>Absolutely great article on one of my favorites, Becky Conzelman: Conzelman Spreading Gospel Through CrossFit.

>Well that’s the last time I’ll let the cat out of the bag on the next BTC Challenge (looks like I’m gonna need 300# just to be competitive, someone should probably call an ambulance now)…

Paul Castaneda – 285# Squat Jerk:

>Currently in the air, on the way to St. Lou to decimate 13.2, and crush some hamstrings with Daniel Tyminski, Jay Rhodes, and David Cornthwaite at CF St. Louis. Have I told anyone how much I LOVE this morning posting thing? Sleeping is fun.

WOD 130316:


1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


Front Squats: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 2X3 @ 80%, 3X2 @ 85% – rest 60 seconds EXACTLY.


For time:

75 Pullups

EMOM beginning on the first minute (1:00 on the clock) perform 3 Cleans (any style) @ 225/155#. If 1RM is lower than 290/190# scale to 80%.

*Rest 2 minutes.

For time:

75 Lateral Burpees

EMOM beginning on the first minute (1:00 on the clock) perform 3 Cleans (any style) @ 225/155#. If 1RM is lower than 290/190# scale to 80%.

>Notes: Both of these pieces have a 7 minute time cap. Burpees should be performed with a lateral jump over the barbell.

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  1. “Have I told anyone how much I LOVE this morning posting thing?”

    For those of us who work out the early AM, getting them a day early is awesome, too.

  2. Great article…what a great role model in Crossfit. Thanks for sharing Rudy!!

  3. Rudy, huge thanks for letting me visit Outlaw and completing 13.2 yesterday, even though I sucked at it, I took your advice and DID NOT drop the bar. 🙂 It was great meeting you and loved seeing the gym. Thanks brotha!

  4. Maybe a newbie question on the conditioning, is it 75 pull-ups and the remainder of the 7 min you do cleans, or 75 pull-ups for time and then cleans for 7 min?

  5. Hey everyone!
    I have a spot available for the Murfreesboro, TN training camp April 3-5.
    I injured my knee and am unable to attend. I just had surgery this morning- total ACL reconstruction, torn medial and lateral meniscus, torn MCL, and I took a 5mm x 15mm chunk out of my joint, so they microfractured my femur. SO, there is absolutely NO way I can go…
    If anyone is interested, email me- kjkadrmas@gmail.com

  6. 1. 95×3 – 135x1x3 – 165 – 185 – 225- 240 – 255PR
    2. 135 – 165 – 185 – 225 – 255- 275 – 295 failed jerk behind – 305 failed jerk in front – 310 PR clean, failed jerk behind

    3. Front Squats: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 2X3 @ 80%, 3X2 @ 85%
    235 – 250 – 270 – 270 – 270 – 285 – 285 – 285

    For more: sdsprp.blogspot.com

  7. Shit show this morning.
    My lower back is smoked after 13.2 yesterday.

    Snatch up to 165. Pr is 200. Did not attempt 175, i was all over the place.

    C&J up to weight for WOD, did a few reps at that weight.

    No front squats today, no time. Not sure my back would have survived anyway.

    Started off with 55 UB pullups, that was stupid. Blew up. Had 0 grip for the clean.
    Spent the next 4 minutes just doing cleans before getting back to time for pullups. Finished just over 6 minutes.

    Fuck burpees, never finished. Did first 3 minutes appropriately, then it took me a minute to get the cleans, so instead of doing two minutes straight, I did a minute of burpees, then restarted the cleans. The reset helped. Ended with 60ish burpees. Without the reset, i would’ve lost about 15-20 burpees.

    Driving home was uncomfortable.

  8. Well I ate pizza last night lol my workout sucked….
    Cod: 4:45 40 pull-ups in a row pr
    Rest 2 min
    56 burpees I could barely clean today my hands felt wierd and I was just blown up from 13.2 rough day but its in the books onward and upward!

