>Post-Games training camp/seminar announcements coming tomorrow (I’ll give you some location hints: mile high, home of Poppa, the motherland). Here are a few things we will be including for the tentatively titled “Para Bellum Series” of camps:

-A full Powerlifting section led by Sua Sponte Barbell’s, John Dill.
-Friday will now be a full day.
-Three day practical programming lecture focused on the Limited Conjugate Outlaw template, that will be accompanied by handouts including percentage waves, rep/set schemes, lift variations, hierarchy of movements, and other programming basics.
-Full “how to” lecture with Spencer Arnold centered on breaking down lifts with Coaches Eye.
Michael Winchester will lead a section on coaching and preparation of competitors.
-An exclusive camp playlist featuring nothing but Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and Ryan Bingham (for warmups only). Not kidding about this one.
-Finally, you guessed it… For every attendee, CAMP T-SHIRTS (designed by the one and only Syn Martinez).

WOD 130403:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7Γ—1 2 Position Snatch (floor – hang) – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec.

2) 7Γ—1 2 Position Clean (floor – hang) + 1 Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec.

*Notes: Snatches and Cleans should be full reps. The bar does not return to the floor between the two positions.


10 minutes Triple-Under practice.


Tabata – Row/Airdyne for calories.

*Notes: Keep the fan moving slowly for rest intervals.

*Rest 5 minutes.

Accumulate as many BB TGU (alternating arms) as possible in 12 minutes.

*Notes: Load should be heavy, with no misses. DO NOT RUSH, this is not a scored event. Try to move as fluidly as possible, without stopping, for the entire twelve minutes.

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  1. Glad I already went to one and missed out on all that….haha freaking awesome

  2. Coach during the Doomsday tour you indicated we would be receiving power points recapping what was covered during the lectures. Is this still the case or did I just miss the email? Thanks.

  3. Rudy, I can’t remember if you did a regional workout breakdown last year. If you did, is that going to be the same this year. I won’t be able to make any training camps, I would love some insight into how to tackle some of the things that may come up at regionals. Thanks!

  4. BBG
    1) 85-87.5-90-92.5-92.5-92.5- 95kg F Hang Snatch
    2) 100kg – 105- 110- 112.5 – 115 F Jerk – 115kg F HC – 115kg F HC

    Conditioning in arvo

    • Triple Under practice was worse than last practice session. The most i strung together today was 5.

      Tabata row- 889 meters. I fucked it up, I relied on the memory of the c2 to record my calories but it only recorded meters.
      First round was 13 cal and the last was 10 cal..

      BB TGU
      4 sets at 20kg
      2 sets at 25kg

  5. Working out at a gym tomorrow that has neither a rower nor air dyne (I know, shoot me). Is it suitable to follow Outlaw Crossfit’s WOD or is there something else to sub?

  6. There’s always been a debate about the tgu, does the rep terminate at the standing position or do you have to go all the at back to the ground for the rep to.count?

  7. BBG
    1) 50, 55, 60, 65f, 65f, 60f, 60
    2) 70, 75, 80, 85×2, 90×1, 80×2,

    8 triple unders hahaha
    Tabata burpees. 7,7,5,5,6,6,6,4
    16 X TGU at 20kg

  8. Hi Rudy, Me and my team in Iceland are wondering if you are going to post team workouts for Regionals?
    Best regards
    Silla from Crossfit StΓΆΓ°in πŸ™‚

  9. Would be great if Rudy made the training camp lecture material and handouts available on this site. I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for them…

  10. BBG
    1) 155-165-165-175-185-195(f)-195(f)
    2) 225-255-255-255-255-275-285 (failed jerk)

    Cond – Later

  11. Quick question. What are BB TGU? Not sure since I have only been following you foe a month.

  12. Rudy,

    Would you consider any of your elite level athletes Hyper Mobile? I’m just curious. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Bbg –

    215 x 4 225 x 2 235 x 1

    255 x 3 265 x 2 275 x 2

    Cnd –

    Triples werent quite as good today.

    97 cals

    Tgu @ 95lbs

  14. I know Rudy is probably in the know on this subject, but I’ve heard from a good source that 13.5 is going to have triple unders. This source has accurately leaked several of the open WODs before, so I trust the info. I’m going to take advantage of this practice.

      • This would be strange seeing as Castro said in his statement released last night that it was something never done before, not even on mainsite. And recently triple unders showed up on mainsite, which I took to be a good sign that they will be at either regionals or the games. On the other hand, I can’t imagine what possibly hasn’t been done on mainsite before (I mean they even did something as dumb as GHD bench presses before) so who knows.

