A note on Power vs. Full lifts.

>The question haunts me. Like an athlete going into a workout without strategy, or a lifter gazing at the ceiling on a maximal attempt. It is both vulgar and uninformed, and gives me douche chills every time I see it.

“You wrote Snatch, does that mean we can Power Snatch?”

To answer this question, I turned to someone who abhors it as much as I do, Glenn Pendlay. I texted him this morning, and asked him for a definitive statement. I wanted something that would hopefully put an end to this lunacy once and for all. Here’s what Glenn said:

“The Power Snatch is half the movement. It gives someone with a shitty pull and a shitty finish, the ability to continue to be shitty at Snatching, while moving a relatively heavy load to overhead with the shittiest, most useless possible technique. It allows under-developed lifters to feel good about themselves, while remaining under-developed, and only practicing the pulling portion of the lift. My best lifters—at the Snatch—look the exact same with an empty barbell as they do with 150kg. The Power Snatch is good for de-loading, or practicing the pull, but it should never be a lifters default choice.” – Glenn Pendlay

There’s your answer, folks. Straight from the original bearded wizard’s mouth (or fingertips). Please don’t ever ask again. Seriously. If it says SNATCH it means a full Snatch (I refuse to say S***t Snatch… I just got douche chills again). The ONLY time you should Power Snatch is when the words POWER SNATCH are written.

>Yesterday, single father/lawyer/most eligible bachelor on earth/still a gigantic spazz, Jason Hoggan, put up a 275 on 13.3, and moved into a very close second overall in the South Central region. I posted something on FB about it last night, and wanted to share it again here. I would like to preface this by saying… I’d hit it. (Too much?)


Jason Hoggan, who I have been personally coaching for 5 years – including his 1st WOD ever, a sub 3:00 65#/strict pull-up Fran, currently sits a close second on the South Central leaderboard. Jason has recovered from major off-season wrist surgery, and today he pulled off a perfectly executed seven rep improvement over 12.4 (268) on 13.3 (275), despite the fact that high-rep Muscle Ups have long been his nemesis. Even though I have the privilege of working with many athletes, Jason’s continued development and success in the sport, while having overcome a myriad of personal and physical challenges, always brings me more pride than anything else in my career.

Fuck. PYes. Jason.

Thanks for being the athlete that made me trust myself.

WOD 130326:


Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes:

1 Clean & Jerk (full) @ 80%

Then, when the clock hits 5:00-

3:00 to complete:

3 X ME UB (unbroken) Clean & Jerks @ 75%

*Notes: The ME UB Clean & Jerks are basically UB touch and go reps. Score is the total of all 3 sets, within the 3:00 cap.


HBBS (based off 130129): 4X4 @ 70% – rest 30 seconds, 3X3 @ 75% – rest 30 seconds, 3X2 @ 80% – rest 45 seconds.

*Notes: Sets at each percentage should be performed without re-racking the barbell. Take 2:00 rest between each percentage.


Run/Row 5k

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  1. Does this mean the word “back” will no longer be associated with squat also? I get douche chills every time I hear the phrase back squat. Ask a powerlifter what their back squat max is and see what happens

  2. So we do the the full snatch on the heavy bean bag snatches (HBBS) too? Its pretty hard to hold a bean bag over head,

  3. Sounds like a dating article. I’m pretty sure a crossfit dating show would go over way better than others. I am in.

  4. I’ve always wondered, why does crossfit reinvent the terms for Olympic lifts? Why does a snatch need to be called a “squat” snatch and a snatch in crossfit automatically mean power snatch? Is there any reason for this?

  5. Wait, doesn’t Pendlay teach to make contact with the bar? And don’t you teach jump, shrug, pull? And aren’t you against making contact? So is this a Magneto / Professor Xavier kind of relationship?

  6. BBG
    1) @105kg, all lifts successful.
    2) @ 100kg 5

    % off of 160kg

    Row 5k – 18:07

  7. BBG
    7/9 (Based off 95kg)
    3 – 3 – 2

    100, 105, 112.5 kg (Based off 140)

    2K Run – 10:01
    2K Row – 7:41
    200 x Double unders – 3:15

  8. BBG

    Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes: based on 160#

    1 Clean & Jerk (full) @ 80%
    – 9 reps
    Then, when the clock hits 5:00-

    3:00 to complete:

    3 X ME UB (unbroken) Clean & Jerks @ 75%
    – 4, 3, 2

    based on 225#
    HBBS (based off 130129): 4X4 @ 70% – rest 30 seconds, 3X3 @ 75% – rest 30 seconds, 3X2 @ 80% – rest 45 seconds.

    *Notes: Sets at each percentage should be performed without re-racking the barbell. Take 2:00 rest between each percentage.


    Run/Row 5k

    sorry babe, no time for cardio im bulking
    – sub’d weighted lunges and 100m sprints

  9. BBG
    8/8 @ 235 lb (Based off 295lb)
    2 – 2 – 1 @ 225 lb.

    All done based off 375.

    Cond: Later.

  10. 8/8 @ 205lbs
    3-2-3 @ 185

    Squats – Done. Based off 335Lb

    Conditioning.- Ran out of time. Ran one mile 7:15

  11. BBG:
    8/8 @ 205#
    4-3-2 @ 190#

    4×4 @ 270
    3×3 @ 285
    3×2 @ 310

    Conditioning: Ran out of time and was happy because 5K row sucks….Doing it later though.