  9. Coach Rudy
    Can you break down how it is possible to get 420 reps for a female on 13.2? Just saw that number go up and would love to hear you weigh in

  10. bbg:
    1)145 pr is 165, got under 155 twice and could not stand up
    2) 165 also weak
    strength: off of 195
    skipped conditioning

  11. Bbg
    1) 225. Light, working on pulling
    2). 320. Obliterated this. Super psyched

    Only first half. 13.2 tomorrow

  12. Bbg-
    1) 230#. 15# PR!! HIT 220#, missed 225# twice, tried 230# and hit it. Tried 240# and shoulder gave out, bar fell on me and kinda knocked me down a little faster then expected, face hit ground, broken nose and nice little cut on my head haha walked away and I’m fine but the dizziness kinda ended my day. All in all a successful day.

  13. 225 snatch- worst snatch I’ve probably ever done. Seriously if i had filmed it drywall would have posted it on his Facebook page.
    no clean and jerk because I’m lazy

    front squat off 315#

    50+ lateral burpees, idk exact number because I’m stupid and can’t keep count. deff over 50 though.

  14. BBGym:
    1) 160
    2) 205(f-jerk)

    Off 255

    -35 strict pull ups
    -57 lateral burpees
    -All cleans complete @165 did PC’s because they’re a goat for me, plus I cant stand full cleaning in nano’s.

  15. BBG

    1) Still only doing power snatch – up to 235 today.
    2) Full C&J – 295, missed 315 four times. PR is 325

    Front Squats off 355 – Brutal


    @ 225
    – 4:53
    – 52 Burpees

  16. haven’t posted in a while,

    skipped BB due to lack of time
    FS: 205, 225, 235, 250 (based off 295)
    Conditioning: both sets came in just under 7min

    still clawing back to form after my deployment…

  17. 1) 100kg – pr is 105, had 1 shot at 106… close.
    2) 125kg – pr is 130, cleaned 132.5 missed jerk after getting dizzy

    Happy with both of these as I was feeling sluggish after 13.2

    Front squats off 142kg

    Was a mess, since by this time the 13.2 sluggishness had really set in. Pull-ups portion in 6mins flat with a bunch of errors thru this piece. Left it at that to allow calves to recover.

  18. 235 Snatch PR

    300 Clean + Jerk

    front squat off 330

    Fail. Managed to get under the 225 clean a grand total of 3 times in the whole 14 minutes! Arms were gone.

  19. Just wanted to say I got sick this week, first day back in the gym, still sick, hit PRs in snatch clean and jerk and clean all in the matter of a half hour. Feels great to be an outlaw!

  20. BBG:
    1.) 185, 195, 205, 220xfx1, 235*PR
    2.) 215, 230, 245, 255(f on jerk)x2

    1.)195×8, 210×5, 220x3x3, 235x2x2x2

    DNF @ 5 min could not keep up Cleans @ 80%~215# ~ 52 pulls ups
    55 Burpees @ 185 clean

  21. Modified training a bit:
    Some Squats

    50 pull ups with EMOM squat cleans at 135
    2:30 rest
    50 burpees with EMOM cleans at 135

    36 pull ups
    3 squat cleans
    10 pull ups
    3 cleans
    4 pull ups
    ended at 3:34
    rested until minute 6
    21 burpees
    3 squat cleans
    like 3 or 4 burpees
    3 squat cleans
    3 power cleans
    3 power cleans
    3 power cleans

    total was like 11:52

  22. Wow, shitty day! I didn’t think 13.2 took anything out of me but today i sucked…

    Snatch was all over the place, usually hit 205 on command (230 pr) Missed it 3 times, front, back, front. Said F-it and went to 185 for some singles. Mistake… Was still all over the place (i got more than i missed but WTF).

    Skip C&J cause I was pissed and low on time

    FS off 315- done but they were hell. Couldn’t stay upright after the first rep.

    Left the gym pissed and went home, did a bunch off ring MU’s then pull ups then K2E to work on effiency cause I suck at all of them.

    We need a big outlaw box in the twin cities…

    MFS 2/2/2 until I started snatching then 7/7/2

  23. BBG:
    1.) 155,175,185,195f,190f,190f,190 (5#pr),195f
    2.) 185,225,235,245fj, 250fj (my jerk is pitiful)

    1.)200×8, 220×5, 235x3x3, 250x2x2x2

    80% is 200# 58 pull ups
    80% is 200# 25 burpees

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