>Hey! I’m in Canadia! Spending the weekend with Jay Rhodes and the good folks at Outlaw North, in Stoney Creek, Ontario (which is just outside of Toronto—home of every funny human who has ever lived). For those of you who don’t know where Ontario is (I.E. Spencer Arnold), or Canadia in general… If you’re in ‘Merica—look north. If you’re anywhere else, find ‘Merica on a map—then, look north.

If you’ve never studied the historic, and cultural heritage of Canadia, let me enrich your life with one of the country’s national treasures.

WOD 130330:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.


Front Squats: 1X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 1:00-2:00 (based on: 130309)


For time:

100′ Prowler Push 300/200#
10 Bench Press @ BW/75%BW
30 Burpees
100′ Prowler Push 300/200#
8 Bench Press @ BW/75%BW
20 Burpees
100′ Prowler Push 300/200#
6 Bench Press @ BW/75%BW
10 Burpees

*Notes: Prowler Pushes should be completed by performing a 50′ push down with the high handles, and a 50′ push back with the low handles.

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  1. yeah…I read this one today. sounds awesome! we need to put prowler on our list of toys for CF Strikeback!

  2. Canada…not Canadia. But since we are so nice (it’s part of our constitution to be polite to everyone and funny when required), we will let you refer to our nation as Canadia. Enjoy.

    • You don’t have enough guns to really choose to “let” us do anything.

  3. BBG 40kg,
    Strength 55,60,65 kg
    Conditioning 10:01 (30m walking lunges with 10kg plate sub for prowler) 35kg bench

  4. I have to ask; someone tell me, what the hell kind of surface is the prowler SUPPOSED to be pushed on? Grass? Dirt? Concrete? Obviously different types of surfaces is going to cause differing amounts of friction and thus making it easier or harder.

  5. BBG
    95kg, Failed 100kg about 10 times. Shit day.

    % of 140kg

    Conditioning in afternoon

  6. Really forgot the sled push informer……a lucky boom boom now. Those back up Dancers def back squat

  7. BBG:
    82.5Kg, insert something about tired shoulders here.


    Dogsled + Plates, 121Kg total, matted floor (1:09 per round)
    85Kg Bench, 2/2/2/2/2; 2/2/1/1/1/1; 1/1/1/1/1/1


  8. I can’t use my garage (fix floor and put new platform), so I changed little bit.
    BBG: 150#
    Front sq: No rack today, so I did sq clean and front sq
    Cond: No prowler & No rack today.
    I used kids long flat sled. Put 45#x3 plates on the kids sled(plastic). The weights were heavy, so I dig out my grass a little bit.
    70′ sled push 135#
    10 push press 110#(UB)
    30 Burpees
    70′ sled push 135#
    8 push press 110#(UB)
    20 Burpees
    70′ sled push 135#
    6 push press 110#(UB)
    10 Burpees

  9. Snatch
    PR @ 205lb (second snatch pr this week)

    Front squats
    Done off of 330lb,felt fairly light

    Did with class

  10. Snatch
    80kg (equal PR)

    Front squats : Done based off 115kg, i don’t understand why i suck so much on this..

    Conditioning :

    16’55 with 30 OH Walking Lunge (20kg) & 85kg Bench press each round.

  11. Bbg –


    Fs –

    Off 345

    Cnd –


    On rough concrete, also had to save cassies life on a failed bench press ^^

  12. Hey coach,

    A little question, I have really big weaknesses in strength (squat/front squat specially) and i think it’s my first limiting factor in CrossFit (and Weightlifting)

    Moreover, i wouldn’t qualify for regionals, do you think I should/could add more strength work and assistance work on Monday/Tuesday/Saturday or just follow the prog without changes ?

    Thanks for all your free advice and your investment in the “Sport of Fitness”.

  13. BBG:

    Off 175#

    No clue we did it outside, didn’t pay attention.

  14. BBG – 235

    Strength – Done off 375 1RM

    Conditioning – 8:54 RX @ 200lbs on Bench Press

  15. +5lb PR Snatch at 195. Can’t wait for 200!

    Front squats off of 325.

    Conditioning at 167 BW = 125 bench. Used 135. Time: 7:33. Shoulders toast from 13.4 yesterday, but great WOD!

  16. snatch
    165 (15 off PR), failed 175 a couple times. been battling sore throat/laryngitis the past week, so i didnt really expect to hit a PR while sick

    Front squats (320)

    7:46 Rx’d
    bench went something like this

  17. BBG:
    1) 160

    Off 255

    Bench @165
    * 20 alt. OH lunges 45#

  18. 1) up to 175

    FS 210-225-240
    Felt light so did a single at 265, 5# PR

    Redid 13.4
    87 reps
    +8 than yesterday. Paced better but grip gave out at the end. Whatever. Improvement is improvement.

  19. BBG

    Snatch – 262. A few misses at 277. One behind.
    C&J – Worked up to two at 286 just to feel it


    FS off 355


    Subbed 45# OH Walking Lunge @ 100″ for prowler
    Bench at 205#. BW 192#.



  20. 1) 275 – 15 lb PR. Fuck yeah!!

    Strength off 400

    Conditioning – 5:53 w/ 205 lb bench and 345 on Prowler. Burpees felt slow as shit.

  21. FS based off 295#
    conditioning – 10’ish? subbed prowler with 30 walking lunges with 100# sandbag on back rack, BP @BW of 135

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