>This post will be updated in a few hours. We’re finishing things up in Murfreesboro, but I wanted to get the work up early enough for the folks on the other side of the earth.

This is a de-load week in preparation for our Regionals loading wave. Enjoy.

WOD 130408:


1) 15 minutes of Snatch technique work.

2) 15 minutes of Clean & Jerk technique work.

*Notes: Do not go past 80% on any lifts. There should be no misses.


15 minutes of Handstand Walk practice.


Row 2k @ 80-85%

*Notes: Base this percentage off of your PR 2k. Try to maintain slower splits through the first 1k, and decrease pace throughout the second 1k.

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  1. Will you be programming for regionals individuals and Teams again like last year? Especially interested in teams. Will there be groups like last year?

  2. Coach

    You may not know yet, but will you be hosting a regional camp around the North Central region soon? Preferably Wichita, Ks! I owe a lot of credit to your program for getting me to regionals in less than a year of crossfitting… So thanks in advance…. Hope to meet you soon ill be at any camp that’s close…

    Noah Morford

  3. Coach, thank you for your consideration for those of us not in America at the moment.

  4. Congrats to everyone who made regionals!!!

    I’m hoping they take some extra bodies once guys go to teams or choose not to attend. Sitting in 51st in central east. Praying for a miracle. One subpar workout.

    Outlaw programming kicks ass!!! Thanks

  5. Did saturdays programming today. Hit 13.5 yesterday. Only got 87. My wife gave birth thursday morning, so resting and eating has been pretty random the last couple of days. No energy for 13.5, but doesn’t matter since i’m not competing this year.
    Here is saturdays work:
    Snatch: 95kg, misses 102.5 three times which would have been a PR. Pretty close call on all attempts.
    C&J: 125kg, missed 130 twice and called it a day.

    FS: Only managed to do first set. Back is fried.

    Cond: 3:24, 3:40, 3:28, 3:36 = 14:08 Subbed row for run.

  6. BBG
    1) worked up to 200#
    2) worked up to 250#

    Skill – Complete

    Conditioning – 2k row 7:31

    Placed 142 at the end of the open in the northeast region. Looking foward to another great year of outlaw training

  7. BBG:
    1) 90Kg
    2) 100Kg

    HS Practice: got 3 25′ crossings, getting a lot more consistent there.


  8. snatch work
    doubles, hi-hang snatch (from the hip) @ 115-125

    clean and jerk work
    singles, hi hang cleans (from the hip) from 135-155

    practiced HS walking up and over bumper plates

    2k row- 8:23
    2:05, 2:08, 2:07, 2:02

  9. Snatch: @ ~120# position , Hi-hang, full snatches
    C&J : @~ 150# position, Hi-hang, full C&J and Jerk practice (used rack)
    HS walk : getting better to control my body, but I can’t go to far yet.
    Cond: skipped

  10. BBg-
    Up to 205
    Up to 245

    Played with turning around on my hands. Walks are feeling good, turning not so much.



  11. BBG:
    1) Up to 140
    2) Up to 175


    10min AirDyne:
    -took this above 80-85%, couldn’t help myself. Saw a chance at 5min to possibly pass the 200cal threshold so I chased it.


  12. Thanks, Coach. Decided to compete in December and started your programming. Very excited for Regionals.

    1. Worked Power/Hang/Squat up to 100.
    2. Worked Power/Hang/Squat up to 130.

    Handstand Walks…. were little to be desired.

    Row 2K- 8:59 (4:41/4:18)
    No 2K PR to set off, just took it easy. Felt a little too easy.

  13. BBG:
    Snatch up to 115
    C&J up to to 145

    Skill: Done

    Conditioning (not going to regionals so less of a need to slow down)
    17min AMRAP: 10 Rounds
    5 strict pull-ups
    7 box jumps (24”)
    10 burpees

  14. I took today to re-do 13.1 as a way to validate what I’ve been doing here for training is working for me. I had a stomach virus the weekend that 13.1 came out and simply didn’t have the energy to finish.

    Today’s Score: 170 with 10:42 tiebreak
    Original Score: 156 with 12:50 tiebreak

    It would have brought me from 503rd to 81st for week one. My open season would have gone a lot different if that had been the case.

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