, I was wrong.

    C and Jerk: Skipped
    20RM squat:175,easy
    Conditioning 1: Did 2 muscle ups, 10 C and Jerks, then did 2 more muscle ups and gave up. Felt fatigued and dehydrated. figured it was better to rest. Boo.

  26. snatch up to 215 f on 225.
    c&j 265
    hbbs 245×20

    wod: 9:11
    then wanted to do some WB instead of rowing:
    5rds on the 3min
    20 t2b
    20 wb 25lbs
    20 russian swings

  27. m/34/5’8″/175lb
    185lb snatch
    225lb C&J
    HBBS 205×11, 205×9
    17:04 one bar, felt pretty fatigued

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