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>Daniel Tyminski – 2:19 30 Muscle-Ups for time:

>GREAT article by Jacob Typskin on the complexity of: Developing Competitive CrossFitters.

WOD 130412:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

*Notes: Do not allow for any extraneous attempts/warm-up lifts. Work quickly to a heavy load, then make 3-5 maximal attempts.


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.


21-15-9 of:

OHS 95/65#

For time.

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  1. Im just starting to follow outlaw for all my workouts and I think this week is the best to start out on since it is a testing week. Can’t wait to get to work awesome website Rudy keep it up

  2. Gone for the weekend so worked out this morning.

    No C&J but hit 320 on Saturday at a meet.

    Bench – 305 (10# PR)



  3. BBG
    136kg (300lb) PR
    Cleaned 140kg(PR) But just missed the Jerk forward…

    127.5kg (PR by 2.5kg)


  4. Clean and Jerk: 305 (10 pound PR from last attempt, ties all time)
    Bench press: 245 (Don’t want to talk about it, down from 275, muscle ups yesterday did me in.)

    2:27 as rx’d

  5. C&J:
    275lb, failed 295 hit 300 last weekend

    330lb (5 lb PR)

    4:41. Pull ups = terrible this morning.

  6. BBG-
    265# (tie PR)


    225×11 (didn’t have a spotter so went ME at 225#



  7. c+j 230 pr by 10#
    bench 250
    failed at 255, backed down to 250 and it flew up. probably could get 255 but ran out of time
    con 4:01
    ohs unbroken, pullups 3×7, 5-5-3-2, 4-5

  8. First day back since a rotator cuff injury 6 weeks ago.


    Will start power movements again in two weeks.

  9. BBG:
    Got 225 (20lb. below PR), and cleaned 250 (5lb. PR), which has been a longstanding goal of mine to reach. Jerks felt like shit today, but glad to have PR’d on the clean.

    Didn’t have anyone to spot me on the bench, so I did 2 reps EMOM for 10 minutes at 85% (185lbs.)

    2:56 RX for conditioning. All unbroken sets with small rests in between.

  10. BBG- 260. PR clean 270 (missed jerk)

    STR- 235#. 30# under PR haha

    COND- 2:24 RX

  11. 125kg C&J. Felt weak today…
    Bench: First time benching in at least 6 months. Took it easy and did 5×3 at 90kg
    Conditioning: 2:39 all unbroken – should have done a bit faster transitions.

  12. M/37/210
    CJ 250 (-10) Had a rough not on call at hospital. Not much sleep, but really wanted to get this in today.

    BP -235
    Metcon 5:30. All OHS UB. Pullups choppy.

  13. c&j – 145lbs (5 more lbs than last week, the squat clean is finally feeling more comfortable)
    bench – 155lbs
    cond – 6:37 rx, pullups=suckfest

  14. BBG: 265, 280ff
    Strength: 240#*PR, 245#*PR ~ 10#
    Conditioning: 3:52 ~ all UB but obviously slow

      • Yeah man my squats are lagging big time, all my other lifts have gone up except those so I think I have to pull the trigger and add in a squat program to bring them up to par.

  15. BBG:
    1) 205, 225(f) -kept clarking 225, have to just go under and i’ll have this no problem.

    1) 215

    -Picking up some more iron tomorrow for 1rm deadlift, pumped.

  16. CnJ- 255# PR (+15) came up reallll easy so jumped another 10# and barely missed 265

    BP- 255#, 275# 2Misses

    METCON- 2:59 UB

  17. Am-
    Every 30 seconds on the minute for 30 min
    Airdyne sprints
    528 cal

    275 un pr by a shit ton failed 305 everything felt heavyasfuck

    Bp 295 un pr by 20



  18. bbg:
    300# (15# pr, video below) I’ve been working at this for months now, even tried it last week 8 times. I’ve cleaned 315# fairly easy so hopefully that’s next. Thanks Rudy for offering a phenomenal program that has literally un-fucked a lot of my weightlifting issues.

    285 (10# pr)



    • I remember I used to read your old training log on the Crossfit Message boards, always thought you would win the Games one day. Good luck for this year!

  19. K so I’m looking at all these numbers and I’m a tad embarassed to be posting mine…not quite sure if I belong in this but here it goes….

    160 C&J (fell on my butt twice on the squat clean)
    215 Bench (10# PR)
    8:03 Cond

  20. C&J: 155 (-10)
    Bench: 155 (current)
    Conditioning: 5:20
    *UB OHS, obviously I suck at pull-ups.

  21. About a month or so off. First week back,

    C+J 110KG (PR 125) Couldnt get the groove right
    BP ——

    Conditioning 5:28

  22. short on time so no C&J or BP, attempted 3RM OHS instead – 185, new PR
    WOD: 3:57 with strict pullups

  23. Had a bucks night on Wednesday felt like dog shit all Thursday and into Friday (body)

    1) Had nothing on clean stopped at 115kg after dropping 120kg
    2) 105kg, as above
    3) 3.30 unbroken but completely sandbagged, figured moving and doing something is better than nothing though.

  24. m/34/5’8″/175lb

    235lb (10lb under PR)
    215lb (10lb under PR)

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