>Time to give some shout outs to the Outlaws who finished with the highest ranking in the Open.

Our highest ranking woman may be a less familiar name, but she scored a total of fifty-four points overall, and only SEVEN in the South East Region. Lindsay Bourdon finished the 2013 Open ranked THIRD in the world, and put up an unbelievable total of 256 reps on 13.5, which was good for—you guessed it—number one in the world. Lindsay, and her team from CrossFit Adrenaline, were first introduced to me at the SE Regional in 2012, when they came over to tell me they had been following the site, and had qualified for the 2012 Games, without owning a single pair of Weightlifting shoes. Lindsey, and the team, have come a long way since then, and this is easily the most impressive performance an Outlaw has had in the Open.

Lindsay Bourdon – 256 reps on 13.5:

On the men’s side, finishing with a ranking of 8th in the world, was CrossFit Lindy’s owner, and Outlaw camp “Head Coach in charge of yelling really loudly”, Daniel Tyminski. Dan’s highest ranking was 3rd overall on 13.4, and he finished first in the North East Region by a margin of sixty-five points. When he’s not practicing his competitive exercising; Daniel like long walks on the beach, wearing tank-tops, and yelling.

WOD 130409:


20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.


10 minutes Triple-Under practice.



Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts 155/105#
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
6 Push Jerks 155/105#

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  1. Outlaw camp “Head Coach in charge of yelling really loudly”, Daniel Tyminski. Hahaha classic! This is his podium year! BoomSauce!

  2. Huge thanks to Rudy and Outlaw staff, I have been following tow since september; was 49th in the open last year, this year 22 in NE region and feel better prepared going into regionals.

    Strength – 355
    10 Triples
    DT – 7:49

    MFS 5/5/3

  3. HBBS:240#
    Triple Under: 3 in a row
    Cond: 8:46
    I though I could UB each set, but broke up HPC. My first time ”DT”.

  4. 315 HBBS, just started up Outlaw after a deployment to Afghanistan and dabbling in other random fitness related crap. Felt good…

    Dubs are solid but triples are like learning a foreign language.

    11:00 conditioning. Hands are feeling it.

  5. Any outlaw following CBL (carb backloading) I figured im gonna give it a run, looking for any insight

      • Grant it I just started yesterday. I did buy the book just haven’t got past key points yet. One ? Is I own a gym so my workout times are either 7am-9am or 10am-12pm, I worked out at 10am so I fasted till then, I didnt feel to depleted during strength I didn’t pr but hit my old pr on HBBS @425# but DT fucking killed me 11:07 which I should be at least sub 10. I know it will take me a week or so to adapt to the fasting in the am. D you have to tweak any carb intake times for crossfit. Side note is I just ordered all of my sups so post WOD was progenex and leucine. Main ? Is do I follow the meal plans as written or tweak for crossfit met cons, and nutrition during comp days where met cons are spread over the day. Thanks bro.

        • Yeah I back load very single night, in the book kiefer recommends this protocol for “strong men training” or any sport where you will constantly have depleted glycogen. Your morning workouts should be fueled by your backload the previous night. If you train a.m. Include some carbs post workout but then go ulc til dinner/night. As far as very high training volume(more so than this programming or competition) including carbs peri workout could help you. Check out his site, he posted a template that he wrote for Scott paltos which was directed towards competitive crossfitters. Ps try bullet proof coffee in the morning or just coconut oil/mct’s. Also keep your carbs trashy, people who try to do this “paleo” don’t do very well. Hope that helped sorta

  6. HBBS 295#
    30# HB PR, 10# over last Low Bar

    DT 11:47 RX

    9 minute PR from last year and I did that round at 135#.
    HPCs are my goat. Part of the herd, at least.

  7. HBBS 252 (12 lb PR)

    TU (will do tomorrow when new rope comes in)
    Max Height Box jumps instead = 40″
    DT – 6:51 RX (huge PR)

  8. Strength
    PR by 5. 330
    Those are hard. Started to get the hang of it at the end.
    19 RX.

  9. 305# HBBS (5# PR). Went for 315 three times and couldn’t get past the stuck point.

    13:11 RX on DT. I hate this WOD.

  10. 730am Pathetic 335# HBBS, just feeling low energy, took a clutch nap around 1PM, 3 Min PR on DT 7:15, did this WOD with a 17 Year old kid I am getting ready for College football, kids been doing CrossFit with me now for 3 Months, 5’10” 230# Running Back, Starting Grace time was 2:27, now 1:38. and Just did DT for the First time about 10 Seconds Behind Me, Kids a freak. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i9WUrpb-2A&w=560&h=315%5D

  11. HBBS: 220# not a PR but the most weight I have done in a while. Pleased!

    Skill: done

    DT: 12:05 Rx. Managed to shave 3:30 off my previous time.

  12. 1 RM C&J. 330. PR!! I yelled boom sauce for some reason after. I hope it’s not trademarked.
    Video to follow

    1 RM HBBS 400

    DT. 5:50. Thanks to Zach m for the great time earlier. Didn’t think sub 6 would happen but gotta good push after seeing his time

      • Missed top 48 slot by a few, So well see after people declare regionals or not. Ruptured my patellar tendon in November, so pleased with my finish. Too bad they didnt have a 300 cal test on the AD in the open.

        • Yeah, just by seeing your numbers everyday I figured you had to be pretty close. Seriously, not enough love for the AD aficionado’s. PS what region?

          • So. West. Ya well see here in the next week if my crippled ass made it. Regardless beer drinking season either starts now or after regionals. It’s quite a predicament. What’s your region?

          • hahah at least you might have regionals, my beer drinking season is all year. I’m Northeast but didn’t feel like making a $20 donation to crossfit for the open, not strong enough. Next year.

  13. HBBS -355 (first time ever doing high bar always do lowbar, got to get used to it)

    8:53 PR by default

  14. HBBS – 385, missed 405 twice but so damn close.


    7:33 PR but gamed it pretty hard.

  15. HBBS – 250 lbs (10 lb PR! Yeah!)

    Triples, I can string about 10 of them, with a few singles in between. But, only sometimes. Other times I can’t get 1.

    DT- 9:51… First time doing this. Grip totally got me.

  16. HBBS

    415 PR
    425 PR


    linking sets of 5
    First time working on these in a long time. I got 17 in a row some time last year just messing around with them.


    DT – 5:51 PR
    (6:22 July 2011)

  17. HBBS 245, missed 250

    triple unders: abou 20 singles total

    DT: 5:48 PR, first three rounds in 2:15. Then I blew up. Sad.

  18. HBBS: 230 (current PR)

    Triple Unders: Not a single TU…

    DT: 8:01 (first time doing DT)

  19. 160 missed 166kg, wasn’t feeling it

    Done, got two linked and a heap of singles without resorting to an ugly tuck jump

    7.36 (2.16 PR)
    Gamed the shit out of it, more pain next time.

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