>Two (maybe three) “Para Bellum Series” dates will be up tomorrow, along with hard dates for the Regionals camps. I’ll go ahead and prepare you now for the PBS announcements; one will be VEGAS at the end of September, and the other will be a second Denver date the first weekend in November. For those of you looking at dates which have already been posted, Sarasota only has two spots remaining, and Green Bay is down to single digits as well.

>In celebration of our Facebook page hitting the big 20,000 today, we are giving everyone a discount on all Outlaw gear. Head over to The Outlaw Gear Store, and enter the code 20000 for a discount on all merchandise.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 7.12.18 PM

>D-Rob (Derek Robinson) – 280# Snatch:

WOD 130410:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Push Press.

2) 30 Muscle-Ups for time.

*Notes: Strict 6 minute cap. Rest 10-15 minutes before starting #3.

3) Run 1 mile for time.

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  1. Wow… he’s pulling 280 with that early arm bending, just imagine what he’d get up with better technique

  2. Enjoyed the camp this weekend. Good shit. The lectures where above and beyond what I expected. It’s nice to know why this works so well. And I PR’d on both my lifts, worth it.

    Anyway I could get my C+J PR video?

  3. What time will registration for the camp in Denver go live tomorrow? The last one sold out so fast I want to make sure I can grab a spot!

  4. I am trying to find the discount part on the store site, but its not available. Can you please direct me to it.

  5. Been traveling the past few days so I am combining 3 days of work into two days… 3 PR’s Today.

    HBBS:390#, Strict Press:205, Push Press:265
    didn’t plan on doing any strict pressing, but 205 felt too good in the front rack of my push presses so I had to hit that PR before moving up in weight (BW:185)

    For more detailed log: sdsprp.blogspot.com

  6. A bunch of us lurkers would buy the hell out of the Outlaw stuff if it was stocked- supplies runnin’ low over there.

  7. 1) 120kg PR by 10kg
    2) 4:33 PR by 25 seconds
    3) No time earlier, will do this afternoon…

  8. 1) 225lb (10 lbs under PR, shoulders shot)
    2) 20 mu accumulated in the 10 min before and after run (Mike Poppa fixed my muscle ups this weekend!)
    3) 7 min-ish

  9. 1) 255, 5# off

    2) 3:05 9 sec pr (ripped hand was a tad problematic)

    3) 6:20. :20 pr. Have a bit more

  10. BBG:
    95-100Fx3 (=PR, no new one)

    1) 22 in 6 minutes. EMOM 5 muscle ups, missed set 2, reset with 90 sec break.
    2) 6:50 (-9 sec PR, but still poo)

  11. M/37/210
    185-205 So PP started off feeling good, so made a 30 lb jump to 235 missed, the it was a shit show after that missed 225,220,215,210.

    Muscle up. Got 10 in 6 min. Not feeling fluid this am. 30 rep is 9 min.

    Run this afternoon.

  12. 1) 205lbs. (10lb. PR)
    2) 5:11 (PR by over 3 minutes)
    3) 6:23 (about 30 seconds behind my PR. Oh well)

  13. 1. 305 (40lbs PR!) – I had a incredibly weak knee that I’ve been working through, before I started Outlaw in November my squat was only 185.

    2. Done

    3. 9.35 @ 145.

  14. 1) 215, 30# PR
    2) 27, still a PR. Triples until 21 and arms went.
    3) 6:03, 9s PR and possibly my fastest mile in 15 years. had to dodge the same car 4 times, might have had sub 6. I can dream.

  15. 1) 85kg (PR), stop there because of low back “pain”, have 90kg for sure.
    2) 23 in 6:00
    3) 6:18

  16. 1) 225#… 20# PR
    2) 5:45… our box has ceilings that are just under 10 foot high so out rings have to hang from that, have to bend our knees back to hang from the rings making them basically strict MU so not to upset with this.
    3) 6:31

  17. Push press- 236 PR
    30 MU- 5:26 (previous PR 4:30)
    1 Mile Run- 4:50 holy shit balls. I ran 4 full laps around our gym and parking lot; each are supposedly 1/4 mile. Run 6 min miles verry regularly but damn.

  18. Tests:
    1) 205(20lb PR)
    2) 28/6:00 30/6:28-can’t find the last time we did this, deff a PR by a lot though.
    3) 6:37 (17sec PR)

  19. Quick question for anyone who cares… I have been following CF.com for about two years and switched to Outlaw about 4 months ago. All my weights have gone up except for my f’in squat. Should I add more squats or keep following The Outlaw Way and pray for improvements?

    • I’m in the same boat but the quality of my front squat has really developed. I started following about 6 months ago and went from 300-315. The increase was just around the 5 month mark. What I did notice is I am way more efficient in heavy cleans and any WOD that requires any kind of squat. Looking back I had a shitty F squat…

      • True, I am more efficient at lower weights and my Clean and Snatch have increased by 20lbs each. Problem is I can clean more than I can front squat back up.

    • You can add extra squats if you want. I think the problem with messing with TOW is that it is designed with the limited conjugate method. Maybe add an extra rep to all the squats but don’t add extra sets, I’m pretty sure that will start throwing the template off. Or just wait…

    • I would only add a few pounds to the written percentages assuming you still have technique at the added weight. Extra sets or reps are going to probably fry your CNS.

  20. Strict Press – 205 , 5# PR
    Push Press – 275, 10# PR and just missed 285

    MUs – 5:28. Huge PR and can still do it faster.

    Mile – 5:58. Best I have felt running in awhile.

  21. Fucking knee is tweaking out.

    Pp- 255 tied pr
    Mu- 3:24 meh
    Subd 150 cal airdyne test for mile

    2/4/8 (knee)

  22. Push press:165#
    My foot hurt (again) when I jump down from the rings, so I stopped it. I felt good yesterday (triple unders), but it really hurt after MUs.. I’ll try this test once my foot feels better!!

  23. I hoping that having done 13.1 on Monday and torching my shoulders had some effect on today.

    1) 235 easy/ 260 (f)/ 255(f) x3 just couldn’t get past the sticking point.
    2) 6:17 … was done 24 at 3:17 and took 3 minutes to get the last 6. second time in a row that has happened.

    3) I didn’t run.

  24. Push Press – 155 (15 # PR I believe)

    MU – 15 in the time cap

    Mile – didn’t time.

  25. 1) 260

    2) 3:00 – ~30 sec PR, first time doing 30 for time on high rings

    3) 5:40 – literally zero warmup, just out the door. Lungs were fine, legs probably could have used a warmup. Have a sub 5 in me.

  26. Push Press: 275 (10lb PR)
    30 muscle ups: 5:20
    1 mile run: 6:15 (done on treadmill)

  27. Push Press: 165
    21 Muscle Ups in 6 minutes
    1 mile run: 7:12 (PR by 13 seconds from my time in 7th grade, 12 years ago)

  28. M/34/5’8″/175lb
    -PP 215lb (10 lb PR!)
    -30 MU (no rings, subd 2:1 pull ups, dips) 2:42
    -6:25 mile

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