  15. 1) 185
    2) 225
    Didnt push it, really worked on tech for both

    Cnd –
    Tripe unders – They ain’t happening with my fat rope. Can’t wait for FedEx to show up

    101 cals (first time on a air dyne, I’m hurting now!)

    Tgu – 1st half 45 then 65lbs
    MFS 2/3/4

  16. 115-125-135-145-150(missed hang)-145-150(regripped)
    Skipped c+j

    6 triples none in a row

    65 cal

    22 tgu 45lb

  17. 1) 135-145-155-165-175-185-185(f)
    2) 185-195-205-215-225-230-205

    No triple unders fml but got about 250-300 DUs in at least.

    145 cals on Airdyne AD2

    13 TGUs w 45# BB

  18. Was that mile high poppa reference to Dragon Ball Z…. if so… I am so beefed right now….

  19. snatches 145-150
    c+J 185-190

    tabata row 64cal
    bb tgu at 45#
    didnt keep count. this is the first time ive tried tgu with a bb. eventually figured it out though

    mfs 2-4-3

  20. You had me at the playlist…. When I attend, I will dance, I am warning you now.

  21. BBG

    Snatch : 60-60-60-65-65-65-65kg
    Clean & Jerk : 80-80-80-85-85-85-90kg


    25 burpees (55s)
    Rest 1′
    Tabata run
    Rest 1′
    25 burpees (59s)

    17 TGU (45# BB)

    • Still me posted prematurely. Story of my life:) anyway.
      Clean and Jerk 155-215 (got 225 but failed from the hang)

      Triple Unders. Sucked again. I hope these get better for me. I have DU down, 60-80 UB consistently, I don’t know if I need a longer rope, jump higher. Any advice from Outlaws that have these dialed?

      Tabata AD. Score was 11-12 cals per round average. Did 22 cals first one, that was dumb. Wats were usually between 450-600.

      Barbell TGU
      First time doing movement, so spent the first few minutes getting my shit together. Way harder then I thought. Got 14 total.

  22. BBG:
    1.) 175, 180, 185, 190, 195f, 200, 205
    2.) 195, 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230

    Tabata Row: 68 cal
    BBTGU: 18 @ 75#

  23. Sn- 145, 155, 160 (1M), 160, 160 (1M), 150, 150
    CnJ- 185, 195, 200, 205, 210 (1M), 215, 220

    Row- 65 total calories

    BB TGU- 28@45# BB in 12 mins

  24. Bbg –

    195 x 1, 205 x 5 215 x 1 (fail hang)

    240 x 5, 250 x 1, 260 x 1 (fail hang)

    Cnd –

    Triple Unders – haha

    85 cals

  25. BBG:
    Snatch- Worked to 150#
    Clean- Worked to 190#
    Triple Unders- Most strung together was 2
    Airdyne-103 Cals
    BB TGU- 10 Total(6 x 45#, 4 x 55#) First time doing these

  26. BBG:
    1) 140, 145×4, 150, 155
    2) 175×2, 185×2, 195, 205, 215(f-hang)

    – TU’s: Meh
    – AD: 89cal
    – TGU: 4/65# 12/55#


  27. bbg:
    1) 105-105-115-115-125-125f hang-125 f hang initiating my third pull early…
    2) 125-125-135-145-155-145-145 155 was a little ugly decided to not push it felt trashed after the last 2 days

    skipped the rest

  28. Doing the Open fuckfest tomorrow so stayed lighter today and did some doubles and a few heavy singles.

    Sn – 220 x 2 x 4. 250 x 1
    CJ – 242 x 2×3, 262x 2, 286 x 2

    No conditioning

  29. Was a little discombobulated following the announcement of the shit show that is 13.5 – had to skip out the things that I like in order to do the things I don’t like.

    1) Worked up to 210 in about 5 sets
    2) Skipped

    Triple Under Practice – Did several sets. The most I linked today was 39 – 11 off PR

    Tabata AirDyne – 126 Cals

    BB TGUs – started at 75 lbs, finished at 95 lbs

  30. M/34/5’8″/175lb

    BBG- not good today, felt super weak

    Snatch- 135-145-155F-155(got full and missed hang)-155F-135-145

    Clean – 165-184-195-205-215f-215f-185

    Cond later

  31. BBG:
    1) 135,135,155,155,165(F),165,185
    2) 185,205,225,245,265,285(F),270

    Conditioning: (Rower)
    76 calories

    13 reps

  32. BBG
    1. Up to 200
    2. Up to 225 still nursing jammed wrists
    TU done
    Tabata Row 80 cal.
    No TGU


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