130405 – 13.5 Strategy & Tips

>The registration links for the first wave of the “Para Bellum Series” camps are active. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to secure your spot. The links have been up for a few hours, and almost half the spots are already gone. For more info on this series of camps, click here: The Para Bellum Series.

August 9th – 11th
Denver, CO
CrossFit Eminence

August 23rd – 25th
Sarasota, FL
RFS CrossFit

September 13th – 15th
Green Bay, WI
CrossFit Green Bay


>On the road in Murfreesboro, so we had to shoot video for the 13.5 strategy. Here goes:

WOD 130405:

CrossFit Games 2013 Open WOD 13.5

42 thoughts on “130405 – 13.5 Strategy & Tips

  1. Why isn’t the Denver camp at CrossFit Unbroken? I thought Matt Hathcock was an affiliate of yours.

  2. As always, you rock. Real advice, easy to understand and apply, that makes sense and most importantly — delivers. If anything is going to help me get past the first 4 minutes, this is it. Thank you.

  3. What do you mean knee wraps? I understand knee sleeves, but from my understanding knee wraps arent allowed. Please correct me if Im wrong. thanks

  4. Rudy!!! You rock!!! Your strategies help us so much. Truly appreciate you sharing this with us!

  5. Open 67 reps. This was much harder than I thought it would be. Fran PR is 3:06, so I was hoping to get through the first 3 rounds, but, no.

  6. how long was panchik resting or what is the suggested rest between pullups if you are doing 3 sets of 5 pullups? along with the the 8/7 thrusters? (in order to stay on the 1-1:10minute pace?)

  7. Short fat kid only got 1.5 rounds. I need more work. Having to train on your own sucks.

  8. Yea, 82 reps. Fran PR is 3:14. This was nasty. Without butterfly pullups, this gets slow and tiring real quick. Being 6’3″ was no advantage either.

  9. 79 reps
    2:58 Fran PR
    No butterfly c2b club in my golf bag.
    Think of it not as 4 minutes of suck but really 2 minutes of suck. If you’ve been following Outlaw long enough, you’re in good enough shape. The first two minutes are fine. It’s when I dropped in the 2nd set of pullups is when it hit me… this is not fun anymore. Dropped at 8 on the 3rd set of thrusters, got on the pullup bar at 3:20 for my 3rd set of pull-ups and the light to my gas tank had come on and was flashing. I got 8 pullups, no repped 4, finished with 79. Took ~ 30 minutes before I started to feel normal again.

    If you don’t have butterfly c2b- in my opinion it’s going to be hard to get to 90.

  10. Didn’t follow this rep scheme for myself since I felt I would struggle to make the 4 minutes. Finished with 78. My Fran from 6 months ago is 3:23, adding Chest-to-bar to the mix which I can’t butteryfly made a huge difference. Thrusters were 15, 15, 8+7, and C2B were 10+5, 7+3+2+1+1+1, then a few single to finish.

    My girlfriend followed your suggestion on the C2B. She did the first 3 sets of Thrusters unbroken. Finished with 143, finished the 3 rounds at 3:46. Did 5’s on the C2B the entire time, until the end where she was gassed and hitting singles.

  11. Getting after it this afternoon… I’ve enjoyed the movement prep from the previous open WODs so I am going to do something real similar to last week. Prior to starting the workout, here’s what I’m thinking (feedback welcomed):

    Every 30 sec for 3 minutes:

    1 Squat Clean Thruster @ 155-165 lbs (probably 165)

    *Immediately perform 2 C2B Pullups after every rep.

  12. Thanks for the tips. This Castro guy is smart. IMO, up until this WOD, the other Open WODS were lacking that creativity factor that attracts people to Crossfit. Truly be ready for anything and everything.

  13. Anyone have a ticket for the M’boro camp tomorrow that you want to sell? My Saturday opened up last minute, and I’m looking to buy one.
    call me at 256-five90-two910

  14. 84
    I’m such a pussy. Felt fine, pacing worked. Mentally was not here today.

  15. 78 reps

    So close, yet so far. Which pretty well sums up this open for me. First round in :58. Wheels came off. Last Fran was 4:03.

  16. 73 – most disappointing score by far shit way to end.
    1st round 1:00
    Last FRAN 3:52

  17. 151
    Followed the strategy for the 1st 3 rounds and finished at 3:40. I figured 150 was my range on the high end, so I slowed to 15 reps per minute and tried to keep to it. I’m pretty sure if I tried to hold the prescribed pace in the 2nd segment I would have blown up and possibly still be on the floor now.

  18. 57 reps previous fran 6:47 maybe I have a pr comming on that. still would be nice to do a set of thruster unbroken

  19. 132. I’m definitely going to do it again. I’m light and good at c2b so I did rd1 unbroken, rd2 & rd 8/7, thrusters were pretty hard after second round! Did 6/6/3 and that felt good. But I just pussied out and wanted to stop at 5min! One of the hardest workouts I’ve ever felt. Wanted to stop moving! But I’m doing it again now that I know how it feels.

  20. 162

    I don’t mind Fran, but this was a god awful workout. Went to that dark place towards the end and ended up completely incapacitated for at least 20 minutes afterwards – pounding headache, nausea, and pain everywhere.

    Going to hurl myself off a cliff when this ends up as 14.5.

  21. 13.5
    141 reps. Felt much worse than I thought it would. But I’m happy no repeats and I’ll make it to the Asia Regional sitting in the top 5 I think.

    25 pistols
    50 feet handstand walk
    75 hollow rocks
    50 feet handstand walk
    25 pistols

    Ready to get back to the normal programming and no distractions. Congrats to everyone who took part in the open.

  22. 69 – thrusters were pretty easy (65 for the win!) but really need work on stringing larger sets of pull ups together.

  23. 140
    Probably should have had a better strategy for second 4 minutes other than move as often as possible, probably could have got 150-155 region in hindsight. Now I’m sitting tie 51st waiting to see if I get an invite if some guys go teams.

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