  12. BBG 205 10/10 w/ split jerk
    185 2-2-2 w/ Push Jerk

    Did one final set of 3 UB at 185, that’s a TGO PR. Small potatoes but progress.

    Squats off 260

    Running later

  13. Bbg –

    9/9 @ 250
    9 @ 225

    Hbbs –

    Off 400 ( felt good today)

    Cnd –

    24:03 fml, unable to push my self running for some unknown reason

  14. BBG
    9/9 @ 235
    8 @ 225

    off 425, felt so good today that I decided to go for a PR and hit 430.

  15. BBG:
    1) 100Kg – all hits
    2) 90Kg – 2,2,3


    19:49.4 (Row)

  16. clean + jerks
    175- got em all
    165- 4,2,3
    I’ll admit i wimped out on the last set. had not spotter and was feeling the bar slipping on the traps. 45 sec became more like 30+15 and 20+20

    row5k- 22:25
    man staying in one place that long is boring

  17. BBG
    1) 170# – Missed 1 Jerk.
    2) 160# – 1, 1, 1; unbroken means make the lift and slam the bar every time

    HBBS – Complete based off 265#. Nothing better than TUT. Nothing.

    CON – Did about 2k and ran out of time (wasn’t watching the clock).

  18. BBG:
    8/8 @ 195#
    3-3-4 @ 185#
    4×4 @ 215# (had to rack after third set)
    3×3 @ 225#
    3X2 @ 245#
    Row 5K in 21:17

  19. Just started Outlaw in the past couple weeks after a long lay off. Love the programming, as do my clients. By the way, those squats sucked! Wouldnt have it any other way.

  20. BBG:
    1) Completed at 195#
    2) @ 185#: 1-2-3 (Shitty, I know. Couldn’t keep my grip)
    Done off 300 (ouch)
    22:30 (Run). About a minute slower than my PR. Felt bad about it at first, but whatever.

  21. BBG:
    1.) 5/9 + 4

    Based on 305 – missed the notes and racked

    5k row: 20:55


  22. Bbg-
    245 done
    225 5

    Hbbs off 385


    2/4/4 13.3 after effects are finally dissipating

  23. BBGym:
    1) Off 215

    Off 300

    10min AD “300FY”
    194cal (pr)


  24. 1) All made at 104kg
    2) 6 @ 98kg (2,2,2)
    3) Off 165kg (115, 123, 130 – this sucked a day after 13.2 redo)

    Cond – Row
    (30 – 40sec off PR used it as a recovery piece but also pretty confident I can row 5k under 20.00 whenever I sit down on the rower for that long now)

  25. 1) 205 missed 1
    2) 185 – 7

    off 325 racked between sets because I suck

    Conditioning 5 k run completed

  26. squat
    4×4@245,3×3@260,3×2@280. Arms kept falling asleep while standing between sets really sucked.
    205 got all 8
    3 min me, 3,2,1 and 1 extra cause I wasn’t happy with the last set.
    run 5k tonight. looking under 21 minutes but legs are pretty tired.

  27. Squats got real….

    5k row – 18:17. PR is 17:48. Didn’t push it until final 1k.

  28. BBG
    Made all emom @210
    4/3/2 on tng @195. Ran out of time
    Squats off 400.
    That was the worst.

  29. BBG

    Resting the overhead as it bothers my upper back. I worked up in doubles in the clean with 60 seconds rest.

    220, 242 (2×2), 286 (2×2), 306 (1), 326 for a PR clean but missed twice


    Off 395. Fuck.

    Conditioning ( No time for 5k)

    Row 500m
    Tabata Row
    Row 500m

    Accumulated 2000m

  30. BBG:
    1) done with no misses at 145#
    2) total of 7 at 135#

    No back squats… Letting my back heal.

    Conditioning: first 5k ever… 5 knee surgeries so running is not my strong suit. Completed at 30:48.

  31. BBG:
    135# no misses
    125# 1, 2, 3

    Off 200# no misses


  32. I injured my back last week. Just getting off the painkillers and back into training.

    19:08 for 5k row. first half was at half effort then for some reason I decided to go for it and i think my last 2k was at a faster pace then my PR 2k row. very euphoric feeling from this, reminded me of my cross country running days.

  33. 1) 235lbs for 6/8, then 5 singles @ 215 in 3min. felt heavy today. Wound up chasing the clock a little in the 4min part.

    2) Squats at 295-315-345. had to re-rack in between a few sets

    3) 5k row in 21 min. This felt so long.

  34. BBG:
    128# no misses
    118# 3, 2, 3

    Off 240# no misses

    22:08 Row. That’s the first time I’ve ever rowed a 5K. Who knew anything could be more boring than running a 5K?

  35. bbg: 8/8 clean and jerk 145, 4-3-3 at 135

    squat off of 195

    conditioning 5k run (no timer)

  36. Hello Coach Rudy,

    I’ve just started following Outlaw the beginning of this month, March. So far, I’ve done the back squats without re-racking the barbell while resting it on the back of the shoulders at a certain amount of time, twice. I’m thinking what the benefit of this method? Is it to strengthen the spine, core or shoulders? Sorry, I meant to ask this and not comment to this post but I don’t know if you have a separate mailbox for Outlaw noob questions. I love the programming and PRs are coming along with my olympic lifts! Thank you!

  37. No Clean and jerks. L wrist pain in front rack.
    Off 380. WOW!
    Did tomorrows.


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