>Here’s the first wave of the “Para Bellum Series” camps. The registration links are not active yet, but they will be by the time of tomorrow’s post. For more info on this series of camps, click here: The Para Bellum Series.


The registration links are now live. Click on the date for your chosen location, and follow the directions for registration.

August 9th – 11th
Denver, CO
CrossFit Eminence

August 23rd – 25th
Sarasota, FL
RFS CrossFit

September 13th – 15th
Green Bay, WI
CrossFit Green Bay


>In one of the cooler, but less know stories of this Open; CrossFit Sua Sponte’s own, Nathan Trevillian (aka “The Young Assasin”), is currently the #1 ranked 19 year-old male in the world (addendum: John just informed me that Nate is actually 18). Oh, by the way, he’s also holding strong at 21st in the Mid-Atlantic region. Outlaw… Still clearly for the children.


WOD 130404:

Rest day.

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